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After one hour, pure energy diffused from Shi Yan's G.o.d Body and soul altar.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo's eyes brightened. The blood mark on their glabella shimmered with scarlet halos as they quietly took in the energy from Shi Yan.

The energy from Shi Yan's acupuncture points could strengthen their Essence Qi Ancient Tree, while the soul energy from him could nurture their soul altar, facilitating them to understand the powers Upanishad better.

Not long afterward, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were full of spirit. Their faces shimmered with strange red halos of abundant Blood Qi.

Shi Yan had become the source of energy. The pure energy emitted from his flesh, bones, and blood, together with the mysterious energy from the black hole congregated in his soul altar, quenching it. Just like when he trained his body, these energies made his soul altar more tenacious.

Normally, the soul altar was like an illusion, a shadow in the water. People could see it but they couldn't touch it.

However, after quenching his soul altar many times, Shi Yan's soul altar became a real matter. It looked like it was made of a combination of metal, jade, and stone. The edges of the soul altar looked sharp and thin like a precious cut jewel. It gave people a feeling that they could feel it using their fingers.

Shi Yan could actually feel his soul alter changing silently after having the tonic from the marvelous, mysterious energy.

This change happened little by little. It couldn't be finished at once, so he hadn't seen any significant change yet. However, Shi Yan understood that after each quenching, his soul altar became more magical.

The Essence Qi Ancient Tree was still thriving. It was crystal clear like a jewel with G.o.d power moving inside!

Each branch was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with immense, pure energy, which was the fountain of his strength, the foundation of his existence, and the motivation that made him stronger.

At this moment, each branch of his Essence Qi Ancient Tree was filled with energy. Unless he went through another breakthrough to expand his Essence Qi Ancient Tree, he would have no more room to store energy.

The energy stored in his body had reached its limit.

Smiling, Shi Yan opened his eyes. He silently checked his condition for a while and didn't feel dispirited.

He was just one step away from Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. If he had another comprehension of his powers Upanishad, he could break through smoothly.

He needed an opportunity.

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were still refining energy. They sat still as usual while energy twirled around their bodies.

However, Leona had something different...

With a closer look, he found a strange, dark light start to wind around Leona's G.o.d Body. Shortly after, Leona's body looked like black ink, turning into a thick block of darkness.

This kind of darkness wasn't from her G.o.d Domain.

It appeared directly on her skin and expanded. At this moment, Leona was the darkness as her body was able to swallow all of the light.

Shi Yan knitted his brows, watching quietly. The tail of his brow twitched as if he got something.

Fei Lan opened her eyes all of a sudden, sparkling with joy and hissing. "She's about to break through!"

Shi Yan was shocked, jolting up and speaking, "That was really fast!"

"When we were in Heaven Punishment City, her breakthrough wasn't completed yet. Her attainment in the realm comprehension was profound, but her energy hadn't acc.u.mulated enough. That was why she had reached only Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, but not the new realm."

Fei Lan took a deep breath. She looked at him with her dim eyes while she spoke earnestly. "The Heart of Darkness she got from you hides a marvelous intent domain, which is the essence of Dark power Upanishad. As long as she keeps the Heart of Darkness in her body, her understanding of her realm will get more profound. In other words, her realm comprehension was sufficient and that was why her usage of Dark power had become more exquisite and magnificent."

At this moment, Ka Tuo also woke up. He looked at Leona with admiration. "Ethereal G.o.d Realm! I long for it!"

Shi Yan walked to Leona, contemplating. Afterward, he asked Fei Lan. "How long does it take to break through to Ethereal G.o.d Realm?"

"It could be quick or it could take around one or two months. It will depend on her. We can't say the exact time." Fei Lan became stern as she knew it wasn't a good thing. "We're in Broken Star Field. Breaking through here isn't a good idea. That Ghost Mark Clan man could return with his friends. If that happens, it will be big trouble for us!"

Ka Tuo also got it. His countenance changed. "Then what should we do?"

"If my timing is correct, Na Xin and Carthew should be in Original G.o.d Realm." Shi Yan had an idea all of a sudden, smiling. "It's easy to solve then."

Under the others' gaze, Shi Yan caressed his ring. A smoke fumed as if he was trying to draw the whole world out of that ring.

Floating on that shady smoke was a formation made of Empty Fantasy Crystals and dozens of supporting materials, refined by an expert using s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. This formation could connect to Mother formation directly.

The brilliant Child formation slowly landed neatly in front of Shi Yan under his power's control.

Boom Boom Boom!

Divine crystals with energy fluctuations flew out of the ring, falling precisely into each concave spot on the edge of the Child formation.

After he had finished inlaying dozens of thousands of divine crystals, the Child formation of the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation had bunches of beautiful light. Each of them was like a s.p.a.ce door aligning one after another to an unknown s.p.a.ce under the direction of s.p.a.ce power and divine crystals as the energy supply.

The divine crystals started to release their energy.

Shi Yan concentrated, sitting neatly inside the Child formation, releasing s.p.a.ce energy. Fine s.p.a.ce slits appeared around him.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Those s.p.a.ce slits seemed to be revived, seeping into the formation like a swimming school of fish. They piled up on each s.p.a.ce door.


Light rippled through the Child formation, stirring up the whole place. A brilliant, dazzling light ring appeared in the center of the formation.

At the moment the light ring bloomed, Shi Yan disappeared. His aura was also gone.

The beautiful Child formation now had a flickering light as s.p.a.ce energy fluctuated. Gradually, a light door was formed. Through that door, they saw many shadows and all of them were the ones that they knew in Old Orchid Star.

They saw Ka Fu, Long Zhu, and Na Xin waiting at the other end as if they knew something would happen shortly.

"Let Leona djie in," Shi Yan's voice came from behind the light door. "Ask her to hold her energy while crossing the door. Or else, I'm afraid this door won't be able to endure it."

Fei Lan reacted, placing a fingertip on her temple. A flow of subtle soul energy flew out, falling into Leona's Sea of Consciousness.

Leona hadn't noticed the changes in the outer world. Listening to Fei Lan's call, she woke up from her state. She shivered and then opened her eyes.

She understood what was happening. Fei Lan didn't need to explain. The aura of her dark power retreated. She turned into a beam of dark light, flying through the light door of the Child formation.

Center of the ancient city, Old Orchid Star.

The Mother formation stood on a newly-installed stone platform. At this moment, it had magical s.p.a.ce ripples and magnificent light.

Long Zhu, Na Xin, and the others were guarding the Mother formation. Their faces were solemn, waiting.

A light sparkled. Shi Yan appeared standing on the Mother formation.

Grinning, he felt satisfied, looking at Carthew, Long Zhu, and Na Xin. "This formation is really wonderful. We can move between the life stars freely. With this formation, no matter where I am, I can return in just a blink."

As soon as he said that, Carthew, Na Xin, Long Zhu, and Yun Hao cheered up.


Leona appeared behind him with a dark aura. After she landed on the Mother formation, she nodded to Shi Yan and then disappeared. She found a manor, which hadn't decayed after dozens of thousands of years and sat down quietly.

"After I've broken through, you have to bring me back to Broken Star Field." A soul thought of Leona appeared in Shi Yan's head after she had gone.

Shi Yan smiled, nodded and then turned to Na Xin. "How are you doing? Anything serious happened in Old Orchid Star lately?" "Everything's fine," Na Xin smiled sincerely, "The kids are all happy. The cultivating materials we brought home from Broken Star City can boost up their cultivating progress. They can condense the G.o.d Body soon. And Zhen Gu is recovering well. He'll be alright in two months, at most. We bought him good pellets, which are increasing his recovery speed."

They didn't enter Broken Star Field. After buying a lot of cultivating materials, they took the Mother formation and returned it to Old Orchid Star.

This time, the Giant Tribe had a big harvest. They brought home a significant amount of cultivating materials, which stirred up the entire tribe. They finally found hope in their lives.

Carthew used Shi Yan's divine crystals to buy a lot of cultivating materials, pellets, power Upanishad scriptures, and suitable training yards for low-realm warriors. He also explained the wonderful and yet strange features of Agate Star Area to warriors from Grace Mainland and Raging Flame Star Area.

"Where are you guys? Still in Broken Star City?" After Na Xin calmed down as he couldn't hold his curiosity.

"In the Broken Star Field. We want to explore for a while," Shi Yan didn't tell them the details. He just smiled and said, "Precursor, please help me take care of my family and friends here. And as for the ones I've rescued, please hide them away. Don't let anyone know about them."

Na Xin nodded, "Don't worry. I know what to do."

"Okay, then I'll go now. Send someone to watch over this Mother formation for me." Shi Yan asked Long Zhu and then disappeared into the light door. Shortly after, the light on the Mother formation vanished. Everything resumed its normal state.

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