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After Shi Yan got out of Ai Fu's ancient building, he saw the teenager still waiting for them there. Seeing them, the boy's eyes brightened and he hastened to come to them.

Fei Lan frowned, speaking deliberately, "We should talk somewhere else."

The boy nodded continually, his eyes filled with joy.

After fifteen minutes, Shi Yan found a quiet place in the South of the Broken Star Field. Not many people walked through this street and none of them noticed this group.

Fei Lan waved her hand at the boy.

"Where did you find it? Tell us more details," Fei Lan lowered her voice, asking.

"One hundred thousand top quality divine crystals," the boy took a deep breath, "Give me one hundred thousand divine crystals and I'll take you there. I'll tell you the details."

"One hundred thousand divine crystals? And of top quality? Kid, are you're so poor that you've gone crazy?" Ka Tuo rolled his eyes, smiling coldly. "Do you think you can deceive us?"

Most of the divine crystals circulated in the Raging Flame Star Area were of good quality. Top quality divine crystals were scarce. Ka Tuo had been a pirate in the Land of G.o.d Punishing for so many years, but he couldn't save one hundred thousand top-quality divine crystals. This amount of divine crystals was an incredible fortune to Ka Tuo, indeed.

This kid asking for one hundred thousand top-quality divine crystals had enraged Ka Tuo. His eyes sparkled with a savage light.

The boy paled as he was a little scared. However, he was still persistent. "You must give me one hundred thousand divine crystals! You can't miss even one! And I don't need even one extra piece! I need divine crystals to save my father!"

Fei Lan looked at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan nodded slowly.

"Okay, we'll give them to you," Fei Lan frowned, taking a brand new Fantasy Sky Ring in Shi Yan's hand and handing it to the teenager. "You can check it."

"I'm Ji You. Thank you." The boy smiled honestly and then checked the Fantasy Sky Ring. His smile became brighter. "Yeah, it isn't missing a piece. Ji You will remember your benevolence."

"Get straight to our business," Fei Lan said impatiently.

Ji You nodded. "It's deep inside Broken Star Field. I went there with some other people. They were all dead. Only I survived. I entered deeper and I found..."

"No living being's aura. No earth and heaven energy. The Dead Qi filled that place. I felt a heavy pressure. I felt dizzy after a short moment. I thought I would die. I got out of that deadly place where the Dead Qi hovering. I thought it should be related to the man in that legend!" said Ji You.

"How do we get there?" asked Fei Lan.

"It's hard to tell. I can guide you guys there," Ji You paused then added, "if you want to go."

Fei Lan looked at Shi Yan again.

"Okay. When we want to go to Broken Star Field, we will find you," Shi Yan smiled. "You can go now. As long as you don't leave the Broken Star Field, I can always find you."

"You believe me? Aren't you afraid that I'm going to run away?" Ji You was surprised.

"You can't escape," Shi Yan said deliberately, "Alright. I think you have something urgent to do."

Ji You nodded continually and carefully put away the Fantasy Sky Ring. He immediate departed as he had to rescue his father as fast as possible.

"We sold that lumber of the Life Ancient Tree for five million divine crystal. We used two million, and now we gave Ji You one hundred thousand more. How can we talk to Na Xin?" Ka Tuo was a little bit ashamed, laughing. "They don't know it yet. How about telling them that we sold that lumber for two million?"

Shi Yan snorted. "We won't be greedy for just a little profit. Na Xin trusts us. We will absolutely not fail them. It's not easy to establish a friendship with the Giant Tribe. We shouldn't lose it. Our fellow people will live in Old Orchid Star for a long time then."

Ka Tuo was busted. He knew he was being unreasonable so he beamed a smile. "I thought it was hard to explain to him though."

"Just tell him the truth. It's like we borrowed divine crystals from them. After we get the Thousand Fold Lotus, we will pay them back," said Shi Yan.

"Ai Fu seems to have a big interest in the Thousand Fold Lotus. Since you bought the Blue Ice Jars to store the Thousand Fold Lotus, perhaps he is related to it somehow. Should it be something unexpected?" Zi Yao said softly, "That man's cunning and sly. We don't have powerful competencies. He will seize things from us by force."

Fei Lan, Leona, and Carthew were also worried about this.

"We had no choice. We didn't know how to harvest the Thousand Fold Lotus, so I could only ask him." Shi Yan was reluctant. "Before the Thousand Fold Lotus appears, I think Ai Fu won't take action. He isn't so sure, anyway. When we harvest the Thousand Fold Lotus, we should be more cautious. We must only take it step by step."

The Agate Star Area wasn't similar to the other star area. There were as many warriors were as there were cl.u.s.ters of cloud in the sky. There were many Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts. Generally, they were stronger than the warriors in the Raging Flame Star Area.

If Fei Lan and Leona were in the Raging Flame Star Area, they could swagger and do anything they wanted. They didn't need to be afraid of anybody. However, in the Agate Star Area, they had to be cautious with every move to avoid fatal consequences.

After Shi Yan discussed with his team, he left to find Na Xin. The Giants were waiting for them in the West of the Broken Star Field. They were very bored.

"Tribal Oldie, how many divine crystals do you think he could exchange?" a muscular Giant concealed his voice, using mind communication.

This race had a loud voice. Even if they relaxed and talked to each other, everybody else around them could listen to their conversation.

Original G.o.d Realm experts could use their souls to talk to each other. However, the Giant Tribe didn't use this way of communication often. If they really needed to conceal things, they would use soul communication.

"At least one million divine crystals," Na Xin was stern. "If we can find the hotshots of the Wood Clan, they would buy it for several million or even ten million top-quality divine crystals. Of course, it's not practical in the Broken Star Field. This area doesn't have many strong Wood Clan warriors. Although Ai Fu's evil, he knows things. I think he won't give a low price."

"Will they deceive us? Human Clan clansmen are always cunning and sly. They are good at plotting people and planning wild schemes."

"I think they will not. Little Yan's honest. I believe that he won't do that."

"Tribal Oldie, how could you know that?"

"I don't know. I just feel that he's close to our tribe. He helped us discover the ancient city underground. He contributed the merit half what we got, but he didn't want to compete against us for profits. I think he's worth our close friendship."

"Yeah, it's true. He just picked an unknown ancient book. It doesn't look valuable though."

"Since they've arrived in the Old Orchid Star, we've been luckier. First, we had a chance to get back to our ancestral and we found the inheritance. And then, we discovered the Thousand Fold Lotus and the mysterious ancient city. He's our lucky charm."

"Tribal Oldie, you've got a big harvest in our ancestral land. Have you seen the dawn of your breakthrough yet?"

"Almost. I will break through to Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm soon. If we can get enough materials and pellets, I can do it faster. We've found the lost inheritance. It's destiny that our tribe will thrive!"

The Giants' eyes brightened listening to the Oldie. They were all excited.

The precursors of the Giant Clan came to Agate Star Area to pursue the G.o.d Clan. After so many battles, this kind and brave race had volunteered a lot. Many of their precursors were dead in the battlefield, which led to the loss of half of the secret techniques and inheritance of the Giant Clan.

They quenched their G.o.d Body, using the powerful body to generate the distinctive features of the unique Ethereal Extent of the Giant Clan. It was also the foundation of the Giant's strength.

However, since their ancestors had died, those secret techniques were lost. This time, when they visited Grace Mainland, Na Xin had completed the inheritance in the ancestral land of the Giant Clan. As long as they had time to rest and recover, they were going to be stronger soon.

This was the reason why Na Xin wanted to endure this humiliation using seven hundred thousand divine crystals to exchange for their fellow giants. They needed time and they couldn't afford to lose any member.

While Na Xin's team was talking, Shi Yan approached from afar, smiling.

Na Xin's eyes brighten, lowering his voice. "How was it?"

"How much do you think?" Shi Yan smiled, asking.

"At least two million top-quality divine crystals. We can exchange with this value. Perhaps it could be a little bit higher, but not exceeding three million." Na Xin pondered then whispered.

"Five million!" Shi Yan gave a low shout.

The Giants couldn't help but brighten their eyes. They almost laughed happily.

Five million divine crystals were a fortune the Giants had never seen before. With this money, they could buy many cultivating materials for their fellow giants, which would advance the children and youth of the Giant Tribe on the martial path. It would boost their tribe's competence to a whole new level.

"But I can only give you two million and nine hundred thousand," Shi Yan was a little bit embarra.s.sed. "Ai Fu couldn't collect enough five million divine crystals. He needed two million more, so we took some items. Yeah, we must borrow this money from your tribe. After we harvest the Thousand Fold Lotus, we will repay."

"I'm glad that you told us the truth," Na Xin smiled honestly. "About that amount, haha, manage it yourself. If we want to calculate trades, my tribe owes you more."

"This ring stores two million and nine hundred thousand divine crystals. You should pay the ransom for your fellows." Shi Yan gave him the rings, speaking seriously. "I will repay our debt. I bought the Blue Ice Jars from Ai Fu. As soon as we return to Old Orchid Star, we can harvest the Thousand Fold Lotus immediately."

"Then it's all good," Na Xin smiled again.

Different from Zi Yao and the others, the Giant didn't think about the possibility that Ai Fu could figure out something from the Blue Ice Jars they had bought from him and that he may s.n.a.t.c.h the item from them. The Giants were still naive.

Na Xin and his Giants took the ring with two million and nine hundred thousand divine crystals and went to find the Mi Ge and Mi Lou brothers to exchange with his fellow Giants.

Shi Yan didn't follow him. He and the others walked around Broken Star Field, waiting for Na Xin's good news.

However, they couldn't wait for any good news as they heard Na Xin's angry roar. His voice thundered Broken Star Field like thunderclaps as if it could burst off the entire area. His voice came from the North region.

Shi Yan frowned, contemplating for a while and then said, "We should go there and see what just happened."

"Okay," Fei Lan's team nodded immediately. They hurried to the North.

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