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The battle happened faster than Shi Yan thought.

On this battleship, the strongest warrior was the person at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Na Xin had subdued him right from the start. As he couldn't wiggle, he had no free time to care about others.

Fei Lan was also at Ethereal G.o.d Realm. She could kill almost all the warriors in this battle except for that guy.

The battle favored one side.

Only Fei Lan herself could trouble the Blood Halberd on this battle, making it seem as if the sky was falling on their heads. She had killed half of them.

Leona was at Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm with an extraordinary power Upanishad. She was infamous for raising blood showers wherever she pa.s.sed. She had ma.s.sacred many times in the dark.

Shi Yan killed Ao Gu Duo and then ran around the battleship to absorb Essence Qi of the dead. He released the black hole to swallow the soul altar from the dead too.

After he had reached Original G.o.d Realm, seven hundred twenty acupuncture points in his body had upgraded. Now, he could absorb more Essence Qi.

On his way, Essence Qi flowed into him like currents of a flood. His acupuncture points took all of them.

It felt so good! He had never had such a feeling before.

The black hole swallowed the soul altars and refined them, releasing pure energy and giving a tonic to his soul altar. It made his soul altar comfortable and refreshed.

He guided a part of that kind of energy to the Blood Vein Ring. He knew that the ring needed it. When the Ring Spirit woke up, it could give him further direction for his development.

A graceful figure ran away from the back deck of the battleship, trying to sneak towards the Broken Star Field's direction.

Shi Yan was startled. He hissed and then dashed after her.

Swinging the divine sword, the blood sea emerged again. It looked like countless cl.u.s.ters of blood clouds blocking that figure.

Shi Yan flashed and then disappeared like a beam of blood light. He reappeared in that blood sea.

"Where are you going?" Holding the huge sword, he stared at that woman, asking coldly.

"Little brother, why do you need to kill us all? I don't have any grudge against you guys... You... please show me mercy?" Monica's charming face shivered, trying to look vulnerable. "I'm also a pitiful warrior. Everybody comes from the Raging Flame Star Area right? Just consider that we used to be on the same side."

"Sorry, I have my reasons to kill you. This time... I can't make mistakes." Shi Yan shook his head, his eyes cold.

Strange light sparkled in Monica's beautiful eyes. She suddenly danced at her spot, her thin silky dress floaty. She looked stunningly charming, licking her succulent red lips and trying to be cute, "Let me serve you..."

She c.o.c.ked her head, beaming a beautiful smile. She was like a flame attempting to enter masculine bodies and give men the best sensual pleasure.

On the other side of the battleship, Fei Lan threw a glance, frowning. "That s.l.u.t knows Mind power Upanishad and seducing technique. That kid is indeed vigorous. Can he stand it?"

She was asking Leona.

"He'll be alright," Leona's eyes were gloomy and cold. "As he has inherited the strongest power Upanishad, his mind should be firm enough. If he sinks in that seducing technique, it means that our precursor was wrong about him."

Fei Lan nodded. "Yeah, that's true. When he killed Ao Gu Duo, he made it clear and clean. He didn't look like a fool. Okay then. We won't care about him. We should start chewing the toughest bone."

Leona nodded.

Immediately, they looked at Tu Feng, the First Sky Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert who was sitting cross-legged.

Tu Feng was bound by Na Xin's Ethereal Extent. At this moment, he was enduring with pain. Sweat beaded his forehead. It looked like he was trying his best to resist.

Fei Lan and Leona exchanged looks and then moved like ghosts towards Tu Feng. Their Corrosive power Upanishad and Dark power Upanishad were released almost at the same time, looming over Tu Feng.

Tu Feng's body shook. He opened his eyes wide as a cruel smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.


The mountains floating above his G.o.d Body pressed down with the weight of billions of jin. (1 jin = 0.5 kg = 1,1 lbs)


Tu Feng's G.o.d Body exploded. He became exhausted immediately, thundering at the void. "Na Xin! You court death! The Giant Tribe will come to an end because of your actions today!"

Na Xin's eyes became cold while he was floating in a dark place in the void. He was struggling inwardly.

"If he dies, your Giant Tribe can avoid a disaster. If he's alive, you guys will have a lot of trouble!" Feng Rao was calm, giving a suggestion. "You're on it. Why do you have to tie your hands? For the future of the Giant Tribe, I think... he must die!"

Na Xin was struck. He finally got it and nodded, "Alright. I'm going to break the rules that the Giant Tribe has kept for tens of thousands of years. I will kill him!"

He finally used his power.

Transparent sharp sabers with the power of Five Elements were formed in his Ethereal Extent.

Abruptly, countless sabers darted from the sky like a sprinkle, thrusting Tu Feng's G.o.d Body.

Fei Lan looked solemn as the erosive energy was shot out from her ten fingers. It looked like she had released ten eccentric snakes winding around Tu Feng.

Leona squinted, slapping the air. A Dark Sky descended, hanging above Tu Feng's head.

Tu Feng's Sea of Consciousness had no light remaining. His soul and the soul altar seemed to have separated. They lost the rotary connection.

This meant that Tu Feng was officially over. He had no hope of surviving.

On the other side of the battleship, Monica was so inviting as she gently got undressed, showing her snow-white, flawless body that looked like a piece of dazzling, exquisite porcelain art.

She was dancing swiftly. Layers of soul energy rippled and surged. Beautiful sceneries appeared in her G.o.d Domain. Many maidens in different bearings emerged. They were trying to show their best attractive features as if they wanted to drag any man into their warm, soft, and fragranced body and never leave.

Her Mind power Upanishad could put the warrior's mind in disarray and sink his soul and Sea of Consciousness.

"Is this fun?" Shi Yan asked calmly. The divine sword in his hand shot out a beam of blood light, which then shattered the beautiful sceneries with the charming maidens.

"Soul Bind!"

Shi Yan's eyes were garnet with a devil light. Negative energy gushed out like a raging flood as he attacked Monica.

Only with the first look at his eyes, Monica felt like she had fallen into an endless blood sea. She wiggled in the dense blood plasma hopelessly.

Although she used Mind power Upanishad, she was affected by Shi Yan's negative moods. She couldn't keep her mind clear and sound anymore.

She didn't know that Shi Yan had absorbed a lot of Essence Qi from the dead in this battle. His seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points had generated abundant and dense negative moods like a vast sea. He was about to crack.

Her appearance drained Shi Yan. As they were gazing at each other, the multiplied negative moods were sent directly to Monica.

Ordinary people couldn't endure so many negative moods at the same time. Monica understood Mind power Upanishad, so her sensibility was much more powerful. It meant that she had to bear multiplied energy of the negative moods.

Monica couldn't stabilize her soul, sinking in the illusion of the blood sea. She couldn't use her own energy to get rid of it.

"You're dead," Shi Yan lowered his voice, muttering. His voice brought negative moods, overflowing Monica's Sea of Consciousness.

Monica's eyes became gloomy. Her vitality drifted away rapidly. Her smooth, soft body gradually paled, losing its blush that showed good health.

Her vitality seemed to be drained away. She didn't feel anything and she looked as if she was happy to die.

Shortly after, her charming body was as pale as a sheet of white paper. The last beam of light in her eyes vanished.

Her soul altar was struggling in the sea of blood, unable to fly away. Shi Yan released his black hole to engulf her soul altar.

She was at the same realm with Ao Gu Duo and Shi Yan could also take her life away easily. He had used the negative energy to intrude her soul altar and the Sea of Consciousness. Slowly, he s.n.a.t.c.hed her vitality. Monica turned into a cold corpse.

Floating in front of Monica, Shi Yan squinted while taking in Essence Qi that gushed out from her dead body. He left immediately without a bit of hesitation, returning to the battleship.

On the battleship, Tu Feng was covered by darkness. He was corroded and subdued by the Ethereal Extent. Being killed was just a matter of time.

Holding the divine sword in his hand, he walked between piles of corpses. His wrist flickered as he freed the pirates from their binds.

He suddenly paused.

Standing ahead of him were Bi Tian, Allard, and Bi Rao. They were looking at him bewilderedly.

Staying by Bi Tian, alchemist Jester frowned as he got absorbed into his thoughts.

"Why did you follow them?" Shi Yan sighed.

Bi Tian turned around to look at Allard and Bi Rao, speaking calmly, "I wanted to seize a chance for them to survive. If I followed them, they don't need to work. Of course without them, perhaps I would have still followed them. I'm a weak warrior and weak warriors have to depend on the strong ones to survive. I had no choice."

Shi Yan kept silent.

"I will remember your favor today." Bi Tian looked at him, speaking seriously, "If I can survive, I will pay you back for your favor. I believe that if I have time, even if I'm in the Agate Star Area, I can still thrive."

"If you don't mind, you can go to the Old Orchid Star. My fellows are all there," invited Shi Yan.

"Okay, I have no place to go anyway," Bi Tian smiled begrudgingly.

Pausing for a while, he looked at Jester and then spoke all of a sudden, "Jester had contacted me when I was in Heaven Punishment City. He used to receive favors from the Hegemon of the Underworld League. Of course, it's not important today, but I still wanted to tell you that."

Shi Yan was surprised.

Jester woke up from his thoughts, smiling embarra.s.sedly. "I followed the Hegemon for a while. I departed with you guys as he had asked me. However, I can't return to the Raging Flame Star Area now. I hope you won't mind things in the past."

He was an insider of the Underworld League among the Pirates. They had plotted something. However, man proposes and G.o.d disposes of. Nothing would matter now.

"It's okay. You should follow me from now on," Shi Yan chuckled.

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