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Ai Fu's ancient building, main hall.

After Long Duo bid farewell to Zi Yao, he came here alone, carrying himself with ease and a natural poise.

Ai Fu and the two Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm old men treated him well. They offered him good wine, smiling warmly.

Long Duo enjoyed his wine. He didn't deny the others' offering. He just smiled and drank relaxedly.

"Sir, you are in a good mood today?" Ai Fu smiled, trying to win his favor.

Long Duo nodded. "Yeah, my mood isn't bad. Master will have one more apprentice. Haha, I didn't expect to find a precious jade for my Master so soon. What good luck I have!"

Ai Fu's eyes brightened. "Sir, did you meet a talent who cultivates Light power Upanishad and has merged with outer s.p.a.ce Divine Light?"

Long Duo smiled cheerily, "Yeah, I did."

Ai Fu smiled, speaking continually, "Congratulations! Congratulations! We must drink more to celebrate!"

The other two old men also treated him cordially, raising their gla.s.ses. Long Duo didn't deny anyone. He drank several gla.s.ses of wine and then said with a serious face, "Ai Fu, now we shall discuss our business. Give me that thing."

"Okay!" Ai Fu stopped saying meaningless words. His Fantasy Sky Ring flashed and the lumber of the Life Ancient Tree of the Wood Clan he bought from Shi Yan emerged. He cautiously handed it to Long Duo.

Long Duo's eyes were as bright and sharp as a saber. He studied the lumber, rubbing the lines of the wooden texture. After a while, he nodded with a smile. "Your Grandfather had you collect materials for his fortune. Yeah, this is the small lumber of the Life Ancient Tree of the Wood Clan. It's good."

Ai Fu laughed as he was in a good mood.

"As you've sent me a quotation, is there any problem with the price of ten million top-quality divine crystals?"

Ai Fu nodded. He didn't have any other opinion. "Of course no problem. Your 'Divine Light' and I have done business for so many years. Of course, I will never turn down the business. Haha, it's hard to sell this lumber in our Far West. We can't sell it at a good price. We're happy that 'Divine Light' will handle it. I know this lumber attracts Incipient G.o.d Realm experts of the Wood Clan a lot. I'm sure you will make a fortune with it."

"Then ten million it is." Long Duo smiled as he was about to pay for the item.

"Sir, don't be impatient," Ai Fu rose his hand, "I don't need it all in cash. I need you to use five million to make me some battleships. I just need five million divine crystals.

"Like the previous time?" Long Duo was surprised, "There's no war in the Far West region. Why do you need to stock up on battleships? Divine Light can produce battleship in various types and styles. You don't require high-quality battleships. Do you think you can find some customers for those expensive battleships?"

"No, not the previous types," Ai Fu smiled. "They should be very very big, large enough to fit the Giants. Yeah, the Giant Tribe has ordered two battleships."

"Big?" Long Duo rubbed his chin, smiling. "So it's not cheap. We used to fabricate one for the Monster Clan. The cost is three million for one. Okay, we're partners for a long time. I can make it two million and five hundred thousand for one battleship. With your five million, I can make you two. Is that okay?"

"Thank you, Sir. Two battleships are what I want with that amount." Ai Fu smiled.

"Okay, deal." Long Duo nodded, dividing the divine crystals in his Fantasy Sky Ring and then handing it to Ai Fu. "Here's your five million. Soon, I will deliver two giant battleships. At most, it will arrive in your warehouse within fifteen days."

"Good business!"

"Good business!"

Hidden chamber.

Shi Yan opened his eyes. He smiled and got up, relaxing his limbs.

The Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation lay near him on the stone ground. The divine crystals inlaid in the formation had turned into ordinary stones as their energy had been all consumed.

However, at this moment, the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation had waves of s.p.a.ce energy and marvelous energy fluctuations. This shattered formation was repaired.

Smiling, he finished his secluding cultivation time. Although he couldn't break through this time, his understanding of s.p.a.ce Upanishad had progressed. If he could create the 'door' himself, he could use the attainment of s.p.a.ce power to break through to Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm.

Walking to the training court, his Soul Consciousness flickered. Shortly after, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo arrived.

"Is Na Xin here?" asked Shi Yan.

"Yeah, they've been in Broken Star City to buy cultivating materials. I think they are almost done. They've just returned," said Ka Tuo.

Shi Yan nodded, walking out of the training court. At first glance, he found Na Xin of the Giant Tribe.

As soon as Na Xin saw him, he walked over, greeting him happily. "We've placed an order with Ai Fu. He will make large battleship that we can use. Haha, Ai Fu can do that. He can make even this kind of ma.s.sive battleship. He's living up to his name in Broken Star City."

As the Old Orchid Star had a terrifying gravity, the bigger the people were, the heavier the gravitational effect was that they had to bear. Thus, it was tough to go through the atmosphere and jump directly into outer s.p.a.ce.

They had many Giants, including women and children, who had never had a chance to leave Old Orchid Star to travel around the area due to that great gravity.

When a warrior cultivated, he couldn't only stay in his room to break through. With different power Upanishads, they could find different places that better supported and advanced their understanding of power Upanishads better.

If the Giant children reached a bottleneck during their cultivation, they were better off leaving Old Orchid Star to find a place suitable for their power Upanishad. Afterward, they could progress faster, which would increase the general competence of the Giant Tribe.

The ma.s.sive battleship that suited the Giant Tribe could take many members of their tribe to a better place for their cultivation before they would reach their specific realm. They would have a better chance to advance.

"What is the initial price?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"Ai Fu said five million divine crystals," Na Xin was a little excited. "We don't have enough divine crystals now. But we have plans. After we harvest the Thousand Fold Lotus, we will have enough money. Haha. We Giants will have our battleship!"

The other Giants also looked excited. They felt proud because of this big event.

"Five million?" Shi Yan beamed a forced smile inwardly.

He saw many different battleships in Ai Fu's treasury which were priced at one hundred thousand to one million divine crystals. The battleship Ai Fu would fabricate for the Giants cost five million. What a rip off!

Anyway, Na Xin and his fellows had placed the order and they looked very excited so Shi Yan couldn't say anything. He could only discreetly blame their naive nature.

"When can you take that battleship?" asked Shi Yan.

"Ai Fu said that as soon as we have the divine crystals, he will hand the battleship to us anytime." Na Xin was yearning for it. "Kids in our tribe have never seen anything that big. They will be thrilled. Haha. The materials we got home this time would make them so happy. They will go crazy."

"Oh," Shi Yan nodded, talking to him. "You guys help me bring one formation back home. Oh, right. We should buy a battleship to carry it."

He was surprised for a while, asking. "Where's Carthew?"

"I'm here," Carthew's voice came from the training court. "You need me to do something?"

"Take this ring. It has eight hundred thousand divine crystals. You and Na Xin should buy a normal battleship and use the remaining divine crystals to buy some suitable pellets or cultivating materials. We will bring them all to Old Orchid Star." Shi Yan flickered a ring to him.

Carthew received the ring, using his Soul Consciousness to sense and then smiled. "No problem."

Hesitating for a while, he continued, "Shi Yan, Zi Yao wants to see you. She's in a cultivating room. She has something important to tell you."

Shi Yan was surprised. He told Na Xin and Carthew to be careful when placing the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation. Then, he returned to the training yard confused. He found Zi Yao and then asked softly. "I heard Carthew say that you wanted to see me?"

Zi Yao wore a beautiful purple dress, which supported her slim, gentle body with graceful curves. Her beautiful eyes were like a flower with its sweet nectar. She looked indescribably pretty with her light makeup.

Evidently, she tried to wear makeup for this talk.

Shi Yan was stunned, looking at her. His eyes brightened as he was absorbed into his thoughts. After a while, he said, "You're still so beautiful like when I saw you the first time that year. You make me feel like I've encountered a deity."

Zi Yao's beautiful eyes were like a vast sea with many deep meanings. She studied him and then bloomed a smile. "I'm glad to hear that. When I saw you that year, I didn't think that you could have anything special. I used to hate you though."

"Hate me?" Shi Yan pointed at his nose, forcing a smile. "I saved your brother that year. Why did you hate me? Women, I will never understand them."

"Because you were so calm in front of me. You made me think my charisma was reduced. Because you didn't try to flirt me, I didn't feel pleased. Your realm was so low, but you dared to look at me like that!" Zi Yao smiled charmingly, "Anyway, I didn't feel comfortable to look at you. If you haven't saved my brother, perhaps I would have taught you a lesson.

I would trouble you so much so you would know how dangerous I was."

"You're unreasonable!" said Shi Yan.

"I want to bid farewell to you," Zi Yao sighed weakly. Her beautiful eyes sparked a gleam of sadness.

Pondering for a while, she suddenly stepped forward. While Shi Yan was bewildered, she hugged him. Her stunning chin rested on his shoulder. Her fragranced orchid breath blew to his ear. "After we say farewell, I don't know when we can meet again. Let me... hug you for a while, okay?"

"Why do you want to leave? Where will you go?" Shi Yan was perplexed, showing that he didn't want that. His body stiffened. "Do you feel like you are being neglected by us? No, I didn't mean it. Fei Lan, Leona, Ka Tuo, and I share the same origin. If you guys know it, it won't bring you anything good but disaster..."

"An Incipient G.o.d Realm expert wants to make me a disciple of hers. She cultivates Light power Upanishad. Ah, right, don't guess. I know... that expert's a she." Zi Yao bit her lower lip, her face blushing as she whispered, "Don't say anything. Just let me hug you. Let me feel your existence. I want to memorize this moment."

Shi Yan was baffled, but he was actually touched. Vibes rippled through his heart as he had a lot of emotions at this moment.

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