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"Ah! You guys, we meet again!"

Ai Fu was like a ghost, standing quietly by Shi Yan and the others. He lifted his head to look at the wild area in North of the Broken Star City, asking as if he was their friend. "How's it going? Are Mi Ge and his brother hurt yet?"

He stood alone as he didn't bring any guards. However, as soon as he arrived, the other warriors proactively gave him room, which also gave Shi Yan's little s.p.a.ce.

The battle between Na Xin, Tu Fei, Mi Ge, and Mi Lou was furious with surging momentum. That area looked like it had to bear a terrifying earthquake. Energies impacted upon each other, creating tremendous shockwaves. People at low realms didn't dare come near.

Mi Ge and Mi Lou were always in the lower hand situation. Na Xin and Blood Halberd besieged, attacking them continually. They became helter-skelter.

However, Mi Ge and Mi Lou didn't hasten to leave as they were trying to explain. They screamed and shouted to convince Tu Fei that they weren't related to Tu Feng's death.

They both knew that if they couldn't explain this time but fled away, it would be no different from escaping because they would be guilty. Blood Halberd would become even more confident that they were the real murderers.

Blood Halberd in Broken Star Field was much stronger than the two brothers. If they brought a grudge against Blood Halberd, even if they could escape, Blood Halberd would chase after them unceasingly.

Too bad for them, Tu Fei thought that he had found evidence and he had rage flood his mind. His attacks weren't reduced and instead became more formidable.

Amongst this group of six, Na Xin was the only one who knew the truth. If the others knew what had happened back there, Mi Ge, Mi Lou, Tu Fei and Blood Halberd would never spare his life and his tribe.

Therefore, Na Xin also tried his best to not give Mi Ge time to speak.

His Ethereal Extent had many layers like a fantasy world, pressing down from the sky and shrouding Mi Ge entirely.

Light swirled around Na Xin's body, sending sharp air currents to attack Mi Ge. This kind of sharp light could even pierce through Mi Ge's Ethereal Extent.

Mi Ge was trying to strengthen his Ethereal Extent and keep it complete. He had to concentrate, not having time to talk.

Mi Lou's situation was even worse. Tu Fei and two Blood Halberd's experts were attacking him. He could still scream at first. Afterward, he couldn't even roar to vent out his anger as he had to move continually in his Ethereal Extent to dodge Tu Fei's world of tornadoes.

"Mi Ge brothers are destined to be defeated. However, perhaps they won't be killed. It depends on Tu Fei and Blood Halberd. Let's see if they're willing to pay or not." Shi Yan explained in a low voice.

Mi Lou was about to collapse. If he wanted to escape at any cost, he could still have a chance.

Of course, if Tu Fei was afraid that Mi Lou would risk his life and lose their chance to stop him, it was possible that Mi Lou would survive.

Ai Fu smiled until his eyes narrowed, looking at Shi Yan. He nodded inwardly. "Bro, you have sharp eyes then. Haha, seems like everything is going accordingly to your plan. Excellent!" Ai Fu complimented sincerely.

Shifting blame on Mi Ge and Mi Lou made Blood Halberd attack them which could decrease the danger for the Giants and stop Tu Fei from pursuing the murder case of Tu Feng. He had done only one deed to get all the advantages.

Ai Fu asked himself and he knew that he couldn't make a flawless plan like that.

He thought that Shi Yan was indeed extraordinarily cunning and deceptive. He wanted to befriend this man.

"Don't let him escape!" Tu Fei suddenly shouted, his face ferocious. "Hold him down!"

The two savage experts of the Blood Halberd nodded and they relentlessly attacked again.

Mi Lou was injured already. Seeing that he had no chance to explain, he decided to retreat. They had to dodge this kalpa first though. Afterward, they could find opportunities to clarify this misunderstanding.

A warrior at Second Sky Ethereal G.o.d Realm could make their Ethereal Extent and the real world coordinate magically to travel hundreds of thousands of miles in the void.

Unless the same realm warrior had locked his Ethereal Soul by the Ethereal Extent beforehand and used the same pa.s.sage to pursue, it would be hard to find him, let alone to kill him.

As Mi Lou could see that the situation was getting worse, the light waves started to ripple from his brilliant Ethereal Extent, trying to form a magical, subtle connection with the real world.

As Tu Fei and Blood Halberd's experts realized his intention from this little move, they became more malignant, releasing their soul altars. The three soul altar appeared like three magnificent towers above the mountain range of Broken Star Field.

The Ethereal Extent realm in the four-tiered soul altar sent out a complicated energy fluctuation as if it was the most mysterious and magical power of the entire world. That kind of energy seeped toward the s.p.a.ce next to Mi Lou, twisting that s.p.a.ce with their thoughts, which blocked Mi Lou's attempt to connect s.p.a.ces.

Mi Lou was like a savage beast backed into the corner. His face darkened ferociously, shouting. "Do you really want to kill us?"

"If I can't kill you today, how can I talk to my brother!" Tu Fei faced the sky, laughing mournfully and crazily. "I have only one little brother. We'd grown up together. I'd seen him thrive every day. You killed him. I will make your soul perish completely!"

Tu Fei's soul altar in the middle of the Ethereal Extent started to surge and make more tornadoes crying and howling, covering the entire place.

The magical energy fluctuation that Mi Lou was trying to urge became stagnant under the mighty tornadoes.

At the same time, the two Blood Halberd's experts grinned fiendishly, releasing their subtle powers. Countless wild thunderbolt dragons stormed out. Countless icicles showered, covering Mi Lou and stopping him from connecting his Ethereal Extent to the real world.

"I'll risk my life to beat you!" Mi Lou was pushed into the corner. He knew he couldn't use the Ethereal Extent to run away. His face became savage as his soul altar started to enlarge like a blown up balloon. A flow of extremely formidable energy rocketed unceasingly. It became fiercer shortly.

"Brother! No!" Mi Ge shouted, his eyes reddened as the energy surged around him more tremendously.

"Dage, you should leave! I will stop them!" Mi Lou shouted crazily. Both his soul altar and his G.o.d Body were ballooning. His destructive energy flooded out rapidly.

"Holy sh*t!"

"Suicide bombing!"


Many onlookers were scared as they watched the scene. They turned into electric beams, fleeing from this site.

One of them was at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

"Move! Hurry! Do not watch it anymore!" Ai Fu shouted. His body flashed and then disappeared.

Shi Yan became tense, shouting, "Go!"

He extended his hand, making a cut. A narrow s.p.a.ce slit appeared. He got in immediately, shouting at Fei Lan and the others, "Move!"

Fei Lan, Leona, Carthew, Zi Yao, and Ka Tuo hastened to jump into the s.p.a.ce slit, which then sparkled and disappeared.

In the next moment, they appeared in South of Broken Star City.

A series of earth-shaking explosions arose from the wild area in North of Broken Star Field. The noise didn't fade out for a long time. An aggrieved will hovered for a while before slowly dispersing.

Shi Yan's face was dark and solemn. He sensed for seconds and then grinned. He swayed through the s.p.a.ce slit again.

It wasn't a hard task for him at his realm to move between the short distances in this area of Broken Star Field. He could cross tens of thousands of miles in just a blink. He could even bring people with him.

When he reappeared on the wildland in North of the Broken Star Field, he didn't see Mi Ge. However, Mi Lou was everywhere...

Pieces of the G.o.d Body, bones, tendons, vessels, were hovering under the effect of an unknown power. They appeared in every corner of the wild land. His soul had turned into countless wisps, but they couldn't gather again, slowly disposing into earth and heaven.

Shi Yan halted between those pieces of blood and flesh, hovering quietly as if he was watching something. Actually, he was trying to absorb the energy.

Mi Lou's soul altar was also broken. His soul energy scattered around like threads of a spider web. However, Shi Yan didn't dare to use the black hole in his soul altar to swallow it, which could catch people's attention. He had just silently taken in the energy from Mi Lou's G.o.d Body with his acupuncture points.

Since Mi Lou was at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, only the energy in his body was too abundant. It shook Shi Yan's acupuncture points, making each of his cells cheerful.

Pieces of Mi Lou's cracked bones and meat floated in the void. Before the energy dispersed, they still hovered for a while. After Shi Yan had taken in their energy, they would fall immediately.

He stood quietly in between Mi Lou's pieces of blood and flesh. He didn't talk but was looking for something.

From a distance, Na Xin appeared with magnificent light around his body. He had a trickle of blood on the corner of his mouth. However, his eyes were still bright.

On the other side, Tu Fei and the two Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm of the Blood Halberd were pale. They looked exhausted. The three of them sat down cross-legged to adjust their aura and stabilize their energy.

Tu Fei frowned, looking at Shi Yan. He snorted and then thundered. "Kid, you're hurried enough. Aren't you afraid that I won't pay you?"

While talking, Tu Fei slipped off a ring on his finger, flickering it toward Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was so happy, receiving the ring. He used his Soul Consciousness to sense then laughed. "Thank you, Sir Tu Fei. You do respect your credit! Such a real man!"

Tu Fei thought that he came to ask for payment. He didn't know that Shi Yan came here to try to take the energy from Mi Lou's body before it was lost when his energy dispersed into earth and heaven.

Giant Na Xin was shocked. He gazed at Shi Yan, his eyes darkening.

The secret that had disturbed him was exposed now. He finally knew why Tu Fei took his Blood Halberd's experts to kill Mi Ge and Mi Lou.

Because of him...

Na Xin felt a chill in his heart. Shi Yan hadn't spent a bit of effort, but he was able to get the Mi brothers killed while he took everything. This gave Na Xin, the Giant with a kind heart, gooseb.u.mps.

Too cunning! Too wicked!

Shi Yan glanced at Na Xin, smiling. He then bent his body towards Tu Fei and left to a blind place, tearing the sky and returning to where Leona and Fei Lan was.

"Find a quiet place immediately. You guys have good fortune then," hissed Shi Yan.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were surprised, smiling simultaneously.

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