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"Master directed us to capture Shi Yan at any cost!"g

The old man with a withered face said to Ai Fu in his hall.

"Capture Shi Yan at any cost?" Ai Fu screamed. "Why does Grandfather want to capture him? They all have that blood mark, which is identical to the expert that had intruded Broken Star Field several thousand years ago. That expert had killed so many people that his hands were soaked with blood. I'm not sure if it's a wise move to offend him."

"I don't know his reasons. But this was Master's orders!" snarled the old man.

Ai Fu nodded. "If my Grandfather said that, he must have his plan. If so, we will spread the news that Shi Yan was the originator of Broken Star Field's anomaly. Yeah. We must notify Niger and Da Feng. They all have grudges against Shi Yan. They're searching for him, though. I think they will be interested."

"Okay!" the old man left quickly.

Niger was a powerful tyrant of the Ghost Mark Clan in Far West region. The Ghost Mark couple that Shi Yan had encountered was Niger's subordinates called Gaite and Feng Rou.

As Feng Rou was killed and Gaite had escaped from Fei Lan, of course, they didn't want to let this thing slip away.

Da Feng was the Master of Blood Halberd. Tu Fei and Tu Feng were his men. Tu Feng and some warriors that Tu Fei led were all killed. Of course, this force didn't want to let their enemies stay alive.

Shortly after, not only did Niger and Da Feng receive the news from Ai Fu, but also most of the forces in Broken Star Field now knew what had happened.

A huge hunting operation for Shi Yan was carried neatly under the management of some leaders.

Inside the detaching Broken Star Field, five-colored mist and smoke hovered thickly. It seemed like it wasn't going to disperse.

Shi Yan's team had their G.o.d Bodies glow radiantly as they were urging their powers to run at their max speed in a general direction.

The two Black Scaled warriors at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm had their soul altars spin as they were navigating new directions to ensure that they wouldn't be surrounded.

Gradually, they felt something wrong.

"It's weird!" Wu Lan's furrowed her bold brows, thinning her red lips. Strange light sparkled continually in her beautiful eyes. "They seem to know our route. More and more people are gathering. They know where we are going!"

Ka Tuo was startled. "How could it be? We haven't seen anyone in our way yet, right? Moreover, we have two precursors sensing to avoid them.

"Many warriors near here are moving towards us. They know our location," said one of the Black Scaled experts, his face stern. "We are in big trouble. Seems like it won't be easy to get away."

Fei Lan didn't say anything. She just looked at Shi Yan indifferently.

"They're correct. Our whereabouts are disclosed." Shi Yan was still calm. "Although my realm's low, my Soul Consciousness could cover a long range. Several thousand warriors around have received the information. They are waiting ahead of us. They have some battleships too. All are waiting for us."

Using s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, his Soul Consciousness could extend very far. Although he had only Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm cultivation base and his Soul Consciousness couldn't cover a large area like the two Black Scaled experts, when he focused on some specific directions, he could gather more information than the others.

He had released several flows of Soul Consciousness, which precisely reflected the surroundings to him.

Teams of warriors entered Broken Star Field and scattered around the area, moving towards the center of Broken Star Field. However, around one hour ago, many of them had a clear target. They didn't move towards the center of Broken Star Field. Instead, they headed to Shi Yan's location.

Apparently, they had evidence. They knew that this group had caused this catastrophe. And moreover, they knew Shi Yan's location.

Shi Yan halted.

The Fantasy Sky Ring on his finger glowed weakly. A light curtain twisted and then unfolded. The Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation appeared.

Boom Boom Boom!

Divine crystals that looked like pieces of broken jade flew out of his ring, inlaying precisely in the concave spots of the Child formation. Light sparkled as the energy of the crystals had activated the Child formation.

Light sparkled beautifully, generating the light door, which vaguely led to a deep, unknown place.

Shi Yan looked at Fei Lan and Ka Tuo. He took a deep breath and then said, "You guys should return to Old Orchid Star now!"

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were shocked, shaking their head continually.

Wu Lan and the two Black Scaled experts' eyes brightened. They were astounded looking at the Child formation. They complimented it. "What a magical s.p.a.ce formation! Excellent. Kid, your realm isn't high, but you can control such a precious treasure. You rock!"

Shi Yan explained to Fei Lan and Ka Tuo with a serious countenance. "This trip will be perilous. They've sent many experts with high realms. You can't give me much protection even if you go with me. You should return first."

"Senior, we will never leave you! If we have to fight to the death, I want to fight shoulder to shoulder with you!" Ka Tuo gritted his teeth, his eyes bloodshot. Deadly aura arose around his body. "Isn't it just slaughtering? Who should I fear?"

Fei Lan resisted with silence.

"I cultivate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. If I'm not killed in a blink, I'll always have a chance to survive and flee," Shi Yan shook his head. He was actually touched. "If I'm not sure, I won't ask you to stay with me. You guys should return to Old Orchid Star for now. After I escape this mess, I'll come back and pick you guys up."

He couldn't leave.

If he left, the Child formation of the Mother and Child Sky Linking formation must be destroyed. Otherwise, their enemies would use it to get to Old Orchid Star. They would bring a catastrophe to Old Orchid Star. Shi Yan had vague confidence and he didn't want to see the formation that he had labored to fix shatter so quickly.

Fei Lan lowered her head, her face dark. "The opponent may have many Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm experts. It isn't impossible to kill you instantly. Shi Yan, even though the Child formation is marvelous, we need to let it go when we need it. It's not worth taking risks."

"Yeah, right. Senior, as long as we return to Old Orchid Star, we can dodge this danger for a while. Then, we can plan the next step," advised Ka Tuo.

Wu Lan and the two Black Scaled warriors stayed silent, waiting for the others' decision.

"No!" Shi Yan said determinedly, not letting the others oppose. "We can't let the Child formation shatter. Once it breaks, if they come to Old Orchid Star for us, we won't have an emergency exit. With the Child formation, as long as I'm alive, we can move everyone and all materials of Old Orchid Star. We can avoid the flames of anger of the other forces in the Far West region! Don't say any more nonsense! You two, go back immediately! Otherwise, I won't consider you my friends anymore!"

Fei Lan lifted her head. She had a gleam of dim shadows in her eyes. "If you die, we can't protect Old Orchid Star. You're our foundation."

Ka Tuo gritted his teeth, speaking ferociously, "Risk our lives! I don't think they can kill us all!"

"I'm not going to be killed that easily," Shi Yan smiled coldly. "I've been in the world of martial arts for years. I've experienced the must-die situations many times. But I haven't fallen yet. Believe me. I have enough tricks to protect myself. I'm sure I will survive!"

"We're here," Wu Lan suddenly intervened, smiling faintly. "As long as we're here, we won't let people kill him. Don't worry and just leave."

"Go," Shi Yan rose his hand to guide them.

The Child formation with its magnificent light drifted, hovering by Fei Lan and Ka Tuo and waiting for them to enter.

"Take care!"

"Senior, take care!"

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo nodded heavily. They weren't stubborn anymore. They jumped into the Child formation, flashed, and then disappeared through the light door as Shi Yan urged them.


The Child formation turned into beautiful light and disappeared into Shi Yan's Fantasy Sky Ring as guided.

"No worries anymore?" Wu Lan chuckled. She was still calm. "Although the enemies are many, it's not impossible for the four of us to break them." Pausing for a while, Wu Lan snorted, speaking arrogantly. "Not many experts have the guts to resist our Master in this rural area. I don't think they will dare to attack us!"

At this moment, Shi Yan knew that their Master Blood Demon was one of the members of the Immortal Demon Tribe in Agate Star Area. He was famous in the entire Agate Star Area with his Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

"As soon as we get out of the Far West region, I can contact my Master. With his powers, it won't be hard to travel through some small star areas to get here." One of the Black Scaled men said arrogantly, "Our Master is a famous flag of the Demon Clan in Agate Star Area. He's a strong pillar of the Demon Clan. I believe that no one in this Far West region dares to confront him directly."

"Alright, we can brag later. Let's go." After Shi Yan had arranged Fei Lan and Ka Tuo suitably, he relaxed, feeling more comfortable.

Wu Lan's bright eyes sparkled as she studied him, nodded inwardly.

They didn't talk anymore, navigating their direction and then moving crazily to get out of Broken Star Field.

A long time later, Shi Yan, Wu Lan and the other halted, their pupils shrinking.

Low rumbling noises from engines resounded through the dusty area in front of them. Slowly, two thousand-meter-long battleships emerged, blockading them.

Those two battleships were made of bone and stone respectively. They were as bright and shiny as a silver bar. Stern warriors stood on the battleships. They saw Tu Fei and the Ghost Mark man who had escaped on the battleships.

"That's him!" Gaite of the Ghost Mark Clan shrilled. With a grimace, he pointed at Shi Yan from a distance, speaking hoa.r.s.ely. "They killed Feng Rou!"

A middle-aged Ghost Mark man whose G.o.d Body looked like a halberd had sharp eyes. He was Niger of the Ghost Mark Clan in the Far West region. He had Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm cultivation base. Now, he was standing on the battleship, his hands clasped behind his back. He talked maliciously, "How do you want him to get killed?"

"He must suffer from every torture in this world. Keep his soul burning on the fire for ten thousand years, which will kill him little by little!" said Gaite through his gritted teeth.

"He's mine!" Tu Fei shouted crazily like a beast baring its teeth. "Your daddy here will skin him first!"

Shi Yan's eyes were harsh and cold, grinning fiendishly. "I'm afraid that you don't have such luck."

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