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Deep in the forest, Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, Wu Lan, and the other two knitted their brows tightly, releasing their Soul Consciousness, which moved like shuttles that observed and searched everywhere.

This place didn't have a desolate aura or vigorous vitality. It was similar to the atmosphere of any place in Broken Star Field. Nothing looked strange anymore.

The Death and Life commotions seemed to be just a hallucination for Fei Lan and Ka Tuo. Standing in the middle of the forest, Ka Tuo and Fei Lan were very confused.

Where had Shi Yan gone?

They exchanged looks and couldn't give a reason. Their Soul Consciousness didn't find any anomaly.

Wu Lan's bold brows furrowed, looking at Fei Lan and Ka Tuo coldly and skeptically. "You said he was here? You aren't trying to deceive us, are you? Where is he?"

"He was just right there," Ka Tuo beamed a forced smile, shaking his head. "He found the Intent Domain here suitable for his power Upanishad. He was learning the essence of his Upanishad. We were afraid that the others would disturb him. That was why we got out there and fought. While fighting, we didn't have time to check up on him and we didn't see anything strange."

"Did the others capture him?" One of the Black Scaled men hesitated. "If they still have an Ethereal G.o.d Realm warrior, that one could have avoided your sensing to abduct him while you were fighting."

"Impossible!" Fei Lan snorted, her face stern. "With Shi Yan's subtle powers Upanishad, his carefulness, and capabilities, it wouldn't be easy to capture him!"

Wu Lan and the two Black Scaled men were surprised as they didn't know where Fei Lan had her confidence.

In common sense, a First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm warrior would be unable to resist an Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert.

Facing such an opponent, when the Ethereal Extent s.n.a.t.c.hed him, his powers Upanishad would be restrained and he would be left with no chance to resist.

In their eyes, even if Shi Yan was stronger, he could never have avoided capture from an Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert.

"Yeah, it's true. With his mysterious powers, not many people an restrain him in just a blink." Ka Tuo nodded. "His realm is lower than ours, but in a battle to the death, I would be the loser!" said Ka Tuo affirmatively.

Then, Wu Lan and the two Black Scaled men were perplexed.

"He must have encountered something marvelous," Fei Lan pondered for a while. She seemed to understand something. She sat down cross-legged, squinting her eyes. She didn't mind anything else.

Ka Tuo suddenly smiled, "It's true. The intent domain in this area is left by that precursor. Of course, he wouldn't harm Shi Yan. He would only give him benefits." Then, Ka Tuo also sat down, relaxing. They decided to wait for him here.

Wu Lan and the two Black Scaled beefy men were skeptical. However, seeing that Fei Lan and Ka Tuo did not have any intention of explaining, the three exchanged looks, frowning and then waiting in silence.

Time flew.

Broken Star Field didn't have any sun or moon. It had only brilliant stars in the vast void. Without a special tool, it was hard to tell the exact time.

One day, while the five of them were still sitting neatly, their brows twitched. They couldn't help but stoop to watch the place underneath.

Crack Crack Crack! Pop Pop!

Strange crispy sounds echoed from the deep underground. It sounded like something rigid had broken. They all heard the noise clearly.

The five of them jolted up. With a severe countenance, they released their Soul Consciousness, seeping deep underground.

Boom Boom! Rumble Rumble!

They shook violently as if they were suddenly pounded by a giant hammer. They even staggered.

The more profound their realm was, the more severe the damage was. As the two Black Scaled men had Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, their soul altars were shaken violently as if they were about to collapse.

The two paled. They didn't think much, immediately retrieving their Soul Consciousness. They couldn't hold their screeching.

Wu Lan, Fei Lan, and Ka Tuo trembled as if they were drunk. They struggled to steady their body. They were all frightened.

The Soul Consciousness they had sent into the earth had returned with an icy cold energy, running directly into their Sea of Consciousness and G.o.d Body. They heard explosions in their heads while their G.o.d Bodies shook as if it was about to be ripped off.

"You... Even you guys can't endure it?" Ka Tuo was so scared. He couldn't believe it. He just stared at the two Black Scaled men.

The others two had a bitter and fearful countenance. They gazed at the ground underneath, and couldn't help but hiss. "There's a powerful energy fluctuation down there. It's mighty and unpredictable! It should be some remnant of an Incipient G.o.d Realm expert. My my! That vibe came back through our Soul Consciousness. It's too intimidating! Perhaps our Master isn't that strong!"

Wu Lan's beautiful eyes showed a deep fear. She couldn't help but screech. "More intimidating than our Master?"

"I think so," one of them sighed dejectedly. "Although our Master is mighty and we've been following him for many years, we've never seen anything as formidable as this. The person who had left such energy in the ground could have a more profound realm than our Master."

Listening to him, Wu Lan gawked. She was speechless for a long moment.

"Which is... your Master's realm?" Ka Tuo mouthed gingerly.

"The Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm," Wu Lan had deep respect in her voice.

Ka Tuo shut his mouth. He wore a serious face as he had a pa.s.sionate admiration in his eyes.

He suddenly understood more clearly.

The existence that had left the remnant underground was the one who cultivated Death power Upanishad who used to appear in Raging Flame Star Area and was a member of Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight. This person was a precursor in his school and he also had a close relationship to Shi Yan.

The energy remnant of such a character had almost broken the two unidentified Demon experts. They said that this person could be even stronger than their Master who was an expert at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. So what was the remarkable realm of this precursor?

Ka Tuo was shocked. He quietly clenched his fists while having a strange rainbow light on his face. He was thrilled, indeed.

Wu Lan and the two Black Scaled men could see his strange expression. They looked at him skeptically. "Why are you so excited? Does it matter to you?" asked Wu Lan.

"That person was our precursor. I am of course, proud of my powerful precursor." Ka Tuo grinned. "Moreover, he brought something good to my senior. I believe my senior is deep underground. We should now wait for him here."

"Why do you want to find Shi Yan?" Fei Lan's winkled twitched as she looked at the other three lucidly. "Because he took your Immortal Gra.s.s?"

Wu Lan got herself together, smiling charmingly. "Sister, I want to ask something..."

"Shoot," Fei Lan said dully.

"Did anything unusual happen after he grabbed the Immortal Gra.s.s?" asked Wu Lan.

The two Black Scaled brawny men's eyes also brightened, looking at Fei Lan.

"Unusual?" Fei Lan frowned. "Nothing. The puree of that immortal something gra.s.s seeped into his body. He said that it could help him condense more immortal demon blood or something like that..."

Wu Lan and the two Black Scaled warriors were astonished. Their bodies shivered with thrill.


"He's one of our Master's fellows!"

"My oh my! I didn't expect that we would find a fellow of our Master's race!"

"If he knows about this, he will be so excited! He has been searching for his clansmen for so many years. It was too bad that he hasn't found anything. If he knows that he's no longer lonely in Agate Star Area, he will go crazy!"

The three Demon experts were surprised and happy. They laughed cheerily, their faces joyful.

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were baffled.

They weren't fools. Since Wu Lan and the other had helped them out, they knew that those experts weren't their enemies. Thus, Fei Lan and Ka Tuo took the chances and revealed a little about Shi Yan to check their reactions.

At this moment, seeing the other three almost crack of happiness, Ka Tuo and Fei Lan exchanged looks. They felt amazed somehow.

When Shi Yan had finished his blood replacement, his G.o.d Body changed. They all saw that Shi Yan didn't have a human form at that moment. He somehow looked similar to the G.o.d Clan from the legends. Fei Lan and Ka Tuo understood that Shi Yan still had many secrets that they didn't know.

Today, from Wu Lan's team, they finally confirmed one thing: Shi Yan's changes could be similar to someone else's and that person was likely one of his fellows.

Since the others didn't have any malicious intent, they knew that it would be a good encounter for Shi Yan. Thus, they didn't conceal his information.

Deep in the earth of the most magical place of Broken Star Field was a whole new world.

It was a marvelous, long bridge made of five-colored light. This light bridge led deep underground. There were many transparent handprints on the bridge that looked like someone had left them intentionally. They had Death and Life energies respectively.

There were Death Seals and Life Seals.

That bridge was the Death and Life Bridge, which was made of light energy. Death and Life seals on the bridge released the Death and Life auras at the same time.

The Death and Life Bridge ran directly into the deep and dark ground, connecting to a mysterious land.

At this moment, Shi Yan, who had disappeared earlier, was taking each step with great effort on that bridge.

At each step, the transparent handprints on Death and Life Bridge would fly out, falling heavily on his G.o.d Body. They struck him until his step trembled. Right after that, the handprints merged with his body. It was unknown if the handprints helped him quench the G.o.d Body or fuse with the intent domain.

He made each step with a struggle. After each step, he had to pause to recover before continuing his journey.

The transparent handprints carried the intent domain and energy of Death and Life with tremendous power. The handprints attacked his G.o.d Body and then disappeared, giving him a lot of wounds. His blood splashed. His bones cracked.

The cracking noise Fei Lan and the other heard actually came from his bones.

However, there was no pain on his face. Quite the contrary, his eyes sparkled like bunches of light. He looked excited and pa.s.sionate as if he was actually enjoying all of these.

He continued to walk resolutely.

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