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There were many ma.s.sive, chipped holes reaching deep underground. Collapsed mountain ranges were everywhere. Some of the mountains had a flat surface as if they were cut by a sharp knife. Large rocks were scattered around the place.

The ground was b.u.mpy as if some Giants had marched through this place. Some holes had colored fluids with something mysterious inside. Also, they found many kinds of dominant plants and even undying ancient trees.

This was also a corner of Broken Star Field.

Shi Yan was standing by the mountain.

"Be careful. This place has been exploited many times. It wouldn't have precious materials. However, there are still some mines deep underground. Once they find some marvelous cultivating materials, the battle would take place." Ji You became anxious in this area, speaking gingerly.

Shi Yan nodded, "I got it. Lead the way, please."

Ji You knitted his brows tightly, slowly flying forward. However, he was much slower than before. Sometimes, he looked around as if he was afraid that they would meet unexpected things.

Five days later.

They came to a deeper corner in Broken Star Field.


The figure zoomed over from afar. He had a dark blue halo moving around his body, which was stained with black blood, his face pale.

Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm!

Shi Yan's eyes shrank. He pulled his spirit, nodding at Fei Lan.

Fei Lan extended her hand and grabbed the void, pulling Ji You who was flying in front of them.

The oncoming warrior was a member of the Dark Spirit Clan. He had oily green skin and a green shoulder-length hair. His eyes were also as green as a venomous snake. Seeing Shi Yan's team, his eyes brightened, shouting. "Take this!"

A waterdrop-like blue jade shot out from his hand. It had a distinctive energy fluctuation.

Ji You couldn't help but scream surprisedly. "Blue Bloodstone! Level 6 Divine Grade, used to refine Blue Blood Pellet, which is to give a tonic to Blood Qi!"

The Blue Bloodstone turned into a beam of blue light shooting towards Fei Lan. The Dark Spirit Clan man didn't talk much. He just grinned and ran away. He pa.s.sed by Shi Yan's team, flying quickly to get out of this place.


The path in front of him suddenly had a shining silver river. This river hid the soft but tenacious power of water. It was the ability of the Ethereal Extent.

The man b.u.mped into the long river, drowning. Water bound him tightly. He couldn't even wiggle to get rid of it quickly.

Immediately, a man and a woman appeared in the direction he had just left. The man had a nice but evil look. The woman was as charming as a flower. They were around thirty or forty years old, and both of them were members of the Ghost Mark Clan. Their exposed shoulder had marvelous green textures.

"First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm!" Fei Lan hissed.

Shi Yan slightly changed his visage, screaming immediately, "Throw that Blood Bloodstone away!"

Fei Lan didn't hesitate. Her left hand was about to capture that stone now had some pale thread, which then guided the Blue Bloodstone away.

The two Ghost Mark Clan fellows arrived. The man laughed evilly as he rose his hand and caught the Blue Bloodstone. Then, he glanced at Shi Yan's team disdainfully, gliding away.

"Dare to take our stuff? He doesn't know how to live, right?" The woman was charmingly mature. She smiled tenderly, retrieving her power Upanishad. The long silver river shrunk little by little.

The Dark Spirit Clan man was covered in the river, trying to wiggle, but he couldn't get rid of it. Eventually, he was pulled toward the woman.

The woman's phoenix eyes were full of murderous aura. The river derived from her Ethereal Extent turned into water dragons, coiling around him.

Crack Crack Crack!

The Dark Spirit Clan man exploded. His bones broke while his flesh and blood splashed everywhere.


His soul altar escaped, looking at the Ghost Mark Clan experts with an enormous grudge. It threw a glance at Fei Lan and then turned into a wave, teleporting thousands of miles in just a blink.

"Run fast enough." The beautiful woman of the Ghost Mark Clan cursed then as they retrieved the river into her soul altar. Her beautiful eyes glared at Fei Lan annoyedly.

Fei Lan frowned but said nothing.

"Two ugly women," the Ghost Mark Clan woman mumbled as if she wanted to vent out her anger.

Fei Lan and Leona became cold.

Fei Lan didn't take care about her appearance. At the same time, she looked senile with many wrinkles on her face. Leona's face was full of scars. Although they were all women, compared to the beautiful Ghost Mark Clan woman, they looked horrid.

However, being pointed at and directly scolded, a nice person would be enraged!

"Cough cough!" Shi Yan gave dry coughs.

Fei Lan and Leona gritted their teeth, trying to control themselves not to burst out and make a mess.

"Don't cause more trouble." The Ghost Mark Clan man frowned. "We still need to harvest Blue Bloodstone. We shouldn't waste more time. Let's go."

The beautiful woman glanced at Fei Lan and Leona disdainfully, muttering, "If I'm not busy, I will play with you guys. How dare you try to run around with such ugly faces? Don't you think you will scare all men away?" Then, she smiled contentedly, following the man and returning. They flew deeper into the place, disappearing shortly.

Waiting until the two of them left, Shi Yan calmly moved to the position where the Dark Spirit Clan man exploded, hovering indifferently for a while.

Pieces of that Dark Spirit Clan man's body seemed shriveled as if someone had taken all the water in them. Eventually, they became dried meat as if they had been dried under the intense sunlight for countless years.

Shi Yan smiled, speaking to Fei Lan and Leona, who still grimaced. "Both of them are at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm and we don't know if they still have some fellows around here. Engaging in a battle isn't a wise move."

Fei Lan and Leona had dark eyes. After a while, they nodded but didn't reply him.

"You should take a rest for a while," Shi Yan contemplated for a while and then looked at Ji You. He rose his hand and a blue light cave descended from the sky, shrouding Ji You entirely and preventing him from observing anything around.

Shi Yan sat down, closing his eyes to digest the energy. Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo knew what was going to happen. They were all happy, sitting down quietly.

After a while, beams of pure light energy emitted from Shi Yan's G.o.d Body, entering the mark on Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo's foreheads.

A long while later, the four of them got up one after another. They were all vivid and refreshed, their auras full and lively.

Especially Ka Tuo. As he had reached Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, he needed more energy. Receiving energy from Shi Yan, Ka Tuo's acc.u.mulation advanced. At least, it helped him save dozens of years of ascetic cultivation.

"It was unnecessary to compete like that. It was boring though. Especially when we weren't sure about the victory. We shouldn't provoke them in such a fight." Shi Yan knitted his brows, talking calmly. "Just think that those b*tches have just given us a gift. We will stay in Broken Star Field for a while. We will probably meet them again. If you guys are sure, I will not stop you from taking revenge. Yeah, that woman has an exquisite face. I think if you use a sharp knife and cut it little by little, it'll be more beautiful when it's b.l.o.o.d.y enough."

Fei Lan and Leona pulled themselves together. Listening to him, they imagined the picture and smiled coldly.

Seeing them resume their normal states, Shi Yan eased his mind. He grabbed the void and the blue ice light flew up, disappearing into his body.

After Ji You got out of the cage, he looked at him skeptically. "What did you do secretly? If you don't want me to listen to your conversation, you can tell me. I will leave. You don't need to do that. That cage is so cold. If you hold me there any longer, I won't be able to endure that kind of cold."

Shi Yan smiled. "There's something you shouldn't know. It's better for you. Okay, next time I will control the temperature. You can stay there comfortably."

Listening to him, Ji You had a forced smile but he had no choice. He could only nod his head begrudgingly. "Then you should be more careful. Better to tell me in advance so I can prepare myself."

"Okay, I will tell you in advance," Shi Yan agreed with him.

"We will encounter this sort of thing more often in the future. You shouldn't feel strange. It's normal that weaker warriors are killed or have to run away when they find precious materials. Allow me to advise you on this: If you don't have the competence, you shouldn't be greedy. Just let go what you don't need to live. Only if you learn how to let things go will you be able to live longer," Ji You advised earnestly.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo felt a little shamed.

When they were in Raging Flame Star Area, they were the experts who had their own territories. Fei Lan was the peak warrior, the legendary one.

However, as they were in the remote area of Far West in the Agate Star Area, they felt mocked and disdained. Still, they acted patient and subtle.

Even a kid like Ji You thought that they weren't strong enough. He had advised them to be patient in this d.a.m.n Broken Star Field.

They found it hard to accept.

"Okay, I know what to do." Shi Yan was calm. He had wandered, drifting away for so many years struggling to survive amongst the experts. He had experienced many bad situations. He knew when to be patient and subtle.

When he had just arrived in the Endless Sea, he was frail. Ultimately, he had reached the peak, standing above everyone else.

When he had entered Divine Great Land, the situation was also the same. With his efforts, he had become the top warrior of Grace Mainland.

The same had happened in Raging Flame Star Area. He had made each step with the goal of protecting himself. Eventually, with his perception and mysterious power Upanishads, he had a great achievement.

Today, as he was in Agate Star Area, everything was the same. Nothing was to be different.

What he had to do now was be persistent in each step he made. He could get stronger little by little. When he reached a certain level, he turned his head around. He would see the ones who used to be powerful who were now under his feet, admiring his aura.

"Be patient now to exchange for the peak later. I hope you guys understand that this place isn't your Raging Flame Star Area!" hissed Shi Yan.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo nodded begrudgingly.

"Don't you think Broken Star Field is the best place for us?" Shi Yan suddenly smiled. His face showed that he wanted to take action. "Killing, fighting, and death are everywhere. Isn't it the best fortune we have?"

The other three's eyes brightened.

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