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In any star area, the divine crystal was a basic currency. The divine crystals stored earth and heaven energy that warriors could absorb directly.

This feature ensured the constant value of the divine crystal.

The Agate Star Area had many life stars with abundant earth and heaven energy. If the warriors cultivated there and acc.u.mulated energy, their powers would increase gradually.

However, the warriors wouldn't always stay in one life star. They needed to go to different areas to gain experience and practice.

In many isolated areas, earth and heaven energy was cut off. Once the warriors got hurt or consumed a lot of energy, they had to use divine crystals to recover.

The Agate Star Area had top-quality divine crystals. Each crystal could store an enormous amount of energy, which could restore one-tenth of the power of a warrior at Original G.o.d Realm.

The divine crystal was also the source of energy for battleships, formations, treasures, and the refining process. It was inevitable to a warrior's cultivation. Thus, divine crystals were never going to be outdated. They were going to always be the standard and popular currency.

The reward of one million divine crystals posted by Tu Fei of Blood Halberd made many people drool. Many information brokers were stirred up because of this reward.

The entire Broken Star City was looking for the murderer who had killed Tu Feng. Ai Fu also had some kinds of news like this.

Ai Fu was famous in Broken Star City, indeed. Not only did he trade cultivation materials, but he also sold battleships and slaves. Ai Fu also had a force of information brokers who captured the strange news from the Far West. He could use that information to gain more benefit.

In the center of the ancient building, Ai Fu was sitting in a magnificently luxury hall. He was holding a gla.s.s, swirling the red liquid in it.

His gla.s.s contained some kind of wine that was as red as human blood. However, it had a pleasant aroma. As his wrist swirled the gla.s.s, the wine shimmered beautifully.

Ai Fu took a sip and it seemed like he pa.s.sionately enjoyed it, but his indifferent eyes were looking at the man in front of him. "I've done a lot of businesses with your Blood Halberd. Of course, I will pay more attention to you. I'd met your brother several times. I will keep an eye on his case."

Tu Fei had a lot of cuts on his face, his bearings ferocious. A small, green snake wound around the elbow of the arm he used to hold the gla.s.s. It was tucking its tongue in and out. Its triangular eyes were full of savage light.

"Thank you. As long as you find the murderer, I will offer one million divine crystals personally." Tu Fei stood up and bent his body slightly. "Your information gathering system is the best in Broken Star City. I am counting on you."

Ai Fu held the gla.s.s of wine in one hand, his other hand waving relaxingly. He smiled. "Don't worry. If someone gets the news first, it will be my men."

"Yeah, I believe so. Thus, I came to see you," Tu Fei looked stern. "If you need to use force, please spare his life. I want to kill him myself."

"Of course, I can feel your brotherhood. Don't worry. I'll keep it in mind," Ai Fu said frankly.

"Master. Some strangers came to see you. They say that they have a big business they want to deal with you." At this moment, the voice of the Monster clan guard arose from outside the hall.

Ai Fu suddenly felt funny, pouring himself a full gla.s.s of wine. "My luck is good today. I got two businesses come to my door. Haha, let them in, let them in."

"You guys can come in now," said the Monster Clan guard.

Shi Yan, Leona, Fei Lan, and Ka Tuo walked into the great hall. They saw Tu Fei.

Tu Fei's eyes were like the malignant eyes of a viper as they were raking through Shi Yan's team. Under his eyes, they felt chilled as if a snake was using its sticky tongue to draw something on their skin. They all felt uncomfortable, their soul altars trembling uneasily.

Fei Lan's wrinkles twitched as she frowned discreetly.

Tu Fei's line of sight was focused on Fei Lan, the warrior who had the highest realm in this group at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

Shi Yan's team and Tu Fei pa.s.sed each other. Afterward, Tu Fei still turned around to look at them. After a while, he snorted and left with a worried face.

"Ha. Don't touch him. He's about to go crazy. Someone killed his brother. He's like a mad dog now. He hates that he can't bite people to vent out his anger." After Tu Fei left, Ai Fu didn't try to be polite and he mocked Tu Fei. "Come here, come here, what do you have to offer? Let me see. As long as you have good stuff, you don't need to worry about the price."

"Is he Tu Fei?"

Shi Yan shivered inwardly, but his face was calm. "His brother was at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Who could kill him?"

Fei Lan, Leona, Zi Yao, and Ka Tuo bent their heads slightly, their faces strange. They didn't dare to intervene. However, they were very anxious as they were afraid that Shi Yan would reveal something.

Ai Fu was surprised. He studied Shi Yan and then smiled, "Come have a seat. If he could kill Tu Feng, he should be at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. That lunatic didn't trouble you but he left because he thought that you guys weren't strong enough. Ha, you were lucky then."

He previously wanted to talk to Fei Lan because she had the highest realm in this group. He thought that she was the leader.

However, when Shi Yan talked, the rest of the team kept silent. He immediately understood that the young man at First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm was the real leader. He was startled and couldn't help but think why that was the case.

... As he has an Ethereal G.o.d Realm member in his entourage, what was this kid's ident.i.ty? I never saw him before. Maybe he came from another area of Agate Star Area?

Typically, there was only one possibility when low-realm warriors were escorted by high-realm warriors: he has a powerful background like Ai Fu himself.

Ai Fu's realm wasn't high, but he had Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm members in his cortege. It was because of his great background as his grandfather was at Incipient G.o.d Realm grandfather.

He thought that Shi Yan was this sort of man.

"What realm does Tu Fei have?" Shi Yan sat down nonchalantly, facing Ai Fu. He deliberately lifted a crystal gla.s.s and poured himself a gla.s.s full of wine, asking calmly, "So Tu Fei's very dangerous in the Far West region?"

The calmer and more natural he was, the higher the possibility that Ai Fu thought he had an influential background. He studied Shi Yan, speaking with a smile, "Tu Fei's at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. He's famous in the Far West region, indeed. He's the commander of Blood Halberd. Is he dangerous or not... Hmm, he's number one, I guess. Haha."

Apparently, Tu Fei wasn't really dangerous in Ai Fu's eyes. Otherwise, he wouldn't mock him after he had left.

"Are you interested in Tu Fei?" Ai Fu had a strange light flare in his eyes while he gazed at Shi Yan, contemplating.

"It's a reward of one million. Haha, when I heard that he posted a big reward, of course, I got interested." Shi Yan made an excuse, but his face stiffened right after that. "We should talk."

A shiny light flashed on his palm. The small lumber of the Life Ancient Tree from the Wood Clan emerged. He chuckled, pushing it to the table in front of Ai Fu. "Give me a price."

Ai Fu's eyes brightened immediately. He carefully picked up the lumber, while sensing and checking. Sometimes, he released a wisp of Soul Consciousness. He was stunned. "Rare! This is extremely rare and precious. Yes! This is big business!"

He paused for a while, looking at Shi Yan with a smile. "Bro, give me a price." "Yeah, you go first," Shi Yan smiled, "You're professional. You should know its value. I won't shame myself."

Ai Fu caressed the lumber. Hesitating for a while, he said slowly, "This lumber of the Life Ancient Tree from the Wood Clan has a natural wooden texture. It carries the most subtle feature of the Wood power Upanishad. It should... be extremely precious. However, it's very small. And the other race can't benefit much from it. If I want to sell it, I have to find the members of the Wood Clan. Moreover, he should be a powerful and generous one. But we don't have many members of the Wood Clan in the Far West region. It's a bit troublesome."

Before the businessman gives a price, he naturally tries to give bad comments to degrade the item and lower its price. Ai Fu had reminded Shi Yan's team though.

Shi Yan swirled his gla.s.s of wine. From time to time, he took a sip as he wasn't in a hurry to chat. He just looked at Ai Fu and smiled.

"Although it's precious, I don't have many potential customers. It'll be complicated to sell this item." Ai Fu tried to lower the value of the lumber and then took a deep breath, frowning at Shi Yan. "Bro, do you want to take materials or divine crystals?"

"Only divine crystals," said Shi Yan deliberately.

"... Well, if you only need divine crystals, it will be easier." Ai Fu rubbed his chin and considered for a while before smiling. "Three million top-quality divine crystals. What do you think? It's not a bad price."

"Three million?" Shi Yan felt funny, putting down the gla.s.s of wine lazily. He then stretched out his body. "So you don't want to buy it. Okay, we won't disturb you anymore."

He got up and sauntered out of the hall, not pausing for even a moment. Fei Lan and the others got up and followed him.

"Wait a minute," before Shi Yan was about to walk out of the hall, Ai Fu hissed and spoke seriously, "Four million!"

"Five million! I won't sell the lumber less than that amount!" Shi Yan turned his head, speaking earnestly.

Ai Fu hesitated for a while and then nodded all of a sudden. "Deal."

Shi Yan grinned, getting back to the table. He took his seat and continued drinking. "I'm waiting for your divine crystals."

"Oh ah. I can't collect enough by today. Give me some time," Ai Fu's smile became reluctant. "Lately, I've bought too many materials. I've paid a lot of divine crystals. Now I have around three million only. Hey... are you interested in cultivating materials? War chariots or battleships? Pellets, ancient books, armor or weapons? Except for Original Incipient Grade items, I have most of those things. Let me show them to you, can I?"

Shi Yan, Fei Lan, and Leona were stunned as they were petrified by what Ai Fu had introduced.

"Your realms are... common here. I have many things suitable for you guys. Just take a look first and then we will decide later, okay?" Ai Fu continued to encourage them.

"What do you think?" Shi Yan rubbed his chin, glancing at Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo.

They nodded. All looked excited.

Shi Yan smiled, talking, "Alright. Let's check what you got."

"Please come in," Ai Fu smiled cheerfully, leading them.

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