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Shi Yan used ten thousand divine crystals to hire a training court.

This court had ten cultivating rooms and a secret room hidden deep underground. It also had a preset barrier, which could block all sensing activity. This place was indeed suitable for them.

In the secret chamber, Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo sat down crossed-legged. Shi Yan sat on the opposite sides to the other three.

Pure energy was released from each of Shi Yan's acupuncture points. They divided into three flows that poured to the blood mark on the forehead of Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo respectively.

This time, Shi Yan was capable of precisely controlling the amount of energy released.

At Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, Mi Lou was one level higher than Tu Feng. The intensity of Essence Qi when his G.o.d Body exploded was several times thicker than Tu Feng's.

Without Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo taking the excess, Shi Yan couldn't digest all of it alone. Perhaps he would explode to death.

Through the blood mark, Fei Lan and the other two helped him share the excess of energy, especially Fei Lan. She had reached First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm so she could absorb a lot of energy.

Shi Yan sat neatly, letting his exquisite Soul Consciousness guide the surging energy in his vessels that flooded the Essence Qi Ancient Tree to refine his G.o.d Body.

After many times of quenching, Shi Yan's G.o.d Body had reached an incredible toughness. This time, when carrying out the quenching, he stressed the power of the Immortal Rebirth Secret to condense the Immortal Demon Blood. As the energy rolled in his vessels, magical changes started to occur.

Above the hidden chamber.

Carthew and Zi Yao were waiting in a one-thousand-square-meter stone room. Zi Yao's charming face looked obviously dejected.

Carthew knew she wasn't comfortable. He advised her reluctantly. "You shouldn't mind it much. That kid must have some secrets, which are related to Leona, Fei Lan, and Ka Tuo. That's why he doesn't want us to watch them."

"I understand," Zi Yao beautiful eyes sparkled a gleamed of sorrow. "I found that I couldn't enter his heart. Moreover, after we left Raging Flame Star Area, I felt helpless, so helpless...

After they had left Raging Flame Star Area, Shi Yan with his power and knowledge had naturally become their leader.

Even Fei Lan and Leona had followed his orders, which was unimaginable in Carthew and Zi Yao's points of view.

However, since they had arrived in Old Orchid Star, Shi Yan had proven his competence many times. He met the requirements of a leader who could give them many benefits.

Jester who used to have a different opinion was now subdued, following him honestly. From some aspect, he did have charisma.

However, this had weakened Zi Yao and Carthew's confidence...

Especially Zi Yao.

When they were in Raging Flame Star Area, she was the n.o.ble princess of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation with an honorable position. Her realm wasn't bad. She was also a smart princess, the top warrior amongst the top warriors.

However, in this Agate Star Area, she was just a small, ordinary Original G.o.d Realm warrior who didn't have a compelling background. Her cultivation progress was also paused. The longer she stayed with Shi Yan, the greater the pressure she had to bear.

Gradually, she found that she couldn't catch up with Shi Yan...

"Apparently, he has some purpose. He has many secrets. As you can't get into his heart, you can't know his secrets. Also, you can't actually merge with him." Carthew sighed, "This kid is a miracle. I've known this when we were still in Raging Flame Star Area. However, I had underestimated him. I think that if you do have feelings for him, you shouldn't be shy and should be more active. With your intelligence and glamor, I think he won't be able to resist. Especially... since that little girl Feng Rao isn't here."

"Should we seize the chance like that?" Zi Yao muttered, blushing beautifully. She was shy so she couldn't hold it.

"Haha, if Feng Rao wasn't lucky enough to go with him that year, things wouldn't be like this today. At that time, you weren't with Shi Yan." Carthew chuckled.

"At that moment, I didn't think that he was the one I wanted with all my heart. It's not because Feng Rao had taken that chance. It was her destiny." Zi Yao forced a smile, "Moreover, he treats Feng Rao well. If I interfere with them now, wouldn't I be... a little despicable?"

"I don't know what Your Highness think, but I think that if you love someone, you won't think about anything else but winning his heart. Frankly speaking, talking about love, it matters to only two people, you and your loved one." Carthew guided the girl.

Zi Yao was astounded for a while. Then she thinned her lips. "I... I will try."

Carthew smiled happily.

In the secret room.

No more light of pure energy emitted from Shi Yan's body at this moment. Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, and Leona were sitting neatly, carefully digesting the energy, and merging it with their own energy in their body.

Ka Tuo suddenly shuddered. His soul altar started to spin continuously, releasing a flow of chaotic energy.

That twisted energy covered him tightly, creating a chunk of some substance, which was floating and transforming according to the change of his chaotic energy.

He got the complete inheritance from Shi Yan. As he had ascetically cultivated for many years, his realm wasn't low. However, due to his incomplete inheritance, he couldn't break through fast.

After the complete inheritance had been integrated into his soul, he had soon increased his realm on a larger scale. In G.o.d Perishing Land, Ka Tuo received the subtle chaotic energy left by Ge Lu, which boosted his realm evidently. Receiving soul energy from Shi Yan twice, he became the first expert having a breakthrough in this group.

He was breaking to Second Sky Original G.o.d Realm from First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. As seen from his momentum, it would come shortly.

Staying in the center of the twisted, chaotic energy, Ka Tuo's face was deformed, which looked pretty funny.

His body continued to distort. He suddenly recalled something. A ring on his finger flashed.

Some round pellets emerged from the ring. He swallowed them all. The fragrance of the pellets seeped into his internal organs. The medicinal efficacy dissolved and circulated in his body, Sea of Consciousness, and soul altar.

They were the pellets he found in Ai Fu's treasury, which were at level 6 Divine Grade, pretty suitable for his breakthrough.

Not long after he had swallowed the pellets, Ka Tuo's spirit, Qi, and soul became abnormal. His soul altar spun, diffusing a faint aroma. His Original Soul gradually calmed down, becoming clear and empty. Suddenly, Chaos power Upanishad in his head became easier to perceive.

He was increasing his realm step by step.

After Fei Lan and Leona had refined the energy, they felt something. They couldn't help but look at Ka Tuo with astonishment in their eyes.

Excellent innate endowment!

Fei Lan and Leona exhaled and then shifted to look at Shi Yan, who still had his eyes closed, his aura ancient and long with a faint smell of blood.

They didn't know that Shi Yan was using the Immortal Rebirth Secret to refine the pure energy and his body to create the Immortal Demon Blood.

Scarlet drops of Immortal Demon Blood that looked like ruby rolled into his vessels in circulation.

He was carrying out the blood replacement.

The number of Immortal Blood Demon drops he had generated this time was significant. Together with the previous acc.u.mulation, Shi Yan thought he could attempt to replace the blood in his body. He immediately carried out his plan.

Drops of scarlet Immortal Demon Blood slowly moved inside his vessels. They looked like blood pearls on a pearl chain, drop by drop. His original blood evaporated into Blood Qi, diffusing through his skin and giving people the distinctive smell of blood.

While replacing his blood, his body became scarily garnet. At this moment, he looked like a b.l.o.o.d.y man.

After Fei Lan and Leona had finished refining the abundant energy that Shi Yan just gave them, they frowned as they were a little bit anxious. They didn't know whether Shi Yan's current situation was good or bad.

They didn't even know that Shi Yan could replace his blood or what was good about replacing blood, which made them worried.

Today, even if Shi Yan wanted to get rid of them, they wouldn't leave him.

With the previous and the current experiences, they knew what kind of benefits they could receive if they stayed with Shi Yan. Also, the encounters they had would make people jealous.

To a warrior, his realm was the foundation of everything while a mighty competence was all he could have.

Shi Yan could give them all of these.

"Will he be alright?" Leona frowned, "Should we help him?"

"Help him?" Fei Lan forced a smile. "Do you know how to help him? If I knew, I wouldn't just sit here and watch. Anyway, I think... you don't even know what's happening to him, right?"

Leona nodded.

"If we don't know the causes, we shouldn't act rashly. I think he isn't similar to ordinary humans. If he receives a mighty inheritance, he should have something unique. I think we can only watch him then," said Fei Lan.

Leona hesitated for a while and then said reluctantly. "We could only wait in vain then."

"It'd be better than acting rashly," said Fei Lan indifferently.

Thus, they just looked at Shi Yan, waiting in silence.

Under their gaze, it looked like Shi Yan's entire body was congested. Suddenly, a blood halo expanded from him, which looked more like a real, magnificent crystal.

His G.o.d Body was covered by the blood light, which then created a giant blood coc.o.o.n. From the transparent state, it became opaque. It looked like some strange creature was undergoing its last transformation. Breaking this chrysalis, it would become a b.u.t.terfly.

Fei Lan and Leona gawked. They could see a gleam of fear in each other's eyes.

Shi Yan's transformation at this moment wasn't similar to any normal creature. It looked eccentric, yet beautiful, and it made them confused.

"Is he a human after all?" Leona contemplated for a while and then muttered.

Fei Lan had a bitter gleam on her face. "I was certain that he was. But now... I don't know. But I believe he knows what he's doing. Otherwise, he would have moved to resist and not stand idly like this."

Listening to her, Leona could feel that. She nodded. "Yeah, he isn't resisting. I can tell that he's happily accepting everything. It means that he knows what he's doing. So, what's he doing after all?"

"Only G.o.d knows," Fei Lan shook her head.

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