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Ai Fu walked to a rainbow colored, meandering path behind the great hall. This pa.s.sage looked like a s.p.a.ce channel full of light and magical energy fluctuations.

Shi Yan's team followed Ai Fu through the pa.s.sage, emerging on a shadowy mineral star.

This mineral star was shrouded by some peculiar barrier. Because of it, they couldn't see the sun, moon, stars, or immense earth and heaven energy. The horizon was still a vast, gray area. This star was bigger than Broken Star City.

"Holy sh*t!" Ka Tuo couldn't help but acclaim.

Fei Lan, Leona, Zi Yao, and Carthew were also dumbstruck. They were shocked, watching the scenery.

Many battleships with different styles and shapes were parked on this planet. They looked like the antiquity beasts lying on the ground. They were more than one thousand meters long. Some were wooden while others were made of stone or metal. There were dozens of them, each built to be luxurious and magical.

The battleships had labels which read their manufacture date, usage manual, and type of energy used. Also, it clearly stated how to drive and control the battleship accurately.

Dozens of battleships parking here were imposing, intimidating people with their visibility.

Many stone platforms stood in another corner where piles of materials, precious armor, and exotic weapons were left. They could also see a lot of different colored pellets in countless bottles. It looked like this place had everything they wanted.

Cultivating materials, battleships, armor, spiritual medicines and pellets, scriptures, and rare refining tool materials were displayed on those ma.s.sive stone platforms. They could easily find what they needed.

There were around one thousand stone platforms scattered on an area of several mu of land. They were filled with properties that could make anyone drool.

"Young Master."

Two old men wearing shabby garments emerged from nowhere, greeting Ai Fu respectfully.

Fei Lan glanced at the two old men, changing her countenance a little bit, hissing, "Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm!"

Those two old men didn't look at the guests but guarded on Ai Fu's sides. From their appearances, they knew those two considered Ai Fu as their master.

Ai Fu smiled, pointing around, "You guys take a look. Everything here is for sale. You can buy them for two million divine crystals. I will tell you the exact price of the items you choose."

Shi Yan's team was attracted.

Shi Yan had a sharp eye. At first glance, he knew that those bottles and jars there were outstanding. Most of them were Divine Grade pellets from level 1 to level 7. Even the Heavenly Mending Pellets Jester had refined looked very normal here. There were five or six bottles on the stone platform.

Pellets that were more valuable than the Heavenly Mending Pellets were put on a stone platform. There were ten bottles, but they seemed to not be treated in a special way.

Another section of the stone platform area was used to display precious armor. Light sparkled continually from there. Each of the armor pieces had supernatural energy fluctuate. They could feel the distinctive auras of lightning, flame, and ice. Apparently, they were made for warriors who cultivated different power Upanishads. All of them made people drool.

Ai Fu was genuinely a wealthy man sitting on a mountain of treasures!

"This star used to be an abandoned mineral star. We've renovated it and made it our storage area. Choose what you want. I will use the divine crystals to give you the prices." Ai Fu was satisfied seeing them astounded. He smiled and continued, "You have two million divine crystals. Choose whatever you want. We can use divine crystals to pay for everything here."

Carthew, Zi Yao, Ka Tuo, and even Leona were looking at Shi Yan with desire in their eyes.

Shi Yan couldn't be calm anymore. Hesitating for a while, he gave a forced smile. "You guys can check if you want anything."

As soon as he said that, Leona, Carthew, Zi Yao, and Ka Tuo immediately dashed away. They were thrilled to observe each stone platform as if they were in the best dream ever that they didn't want to wake up from.

"I have something suitable for you too," Ai Fu shrugged contentedly, speaking to Fei Lan, who was still calm. "Your Ethereal Extent hasn't been formed yet. I have something specialized for warriors at your realm. It can help you condense the Ethereal Extent faster. I also have some special pellets to mend the damaged Ethereal Soul. If you don't mind, take a look."

Fei Lan couldn't stay calm anymore.


She disappeared shortly in the direction Ai Fu had shown her. It seemed as if she didn't get things that satisfied her, she would never come out.

"How is my place?" Ai Fu smiled, looking at Shi Yan. "I'm curious. You have only First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. Why are you so placid? Haha. Is it true that you've seen something even bigger and seen more treasures than what I have here?"

He instinctively deemed Shi Yan as a member of a prominent force in Agate Star Area who came here for a simple trip. Seeing Shi Yan keep calm, he evidently thought that Shi Yan had seen something better.

He didn't know that Shi Yan was also stunned.

It was just that Shi Yan was different from Leona and Fei Lan. He himself was already the most mysterious and magical treasure with endless mysteries. His Mysterious power Upanishad's characteristics helped him be independent of pellets. He knew the essence of his power Upanishad, so he didn't need to use external support. He didn't have a special need for the tonic pellets in this place.

As for weapons and armor, Shi Yan thought that he didn't need to care about any other treasures since he had the Divine Sword and the Blood Shield.

He had the most suitable items for him in his hands already so he didn't need to be greedy for treasures here. He was placid enough not to run around and try to find suitable cultivating materials.

"I will just take a look then," Shi Yan answered deliberately and then walked around the stone platforms. Sometimes, he threw a glance on the battleships afar from them.

"Expensive battleships are from hundred thousand divine crystals to millions of them. Of course, there are more expensive battleships, which can be compared to the value of a life star. Anyway, I'm not capable of selling them." Ai Fu smiled, following him to give him more information. "If you don't have a battleship or your battleship is broken, you should consider buying one here. Just tell me what kind of features you want. I will give you more information. Speed, defense, attack, I have everything. I'm sure you will like them."

Ai Fu was promoting his products, trying to fill the hole of two million divine crystals. He hated that he couldn't make Shi Yan buy more.

Shi Yan listened to him and didn't intervene. He just smiled, watching each stone platform. His silky Soul Consciousness was searching around discreetly.

He halted by a stone platform, frowning.

This ten-mu platform was supported by two shabby formations with the cut Empty Fantasy Crystal as the foundation. The magical, exquisite lines were carved thickly on the crystal, weaving with each other to make patterns and drawings of the broken formations.

"Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation. They are said to be created by a warrior who specialized in s.p.a.ce power. Within one star area, we can use this formation to connect. Anyway, this formation is broken. Otherwise, it would be priceless. But it's cheap now. Are you interested in it?" smiled Ai Fu.

"This pair of formations can connect the s.p.a.ce within one star area?" Shi Yan's eyes brightened.

"Before it was broken, this formation was able to do that. However, its range was just within one star area. It's not as magical as the hollow channel, which can connect the two star areas." Ai Fu smiled. "But it can't do anything now. It's broken. Both the Mother formation and the Child formation are broken at different levels. We can't fix them, so we keep them here. Warriors who cultivate s.p.a.ce Upanishad can choose them. But I'm afraid the others won't find them interesting."

"How much?" Shi Yan was silent for a while, chuckling, "I'm interested in s.p.a.ce power. I want to use them for my study."

"Two hundred thousand divine crystals," Ai Fu didn't care about this item very much. "If it wasn't shattered, this Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation would be worth at least ten million divine crystals. But it's broken now. Sigh. Just consider that I'm selling the Empty Fantasy Crystal to you. Two hundred thousand divine crystals."

"Okay, I'll take it," Shi Yan grinned. "Good!" Ai Fu was a little content. "Come here, come here. This way, this way. Perhaps you will find something else you like."

But Shi Yan didn't buy anything else.

However, Fei Lan, Leona, Carthew, Ka Tuo, and Zi Yao all found things they liked. All looked so excited.

Zi Yao liked a set of armor, which looked like it had brilliant and gorgeous rainbow light twirling around. It was stunning, indeed. And it seemed to have some Light intent domain, which could boost up Zi Yao's realm and competence significantly.

That set of armor was at level 5 Divine Grade. It was priced at one hundred thousand divine crystals.

Carthew found a narrow sword of two fingers size. It was small but pretty sharp. It also suited his power Upanishad. He looked delighted.

Ai Fu said it cost one hundred and fifty thousand top quality divine crystals.

Leona and Ka Tuo didn't find any armor or treasure, but they took some pellets. They were all level 5 and level 6 Divine Grade pellets. They were useful for steadying and strengthening their realms.

Ai Fu set the price of five hundred thousand divine crystals for those bottles.

Fei Lan had found the most precious item. She had a sticky, ivory substance called Etherealizing Fluid. According to Ai Fu, it provided the best help in condensing Ethereal Extents. Naturally, it was precious.

It was just a tiny chunk of Etherealizing Fluid, but Ai Fu said it cost one million divine crystals and he couldn't give them any discount!

Fei Lan made it her precious treasure. She picked it up and never wanted to let it go. She had sensed the substance and realized how it could help her. She nodded at Shi Yan, implying that she wanted it.

With their two million divine crystals, Shi Yan bought the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation for two hundred thousand divine crystals. Zi Yao took a set of armor that cost one hundred thousand crystals. Carthew got a sword priced one hundred and fifty thousand divine crystals. Leona and Ka Tuo bought bottles of pellets that cost five hundred thousand divine crystals. Fei Lan took the Etherealizing Fluid for a price of one million divine crystals. Thus, they had almost used up their two million divine crystals.

They had only fifty thousand left.

"You still have fifty thousand divine crystals that you can use," Ai Fu felt satisfied now. "Just look around and find more items. It would free me from trouble then. Okay?"

"Do you know how to take the Thousand Fold Lotus? Any special container or idea about how to forge the container and materials?" Shi Yan pondered for a while. He had a thought, so he asked.

Ai Fu was dumbstruck. The two Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm stood by him had their eyes brighten and their backs straighten up.

"You... do you have the Thousand Fold Lotus? The Thousand Fold Lotus?" Ai Fu took a deep breath, his voice trembling. "If you have it, everything will be easier. My grandfather needs it... a lot!"

The two Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm eyed Shi Yan. Their bright eyes looked like diamonds that could hurt people's eyes looking at them.

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