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Chapter 92 - The Gate of Heaven Appears
“Can we talk about the treasure map now?”
After the various masters divided all the valuable items on the Nine-headed Sky Snake, the Lord of the Dark World, Zou Zi He suddenly spoke.
The sky was slowly getting dark, and soon night fell.
In the Valley, everyone was frowning, not a single person seemed relaxed.
Beiming Shang and Zou Zi He both looked at Chi Xiao.
“Mr. Chi Xiao, you wouldn’t refuse to allow us to partic.i.p.ate, right?” Beiming Shang said casually.
Chi Xiao’s expression changed. He was standing there and thinking deeply. He glanced first at Xia Xin Yan, then at Zhua Qi, and felt a bit hesitant.
Xia Xin Yan was slowly recovering after taking a Nutrition Pill. But she was still far away from being completely recovered.
At this moment, the opposite side had two Sky Realm warriors. However, with Chi Xiao and Zhua Qi at only at eighty percent strength, it was predetermined that they would be at a disadvantage.
“Let’s take it out and have a look together, we haven’t been able to find the Gate of Heaven anyway.” Xia Xin Yan said in an indifferent and relaxed manner.
“Miss Xia Xin Yan knows about onset and retreat, truly you are someone who can achieve great things.” Beiming Shang nodded, and then told Xia Xin Yan with a straight face, “Miss Zia, the Beiming family has only come for the treasure map, we don’t want to make enemies with the Misty Pavilion. After this, no matter what the outcome, the Beiming family will never bother the Misty Pavilion even a bit.”
Xia Xin Yan was from the Endless Sea, and with just being at the Third Sky of the Disaster Realm, she could utilise her martial spirit to immediately reach the Sky Realm! This little girl was already this powerful, how powerful would her background would be?
Beiming Shang held a lot of fear towards warriors from the Endless Sea. If not as a last resort, he didn’t want to have a hostile relationship with Xia Xin Yan.
“I also came for the treasure map.” Not a single trace of emotion could be seen on Xia Xin Yan’s eyes as she spoke, “After the business with the treasure map is finished, we will return to the Endless Sea. As long as the Misty Pavilion is not provoked, we from the Endless Sea wouldn’t bother to come to such a remote area.”
“That would be for the best.” Beiming Shang said.
“I’ll warn you beforehand though, even if there may be incredible treasure in the Gate of Heaven, it will also be infested with unimaginable dangers!” Xia Xin Yan hesitated for a moment, then said, “There hasn’t been an appearance of the Gate of Heaven in your area, so your understanding of the Gate is only limited to rumors, you may be aware of only one side of the coin, and not the other.”
“Any further details would be appreciated.”
Whether it be Beiming Shang or Zou Zi He from the Dark World, they both zoned out for a second, then looked at Xia Xin Yan with serious expressions.
Indeed, in the G.o.d Blessed Empire, the Fire Empire, and the Merchant Union, the legend of the Gate of Heaven had spread. However, there had never been an appearance of the Gate of Heaven in these three nations, which is why when this treasure map appeared, it attracted the attention of so many forces.
Chi Xiao, Zhua Qi, and Han Feng also expectantly looked at Xia Xin Yan. They were also full of curiosity about the secrets to the Gate of Heaven.
“In the Endless Sea, not only does the Gate of Heaven exist, but there’s more than one! But, every Gate of Heaven bears the greatest dangers!”
Xia Xin Yan took a deep breath; there was a rare seriousness in her expression. She said with a deep voice, “The Gate of Heaven leads to the G.o.d Domain. The G.o.d Domain contains unimaginable mysteries, but every G.o.d Domain is also extremely frightening! Usually when a warrior enters, there’s a very low chance of coming back alive! Whether it be the Fourth Demon Area, the Sevenfold Underworld, or the Abyss Battlefield, none of them could be entered by ordinary people!”
“Fourth Demon Area!”
“Sevenfold Underworld!”
“Abyss Battlefield!”
Coming from Xia Xin Yan’s mouth, the names related to the Gate of Heaven and the G.o.d Domain of the Endless Sea made everyone present in the Valley astonished; they secretly felt stunned.
“I came this time only to see what mysterious G.o.d Domain this Gate of Heaven leads to. Unknown domains could lead to terrifying and mysterious places that may devour everything. You better get prepared beforehand!” Xia Xin Yan looked around and said coldly, “Inside the G.o.d Domains that have appeared in the Endless Sea, there were powerful beings that were as powerful as the Spirit Realm. And there were more than one of them! If there are such beings in this G.o.d Domain too, and you all want to rashly break in, hmph! Don’t expect to come out alive!”
Xia Xin Yan’s words raised a storm of shock in everyone’s minds.
Whether it be Beiming Shang, Zou Zi He, Chi Xiao, or Zhua Qi, they were all suddenly stunned, their expressions aghast.
Spirit Realm beings? And more than one!
What kind of concept was this?
If the G.o.d Domain accessed from this Gate of Heaven also has a being of this of level, who in this whole valley can say that they will get out alive?
The entire valley was silent.
“What, are you all afraid?” Xia Xin Yan sneered.
“No matter what, I still have to go in and take a look.” Zou Zi He’s lips were a bit dry, but after a long silence, he then said, “Or else, how would we know what’s inside? Miss Xia is only at the Third Sky of the Disaster Realm and still dares to come, what are we afraid of?”
When Zou Zi He put it that way, everyone finally realized.
Xia Xin Yan came this time obviously because she wanted to enter the G.o.d Domain too. She knew the dangers of the G.o.d Domain, but still dared to come, was it that she really came to die?
Thinking this way, everyone all felt that Xia Xin Yan was only scaring them. Maybe the G.o.d Domain wasn’t even that dangerous.
“I have said what needed to be said, you guys can figure it out yourselves.” Xia Xin Yan nodded at Chi Xiao, “You can take out the treasure map now.”
Chi Xiao knew that it would be hard to avoid Beiming Shang and Zou Zi He, so with frustration, he could only take the treasure map out from his chest pocket.
Beiming Shang and Zou Zi He hurriedly moved closer, and gathered around the treasure map to examine it.
“The treasure map only marked one point in the Yin Valley, which is pointing to this place here, but there’s nothing there.” Zhua Qi scowled, and said coldly, “I’ve gone around many times in the valley before and even used my soul perception to scan the movements underground. But there’s nothing at all, is this treasure map fake?”
“Can’t be fake.” Xia Xin Yan said with certainty, but she did not explain.
Everyone knew that she came from the Endless Sea and her understanding of the Gate of Heaven and the G.o.d Domain was above their own. Upon hearing her say that, everyone immediately stopped worrying, and they all stared intensely at that treasure map. Each one was in deep thoughts, and paced around in the Yin Valley, as if trying to figure out the location of the Gate of Heaven.
Shi Yan was standing with Han Feng and Ku Long; he didn’t get mixed into the business. He just coldly observed these people’s reactions, and occasionally glanced at Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan.
Mu Yu Die and Beiming Ce stood together. Sometimes they would both chat and laugh quietly about something, and sometimes Mu Yu Die would simply press her lips and smile.
Di Yalan was still drowning in happiness, her hands tightly gripping the fire demon crystal and her face full of excitement. The look on her face was clearly showing her impatience to start absorbing the energy in the demon crystal then and there, so that she could nourish her Martial Spirit right away.
Time pa.s.sed quickly.
All the Sky Realm masters in the valley looked worried. They frowned and pondered about the secrets of the treasure map, but no one could figure out the location of the Gate of Heaven.
Soon, the day pa.s.sed and it was night time.
Twinkling bright stars appeared in the darkness.
Slowly, more stars appeared in the night sky…
And finally, an array of stars filled the entire night sky.
Suddenly, the treasure map clutched in Zhua Qi’s hand started to light up!
Everyone’s faces changed, and their eyes immediately went to the treasure map.
The treasure map escaped Zhua Qi’s hold. It slowly rose in the sky, higher and higher, and very soon it was floating in the sky above the Yin Valley.
A ma.s.s of strange power suddenly rippled from inside the treasure map!
The light of the stars seem to have been drawn in by the power of the map. Like raindrops, the bright starlight suddenly poured down from the sky and onto the treasure map.
The treasure map suddenly blew to pieces and a fist-sized clear demon crystal abruptly appeared out of thin air!
A strange power filled the whole Yin Valley, and the demon crystal gleamed with light, clear and bright as a quartz.
Inside the demon crystal was a sluggish-looking little person, his body glowed with light, and his expression extremely miserable.
Zhua Qi suddenly screamed. He unbelievably looked at the little person inside the demon crystal, and roared, “Father! I am Zhua Qi! Father!”
“The demon crystal of the Level 8 Mud Dragon!”
Chi Xiao also exclaimed, his expression in awe.
In the valley, one by one the warriors raised their heads to look up at the sky. They all looked appalled, not knowing what happened.
The little person inside the demon crystal didn’t seem to hear Zhua Qi’s voice, it stayed in the demon crystal looking dazed.
The Level 8 demon crystal became brighter and brighter, and a strange ma.s.s of power suddenly rippled out from it.
Di Yalan exclaimed, and sweetly shouted, “My demon crystal!”
The Nine-headed Sky Snake demon crystal that was tightly clenched in her hand suddenly flew up, and rose to the sky.
At the same time, the eight newly acquired demon crystals held by Beiming Shang, Zou Zi He, Chi Xiao, Zhua Qi, and Xia Xin Yan, all escaped from their grasp. One by one they soared into the sky, revolving around the Level 8 demon crystal that contained the spirit of the Mud Dragon.
Colorful strange lights shone from the ten demon crystals in the sky, and brightened the whole Yin Valley.
In the valley, the snake blood that bled from the Nine-headed Sky Snake moved as if it was alive, forming into a river of blood that flowed inside the valley.
The b.l.o.o.d.y river was like a mysterious paint brush.
With its metallic odor, the blood separated into different flows, and like a blood snake, it swiftly moved across the ground of the valley.
Soon, with the blood of the Nine-headed Sky Snake as the catalyst, a strange pattern drawn by blood magically appeared on the ground.
“Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom! Boom!”
The ten demon crystals in the sky exploded together, forming into ten beams of light, and suddenly drew into the strange pattern on the ground.
The galaxy-like strange pattern abruptly flashed strange lights. The starlight from the night sky came down from the sky, and also infused into the pattern.
In the middle of the great galaxy-like pattern, strange lights quickly gathered together, thousands of light spots condensed together, and slowly formed into a blindingly bright door of light.
The Gate of Heaven had appeared!
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Moto, Chancs and Vick

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