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Meeting Hall, Ai Fu's ancient building.

A gloomy shadow floated in the hall, speaking spookily. "They hired a training court. That kid and the other three are staying in the hidden chamber. I am guessing that they are cultivating"

Ai Fu lay on his side on a soft sofa, eating fruits and drinking good wine. He asked casually, "Why didn't you get in there and check it better?"

"The hidden chamber has seven layers of barriers. I could go in there, but I was not sure if I would disturb them. As you've advised, I considered that it was important to not disclose myself. Thus, I didn't tear the barriers," explained the shadow.

"Before you've fallen, you were at Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. You had almost reached Incipient G.o.d Realm. Although you have only the Ethereal Soul now, you can't even tear the barrier discreetly?" Ai Fu frowned.

The shadow sighed begrudgingly. "My soul altar exploded. My Sea of Consciousness perished. The tier of power Upanishads and Ethereal Extent vanished. I have only the Ethereal Soul now. The abilities that I can use are limited. If I still had my soul altar, I could have done it easily. But now... I don't have a choice."

"Then forget it. You watch them for me. Don't let them leave Broken Star City without me knowing about that," said Ai Fu impatiently.

"Young Master, don't worry. Once they reappear, I will know it immediately. And please remember to rebuild my soul altar," said the shadow solemnly.

"I know," Ai Fu waved his hand, signaling the ominous shadow to leave. After there was no shadow above his head, he snorted disdainfully.

"Young Master," one of the Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts craned his neck out of the five-colored light pa.s.sage behind the hall. "The Blood Halberd's Master sent a message. They want us to find Mi Ge. After that battle, Mi Ge has escaped to Broken Star Field. He's hiding."

"Mi Ge?" Ai Fu smiled, "Such bad luck. He doesn't know that people have plotted against him. Now, Blood Halberd is after him. Haha."

That old man didn't say a thing. He just waited silently.

"How much has he offered?" Ai Fu looked interested in this business. "Mi Ge's at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. His life should be worth a lot."

"One million," said the old man.

"Oh, too little! Too little!" Ai Fu shook his head continually. "You tell him. If it's less than two million, I don't give a f*ck about this business. The Blood Halberd has had big harvests around Broken Star Field recently. If they want to use my service, I require a generous pay."

"Understood," the old man retreated.

Hidden chamber.

Shi Yan's eyes weren't garnet anymore. The terrifying blood halo around his body slowly was absorbed into his body. His form gradually resumed.

"To maintain this condition, I have to use blood in my body. If I don't have to fight, I won't use it often." Shi Yan smiled, explaining to Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo, "Condensing the blood isn't an easy task."

The other three nodded silently, but they actually didn't understand.

Everyone has blood in their body, right? Why did he need to condense it? If he had to burn his blood, how could he endure that?

"Hey! Ka Tuo, you've broken through!" Shi Yan screamed in surprise, smiling. "Not bad. Not bad. Seems like you got good things. Right. At this speed, I think everybody could strengthen their realms fast."

"All thanks to you, senior!" Ka Tuo said honestly, "Without your help, I wouldn't be the Ka Tuo I am today. I will memorize your grace forever."

Waving his hand, Shi Yan didn't want to talk about that. "We're the locusts on the same string. We will advance together and retreat together. Of course, we have to try our best together."

"Senior, why wouldn't you break through? At your cultivation speed, it's time... right?"

Ka Tuo and Leona also looked at him, paying attention to this matter.

Since he had entered Raging Flame Star Area, Shi Yan was like a miracle as he continually broke through to the new realms. His progress was fast as if he didn't have a bottleneck or the need of energy acc.u.mulation. This kind of breakthrough happened until now.

"... My power is enough, but my realm is still a little bit short." Giving a forced smile, he said slowly, "Breaking into the new realm requires the comprehension of power Upanishad. I still need a little more. Yeah, I'm trying my best in this aspect."

Then, he waved his hand. The Fantasy Sky Ring sparkled.

The Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation he received from Ai Fu appeared in the hidden chamber, falling to the ground. This pair of formations had Empty Fantasy Crystals as the foundation. The lines on the formation carved in the crystals were exquisite and it carried the power and mysteries of s.p.a.ce power.

Using this Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation, he could connect the Broken Star Field with the Old Orchid Star. If he succeeded, they wouldn't need to spend several months to return.

"I want to use this Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation to advance further in s.p.a.ce power Upanishad." Shi Yan smiled, speaking to the other three, "We'll stay in Broken Star City for a while. I will try to fix them. Even if I can't fix them, I'm sure I will still make some progress in s.p.a.ce power. It was not a bad deal buying this toy."

"Na Xin's waiting for you outside," said Fei Lan.

Shi Yan was surprised. He nodded, "Then I'll go meet him first. Yeah, I should explain to him though."

Getting out of the secret chamber, Fei Lan, Leona, Ka Tuo, and Shi Yan walked to the training yard.

Carthew and Zi Yao were happy seeing them leaving the hidden chamber.

"Oh wow!" Carthew was shocked, looking at Ka Tuo. "You... you've broken through?"

"Ha ha!" Ka Tuo laughed loudly. "Yeah, I did! Carthew! Carthew! You'd roamed around Land of G.o.d Punishment and killed a lot of our Pirates. You captured anyone in your way. Now what? Do you dare to touch me now?"

Carthew was still at First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm.

He beamed a forced smile. "What's the meaning of reminding me of such things in Agate Star Area?"

Leona snorted, glaring at Ka Tuo who was swaggering, speaking faintly. "I used to work in Land of G.o.d Punishment for a while. Do you think breaking through one level will allow you to do anything you want? There is no need to mention that we're in Agate Star Area. Even if we're in Raging Flame Star Area, the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm isn't the peak. If Du Tian Ji wanted to kill you, you wouldn't be able to escape!"

Ka Tuo got told off. He became embarra.s.sed, scratching his head. "I was just kidding because I was too happy. You don't need to react that much."

Leona snorted. "I just don't want to see you swaggering."

Ka Tuo immediately behaved.

"Na Xin is waiting outside," Zi Yao smiled, looking at Shi Yan and murmuring. "He and his Giant fellows have been waiting for you for a long time. He wants to see you."

"I'm going to see them," Shi Yan smiled and nodded.

The training court that they rented also had a garden, cultivating rooms, and rooms to stay. However, those rooms were designed for regular races. They weren't suitable for the Giants. With Na Xin's figure, he would break this place. They couldn't get into the place, so they had to wait outside.

Na Xin and the Giants stood on the street outside the training yard. Seeing Shi Yan, they immediately showed their grat.i.tude.

This was especially the case for Na Xin. His eyes brightened as he wanted to use the etiquette of the Giants to greet him.

Na Xin's eyes were filled with grat.i.tude. He knew what happened to Mi Ge and Mi Lou, but he couldn't explain it to his fellows. Seeing Shi Yan, he said immediately, "On behalf of my fellows, I thank you. You don't need to repay the amount of divine crystals you said that you wanted to borrow from us."

Some Giants looked at Na Xin as they felt weird inwardly.

Shi Yan had helped them sell the lumber of the Life Ancient Tree of the Wood Clan. They appreciated his deed. But they didn't understand why Na Xin said that Shi Yan didn't need to pay them back the amount he borrowed.

Na Xin didn't answer and just looked at Shi Yan deep in his eyes.

Shi Yan smiled as he knew that Na Xin had figured out why Tu Fei had attacked Mi Ge and Mi Lou. "Precursor, please don't mind it much. We all live in Old Orchid Star. Of course, we have to help each other. And also, you're already here but please wait for me for a little while. I have something I'm going to bring back and I need you to help me bring it back to Old Orchid Star."

Na Xin was confused. "What's that?"

"Give me some time. After I've fixed it, you will help me bring it back to Old Orchid Star." Shi Yan didn't explain. He just said something and asked Na Xin to stay in Broken Star Field for a while.

Na Xin had a lot of divine crystals, so he didn't want to go home immediately. He wanted to use the divine crystals to exchange for some materials. He would bring some materials to Old Orchid Star so his fellow giants could have the better cultivating materials. Also, the children and soldiers of his tribe would then be able to break through faster.

He wanted to stay here for a while, indeed. Listening to Shi Yan's request, he agreed frankly. After Shi Yan finished his business, they would leave together.

The Giants went away to work on their business. Shi Yan also hastened to repair the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation. He didn't talk more, wanting to get into the hidden chamber immediately.

"Shi Yan, I... I want to talk to you." Seeing him want to leave, Zi Yao couldn't help but stop him. Her beautiful eyes were sparkling strangely as she was also blushing uneasily.

Shi Yan was surprised, turning his head to look at her. "Anything important?"

"No, no... It's... It's not urgent..." Zi Yao was a little bit anxious as she couldn't make herself clear. She made people skeptical.

"Not urgent? Oh okay. Wait for me for several days then," Shi Yan pondered for a while and then said seriously. "I need to fix a formation. That formation is very important to us. I need to fix them and Na Xin will bring it to Old Orchid Star."

Hearing him, Zi Yao said hastily, "So you should work first. Yeah, you need to work on it first. I'm not impatient." She exhaled in relief inwardly. However, she felt uneasy, nervous, and restless.

Shi Yan didn't know what she was thinking. He didn't ask more, nodding to greet her and then going into the secret chambers. After he sealed the door, he paid attention to the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation.

If he could fix the formation, he would let Na Xin bring the Mother formation back to Old Orchid Star. He would keep the Child formation. No matter where they were, they would be able to return to Old Orchid Star instantly. This formation also worked in the life star. If it worked, he wouldn't need to worry about unexpected events in Old Orchid Star.

Besides that, during the time he repaired the formation, he would know how the expert who used s.p.a.ce power had fabricated this formation that year. He would gain understanding about how he had used s.p.a.ce power and applied it.

This meant so much to his advancement of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. This benefit would be immeasurable. As Shi Yan was hurried, he didn't notice Zi Yao's restless eyes.

In the secret chamber, Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness, gathering s.p.a.ce power to study the Mother and Child Sky Linking formation, his face stern and lucid.

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