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North of Broken Star City.

Na Xin gritted his teeth. His eyes looked like he wanted to spray fire. He was trying to hold himself. However, the flame of rage in his heart was burning harder and harder.

Na Xin's spirit had almost collapsed.

Fei Lan came. She frowned and then used her soul to send a message to Na Xin. "Hold on for a little while!"

Na Xin's bloodshot eyes raked through the crowd. He found Fei Lan and the others. He had a gleam of confusion but soon after, he calmed down.

More and more people came to watch this battle. The experts of different races were waiting for something fun: a battle to be taken place soon.

At the moment the atmosphere was the most tense, a tornado roared above the crowd, descending right next to Mi Lou.

Tu Fei!

The crazy, savage Tu Fei!

His brutal line of sight of a venomous snake was focused on Mi Lou. He took a deep breath, using his soul to sense.

Shortly after, his eyes became bloodshot, gazing at Mi Lou's left shoulder. He hissed and roared like a mad ghost. "Mi Lou! Mi Ge! You dare to kill my brother! I will crush your bones!"

Then, he attacked them directly.

The soul altar had a violent surge. Many tornadoes rocketed into the sky instantaneously. They looked like gray smoke columns used to warn people. They attacked Mi Ge and Mi Lou. Each of the tornadoes had sharp icicles in the core. In the middle of the tornadoes, the icicles howled as if they could crush everything into ashes.

Seeing Tu Fei get mad, many onlookers were startled, staying away as fast as possible.

Na Xin was bewildered seeing Tu Fei become even crazier. He felt very confused.

Tu Feng... Didn't Fei Lan, Leona, and I break his G.o.d Body and then Shi Yan swallow his soul altar? Why did Tu Fei come here to attack Mi Lou?

Na Xin had many questions in his mind.

"Tu Fei! What are you getting mad at? We brothers are always in Broken Star Field. We didn't go out. How could we kill your brother Tu Feng?" Mi Ge shouted. His arrogant manner disappeared. "Your Blood Halberd and we have never violated each other. How could we attack your brother? You motherf*cker, you're so wrong!"

"Your mama's wrong!" Tu Fei was enraged, using his soul altar to manipulate the tornadoes. "There's my brother's blood on your brother's body. I'm his brother. How would I not recognize that?"

Shouting and screaming crazily, Tu Fei faced the sky and hollered. He jumped directly into a tornado, moving like a mad ghost toward Mi Lou.

At the same time, Tu Fei shouted deafeningly, "Blood Halberd brothers, kill them for me!"

Two shadows zoomed in from a far distance. Their auras were very intimidating. They responded to Tu Fei's shout. As soon as they arrived, they joined the battle immediately.

"Mi Ge, you want to f*cking die? Do you dare to touch our Blood Halberd's members? I know you are in short of mine slaves, but I didn't expect that you would plot against Blood Halberd. If we don't kill you, how can we Blood Halberd have a foothold in Broken Star Field?"

"Kill them! Brother Tu Feng used to drink with me. You motherf*cker. You dare to touch my brother. You must die!"

There came another two Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts.

"Let me help you!" Na Xin had pressed his anger down for a long time. He suddenly cried grumblingly, releasing his Ethereal Extent. Light shot out around his body as he aimed at Mi Ge. "Today is the day you die!"

Tu Fei, Na Xin and two Blood Halberd's warriors who had just arrived were all at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. This force would absolutely gain the upper hand when dealing with the Mi Ge brothers who were at the same level.

Especially Na Xin. No one knew what he had encountered in Grace Mainland. However, at this moment, they saw his realm and power leap. While he was shouting and roaring, brilliant light twirled around him like a cotton ribbon. Then, it entangled Mi Ge, cooperating perfectly with Na Xin's Ethereal Extent.

However, only Na Xin was strong enough to subdue Mi Ge.

"Kill Mi Lou first!" Seeing Na Xin holding Mi Ge, Tu Fei said maliciously, "Daddy wants to show you the consequence of offending Blood Halberd!"

The three experts of Blood Halberd all released their Ethereal Extent. It looked like three new, different worlds had just been formed above Broken Star City. They were marvelous places with palaces, rivers and mountains, stars in the sky, and shooting meteors.

Three Ethereal Extents pressed down from the sky. This heavy and ferocious pressure made Mi Lou's body generate explosions. He wasn't free to watch the wounded soldiers of the Giant Tribe anymore. He cried, suffering from injustice. "I didn't do that. We didn't kill Tu Feng. You're wrong!"

Too bad for him, Tu Fei had only rage in his mind. Also, he thought that he had evidence now, so he didn't listen to Mi Lou's explanation. Tu Fei urged the full power of his Upanishad. Tornadoes rose, pressing towards Mi Lou.

"Don't ruin Broken Star City. You guys, choose another place for your battle!"

"Get the f*ck out of here!"

"If you break my house, you motherf*cker, I won't give you peace!"

Many annoyed voices arose in the crowd. They were from extremely high realm warriors who had a strong background.

Hearing their urge, Tu Fei and the two experts from Blood Halberd, Na Xin, and Mi Ge brothers became worried.

Since they didn't have a chance to explain, Mi Ge and Mi Lou didn't want to linger. Hearing the others shouting, they hurried to flee, flying to the meteorite sea outside Broken Star City. Tu Fei, two experts from Blood Halberd, and Na Xin also flew after them. They seemed to want to eradicate Mi Ge and Mi Lou.

Many onlookers saw them flying away from Broken Star City. It made them feel more comfortable. Then, they also followed them to see the fun.

Including Fei Lan's group.

When Shi Yan arrived, he didn't see Tu Fei messing around. He only saw the two Giants rescuing their six wounded fellows.

"Are they alright?" Shi Yan smiled, asking.

"They're okay. Mi Lou has tied them. We're going to untie them," answered one of the two Giants.

"Let me help you," Shi Yan squinted. A flame slowly emerged, moving magically on the chains that held the Giants. Wherever the flame pa.s.sed by, the chain was frozen and then they broke easily.

The six wounded Giants looked at Shi Yan with grat.i.tude, asking, "Who... Who is he?"

"During the time you weren't in Old Orchid Star, many things have happened. When the Tribal Oldie comes back, he will explain to you guys," said a Giant.


"I'm going there to check. You guys stay here," Shi Yan didn't linger. He nodded and smiled at them before flying away.

Ai Fu's ancient building.

A ghostly shadow slowly emerged, but people couldn't see his real appearance. "Young Master, Tu Fei and Blood Halberd's warriors are pursuing Mi Ge and Mi Lou."

"What happened?" Ai Fu's interest was aroused, asking curiously. "Is it true that the murder case of Tu Feng… is related to Mi Ge and Mi Lou? It's impossible. How could Mi Ge and Mi Lou dare to provoke Blood Halberd's people? They care about their lives, don't they?"

"They aren't involved in Tu Fei's murder, indeed." The shadow explained in a soft tone. "The murderer is the one who has just come here, the kid who uses s.p.a.ce power."

"Why do you say so?" Ai Fu's eyes brightened.

"Mi Ge and Mi Lou wanted to get on the Giants' nerves to take all of their divine crystals. Oh, right. After that kid left this place, he handed the divine crystals to Na Xin. It seems like he had sold the item on behalf of Na Xin..."

"Continue, please."

"When Na Xin was about to crack, that kid used his s.p.a.ce power to drip a drop of blood on Mi Lou. And that drop of blood belonged to... Tu Feng. He told Tu Fei that Mi Ge and Mi Lou had killed Tu Feng using that drop of blood as evidence. Right after that, Tu Fei flew out. He sensed and certified that the blood belonged to his brother. The battle occurred right after that..."

Ai Fu listened to him. After the shadow finished, his eyes became brighter.

After a while, he couldn't hold his compliments. "Well played! He shifted sh*t on Mi Ge and Mi Lou to solve the Giant Tribe's difficulty. It also saved them from Tu Fei's pursuit. They even had the chance to take the reward of one million from Tu Fei. Holy sh*t! This kid really played it well. He got all he wanted and he didn't even need to labor for that. Excellent! Genius!"

"Young Master, do you want to expose him?" asked the shadow.

"No need. No need!" Ai Fu waved his hand continually. "It's an excellent drama. Hey, I should go there to watch. It has been so long since I've last seen someone at such a level of cunning and deceptive. No. We shouldn't expose him. Absolutely not. If Tu Fei and Mi Ge kill him, who will find the Thousand Fold Lotus for me? Interesting. This kid is interesting! Yeah, you should continue to keep an eye on him for me. I'm going there to see how this funny drama will end. Haha. I feel good. Touché!"

The wild land in the North of Broken Star City.

Six figures rose the storm in the place, crushing all things including light. The earth cracked wherever they pa.s.sed by. Earth-shaking explosions reverberated in the void.

Na Xin of the Giant looked like the crystal G.o.d of War. Brilliant light twirled around him. Beams of crystal light shot out from his G.o.d Body, attacking in all directions. His Ethereal Extent continually released the aura, which boosted up his power.

Tornadoes howled, screaming like giant gray dragons that roamed in the air to find some delicious snacks.

They didn't see Mi Ge and Mi Lou as these two people were kept inside the gray tornadoes. They were shouting indignantly, cursing at Tu Fei.

They felt so aggrieved that they wanted to die.

Many warriors of Broken Star City followed them but stayed afar, watching this fierce fight. Sometimes, they gave comments and discussed boisterously.

"Doomed. Mi Ge and his brother are doomed. I wonder if they were totally killed. Oh, I think their soul altars could escape... right?"

"Who knows? Anyway, Na Xin of the Giant Tribe seems to be much stronger today. Mi Ge can't be his opponent. Haha. He has underestimated the Giants."

"Nonsense! The Giant Tribe used to be mighty. Do you know that? It's because they are frank and nice. They were always the vanguard. That was why many of them died. At the same time, they didn't have the fair shares afterward. That was how they were weakened."

"Yeah, the Giant Tribe used to be powerful. What a pity that their ancestors are all gone and their supernatural powers have been lost. From Na Xin's performance, I think he had some good encounter. Interesting."

While they were clamoring, Shi Yan appeared silently by Fei Lan's group, smiling. "If one of them dies, we will receive good things."

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo's eyes brightened.

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