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Warriors from different areas of Broken Star Field gradually emerged, surrounding Shi Yan. Thousands of them came by hordes.

Those people were from different forces and different races, but they had the same goal: They wanted to capture or kill Shi Yan!

The anomaly of Broken Star Field would bring an unpredictable catastrophe to the Far West region. Pieces of broken stars would bombard many life stars, wrecking havoc. Those warriors would lose their shelters if their homeland got destroyed.

Shi Yan was the originator. Through different channels, they had confirmed this information from Ai Fu. Ai Fu was the heavenly eye in Broken Star Field. He had ears and eyes everywhere.

No one doubted Ai Fu's intelligence. Ai Fu made people believe him by the credit he had built for hundreds of years.

Battleships appeared one after another. They emerged like wild beasts of Ancient Time showing their fangs. They slowly approached the battle site.

Each battleship carried experts of different clans. All of them looked stern.

While those battleships were moving towards this area, they slowed down, not daring to join the battle site directly.

The s.p.a.ce spider web had stretched over thousands of miles, creating a horrible deathtrap. Those s.p.a.ce splits were the most dangerous things that could cut off any matter. The battleships weren't designed to resist something like that.

"Is that kid really at Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm? How can he sweep out everywhere? How could he kill the warriors whose realms were higher than his?"

"This man is terrifying. At this realm, he can do such things. When he breaks through the Original G.o.d Realm, would we be able to confront him?"

"Be careful. Don't let your anger make you a sacrifice for the others!"

"Do not act rashly and get out there! Be watchful!"

". . ."

Each battleship had a commander, and most of them were at Ethereal G.o.d Realm. They belonged to powerful clans of different forces. However, after observing for a while, they all became severe.

The competence of Shi Yan was showing how much was beyond their estimation!

The s.p.a.ce sabers weaved with each other, creating a vast spider web. The red blood sea in the center of the spider web was emitting evil, red mist where the murderous aura that terrified people rolled. Death energy fluctuated, covering the whole sky.

Shi Yan and the blood sea merged into one. The Blood Soul Sea was formed by the blood of dead warriors. It had become part of his G.o.d Body, a world of his own. In this world, he was the sole G.o.d.

On the blood sea, warriors under Niger and Da Feng looked like they were insane. Their consciousness collapsed, their eyes filled with their basic instincts of killing. They blindly slaughtered all warriors around them.

They seemed to have forgotten who they are.

Dozens of warriors who were their blood comrades were killing each other in that Blood Soul Sea. They used their best powers Upanishad to make the whole world discolor. Their powers were like the thunderstorm cleaning up the entire place.

Shi Yan was now like a drop of blood, blending and disappearing into the Blood Soul Sea.

However, the s.p.a.ce sabers were encircling the Blood Soul Sea. They were like dragons or snakes slithering around, but their power was enough to tear the whole sky. Outer s.p.a.ce light shot out dazzlingly from those sabers.

Those brilliant lights moved directly into the most mysterious s.p.a.ce basin: the s.p.a.ce-Time crack.

The two Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm warriors of the Black Scaled Tribe, Niger, and Da Feng sometimes flashed into the real world. Their Ethereal Extents were pressing the real world, trying to break it.

Although the Ethereal Extent wasn't an Incipient Extent, as soon as an Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert had enough energy, the world he created using his power Upanishad could be strong enough to crush the world. It would make all the creatures return to their origin, shattering every matter.

The four great existences at Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm were performing their Ethereal Extents in the sky, attacking and defending each other using the power of the Ethereal Extent. They made the whole place an etherealized world where the Ethereal Extents they created were real.

No one dared to intrude that area. Niger's and Da Feng's subordinates and the other hotshots from the other forces instinctively avoided that area. They would rather go through the spider web than get directly through their Ethereal Extent.

The s.p.a.ce spider web wasn't still. It was moving gently as Shi Yan had changed his thoughts. They looked like a beautiful place of weaving lights. It swayed and moved from time to time.

Every time it moved, the s.p.a.ce sabers would elongate, crushing some warriors and leaving only the soul altars.

Around the Blood Soul Sea inside the s.p.a.ce spider web, almost one hundred soul altars were floating, which looked like magnificent lotuses. They sparkled in five-colored with different powers Upanishad surging. The souls bobbing above the soul altar were marvelously beautiful like the flame of life.

Shi Yan's G.o.d Body was dark red. He emerged for a short time in the Blood Soul Sea, looking at the soul altars floating around with great greed. He was struggling hard in his mind. He hesitated but didn't dare to take action. He disappeared into the Blood Soul Sea one more time.

He still remembered what the Blood Vein Ring asked him to do. He should try his best to swallow more soul altars using his black hole. It was the best support for the Ring Spirit to complete its soul fusion.

However, it was not the right time.

In front of many warriors, if he let the black hole in his soul altar appear and swallow the soul altar, his biggest secret would be revealed.

The Master of Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight was the wicked demon that people didn't want to be alive. His soul altar devouring power Upanishad was the most taboo power. If he disclosed it, he would never have a shelter in Agate Star Area. All the races would hunt him down!

He knew this clearly.

Thus, he could only stare greedily at those soul altars while trying to restrain the avarice in his heart.

The Essence Qi of the dead rolled ma.s.sively into the Blood Soul Sea, disappearing into his acupuncture points.

The Essence Qi of those who had only the soul altars hovering hadn't dispersed into earth and heaven yet. Shi Yan's G.o.d Body attracted it, making it blend with the Blood Soul Sea.

He was using his acupuncture points to absorb it.

This was also the function of Devouring power Upanishad!

Devouring power Upanishad was immensely marvelous. It could swallow Essence Qi and the soul altars of warriors. This was a taboo power that shouldn't exist in this world. It was the forbidden area that even G.o.ds didn't dare to touch.

However, on the date he descended to Grace Mainland, at the moment he jumped into the blood pond, he had touched G.o.d's forbidden area. From that day onward, he was destined to be the foreigner, walking on the th.o.r.n.y path. He had never regretted, never hesitated or thought of it as a burden in his mind.

Only a person with extreme greed would take energy acc.u.mulated throughout hundreds or thousands of years from the others. He would harm others to make himself stronger.

That year, that day, when the first Essence Qi of the dead entered his body, he wasn't anxious or worried. He had only joy and astonishment. He had considered it the ultimate secret that he would never share with anyone. From that day onward, he knew that he had no way back.

If he were a naive and kind person, he would have a demonic barrier in his heart. He would be fearful and have nightmares every night. Afterward, he would consider Devouring Upanishad, the worst nightmare that he wanted to get rid of. He would proactively resist it.

Shi Yan wasn't such sort of man. Absolutely not!

A person who can destroy the world for his own benefits wouldn't have a burden when he ruins the whole world and puts it back to the time of chaos just to strengthen himself. He would never step back.

Only a person with those vicious natural instincts was eligible to receive the inheritance, walking on the road leading to the peak. This sort of man would never be accepted or tolerated. He was destined to bear eternal infamy.

He didn't care.

The Blood Soul Sea had blood bubbles, surging vehemently. The aura that could twist the soul swept over the area dragged everything into the abyss of death and uncontrolled slaughter.

Shi Yan was hiding deep in the Blood Soul Sea to gather Dead Qi with his acupuncture points. The Devouring power Upanishad would refine it and make up the consumed energy used to build the s.p.a.ce spider web, which would strengthen himself.

Dozens of Blood Halberd hotshots under Da Feng's commands had crossed the s.p.a.ce spider web. They rushed with ferocious eyes. They were careful enough to stay by the Blood Soul Sea when releasing the Soul Consciousness to locate Shi Yan in the sea. They didn't jump in directly.

A bright star slowly emerged from the blood sea with dazzling light. It was a real star that looked like a ma.s.sive, brilliant diamond. Starlight emitted everywhere, carrying the undying will of star power.

The Star Nucleus!

It was the star hovering in Shi Yan's nebula. The star then covered the Blood Soul Sea. Billions of starlight beams extended like a river flowing from the Nine-tiered Sky, congregating at the Star Nucleus The Star Nucleus enlarged rapidly, emitting countless starlight beams crossing everywhere.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Dozens of hotshots of Blood Halberd were hit directly. They looked like they were crystallized with starlight on their bodies.

They seemed to become the stars. Blood Halberd's warriors became idle. Their faces slowly turned ash-gray. Starlight started to radiate from them as their soul altars were also filled with starlight.


Orange-red flames soared, drawing the marvelous but evil curves in the sky like meteors. Those flames aimed precisely at Blood Halberd warriors who were crystallized.

A flow of blood-like flames shot out from their bodies while their bodies melted like lava. They died without having time to wiggle.

Wu Lan stayed by a corner of the Blood Soul Sea. She didn't take action from the beginning, just observing.

She had a gleam of fear deep in her beautiful eyes. Her mind flickered unsteadily as if someone had thrown a stone into the lake of her heart, a small stone that rose a tsunami.

She was frightened by Shi Yan's series of actions.

This young man from the same tribe with their Master had only Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, but the momentum he had created out of his efforts could compare to that of a First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert! And his coverage was even more extensive!

Wu Lan was frightened, but her eyes were sparkling with dark light. Her ample bosom bounced slightly as she breathed. She realized that this young man could be fiercer than their Master at such an age. Their Master did have the competence to skip one level and battle others, but this man... he couldn't help but skip two levels!

She must bring him out of here alive!

Wu Lan made up her mind, her eyes resolute. She had prepared to do her best at the critical moment. Even if she got hurt, she had to get Shi Yan out of this besiege.

She had recognized Shi Yan's great potential. She knew that he would become the most dazzling new outstanding warrior of the Demon Clan in the future. He would become a more prominent character than her Master. Eventually, he could hold the entire Agate Star Area in his hands!

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