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Shi Yan's G.o.d Body was hiding inside the blood chrysalis so Fei Lan and Leona couldn't see him. However, beams of blood light moved on the blood chrysalis like a bunch of snakes with intellect.

An immense Blood Qi gushed out terrifyingly from the blood chrysalis. Fei Lan and Leona were frightened.

Thump Thump Thump!

His heartbeat was powerful like a rumbling thunder. It felt like a ma.s.sive hammer continuously pounding Shi Yan.

However, Fei Lan and Leona clearly understood that the noise was Shi Yan's heartbeat.

Gradually, more clear and exquisite cracking noises came from the blood chrysalis like the breaking or exploding of bones, which rose the hair on their napes.

At Fei Lan's and Leona's realms, they could see inside the blood coc.o.o.n. However, they couldn't know what was happening inside even when they used their Soul Consciousness.

They only knew that Shi Yan was transforming!

They still didn't know whether his transformation was good or bad. They didn't dare to tear the blood chrysalis. They could only watch until the moment he broke this chrysalis.

Time flew hurriedly.

Three days had pa.s.sed as quickly as a blink of an eye.

After three days, Shi Yan was still inside the blood coc.o.o.n while Blood Qi surged more vehemently. More blood light wound around the blood coc.o.o.n. Blood electric spears shot out like lightning strikes.

Leona and Fei Lan wore a darker face.

Ka Tuo wasn't far from them. He had reached the critical moment. His soul altar started to slow down as if he had to consume a lot of energy for each round.

His soul altar becoming sluggish meant that it was undergoing a transformation. Each round it spun now was one time of quenching.

Fei Lan and Leona had been through this step. They knew when the madly spinning soul altar slowed down and how heavy it was to make it revolve one time. The warrior needed a tenacious mind and spirit to capture the power Upanishad to break through.

When Ka Tuo's knowledge of Chaos power Upanishad had something new, he had to stimulate the energy in his body with more effort to move the soul altar to go through one round. Ka Tuo's G.o.d Body and soul altar slowly revolved. Brilliant light emitted from his body, making him a significant source of light.

He didn't use divine crystals. Earth and heaven energy in this area was also diluted, which couldn't support him much.

But he had the energy Shi Yan had given him!

That amount of dense energy was enough to supplement the amount he had consumed to finish his breakthrough. Thus, Ka Tuo didn't need to worry about energy. He just needed to understand his Chaos Upanishad.

Gradually, Ka Tuo found it harder to move his soul altar. It felt very heavy.

However, the chaotic energy surging around him and the coverage of his G.o.d Domain was still expanding. Each inch he covered meant progress towards his breakthrough.

Eventually, when Ka Tuo's understanding of chaotic energy had reached another level using the secret inheritance Ge Lu gave him, his soul altar forcefully spun one round.


An explosion echoed from both Ka Tuo's soul altar and G.o.d Body. However, it was like the whisper of an Angel to him as it carried the magical essence of the world.

The light around his body retreated. His aura stabilized. The G.o.d Domain created from the chaotic power was also retrieved.

Ka Tuo sat still. However, he gave people a strange feeling as he seemed to combine into one with earth and heaven, matching perfectly and becoming part of Broken Star City and Broken Star Field.

He had successfully broken through to Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. At this moment, he just needed to steady his energy, calm down his soul altar and wait for the moment to wake up.

"His innate endowment isn't ordinary. No wonder why he received the inheritance. I've been observing him throughout past few years. He does have qualifications to receive the inheritance." Fei Lan said softly, "It seems that the Chaos Upanishad Inheritance isn't open to anyone. Perhaps, before him, many had received it and perished because they couldn't bear the inheritance."

"I think so. Ka Tuo is also a madman. He didn't always follow the rules in Heaven Punishment City. If you didn't protect him discreetly, he would have died already," smiled Leona.

"We still have someone extraordinary here," Fei Lan looked at Shi Yan. "This man is much more formidable than Ka Tuo. The inheritance he received is also the wickedest one. Anyway, his transformation is slower than Ka Tuo's. I wonder what's going on in there."

Leona beamed a forced smile as she didn't know what to say.

Under their gazes, the blood lights slowly retreated into the blood chrysalis as if they were going to wind around Shi Yan's G.o.d Body.

Slowly, the beam of blood light from the blood coc.o.o.n disappeared. It looked a bit shriveled as if it had lost all of the blood.

Another seven days had pa.s.sed.

The blood chrysalis quieted down. There was no beam of aura diffused to the atmosphere. They didn't even hear Shi Yan's heartbeat anymore.

It seemed like he was dead.

However, Fei Lan and Leona knew that Shi Yan hadn't died yet because they could still feel his soul aura and the life magnetic field from that blood chrysalis.

Ka Tuo woke up, laughing excitedly. "I have broken through! I've reached the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm!"

"Shut up!" Fei Lan and Leona hissed in unison.

Ka Tuo retracted his neck, shutting his mouth. Now he saw the blood chrysalis, asking in astonishment. "What happened?" He tried to press his voice.

"He's in there," Leona pointed at the blood chrysalis, "When you were breaking through, he was carrying out some kind of mysterious transformation. I think... he's about to finish."

"Transformation? What transformation? What's going on?" Ka Tuo was frightened, "Will he be alright?"

"Well, we would believe you if you said that something would happen to you. But him, I don't think so!" Leona pouted, talking coldly, "I think he's breaking through because he had a big harvest this time. However, I don't think he's carrying out a breakthrough of his realm. It seems like something more magical. We don't know what's happening to him. We could only wait and see."

Listening to her, Ka Tuo jolted up, frowning at the blood chrysalis, speaking emotionally. "I think my senior's breakthrough will be more marvelous than mine. He would have something magical that we can hardly imagine."

"Of course," Fei Lan said resolutely, "he received the most powerful inheritance, which ours can't be compared to. No matter what magical things he makes, I don't think they are strange."

The three of them lowered their voice and discussed. They still kept an eye on Shi Yan, not wanting to miss any small detail.

After ten more days.

Today, more crispy sounds echoed from the blood chrysalis. At the moment the sound arose, an immense, fierce Blood Qi erupted like a volcano.


The blood chrysalis was torn, turning into dust and vanishing.

Shi Yan's G.o.d Body was exposed immediately.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo's eyes brightened, gazing at him with great astonishment.

At this moment, Shi Yan was still himself, but he was undergoing a significant transformation.

He was naked. Each of his muscles was transparent like ruby. They were crystal clear with fulgent red light.

The human body has several hundred muscles. Each of Shi Yan's muscles seemed to have reached perfect condition. It wasn't too rough, but it was refined to the acme. For example, if it were a little bit bigger, it would affect his speed. If it were a bit smaller, it would affect his bursting power. They were connected perfectly with each other to promote his G.o.d Body's powers flawlessly!

In Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo's points of view, the perfect form of a warrior was this one, the body and arrangement of muscles that they were observing!

They felt inexplicable. However, in their eyes, Shi Yan's muscles' arrangement was like a heavenly masterpiece of art. Not only did it look extraordinarily splendid and exquisite, it could also release the power to the acme.

This was the most perfect form of the warrior.

Fine spikes jutted out from his shoulders, elbows, and knees. They looked red and sharp like sharp horns. With different lengths, they wouldn't affect him when he moved his G.o.d Body. They wouldn't hurt him, but they would create the highest level of damage against his opponent.

His eyes were garnet like the most splendid ruby. His long hair was red as if he had soaked them in blood. The bizarre, evil red that shook people's heart would give them anxiety as if it had a devilish power.

Shi Yan was around two meters tall. He looked like a sculpture carved with dedication. Each of his muscles was transparent and pure like ruby. Even when he had spikes, Blood Qi in his body rolled and surged tremendously. His Blood Qi was even more abundant than a one-thousand-meter-long beast.

It was a miracle!

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo couldn't take their eyes off him. They gawked, dropping their jaws with astounded faces.

"What? Don't you recognize me?

Shi Yan grinned.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo woke up. They were shaking and shouting. "What happened?"

Immortal Demon Blood seethed and boiled in his body. To maintain this form, he had to use Immortal Demon Blood at every minute. However, the feeling he got in this form was awesome! It gave him thoughts of engaging in a furious battle. The desire to fighting gushed out uncontrollably.

In this form, his desire to slaughter and his thirst for a b.l.o.o.d.y battle swelled harder as if they didn't want him to stay idle for even a moment!

The Immortal Demon Blood was burning in his vessel every second. It gave him an evil and wild energy that could even tear the sky. This was the fighting form of the Immortal Demon Clan after they had their blood replaced!

"It's hard to explain. My blood is a little strange. This time, I finally urged all the power of my blood. Oh right. There's a race called the Immortal Demon Race. This shape of mine is the fighting form of that race. I have to burn my blood to use this form." Shi Yan frowned, trying to explain.

"You look a bit similar to that G.o.d Clan man. However, it's not quite the same. He wasn't red and he didn't have the same aura as you," said Ka Tuo all of a sudden.

Hearing him, Fei Lan and Leona eyed Shi Yan. They also became aghast.

The G.o.d Clan man they encountered in G.o.d Perishing Land also had spikes on his body and armor that lingered on his skin. At this moment, Shi Yan looked somehow similar to him. If his refined muscles turned into scaled armor, he would look more like that G.o.d Clan man.

"I'm definitely not one of them," Shi Yan grinned, "If I were one of them, I would never have received the inheritance. But you say that I look somehow similar to him. I think perhaps we share something back in our origin."

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