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Thousand Fold Lotus was the Original Incipient Grade material, which gave a tonic to the growth of the soul altar. It could enlarge the Sea of Consciousness and condense the Soul Consciousness. It was the most marvelous material for the soul altar.

Even the Incipient G.o.d Realm warriors had to be greedy for the Thousand Fold Lotus. They could use the Thousand Fold Lotus to strengthen their soul altars and their spirits or their souls.

Ai Fu's grandfather was an expert at Incipient G.o.d Realm.

"I'm sorry for my manners. Haha. The Thousand Fold Lotus is very rare. I've been waiting in Broken Star City for many years, but I never saw any Thousand Fold Lotus. How is it that you have that? Haha." Ai Fu smiled, "But I'm curious. If you are asking for the materials to harvest the Thousand Fold Lotus, it means that you know where it is?"

The two Peak of Incipient G.o.d Realm experts standing by him also looked at Shi Yan with hope, their faces serious.

"I got some news, but I'm not certain yet," Shi Yan smiled. "Anyway, it's good to be prepared, right? If I can find the Thousand Fold Lotus, I won't miss the treasure if I have the special container. Do you... have that kind of container?"

Ai Fu's eyes were very bright. "Yes!"

He extended his hand, touching the void. A bunch of light fell on a stone platform from a distance. That platform then cracked. Around ten blue ice potteries flew out.

Those potteries looked like jars with blue ice patterns covered the surface. Each of them had natural patterns of ice wrapping around.

Deep blue light rippled from the potteries like great water waves.

More than ten blue ice potteries flew out and floated in front of Ai Fu.

They looked like the most exquisite pieces of art with immense ripples of blue light waves, catching everybody's eyes.

"This Blue Ice Jar is made of rare blue ice and more than ten auxiliary materials. It's the customized container for Thousand Fold Lotus." Ai Fu chuckled. "It's easy to use the jar though. Before you pick the flower, you must let the blue light on the Blue Ice Jar fly out and entangle the petals of the Thousand Fold Lotus. After all of the petals are tied, you can pick it up and put it in the jaw."

"This looks a little small," Shi Yan was surprised, frowning. "This Blue Ice Jar is as big as a water bottle. But I heard that the Thousand Fold Lotus isn't that small. Could that jar store the flower?"

Ai Fu burst out laughing. "The s.p.a.ce inside the Blue Ice Jar is shrunken. It's the feature of the blue ice. It can actually store up to five flowers at the same time. If you want, you can use your Soul Consciousness to sense it."

A Blue Ice Jar appeared, falling into Shi Yan's hands.

It felt icy and heavy. The surface of this pottery was strangely smooth. Shi Yan sent a beam of his Soul Consciousness into the jar. His eyes sparkled, smiling. "Not bad."

The Blue Ice Jar didn't look big, indeed. However, there was a whole world inside. Shi Yan could feel the immense blue water inside the jar, filling up a much bigger s.p.a.ce than what he saw.

Ai Fu was telling the truth. The volume of each Blue Ice Jar could store five or six Thousand Fold Lotuses.

"A Blue Ice Jar is priced at twenty thousand top-quality divine crystals. You could take only two jars with your amount of divine crystals. However, I'm in a good mood today so you can take five." Ai Fu rubbed his chin, contemplating for a while. Light flashed on his finger and four more Blue Ice Jars spun, flying towards Shi Yan.

Pausing for a while, Ai Fu said earnestly, "Bro, if you can find the Thousand Fold Lotus and get it, please sell it to me. We can always negotiate the price. I'm sure that I won't fail you."

Shi Yan smiled, taking the Blue Ice Jars. He turned around to look at the bright, colorful materials on the stone platform near there and he spoke. "Okay. If my luck comes and I can get the Thousand Fold Lotus, I will definitely sell it to you."

"Awesome!" Ai Fu laughed. Then, to close this deal, he solemnly handed Shi Yan a Fantasy Sky Ring. "This ring stores three million divine crystals. You can take the pellets or materials you've chosen. Our business is over here."

"Alright." Shi Yan took the Fantasy Sky Ring and signaled Fei Lan, Leona, and the others to put away their items. Then, they walked to the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation.

Ai Fu and the two old men looked at him with astonishment.

The Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation was a s.p.a.ce cla.s.s formation carved on the Empty Fantasy Crystal as the foundation. The Fantasy Crystal was marvelous and it couldn't be stored in the Fantasy Sky Ring. Thus, seeing Shi Yan halt there, they were curious and surprised.

"Bro, where do you live? I'll have my men deliver the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation to you. Will that be okay?" Ai Fu thought and then offered kindly.

"No need, I can bring it with me." Shi Yan smiled, caressing the Fantasy Sky Ring he had refined one more time.

Countless fine s.p.a.ce cracks appeared from the ring. They shot out from the ring surface and then congregated, creating a bunch of intense light that shrouded the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation.

In the next moment, the intense light disappeared together with the formation.

The ring flashed and the strange s.p.a.ce energy fluctuation around it gradually ceased.

"You're cunning!" Ai Fu couldn't help but yell. "If you don't know s.p.a.ce Upanishad, how can you take the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation with the Empty Fantasy Crystal as the foundation? I lost a lot of money this time! A great loss!"

The two Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm warriors standing next to him were also shocked, looking at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan chuckled. "Our transaction is done. You shouldn't regret it. Okay, we gotta go now. See you later when we have a chance."

Ai Fu wore a bitter visage, but he couldn't do anything. "This way, please."

He took Shi Yan's team through the brilliant pa.s.sage to return to the great hall. Then, he asked his guards to send Shi Yan's group off to the main gate.

Then, Ai Fu got back to the mineral star, his face complex.

"Young Master, this man bought Blue Ice Jar to get the Thousand Fold Lotus. The Blue Ice Jar is used to store the Thousand Fold Lotus only!" hissed an old man.

"Young Master, our Master has advised us to try to buy the Thousand Fold Lotus. We've produced those jars for so many years, but we haven't had a chance to use them yet. Do you think that kid is going to take the flower?" asked the other.

"My Grandfather has had the bottleneck. He needs the Thousand Fold Lotus to break through. I know you're rushed." Ai Fu knitted his brows tightly. "I've kept an eye on the Thousand Fold Lotus for years. But that thing is strange, indeed. No one knows where it grows or how to grow it. I've checked all the areas that they said they found the Thousand Fold Lotus. But I found nothing. Where does that man come from? It's strange. How could he get the news of the Thousand Fold Lotus? I wonder if he lied to us..."

Pausing for a while, Ai Fu touched something in the void. A light ring expanded from his finger. The dark sky slowly revealed. A shadow like a ghost flew out.

"Young Master, what do you want me to do?"

"Do you know that group of people? Lately, have they operated in any area in the Far West region?"

"There's no record of them. The first time we found them was when they went with Na Xin of the Giant Tribe. After they had entered Broken Star City, they diverged. Oh yeah, Mi Ge and Mi Lou brothers have captured seven Giants. They asked the Giants to pay a ransom of seven hundred thousand divine crystals. Na Xin came here from Old Orchid Star. I guess it was because of this."

"The Giant Tribe? Old Orchid Star?"

Ai Fu's eyes sparkled with a faint light. After a while, he was shaken. "Oh right! According to the rumors, the Old Orchid Star also has Thousand Fold Lotus!"

The two old experts cheered up, talking happily, "Seems that the kid has found something!"

Ai Fu smiled quietly and nodded, "Yeah. Perhaps that kid found the Thousand Fold Lotus. Good, good. Seems like my grandfather's bottleneck will be broken soon."

"The Old Orchid Star is the Giant Tribe's territory. This clan is weak, actually. Young Master, do you want us to...?"

"No no no," Ai Fu shook his head, "I'm a businessman. I'm not a thug. I won't do that. Our Auction House and shop have thrived after so many years because people trust us. It's because of our credit! Credit! Do you understand? It's because of the credit that I've spent hundreds of years gaining. We must not tarnish our reputation."

Ai Fu rubbed his chin, smiling until his eyes narrowed. "If he gets the Thousand Fold Lotus and shows a good sense by selling it to me, everything will be smooth. Everyone will be happy."

"What if he doesn't sell it to you? Or what if he asks for a lot?" asked an old man begrudgingly.

"Do you need me to teach you how to act in that situation? It's true that we can't do something, but won't you find someone to do it for you?" Ai Fu frowned, sneering.

The old man nodded slowly.

"Of course, friendly disposition leads to wealth. It's the most important thing. We don't need to kill anybody." Ai Fu grinned again, "If he can find the Thousand Fold Lotus, he can help my grandfather. He would be our benefactor. We should appreciate our benefactors, right?"

"Yeah, right." The old man with the bitter face nodded again. However, he was cursing inwardly, "That hypocritical brat likes to act. He's addicted to acting now."

Ai Fu lifted his head, looking at the shadow in the sky. "Have you received any news of the murder case of Tu Feng?"

"Not yet," the shadow replied with respect. "Our men didn't find any survivors. We found no trace of Tu Feng's battle, either."

"Oh, they cleaned up well," Ai Fu rubbed his chin, "Yeah, just like my style. That should be a competent man. Investigate. Continue your work! Tu Feng's stuff is priced at one million divine crystals. We're in short of divine crystals. Work on it. Oh, and, keep an eye on those people for me. I want to know their every move in Broken Star City."

"Yes, sir!" The shadow retreated slowly until it disappeared from their vision.

Ai Fu looked at one of the two old men, chuckling. "Send a message to my grandfather. Tell him that we found some clues of the Thousand Fold Lotus that he's always yearning for."

"I got it, Young Master," the old man replied with respect.

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