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North of Broken Star City.

In a street corner, Na Xin and his giant fellows were enraged. Their energy surged vehemently.

Mi Ge and Mi Lou brothers, and ten King G.o.d Realm and Ethereal G.o.d Realm warriors were standing and laughing deliberately. Although they were much smaller than the Giants, their auras weren't weaker.

"One of your fellas shouldn't try to find death so easily. He resisted. We just sent him off to heaven." Mi Ge was a member with green-brown skin who was part of the Dark Spirit Clan. He was even shorter than humans. With a cruel and cunning visage, he said, "To kill him, we lost two men. So you have to compensate for our loss. Oh right. One million top-quality divine crystals. No discount."

Mi Lou was his brother who was also a Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm warrior. He stood by the six Giants who were tied by iron chains. He squinted his small eyes coldly.

The six members of the Giant Tribe had wounds all over their bodies. Some wounds already had pus. They looked very pathetic. All were exhausted.

The chains that tied them even had barbs lodged deep into their flesh. Those chains were interlinked with Mi Lou as if he just needed to think to make those tiny hooks pierce through the Giants' bodies.

"Tribal Oldie! Avenger Tucker!"

"Tribal Oldie! Don't mind us! Avenge him!"

"Tribal Oldie!"

"Tribal Oldie!"

The six wounded Giants begged with blood and tears rolling down their faces while they screamed heartrendingly.

Na Xin and the other Giants looked at them with red eyes, trying to press down their anger to confront Mi Ge.

Many experts from different clans in Broken Star City gathered to watch the commotion from other corners of the city. They all looked relaxed as if they didn't care about things that weren't related to them. Evidently, they didn't want to interfere.

Broken Star Field didn't have any rule that banned fighting. As long as they didn't affect other people, a battle to the death was allowed to happen at any moment. No one would give a f*ck. Quite the contrary, it would become an event that would entertain them. Some even made a bet to kill their free time.

Na Xin clenched his jaw, glaring at the brothers. He panted, trying to calm down. He couldn't let his anger and grudge confuse him.

The old Giant hated that he couldn't slaughter them all and crush Mi Ge and Mi Lou into a pulp. What a pity. Na Xin was also at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, the same realm as the other two. And they were two.

If he risked his life and battled them, he wouldn't gain anything good but drag his other fellow giants into a deadly situation.

Thus, although he was enraged, he was actually trying painfully to not lose his mind.

"Give me one million top-quality divine crystals. I will let them go immediately. It's simple." Mi Ge sneered, speaking unconcernedly. "Don't blame me for not reminding you. We've shown mercy. If we didn't need slaves lately, we would have killed them all. Pay the ransom quickly. Don't wait until I change my mind."

Na Xin's huge body shook. His trembling fingers fumbled for a ring and started to move the divine crystals inside.

Mi Ge and Mi Lou exchanged looks. Their eyes brightened as they were surprised.

The Giant Tribe was always a poor clan. They thought that asking for one million divine crystals should be the upper limit that the Giants could bear. As Na Xin was moving the divine crystals, it meant that he had more than one million in his ring.

Mi Ge laughed fiendishly, speaking all of a sudden. "Hold on."

Na Xin grimaced, clenching his teeth. "What else do you want?"

"These six Giants and our loss cost one million divine crystals. However...," Mi Ge laughed evilly, "Zhen Gu of your tribe had destroyed our ores in that mine. We must count this too! Okay. Let's say one million divine crystals more. You have to pay two million in total!"

"Da f*q! Mi Ge's too malicious!"

"This is pure blackmailing! Ruthless butcher!"

"The Giant Tribe's so poor that they don't even have enough food on their plates. How could they have so many divine crystals like that to give him?"

"Mi Ge brothers are always like that. They only bully the weak. To the stronger forces, they act as if they are truly the superior's grandchildren."

"The Giants are too unlucky since they b.u.mped into those thugs."

This pair of brothers doesn't have a limit."

". . ."

The onlookers couldn't help but clamor. But since it wasn't related to them, no matter how much they were talking and discussing, none of them stood out to protect and bring justice.

Hearing Mi Ge saying so, Na Xin's face convulsed. It felt like he had an erupting volcano in his body that he couldn't hold in any longer.

Mi Ge and Mi Lou exchanged looks, sneering continually as if they were waiting for the Giants to attack them first. Then, they would subdue all the Giants and take all of their properties.

This pair of brothers was confident that they could subdue Na Xin and the other Giants if they joined hands. After all, they could take everything.

Na Xin was indignant. His pain had almost overwhelmed his mind. He was on edge. In the next moment, he was going to burst out.

"What do we do?" Carthew frowned, "They can't start the battle. Once they do, Na Xin will lose for sure. However, I can tell that Na Xin is pushed to the edge. I think he won't be able to resist any longer."

"Yeah, the Giants aren't very forbearing. Na Xin is trying hard to press it down." Shi Yan sighed, his eyes flashing. "We must find a way to help them."

"They have two Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. I'm not an equal match against any of them. If we fight, we will lose for sure!" Fei Lan said frankly.

"Well, if we can't find, we have only one solution..." Shi Yan knitted his brows tightly. Electric light flashed in his head while he tried to think of a solution.

The Agate Star Area was different from others. There were as many warriors here as there were trees in the forest. The average realm of their group couldn't be considered powerful. They couldn't use force to solve this problem. In this situation, they had to use their brains rather than their muscles. They couldn't act rashly.

Shi Yan pondered for a while, thoughts crossing his head. Then, his eyes brightened up when he hissed. "I got it!"

Fei Lan and Leona looked at him skeptically.

"Tu... after that guy died, I have driven pieces of his blood and flesh together with the battleship and many bodies into the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. I'll try to see if I can pull out his flesh or blood. I'll put something on those brothers. As he was at Ethereal G.o.d Realm, his blood should have his aura. I think his brother will recognize it shortly." Shi Yan arranged his thoughts, grinning. "You guys go there and find a chance to calm Na Xin down. I'm going to hide until I find a chance to pour the dirty water on those brothers."

"Treacherous!" Ka Tuo smiled.

"Mean!" Carthew grinned.

"Smart!" Zi Yao's beautiful eyes sparkled with bright light.

Then, Fei Lan, Leona, and the others followed his words, walking to Na Xin and the brothers.

Shi Yan's eyes moved swiftly. He was like a gloomy ghost looking for a quiet corner, closing his eyes and urging s.p.a.ce powers.

His Soul Consciousness moved like a shuttle, tearing the sky and entering a secret s.p.a.ce slit. Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness moved like electronic beams running through the chaotic s.p.a.ce currents continually as if it knew where its target was.

A weak beam of energy reflected his Sea of Consciousness. His soul altar shivered slightly.

A pure beam of Soul Consciousness suddenly found its target. In the brilliantly colorful s.p.a.ce basin, a battleship hovered with disposable bodies scattered around. They slowly decayed, becoming the most primitive parts in the universe.

As Tu Feng had Ethereal G.o.d Realm, blocks of his flesh were also decomposing, but at a much slower speed.

Shi Yan's wisp of Soul Consciousness moved like a hook, flying towards a dab of blood. It then shrouded a drop of sticky blood and returned to his soul from the chaotic s.p.a.ce current.

Mi Ge and Mi Lou were standing, crossing their arms in front of their chest. They were sneering, waiting for Na Xin to burst out. Then, they would have an excuse to capture the Giants and seize their properties.

This pair of brothers wasn't hurrying.

Mi Lou stood between the six wounded Giants. The ma.s.sive body of the Giants covered him so people couldn't see him wholly.

A tiny s.p.a.ce slit flashed and disappeared behind his left shoulder. A drop of blood fell on his left shoulder.

Mi Lou suddenly felt something. He frowned, glancing at his left shoulder and then the wounded Giant lying next to him. He cursed under his breath, his face disdainful.

He thought that the drop of blood on his shoulder came from that Giant soldier. Thus, he didn't mind it much.

From a quiet place far from that area, Shi Yan opened his eyes, grinning cunningly. He headed to someplace far ahead of him discreetly.

In a deep place above his head, a shadow that both his eyes and Soul Consciousness couldn't spot suddenly flashed and then disappeared, drifting towards Shi Yan's direction.

"Are you the Blood Halberd?" Shi Yan walked to the center of Broken Star Field, speaking to an impatient warrior.

"Kid, what are you asking that for?" the man couldn't keep his manners, shouting.

"I'm looking for Tu Fei. I got the news of his brother!" Shi Yan said with a stern face.

Tu Fei had forced this man too much. He wanted to bang his head on the wall. Listening to Shi Yan, his eyes brightened and he shouted curtly, "Follow me!"

Shortly after, Shi Yan was brought to the Blood Halberd's base in Broken Star Field. Tu Fei looked ferocious, staring at Shi Yan and speaking brutally like a caged wild beast. "Kid, I've met you before."

"Yeah, I've just visited Ai Fu. From Ai Fu, I knew that your brother was murdered." Shi Yan nodded, talking seriously. "On our way to Broken Star Field, we saw a fight where a First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert was killed. I didn't know him. However, when I saw you recently, I remembered it. I think you look very similar to him!"

Tu Fei stood up, his murderous aura shooting up to the sky. "Who? You know who did that to my brother?"

"I... I don't dare to say. I'm afraid that he will take revenge. They are so dangerous," Shi Yan said weakly.

"I'll protect you. Who dares to touch you? Spit it. Who?" Tu Fei was outraged, his bloodthirsty feeling arising.

"Right inside Broken Star Field. He's confronting the Giants. He's watching the Giants. He got Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm cultivation base. He should have your brother's blood on his body. When you get there, you can sense. Then you will know whether or not I'm telling the truth." Shi Yan smiled inwardly, but his face was solemn. "Please... don't disclose my ident.i.ty. I'm afraid... I'm scared of them."

"Don't worry. If they did that, I'm sure that they wouldn't stay alive to trouble you!" Tu Fei didn't mind Shi Yan anymore. He flew like a roaring tornado towards the brothers' location.

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