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"Here we are. This place."

Ji You halted not daring to step further. Instead, he pointed in a direction.

Shi Yan, Fei Lan, and Ka Tuo stopped by him.

In front of them, a luxuriant forest stood with wet ground and thick, lively energy from the woods.

It was utterly contrary to what he had described before.

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo glared at him with malicious looks, giving him a snort.

Ji You beamed a forced smile. "It's inside. You guys should go inside the forest. You will see anomalies."

"He's right. It's here." Shi Yan contemplated for a while and then said, "The Death aura inside is really strong. I have a dear feeling with it. I know this aura. It's exactly the same as my G.o.d Domain when I use Death power Upanishad."

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were surprised.

Shi Yan led the team, walking into the woods without waiting for them to discuss more.

Fei Lan was baffled, but she immediately followed him.

"How about you?" Ka Tuo turned around, looking at Ji You who was shaking like a leaf. "Are you going with us to take a look?"

Ji You shook his head hastily. "No, thanks. I almost died in there last time. I won't go in. You guys just go. Don't wait for me."

While talking, he moved backward, getting further away from the forest as if this forest had some terrifying ghosts or monsters that could take his life away at any moment.

Ka Tuo grinned silently. He didn't mind the boy anymore, walking behind Shi Yan and Fei Lan. Ten minutes later, he paused as fear sparkled in his eyes.

The center of this lush forest had an area of ten miles that didn't even have a leaf of gra.s.s. There was no energy fluctuation. A quiet, desolate aura hovered, frightening people's souls and making them shiver in fear.

Situated in the middle of an exuberant forest, this place looked very peculiar. The ground was damp, but it had no single weed. At the same time, in the area where the Death aura couldn't reach, it was luxuriant. All kinds of floras there were extraordinarily thriving.

This place was so eccentric. The core had a heavy Death aura while its outskirts were lively.

It was the same as Shi Yan's G.o.d Domain, which was contrary to each other but had the same magical effects.

Once Shi Yan urged the G.o.d Domain using Death power Upanishad, the area around him would become absolutely quiet. Then, it would proactively take life energy, killing other living beings.

However, as the core of his power, Shi Yan's G.o.d Body would receive the vivid vitality. He could harvest life energy in his dead territory to strengthen himself.

This was contrary to this forest.

There were no sound or beam of life energy ten miles around the forest. It didn't have a leaf of gra.s.s as the dense Death aura hovered. People who came nearer would feel like they were walking toward the abyss of Death, walking on the road of self-destruction.

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo weren't exceptions.

They were just standing near the edge of the Death aura area, but they still felt fear arising from deep inside their hearts. Their souls and vitality seemed to be drawn away, turning into light dots and vanishing.

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo discolored. They didn't dare linger near the dead area anymore. They retreated into the forest. They finally calmed down, but they still looked frightened.

"That Death Intent Domain was so scary! We just stood outside, but we couldn't endure it. I wonder how many dangers are hiding in there. No wonder Ji You didn't dare go into the woods." Ka Tuo was still frightened, shivering.

Fei Lan was a little better than him. However, her eyes showed her anxiety, which was caused by Shi Yan. He got into the area.

Not only did he enter, but he was also walking towards the center where the Death aura was thickest. He stood silently in the middle of the place, his face astounded. He seemed to be sensing something.

"Senior... are you alright?" Ka Tuo lowered his voice, asking instinctively.

Fei Lan didn't look at him, still frowning at Shi Yan. She said thoughtfully, "If something happens to him here, I'm afraid no one in the entire Agate Star Area will be able to get in here. I think... this place exists because of him."

"Because of him?" Ka Tuo was bewildered. "Impossible? He has never met that person before, right? Why did someone leave this place for him? Did he know Shi Yan would enter Agate Star Area and visit Broken Star Field? It's unimaginable! I think it's impossible!"

"At his realm, he could antic.i.p.ate anything. Shi Yan received his inheritance, went to Raging Flame Star Area, connected to the Dark Sky family, and then went to G.o.d Perishing Land. From the G.o.d Perishing Land, he went to Old Orchid Star, staying in the Far West region... It seems like a hand in the dark has arranged everything. It was all set thousands of years ago." Fei Lan considered her wording. She muttered, "I think he knew that Shi Yan would come. That was why he left the intent domain in Broken Star Field, waiting for Shi Yan."

Ka Tuo was astounded.

He still found it unbelievable.

However, he believed it shortly after. Shi Yan had undergone many changes!

Standing in the core of the Death Intent Domain where the deadly aura was thickest, Shi Yan used his Death power Upanishad to release the G.o.d Domain. Death energy fluctuated, stretching from his G.o.d Domain and blending in with the Death aura of the place.

In the next moment, Ka Tuo had a magical feeling. He thought that this place was Shi Yan's home. It has been waiting for him to come home. It was whispering and reporting to its master about every difficulty it had experienced.

A strange color was revealed in Shi Yan's eyes. Both of his arms swung as if he was touching Death Intent Domain.

The magical Death energy fluctuation expanded from Shi Yan as the center and reaching further outside.

Each of the rich, ancient trees in the forest and tenacious foliage withered under the Death Intent Domain. Their vitality was all taken.

The silent light dots carrying life energy congregated like a drizzle falling into the sea. Shi Yan was that sea, taking in all the energy around him and receiving a gift from his precursor... including the cognition of Death power Upanishad.

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were panic-stricken. They had to retreat further away from this area.

Suddenly, Shi Yan's power Upanishad changed. The vigorous energy that fiercely flooded his body was rejected, shooting everywhere.

A miracle happened...

Those dead ancient trees and foliage were revived under this life energy. The withered trees became lively. Buds and leaves started to grow at a speed that naked eyes could observe.

Ka Tuo and Fei Lan gawked, dropping their jaws.

Shi Yan's G.o.d Domain changed again.

His entire body became heavy with Death aura. He had no life energy as if his Blood Qi also had Death Qi. His heartbeat even paused.

However, his G.o.d Domain was lively and vigorous with countless life energy fluctuations. Under his control, they shrouded everywhere, giving vitality to the shriveled plants.

"He's switched Death and Life energy fluctuations. He can make these two contrary auras take turns and merge. Is he trying to... fuse them?" Ka Tuo was bewildered. "How could he fuse Death Upanishad and Life Upanishad? How could he?"

"I don't know if it's a fusion or not. But I think he has something magical," said Fei Lan softly.

While they were talking, Shi Yan's G.o.d Domain changed again. The ma.s.sive, deadly aura was wiped out, replaced by vigorous life energy. The G.o.d Domain around him now had the fierce Death aura. Those revived trees withered and died the second time.

Ka Tuo and Fei Lan gawked.

They understood that Shi Yan was testing his cognition of Death power Upanishad. He had used the power Upanishad magnetic field of that precursor to sublimate his own power Upanishad.

Evidently, Shi Yan had harvested the inheritance that was more profound than his own Death Upanishad. This inheritance wasn't simply about Death. It was about his new perception of life and an approach to the soul.

Time flew quietly.

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were waiting for Shi Yan to comprehend the true meaning of his power Upanishad. Afterward, he would awaken from his comprehension.

One day, Fei Lan jolted up in panic. She was comprehending her Corrosion power Upanishad and something alarming struck her.

Fei Lan's reaction made Ka Tuo stand up and frown as he looked around. He lowered his voice and said, "Precursor, is something wrong?" he looked at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan stood in the center of the dead zone. He was still switching between Death and Life power Upanishad, trying to understand the magical mysteries of the two contrary powers Upanishad. There was nothing unusual that happened to him.

"It's not Shi Yan. Someone is coming towards us rapidly! They're almost here!" hissed Fei Lan.

Ka Tuo discolored, shouting. "My senior is studying his power. He can't be disturbed now. Who is that blind little thug?"

"Little thug?" Fei Lan forced a smile. "It better be just a thug. His realm is one level higher than mine!"

Pausing for a while, Fei Lan took a deep breath and spoke resolutely. "We can't let him come close to this area. We must stop them on the way. We must try our best to seize more time for Shi Yan!"

"Who is it? Did the Ghost Mark guy come with his friends?" asked Ka Tuo.

Shaking her head, Fei Lan said, "I don't know. Regardless of who's coming, we must stop him. We can't afford to let Shi Yan be disturbed at this moment. This opportunity is rare. Once he gets bothered, I'm not sure if we can get into the intent domain the second time. It happens only once in a blue moon. We must seize more time for him!"

"Understood!" Ka Tuo nodded, his face serious. He grinned fiendishly. "Then bring it on!"

"Let's go!" Fei Lan turned into a white-gray light, flying out of the forest.

After fifteen minutes, a tornado came roaring and howling. It crushed the stone around easily as if it was breaking dried branches. This enormous tornado wanted to cover the entire sky.

A figure was shouting and thundering in the center of the tornado. His angry voice shook the sky. He was Tu Fei of Blood Halberd.

More than ten warriors of Blood Halberd emerged from a far distance. They were circling them. Apparently, they didn't want to let Fei Lan's team escape alive.

"Finally, I found you guys!" Tu Fei thundered like an enraged wild beast. He said maliciously, "Bring that kid to me. He must die for what he has done. I want to skin him alive!"

"Beat me and then talk." Fei Lan's face was cold. As she knew Tu Feng's murder was disclosed, she didn't want to conceal it anymore. She tried to stick his resentment on her. "I killed your little brother. It's not related to Shi Yan. Don't shoot at the wrong target."

"Right. That kid's realm is low. How could he have killed my brother," Tu Fei roared crazily. He turned into a tornado, storming toward her. His Ethereal Extent appeared above his head.

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