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Shi Yan's team saw more battleships when they got closer to Broken Star Field. There were various battleships with strange and yet surprising structures.

Some were made of wood, bones, or a particular stone while some looked like they were made of metal. It could perhaps be some kind of rare metal materials.

Notably, their shapes were fascinating. They saw lozenge, diamond battleships. They even saw a monster-like and a tree-like battleship. They all had many mine slaves who were watched over by experts.

They could see countless King G.o.d Realm, Original G.o.d Realm warriors, and Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts. The owners of those battleships were mostly in this realm.

In general, the average realm of warriors in the Agate Star Area was one level higher than in Raging Flame Star Area. In Raging Flame Star Area, an expert at Peak of Original G.o.d Realm was already a legend. They were pretty rare. However, in this area, that realm was typical.

Many warriors from the battleships they met had observed them and some even asked for information about the murder of Tu Feng.

In Broken Star Field, Tu Fei, Tu Feng's big brother, had posted a reward of one million top-quality divine crystals for anyone who could provide the information related to that murder case. As soon as they could give precise information, they would receive this fortune of divine crystals.

One million top-quality divine crystals was a colossal fortune in everybody's eyes. Even though the Giant Tribe had lived in the Old Orchid Star for many years, their a.s.sets couldn't be that much.

No one doubted Shi Yan's group.

Going with the Giants had given them a perfect cover that the others could never relate them to that murder case.

In the Far West region, the Giants was famous for peaceful and kind characteristics. If the other didn't offend them to the point they couldn't endure, they would never attack first. And it was impossible to imagine that the Giant would eradicate any battleship.

Since they were going with Na Xin, many experts of different forces just asked if they had seen anyone suspicious on the way. No one had ever thought that the murderers were actually standing in front of them.

"Your good tribe is famous indeed. You have never attacked anyone first, so you will never be suspicious. Haha, we're lucky that we went with you," said Shi Yan smilingly.

Na Xin had a bitter countenance, speaking begrudgingly. "I've broken the rules. If I didn't go with you, I would never have done anything like that. It goes against our integrity."

"Everything has an exception. I think you guys should renovate your thoughts a little bit. If you get yourself bullied that easy, your tribe will come to an end one day." Shi Yan frowned, "Your tribe has good innate endowments and powerful physique that the same level warriors couldn't resist. You have the gifted talent of strength like the most excellent soldiers. Why do you have to bind yourself painfully like that? If you can be like other clans that seize any chances to strengthen their clans, I think you guys would be soon one of the strongest clans in the Agate Star Area."

"It's easier said than done. Our precursors have taught us to live in harmony and minimize grudges. They didn't give us any wicked thought. It has been tens of thousands of years. We can't change instantly," sighed Na Xin.

These days, staying together with Shi Yan and the others, he understood that the Giant Tribe must change. If they were conservative and stubborn, their tribe would never be stable and prosperous.

"You guys must get used to it gradually," Shi Yan smiled, "Going with me, I will let you see that sometimes, you have to be cruel to the others or to yourself, and what you will receive will be beyond your imagination."

Along the way, Shi Yan continually spread his cunning and wicked thoughts to the Giants. He was trying to guide this naive clan in going a better way to change their mindset.

When Shi Yan's group met the battleships of many forces, the others asked them about Tu Feng, but none of them had doubted this group of warriors.

After several months, Shi Yan and his friends finally stepped on the land outside the Broken Star Field.

It was a gridiron-planned city in a broken continent of a star at the peripheral area of the Broken Star Field. It was about the size of Land of G.o.d Punishment where many auction houses, restaurants, mine slave markets, and shops were held. This place was a hustle and bustle, indeed.

This city was called Broken Star City. It didn't have a governance body or rules. Any warrior could enter the city, do transactions, or harvesting whatever they wanted freely.

The backyard of the Broken Star City was Broken Star Field where there was the beautiful name of Natural Resources Field. It had countlessly occupied and unoccupied mines, and many perilous areas. Battles often happened. Every day, it attracted hundreds of explorers. People died there in every minute.

After Shi Yan had arrived in the Broken Star City, he noticed that many warriors were observing them and the ones who had just come had strange eyes. They wanted to see the familiar faces in his group and in the batch of new mine slaves.

The portraits of Feng Ke's group had been printed in some special crystals. Those people were holding those kinds of crystals to search among the new mine slaves who had just arrived. They were investigating the murder case of Tu Feng, indeed.

Of course, they didn't dare to search all the ones who had just arrived in the city.

They just stopped and watched a few of the battleships of powerful forces. After the battleships anch.o.r.ed, they could only observe from a distance. None of them dared to come forward and ask to check the ships.

It seemed that Blood Halberd didn't dare to create grudges against someone.

"It's lucky that we've sent Feng Ke's team back. Otherwise, he would be in big trouble right when we have arrived in Broken Star Field," Ka Tuo said, lowering his voice.

Fei Lan scolded him with a cold face. "From now on, say nothing about what had happened. Warriors in this area have high and profound realms. They can eavesdrop even from ten thousand meters away. Don't discuss. When they notice the anomaly, it will be hard to control the situation."

Ka Tuo shivered inwardly. He nodded, asking himself to forget what had happened.

Na Xin's group of Giants was prominent in Broken Star City. Their physiques were so ma.s.sive, and they couldn't transform like the Monster Clan clansmen. Standing in the city, they looked like = small mountains.

It looked strange that Shi Yan's team stayed close to the Giants. It was because the Old Orchid Star was a remote area that didn't have many visitors. It was also because the Giants weren't good at communicating with other people.

"Precursor, we should diverge. You just need to tell me the location of Ai Fu's shop," Shi Yan lowered his voice as he had noticed the strange eyes of the others.

"Over there," Na Xin pointed to a direction. "Just go there. It's the biggest store. Ai Fu's famous in Broken Star City. He got a big place here. When doing business with him, we just need to pay attention to his bargaining. We don't need to worry about having trouble in his place. Once he seals the deal with you, he is easy-going and frank."

"Okay, after we're done, we will meet again," Shi Yan smiled, walking with Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, Carthew, Leona, and Zi Yao to the place that the Giant had shown them.

From a bird's view, Broken Star City was planned with street grids. It seemed that this kind of layout hid something.

Of course, Shi Yan and his team didn't care about this thing. They gingerly walked on the streets and watched out for strangers, heading to Ai Fu's auction house.

Soon, an ancient, luxury building appeared in their vision. It looked like the building was built from some kind of precious stone. The several-hundred-meter-tall building was glowing in a silvery halo as it was made of strange silver rocks.

Compared to it, the surrounding buildings and houses around looked much smaller.

Shi Yan chuckled as he knew that it was their target. He took Fei Lan and the others to that place quickly.

At the stone gate of the ancient building, a lanky teenage at Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm was screaming hastily. "Let me in! Let me in! I want to see Master Ai Fu! I have a good thing to offer!"

Standing in the front door was a warrior who looked like an iron electricity pole. He was around three meters tall with the aura of the Monster Clan. He got the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm cultivation base. This beefy warrior guarded the door, squinting and shouting at the teenage, "Get lost!"

"I'm here to offer something good. Master Ai Fu will find it interesting. I'm sure!" The teenage said affirmatively. "Master Ai Fu will get angry if you make this mistake. Let me in."

"Move!" the Monster Clan muscular warrior snorted, waving his hand.

The teenager was kicked out like a rubber ball. He rolled until he was stopped by Shi Yan's legs. Blood trickled down his mouth.

He got up, frowning, throwing a glance at Shi Yan and then begging the guard again. "I'm begging you. My father needs divine crystals. I'm sure Master Ai Fu will be interested in what I offer this time."

"Our Master doesn't have time for you. Brat. Every time you come here, you all bring bulls.h.i.t news and trash things. Don't disturb my Master." The Monster Clan warrior had a cold countenance. "I'm warning you. If you dare to intrude, don't blame me."

The teenage shivered as if he knew that the other actually dared to kill him. He stooped in distress, muttering, his face sorrowful. "It's really a strange place there. All things are dead. No beam of vitality. That man must have stopped there that year. I think it must have his will or intent domain there."

Fei Lan's eyes brightened.

Her figure flashed and then she reappeared by the boy. She contemplated and hen asked. "What do you know? Can you tell us?"

The teenager was struck, jabbering, "Last time I went to a deep place in the Broken Star Field, I found a strange place. That place has no sign of living things. The earth and heaven energy there seems to be restrained. Something like power Upanishad also surged there. I didn't dare to enter. I felt so weak just standing by the edge of that place, so I hastened to leave..."

Fei Lan got something. She couldn't help but turn around to look at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan nodded.

"You stay put. Don't go. Wait for us. When we get out, we want your news," Fei Lan lowered his voice.

The teenager had his face brightly happy. He nodded continually. "Yes! Yes! I will wait for you guys!"

Shi Yan, Leona, and Ka Tuo exchanged looks. They didn't say anything but walked to the ancient building.

"Are you here to buy or sell?" The Monster Clan brawny guard asked lazily.

"Sell. We want to meet your Master, Ai Fu," Shi Yan smiled, "It's a big business, you know. Around several hundreds of top quality divine crystals. I'm sure Ai Fu will find it interesting."

"Follow me." The Monster Clan man studied them for a while. After they found that Fei Lan had the Ethereal G.o.d Realm, he nodded, walking into the building.

Shi Yan's team immediately followed him.

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