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Crack Crack Crack!

Tu Feng's G.o.d Body exploded.

A powerful tearing force expanded from Tu Feng's body. The shockwave crushed some pirates into pieces.

Shi Yan discolored and he couldn't help but shout, "All retreat from this battleship!"

Carthew, Zi Yao, Feng Rao, and the others were frightened. They immediately jumped off the battleship. Feng Ke and the pirates ran helter-skelter. Shortly after, most of the people on the battleship had run away.

Only Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, and Leona stayed.


Tu Feng's body was like gla.s.s falling on the ground. Fine cracks appeared first. Then, the entire body shattered like the ground jade. His bones were still glowing.

Endless Essence Qi gushed out like water, discreetly congregating in Shi Yan's acupuncture points.

His seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points dissolved Essence Qi like ma.s.sive seas. The vortex in each acupuncture point was revolving madly.

Under Shi Yan, Na Xin, and Fei Lan's cooperation, Tu Feng, a First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert, couldn't resist any longer. His G.o.d Body collapsed first.

The Ethereal G.o.d Realm warriors had tremendous energy in their bodies. Shi Yan with his wide-open acupuncture points was almost overloaded. He had to concentrate to keep his mind lucid.

Although his G.o.d Body had exploded, his Ethereal Extent and the soul altar weren't killed yet. They struggled to get through Na Xin's barrier.

Fei Lan's corrosive energy turned into many gray lines like thousands of ropes tying down Tu Feng's soul altar.

Leona released Dark power Upanishad, which ghostly covered all the light. Tu Feng's Sea of Consciousness was now a pitch black place, preventing him from connecting with his soul.

Na Xin's Ethereal Extent s.n.a.t.c.hed down from the sky, affecting the entire s.p.a.ce. Tu Feng couldn't sneak away.

At this moment, Shi Yan opened his eyes wider as he was apparently reluctant.

He had never devoured the soul altar at Ethereal G.o.d Realm before. He understood that once he swallowed Tu Feng's soul altar and refined it, it would be a great help to him.

However, he wasn't so sure if he could endure it or not. If it was greater than his endurance, the effect would perhaps be reversed.

He was hesitant, struggling in his mind.

"We can't let his soul altar flee. Or else, all of us wouldn't be able to escape Blood Halberd's pursuit." Leona shouted with a cold, brutal face. "Crush his soul altar!"

Fei Lan and Na Xin had tried their best to break Tu Feng's soul altar. However, Tu Feng's realm was profound at Ethereal G.o.d Realm. After his soul altar had left his G.o.d Body, it could temporarily get rid of rules of Nature. If he tried his best to flee, Na Xin wouldn't be able to blockade him completely.

Seeing that Tu Feng's soul altar was about to get rid of Na Xin's confinement, Shi Yan finally made up his mind begrudgingly.

Touching his glabella, his three-tiered soul altar flew out. An evil aura emitted from the black hole in his soul altar while it was enlarging. It looked like a dark mouth, forcefully swallowing Tu Feng's soul altar.

Under that evil aura, Tu Feng's spinning soul altar halted.

Tu Feng's Ethereal Soul was so frightened as if it could sense some danger. It hissed inaudibly, activating all kinds power.

However, no matter how compelling his power Upanishad was, it couldn't help him flee away. The entire four-tiered soul altar was pulled into the black hole that was created by Shi Yan.

The Original Soul on Shi Yan's soul altar suddenly projected a malicious blood light from the blood mark on its forehead. The evil energy that could affect people's mind rippled, engulfing Tu Feng's four-tiered soul altar.

Tu Feng's aura disappeared completely right at the moment that the black hole devoured his soul altar.

Fei Lan and Leona were also frightened because of the evil power Shi Yan had just performed.

Tu Feng was dead. His soul altar and G.o.d Body were gone. Shi Yan had taken in the Essence Qi from his G.o.d Body and the soul energy from his soul altar.

A disorderly energy emitted from Shi Yan's G.o.d Body. Each of his acupuncture points was shivering. Negative energy diffused thickly. His skeleton resounded cracking sounds unceasingly as if he had firecrackers installed in his body.


The headband on Ka Tuo's forehead suddenly exploded, revealing a blood mark.


The same blood mark appeared on Leona's forehead.

Fei Lan emerged right after her.

The wrinkles on her forehead stretched as the identical blood mark emerged visibly...

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Beams of blood light shot out from Shi Yan's seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points. They turned into pure energy, flowing to the blood mark on the forehead of Ka Tuo, Leona, and Fei Lan.

At the same time, bright light dots filled Shi Yan's soul altar. They were vigorous vitality. The crystal clear soul altar also entered the blood marks on their forehead like fireflies.

The three of them were worried as they didn't know what was happening.

However, when the blood light and soul energy light dogs entered their blood mark, their eyes brightened up instantly. They were thrilled.

From Shi Yan as the fountain, blood light from his acupuncture points and the soul energy from the black hole in his soul altar diverged into four beams: one flooded Shi Yan's body, and the other three poured into the other three's blood marks respectively.

Fei Lan took most of the mysterious energy, and then Leona. Ka Tuo and Shi Yan had received almost the same proportion.

The four of them all had the same blood mark. However, the other three had their marks on their forehead while Shi Yan had it on his Original Soul.

Apparently, Shi Yan was the giver. He kept and gave away energy. Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo had received the excess energy that Shi Yan couldn't absorb.

There were around one hundred warriors on the Blood Halberd battleship and many of them were at King G.o.d Realm. They had around ten Original G.o.d Realm experts and one Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert, which was Tu Feng. After they had been killed, Shi Yan had discreetly harvested their Essence Qi and soul altars.

It seemed like he couldn't take in such an enormous amount of surging energy.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo shared something in common with him. All of them had the identical blood mark and this blood mark was able to receive Shi Yan's energy directly. At the moment his energy was emitted, they connected to him proactively.

The battleship had many damages, floating silently in the galaxy.

Shi Yan, Leona, Fei Lan, and Ka Tuo stood in different corners of the battleship where Shi Yan was the core, releasing this mysterious energy. Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo used the blood mark to share his energy.

Time seemed to stop moving.

Shi Yan's G.o.d Body and the black hole in his soul altar were still refining and filtering energy, releasing energy to the other three.

A giant figure emerged from a gloomy area. It was Na Xin.

Frowning, Na Xin looked at the four people on the battleship, his face complicated. It was unknown what he was thinking, but his eyes were filled with fear.

He told everybody to leave and to not come near the battleship. He asked them to wait in an area where they couldn't see the battleship.

However, Na Xin had approached and watched in silence.

And his observation lasted three days.

Three days later, Shi Yan, the fountain of energy, had stopped releasing the two mysterious kinds of energy. Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, and Leona didn't say anything, closing their eyes and meditating on the battleship.

After the three of them had quieted down, Shi Yan also sat down cross-legged. The energy around his body gradually ceased, but it still surged from time to time inside his G.o.d Body.

Na Xin came, standing by the battleship and watching them. He stared at the blood marks on their forehead.

Several days later.

Shi Yan woke up first, but he didn't move. He just observed the other three as if he was considering something.

He finally knew why the owner of the Blood Vein Ring would become the Master of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight.

It wasn't simply because it was the great realm and power. Instead, it was because this person could help his eight escorts increase their realm and power endlessly!

Through the blood marks, that person could diverge the refined energy from Essence Qi and soul altars he has taken in. He could distribute the energy to each of them separately!

The blood mark was the only thing that they used to receive the magical energy from this person. As long as the eight escorts of Bloodthirsty followed him in the same way, they would receive benefits from him after each b.l.o.o.d.y battle. Just like him, their realms would be enhanced tremendously.

The Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight had supernatural power Upanishad, and they could receive energy and pure soul energy from the Master to refine their soul altar. How could they not become even more powerful?

He understood now.

Also, Shi Yan could now confirm that Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, and Leona, the three warriors with the inheritance and the blood mark, would never leave him!

Even if they didn't call him Master, they would always act as his most loyal servants. They would honestly and dedicatedly serve him and protect him. They would even sell their lives to him.

Because he could bestow them everything!

In any star area, power and realm were the most irresistible gifts, the best things that people had ever yearned for.

After several days later, Leona, Fei Lan, and Ka Tuo gradually woke up.

Ka Tuo opened his eyes and spoke, "I'm about to break through to Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm." He looked at Shi Yan, his eyes showing his sincere grat.i.tude.

Leona chuckled, glancing at Fei Lan. "Auntie, I think... you don't want to leave Shi Yan anymore, right?"

Fei Lan nodded, squinting as she was smiling. "Even if someone beats me up."

Only the three of them could know what benefits this harvest had given them after this experience.

"Hey guys, I've seen... the mark on your forehead..." Na Xin contemplated and then lowered his voice. "It was around one thousand years ago when I saw a man with the same mark. He was an intimidating expert!"

Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo all looked at him.

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