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The Ghost Mark woman hissed, her face cold. A supple power of water arose in her soft palms, condensing into a drop of pure water.

She didn't say anything that didn't make sense, s.n.a.t.c.hing over them from a distance. That waterdrop became like a ma.s.sive sea pouring down from the sky.

That waterdrop was as big as a rice grain. It was crystal clear with a soft halo and immense steam. While falling, it enlarged. Shortly after, it became as big as a fist, bringing the power of a thousand-man army and the confining power of water.

Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona and Ka Tuo became stern. Their spinning soul altars were like they were held back in a bog, which delayed their power Upanishad and slowed down their energy circulation.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The water drop fell. Ear-piercing explosions echoed like a mountain had just collapsed.

The Ghost Mark man had peculiar bearings. He smiled brightly and two fire snakes flew out of his eyes.

The blazing red columns extended hundreds of meters. Despite the distance between them, they attacked Fei Lan and Leona.

These two Ghost Mark fellows seemed to be husband and wife. One cultivated fire while the other cultivated a supple power of water. They had used duet cultivation to support each other. Their power Upanishad could blend with each other and even their power Upanishads were opposed to each other.

Not only that, the fiery power of his flame could strengthen the aura of her water. At the same time, a supple power of water could make the fire not discernible.

"Watch out!" Fei Lan hissed, her figure disappearing.

A moment later, countless pale lines of corrosive energy appeared in the void between them. They weaved like a thick spider web, covering every inch of the void.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Several hundred corrosive lines merged into one flow, entering the water drop. Sounds of things being corroded arose. The fist-sized water drop shrank rapidly as a significant amount of steam was dissolved.

Fei Lan's aura changed. Her G.o.d Body even turned into a flow of corrosive air, shooting towards that Ghost Mark man.

The Ghost Mark man was shocked. He was stunned because of Fei Lan's power Upanishad.

The Corrosion power Upanishad was one of the Eight Great Inheritances of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight. It was rare in any star area. It was unique compared to any popular power Upanishads. Not many people knew it.

Evil and eccentric power Upanishads often hid terrifying abilities. The Ghost Mark couple understood it well. Seeing her Corrosion power Upanishad, they immediately became severe.

At this moment, Leona also expanded her G.o.d Domain.

The endless darkness diffused from her body like a black curtain shrouding the entire sky, shading all the stars and absorbing all the light.

It was getting dark. . .

The absolute darkness engulfing any kind of light expanded hundreds of miles around Leona. People couldn't see any beam of light in every place that was too dark.

This kind of darkness didn't affect only people's visions but also the Sea of Consciousness, touching sense, and even perception!

In the dark, the Ghost Mark couple had their five senses covered. Their eyes couldn't see their surroundings. Their G.o.d Body couldn't sense the movement of air and energy. Their Soul Consciousness couldn't detect the auras of living beings. Their Sea of Consciousness had been covered. They suddenly became blind.

Leona's Dark power Upanishad would cover the eyes and Soul Consciousness of everybody but herself.

She wasn't affected, and she could move spookily in the dark. She could approach the Ghost Mark couple easily to kill them!

Shi Yan and Ka Tuo were also shrouded in the darkness. Their perception wasn't different from the other two. Although they had their eyes open, they weren't different from a blind man. All of their senses were blocked.

However, it was temporarily.

After three seconds, they felt a fantastic energy descend from the sky, hitting them. Under that strange power, they were able to get rid of this involuntary confinement. Their vision and Soul Consciousness weren't blocked anymore.

The two exchanged looks. They had an odd countenance as they understood that it was Leona's power.

Now she could release the darkness and control it as she pleased. She could make the dark shroud someone and spare the other with her thoughts.

When she was in Heaven Punishment City, her control of Dark power Upanishad hadn't reached this level yet. As she could manipulate it smoothly and effortlessly like this, her understanding of Dark power Upanishad had reached a whole new level.

Thus, Shi Yan and Ka Tuo could see a dark shadow hover above the Ghost Mark woman. It looked like a spooky ghost as if could slowly seep into her head, moving towards her soul altar!

Leona seemed to get into the other's Sea of Consciousness!

Shi Yan was scared. Fear crossed his face as he was stunned.

Ka Tuo shivered. It seemed like he was affected. His chaotic energy was released slowly, twirling around his body to protect his soul altar and preventing the attack from others.

The soul altar was the foundation of their lives. It was the control center of the warrior's powers, which stayed deep in the brains. Once it was intruded, the soul altar would stop moving. That moment was like a giant hand that had grabbed all the energy in the soul altar.

The Ghost Mark woman had First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm cultivation base, one level higher than Leona's. In the absolute darkness, her soul altar was covered, but she didn't have any way to resist the invasion of her Sea of Consciousness.

The immense, hazy aura of water suddenly became chaotic. The water drop she had released suddenly exploded like shattered gla.s.s. Foam and bubbles filled the sky and fell. Each of the bubbles hid the power of her water that could confine the soul.

However, under the dark coverage, her Soul Consciousness couldn't guide her water power precisely. She couldn't do any harm to Shi Yan and Ka Tuo, let alone attack Leona, the master of Darkness.

Abruptly, an ear-piercing shrill came from the beautiful Ghost Mark woman. It was like she was possessed as she crazily scratched her face with both of her jade-like hands. She was trying to damage her face that she had always felt proud of! Blood rolled down her face from the bone-deep scratches!

Blood that looked like eccentric snakes flowed down her white wrists. It looked strange and evil that could give people gooseb.u.mps.

The pretty woman that looked like a fairy was now like a wailing ghost. She looked even more terrible than Leona!

This was Leona's retaliation!

The infamous crazy devil was the Regimental Commander of the b.l.o.o.d.y Legion of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. When Leona's mental illness burst out, Shi Yan and Ka Tuo both got anxious.

They exchanged looks and they could see the deep fear in each other's eyes.

Shi Yan suddenly made up his mind. From now on, he had to remember to never comment on Leona's appearance. This was her backward scale!

It turned out that it wasn't that she didn't care about her appearance. Quite the contrary actually as she did mind it a lot. Anyone who dared to insult her look had to bear her b.l.o.o.d.y retaliation from this bloodthirsty thug!

Evidently, that Ghost Mark woman had been manipulated. Leona had occupied her mind, controlling her to damage her own face.

Perhaps she knew what she was doing, but she couldn't resist as someone distorted her thoughts.

Shi Yan guessed that she was still conscious from her mournful shrills that were like shrieks from an ancient beast. Shi Yan guessed that Leona had spared her that little consciousness.

It was to let her know what she was doing to her face!

Shi Yan shivered, taking a deep breath. He beamed a forced smile, murmuring, "Today, I finally got to see how brutal the Commander of the b.l.o.o.d.y Legion is. Her reputation and attainment aren't fabricated. I... underestimated her."

"Yeah, of course," Ka Tuo's voice trembled. "Who isn't afraid of Madame Leona in Raging Flame Star Area? She is the wildest executioner, the most brutal butcher. Compared to her, my t.i.tle b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer shames me. My t.i.tle is just a vain name..."

Shi Yan was surprised.

"Little Rou!" The Ghost Mark man screamed, his voice shaking the sky as he felt something. Lines of fire shot out, covering the woman.


Flows of fire shot out from her G.o.d Body, evaporating the blood trickles on her scary face.

Tears brimmed, overflowing from her eyes. Those tears seemed to have the power of miraculous Nature. Water power spun, arraying the magical water formation. Suddenly white waves rippled.

A dark shadow flew out as if the white crystal drops had forced it out. The shadow was struck, turning into small pieces of darkness.

Leona who had disappeared reappeared. There was no emotion in her icy cold, dark, green eyes. She beamed a satisfied smile.

She felt content with her masterpiece. Looking at the Ghost Mark woman who had scratched her own face, Leona crackled as if she went nuts. In her crazy laughter, she disappeared again into the darkness. Shi Yan and Ka Tuo couldn't see her anymore.

"You guys stay away from this. You don't need to partic.i.p.ate in this battle." Fei Lan's voice arose from a deep place in the darkness.

In the next moment, Shi Yan and Ka Tuo were pushed out of the darkness shortly. They hovered one hundred meters away from the battle site, staring at a block of black ink area stretching over ten miles. However, they couldn't sense the violent, surging energy in that pitch black area.

However, they understood that Fei Lan and Leona were engaging in a battle against the Ghost Mark couple to the death. They now had the most terrifying slaughter.

From what they could observe, Fei Lan and Leona didn't fall into a disadvantageous situation. They took the upper hand indeed!

If no one else was involved, the Ghost Mark couple who were already wounded would be buried in this area. They weren't lucky enough to avoid death.

Thus, insulting and Fei Lan and Leona's appearance was the worst mistake they could have made for their whole life, which made their lives turn to nothingness.

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