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Shi Yan strolled forward in a corner of Broken Star Field. He was cautious and watchful for every small change around him.

On their way, they met groups of warriors. Usually, each group had one or several Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts leading a team. Some of them were from the Far West region while others came from other places deep in Agate Star Area. They came here to find rare materials in Broken Star Field.

They had encountered a lot of battles and all of them were because of seizing cultivating materials. No exception.

Each battle had taken place because of only one reason: robbing crystals, ores or precious materials. Whether they found it themselves or just saw it and they thought they were strong enough to rob, they took action without much hesitation.

It was extremely brutal!

The weak warriors couldn't keep their benefits. If they understood and gave it up, it was possible that they would save their lives.

If they weren't strong enough and hadn't left before the battle happened, they likely perished.

On their way, they'd seen many similar battles and many unlucky warriors who lost their lives in such battles.

To the others, it was their misfortune. To Shi Yan's team, it was their fortune.

When the battle happened, someone died. Shi Yan acted like he got an injection of chicken blood (*), hurrying to come and watch.

(*) Chicken-blood therapy was a form of pseudo-medical therapy popular in China during the Cultural Revolution. It was practiced mainly by village doctors in the 1960s. Originally banned by the government, it was eventually accepted and encouraged by the Communist Party of China.

But he had only watched...

He had never joined any battle. He didn't let himself be involved in it. Every time they spotted a battle, they would wait afar. After it ended, Shi Yan's team would approach the corpses, hovering.

Ji You was unlucky. He felt aggrieved because Shi Yan usually used the blue ice cage to imprison him temporarily. He couldn't see anything, so he didn't know what Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo had done. Also, he didn't know why they had to conceal what they did.

The four people of Shi Yan's team were sitting cross-legged by the piles of crushed stone. The energy fluctuations from Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo calmed down eventually.

After a while, Ka Tuo opened his eyes and smiled. He thanked Shi Yan sincerely. "Senior, my Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm has been strengthened. My energy is br.i.m.m.i.n.g, reaching the threshold to break through again. I think as soon as I have some comprehension of power Upanishad, I can enter the whole new world of Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm."

Shi Yan chuckled, nodded, "So can you estimate how much time you need before your breakthrough comes?"

"I think that it won't be too long," Ka Tuo was excited. "If you can maintain your support for me."

"Of course," Shi Yan chuckled, " Broken Star Field suits us well. Fighting is everywhere. When the experts die, people collect materials while we collect the corpses! Our harvest is much larger than anyone else's."

Ka Tuo laughed as he felt so lucky.

Fei Lan stood up quietly. She had a faint nimbus on her wrinkled face. Her spirit, Qi, and soul were vigorous.

She frowned at Leona.

Leona sat neatly. The area around her was like a dark abyss that had swallowed all the light. Her figure was vague in the shaded area. She looked like an ominous shadow. A magical and profound energy came from her soul altar.

Shi Yan and Ka Tuo were surprised. They looked at Leona, their faces touched.

"You can see it right? Leona is about to break through too." Pondering for a while, Fei Lan felt surprised and happy. "Seems like she has harvested a lot lately. When she broke through last time, her Dark power Upanishad has advanced as well. Talking about the realm, she has reached the threshold. She just needs time to acc.u.mulate energy. Then, she can make a strong move. And you, you've been giving her this amount of energy, an amount that requires hundreds of years to acc.u.mulate, in just one or two years. Perhaps she will break through earlier!"

Ka Tuo's eyes brightened as he couldn't help but scream, "Senior, you're our lucky charm. Going with you, we will leap up and progress faster."

Fei Lan nodded. She sighed inwardly as she said, "Perhaps, it's the reason why the Cortege of Eight wanted to follow Bloodthirsty. His marvelous power Upanishad could grant his escorts their wishes. I think I got it."

After Leona had finished refining her energy, she woke up. Her eyes were as dark as ink, so dark that it was as if it could swallow any kind of light.

She got up quietly, speaking. "At this speed of energy absorption, after one month at most, I can enter Ethereal G.o.d Realm!"

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were excited. They were honestly happy for her.

From the day they entered Broken Star Field, they realized that even though they were the top warriors in Raging Flame Star Area, they weren't strong enough in this place where there were so many dangers and unidentified factors.

If they could improve their competencies, they could live better in Broken Star Field and they could harvest more benefits.

Although Shi Yan often sneaked into the areas where battles happened, he was always cautious. He didn't dare to come close to some fights. To some of the particular battles, he didn't even dare to watch even from a far distance.

Usually, he would stay as far as possible from the battles between warriors at Ethereal G.o.d Realm, especially Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

He was afraid that the experts at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm would kill them to warm up. Because to experts at such realms, it didn't require a lot of energy to kill Shi Yan's entire team.

The battles he dared to observe were usually between warriors at the Original G.o.d Realm and First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Since they had Fei Lan and Leona, and they were never greedy for those materials, the others wouldn't trouble them. They didn't consider them their new rivals.

Shi Yan was always cautious. In Broken Star Field, they had harvested the benefits they could at the best rate. They didn't need to join any battle, but their harvest was abundant. Anyway, no one could know this.

Seeing the three of them waking up and refining the energy they had just harvested, Shi Yan smiled, retrieving the power he used to restrain Ji You. Then, they continued moving deeper into Broken Star Field.

Ji You got used to his confinement. He didn't bother asking anymore. Every time he was released, he just continued to lead the way, not saying anything.

They felt satisfied with Ji You. This boy wasn't mature, but he knew how to guess what people were thinking through their countenances. He knew what to do to not provoke others. Ji You... was a smart kid.

Standing in the middle of the crushed stone piles between the collapsed mountains, a mature, attractive woman was observing something on the ground.

That woman was from the Demon Clan. Just like Di Shan, she was a member of the Black Winged Clan with two ma.s.sive wings on her back. Her curvy body was shrouded in a black dress, which lingered on her healthy, wheat-toned skin. Her long black hair cascaded like a waterfall, reaching her rear end.

She bent her body slightly, which revealed her heavy bosom. She focused, gliding swiftly between the crushed stone, her flying posture gentle like a bird.

She suddenly felt something and she halted in the air. Her phoenix eyes twinkled, silently watching the incomers.

Shi Yan's team paused, hovering dozens of meters away from that beautiful Demon Clan Woman.

"First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm," Fei Lan whispered.

"This area has nothing valuable. I wonder what she's looking for. So strange," Ji You mumbled.

Shi Yan looked at the piles of crushed stone. He could see some tufts of green gra.s.s, which looked ordinary without much energy, fragrance or any halo.

However, that charming Demon woman was crouching in the gra.s.s. Her slender fingers grabbed the green leaves that could be found everywhere else here. She gingerly watched Shi Yan's team, frowning. She pondered for a while and then continued her work of harvesting the gra.s.s.

"What kind of gra.s.s is it?" Shi Yan contemplated and then asked in a low tone.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo shook their heads.

Ji You thought for a while and then lowered his voice to answer Shi Yan. "It's called Immortal Gra.s.s. Only this area has this kind of gra.s.s in Broken Star Field. It's ordinary. I've never seen anyone harvesting this gra.s.s. This Immortal Gra.s.s doesn't have energy fluctuations. No alchemist comes to harvest it. However, Immortal Gra.s.s is tenacious. After being cut, it will heal itself immediately as if it never died. Except for this feature, I don't know any of its other magical effects."

Immortal Gra.s.s...

Shi Yan repeated the name silently. He was bewildered for a while before walking towards the piles of crushed stone.

The Black Winged woman paused her work. She stood up, her legs beautifully slim. Her bright eyes glared at him coldly.

Shi Yan smiled friendly, "I just want to pick a leaf to see. I mean no harm. Don't be tense."

This woman had First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, which wasn't a significant threat in their opinions. That was why Shi Yan dared to come over. If she had had Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, he wouldn't have dared to get so close.

"Do you... need this gra.s.s?" The woman was astounded, her eyes showing her disdain. "Do you know its effects?"

"No," Shi Yan smiled, shaking his head, "I'm just curious. Simply curious." Pausing for a while, he continued, "Did I disturb you?"

The Black Winged woman knitted her brows slightly, speaking as if she was bothered. "You don't know anything, why would you look around here? Forget it. If you want to waste your time, just do it."

Then, she turned around and left. Like a blackbird, she made a gentle curve in the air, disappearing shortly. Seconds later, they couldn't see her anymore.

Shi Yan was astounded for a while. He didn't keep it in his mind, walking to the area the woman had harvested the gra.s.s previously. He picked up a handful.

This green weed was around one meter long, rooted in between the stones, surviving tenaciously. He picked up a tuft of them. Shortly after, the cut roots of the gra.s.s grew again. A gra.s.s green fluid stuck on the roots. Gradually, this fluid seeped into the gra.s.s, disappearing.

The broken leaves where Shi Yan grabbed them by also had gra.s.s green fluid sticking on his fingers.

Magically, this gra.s.s green fluid seeped directly into his finger, disappearing little by little. And the most tenacious gra.s.s started to wither as if their nutrients were taken away.

A drop of ruby Immortal Demon Blood in his finger suddenly vibrated.

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