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s.p.a.ce was something marvelous. Non-material structures could be deemed s.p.a.ce. However, someone who didn't understand s.p.a.ce power couldn't comprehend an area with outer s.p.a.ce power.

The Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation was on the ground. This formation used the Empty Fantasy Crystal and dozens of rare materials that Shi Yan didn't know about as the foundation. The edge of the two formations had several thousand concave, fist-sized spots where divine crystals were installed to power up the formations.

The first step Shi Yan had to do was install the divine crystals into those concave spots.

Around thirty thousand divine crystals were put into the spots in the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation. Those divine crystals had enormous energy. They looked like stars twinkling in the velvet night, giving it a mysterious beauty.

After inlaying all the divine crystals, Shi Yan walked to the Mother formation. He frowned, releasing the Soul Consciousness with s.p.a.ce power to seep into the formation.

A magnificently complex s.p.a.ce formation, which looked like a giant spider web, slowly formed in his Sea of Consciousness. Exquisite s.p.a.ce threads interweaved like silky spider fibers, creating sparkling, wonderful s.p.a.ce nodes that were like diamonds.

Pouring Soul Consciousness into the s.p.a.ce nodes, Shi Yan found a strange s.p.a.ce door in each node.

Shi Yan was scared.

The Mother formation had several hundred thousand s.p.a.ce threads, creating millions of s.p.a.ce nodes. Each s.p.a.ce node was a door connecting two s.p.a.ces, which could create a s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage.

Amongst millions of s.p.a.ce nodes, many of them weren't stable. s.p.a.ce energy inside those s.p.a.ce nodes was so dangerous that it could crush anything.

Those unstable nodes hid disorderly doors, which held broken details of this marvelous formation.

If he wanted to fix the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation, the main thing he had to do was fix those nodes and stabilize the s.p.a.ce doors, which would then allow matter to get through them.

Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan's eyes darkened as he was very reluctant.

There were around fifty or sixty thousand broken doors. And it was just for the Mother formation! He hadn't checked the Child formation to see how many nodes needed to be repaired.

Fixing dozens of s.p.a.ce doors wasn't a task that he could accomplish in a short time.

He suddenly felt a headache. Instinctively, he wanted to give up. He didn't want to repair the marvelous formation that some warrior with supernatural powers had created.

Sitting neatly by the Mother formation, Shi Yan knitted his brows. His thoughts changed like shooting stars. Ideas appeared that Shi Yan objected and this cycle continued.

After an unknown time, Shi Yan finally calmed down. He took a deep breath, muttering to himself. "Perhaps I should fix one of them first. I should stabilize one door first and then I'll see if I want to continue or not."

His soul altar spun one round. s.p.a.ce energy fluctuated from the power Upanishad tier. It rippled through his G.o.d Body, creating the G.o.d Domain.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

The fine s.p.a.ce slits slowly emerged like thousands of sabers floating in his G.o.d Domain.

Crack Crack Crack!

His bones sounded as if s.p.a.ce energy was cutting him. Shortly after, billions of light dots bloomed from his body. They moved like fireflies, entering the s.p.a.ce slits and triggering some s.p.a.ce transformation.

The magnificent but unpredictable s.p.a.ce currents swirled around him like meteors. They made many splendid curves, giving him a feeling of being immersed in a world of light where he became the real master of s.p.a.ce who controlled s.p.a.ce as he pleased.

s.p.a.ce sabers moved like an electric light as he mind-controlled them to seep into the s.p.a.ce node that his Original Soul had locked, flooding through an unstable s.p.a.ce door.


His Sea of Consciousness was shaken. Then, it projected a mysterious, complex s.p.a.ce formation above his Sea of Consciousness. An intersection in that formation suddenly shone dazzlingly like the brightest star in the sky.

s.p.a.ce threads made by his Soul Consciousness with s.p.a.ce power instantaneously flooded into that fulgent s.p.a.ce node. His Soul Consciousness seemed to get through a real s.p.a.ce door while a vibe was spreading out.

That door looked real and his Soul Consciousness hand could even touch it and feel the fantastic s.p.a.ce mysteries inside...

This door was made of s.p.a.ce energy. However, it was broken and its pieces were scattered around the magical areas. What Shi Yan wanted to do was use s.p.a.ce energy with the same frequency to refine, match, and connect the broken pieces to fix that door.

And he did it that way.

His Soul Consciousness became the mighty, skillful hand that guided and connected pieces of the door with his energy.

After an unknown time, the shattered s.p.a.ce door was complete under the power of Shi Yan's energy, spirit, Soul Consciousness, and his soul. It was combined and refined little by little until it was complete.

At the moment the small dots gathered, the disorderly s.p.a.ce node and the door inside became stable and strengthened with s.p.a.ce energy. It allowed energy and real matter to get through it.

Shi Yan relaxed his nerves.

Sensing for the second time, Shi Yan found that the s.p.a.ce node and the door inside were now back to order. Its energy fluctuation was stable.

He didn't know how long it took.

Sitting silently, he sensed his body and found that he didn't consume a significant amount of Soul Consciousness. His energy was still full.

Shi Yan was happy. He then recalled and a.s.sessed his procedure to check the changes of his G.o.d body and soul during that time.

After a while, his eyes brightened up. He couldn't help but chuckle.

It turned out that it didn't require him to use too much energy. This ma.s.sive work that looked really tough to finish wasn't actually that difficult.

Also, that magical formation was able to provide him energy to fix itself. What he needed to do was to use his Soul Consciousness to guide and connect it. The energy it required was self-provided.

The Mother formation had the ability to fix itself, and his G.o.d Domain was the fountain of its support.

What he needed to do was to show it the direction and guide it. The formation's energy would fix itself.

Understanding this point, Shi Yan smiled. He knew that if he divided his Soul Consciousness into many flows working at the same time, it wouldn't be very difficult.

Shi Yan understood thoroughly.

Thus, his Sea of Consciousness surged, changing. After he had refined and condensed his Soul Consciousness, he sent them to each of the broken nodes.

His Sea of Consciousness changed, turning into tens of thousands of flows, each of which was one of his many G.o.dly tentacles. They entered the unstable nodes. Shi Yan just needed to work on one node and his Soul Consciousness would copy his procedure. Each flow of his Soul Consciousness was a clone of his, copying his actions of guiding and connecting pieces of the broken doors.

It wasn't really tough though.

Shi Yan thought, concentrating on fixing dozens of s.p.a.ce nodes of the Mother formation while time flew hastily.

Outside the hidden chamber.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo found themselves a cultivating room. They didn't notice Ka Tuo and Zi Yao as they were digesting energy that they received from Shi Yan and comprehending their power Upanishad.

While Carthew and Zi Yao felt bored, they visited every place in Broken Star City to widen their knowledge of the prosperous Agate Star Area.

Today, Zi Yao saw a bald old human in a special potion shop. He wore a long, gray robe that hid his hands into his sleeves. His shaved head had a magical tattoo as if it was made of strange entangling lights. She didn't know the meaning of that tattoo.

That old man had a quiet aura around his body while he was looking around the shop with dark eyes.

Shortly after, his eyes gazed on Zi Yao as if he was frozen. His calm aura became excited.

After a while, it seemed like the old man had confirmed something. He stepped over proactively, bending his body and talking gently. "Miss, is it true that you are cultivating Light Upanishad and that you've absorbed outer s.p.a.ce Divine Light, which has a consciousness?"

Zi Yao's exquisite face had a gleam of surprise which showed in her beautiful, diamond-like eyes. "Precursor, how did you know that?"

The withered face of the old man brightened up with joy. He said tenderly, "My Master also cultivates Light power Upanishad. She has a deep understanding of outer s.p.a.ce Divine Light. Miss, can we go somewhere to talk?"

Zi Yao was astounded. She hesitated, looking at Carthew.

Carthew's voice was dry, giving a forced smile. "His realm's really profound. If he wants to hurt us, we can't even run away."

The old man chuckled and then said seriously. "I won't harm you, and I won't let anyone harm you. I can ensure you about that."

Listening to him, Zi Yao nodded. "Okay."

Shortly after, the old man, Zi Yao and Carthew walked to a remote alley. The old man bent to greet them, introducing himself. "I'm Long Duo, a servant of my Master. I'm here to find an apprentice for my Master. Miss, you're cultivating light power, and you've absorbed outer s.p.a.ce Divine Light. You meet the requirements to be a disciple of my Master. If you are willing to do that, you can follow me. I'm sure that after you meet my Master, your realm and power will upgrade on a large scale."

Zi Yao's soft body shivered, her beautiful eyes bright. "Which realm does your Master have?"

"Haha. I'm at Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. I think you can guess my Master's realm," said the man called Long Duo humbly. "My Master doesn't live in the Far West. She's in a wonderful secret domain. Her reputation is well-known in any area of Agate Star Area. Miss, my Master has strict requirements for enrolling disciple. Until now, she has had only two apprentices. It's your fortune and destiny. If you agree, I'll take you to my Master. If you don't want it, I will not force you."

Carthew was shocked, he couldn't help but hiss, "Your Highness!"

Zi Yao's knitted her bold brows. She was astounded for a while before she could say softly, "Can you give me more time to think about it?"

"Sure," Long Duo smiled mildly. "I'm staying in Broken Star City and I will wait for you to make up your mind. Can you tell me where are you staying?"

"Yes," Zi Yao told him the address of the training court Shi Yan had rented. Then, she left with Carthew, her mind complicated. She was hesitant.

"Your Highness, this is your big opportunity. You can have an Incipient G.o.d Realm teacher who also cultivates Light power Upanishad. I think that if you let this chance slip away, you will regret it for the rest of your life." Carthew said honestly, "Even if you walk the same path with Shi Yan, you can't help him on anything. You can't catch up with him now. If you want to get closer to him, at least, your realm shouldn't be lower than his. Your Highness, please seize this chance!"

"I will wait for him until he gets out," Zi Yao pondered for a while and then sighed, "At least before I leave, I want to bid him farewell."

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