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A battleship made of some jade-like, transparent bones more than two thousand meters long and four hundred meters wide was moving silently in the void.

Lines of bone pillars stood along both sides of the battleship. A warrior was tied to each pole by some kind of beast's tendon. There were several thousand warriors and most of them were at True G.o.d Realm or King G.o.d Realm.

The battleship emerged from a dark area, flying towards the Broken Star Field.

Shi Yan and Na Xin's team came from another direction. They met each other here all of a sudden.

That battleship had a hexagonal flag, which drew a symbol of a trident made of three b.l.o.o.d.y swords. It seemed to represent some force.

"Troopers of 'Blood Halberd,' a force in the Far West region. This force is formed by many members of different races. It's a potent force in the Broken Star Field. They often send mine slaves to exploit ores." Na Xin glared at the battleship and slowly explained, "Troopers of Blood Halberd are tough. People in the Far West region don't like them since they are multiracial and they don't have a limit in their operations."

Along the journey, Na Xin had explained to Shi Yan about the outline of forces and components of this Far West region, giving him a better understanding of the area.

The Far West region had many races living together. It had Demon Clan, mighty Monster Clan, many Human Tribes, and the exclusive pagans of the Agate Star Area. The Demon Clan and Monster Clan here were the relatively intimidating branches with different organizations. Blood Halberd was one of them, a famous one, anyway.

The Master of Blood Halberd was an expert at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, a brutal character of the Far West.

This man recruited experts from different races. He didn't mind this. As long as his troopers dedicated their efforts, no matter what they've done, he would still use them.

That battleship belonged to the Master of Blood Halberd.

"The closer we get to the Broken Star Field, the more battleships we will encounter heading there. Blood Halberd is just one of them. We will see more," explained Na Xin.

Shi Yan smiled.

As they were heading to the same destination, Shi Yan's team was getting closer to that battleship. After a while, they could even see the warriors who were tied to the pillars.

"Ge Bu!" All of a sudden, Feng Rao changed her face, hissing.

She focused, taking a deep breath and watching the battleships and the warriors tied there. She grimaced. "Lu Xiu, Po Nan, Arthur..."

Feng Rao's soft body shivered, "They are Blue Demon's pirates!"

Hearing her, Shi Yan became grim, frowning. The light in his eyes looked so real as he focused on the battleship.

Those Blood Halberd's mine slaves were tied by beast tendon on the bone poles. There were thousands of them. However, they could spot some familiar faces: the pirates who had been with them.

Shi Yan darkened his face.

When they came here from G.o.d Perishing Land, Shi Yan's team and Fei Lan arrived in the same area while Feng Ke and Fan He didn't land on the Old Orchid Star.

They didn't expect to meet the others in this place. However, their friends' condition wasn't good...

"Do you know those people?" Na Xin lowered his voice and asked.

Shi Yan nodded.

"They will be pathetic," Na Xin was serious. "The Blood Halberd troopers will bring them to the most dangerous area to exploit ores. One out of ten survives with the best luck. I think half of them will die and the other half who survive will be imprisoned and sent to the more dangerous area. Eventually, no one will be left alive."

Listening to him, Feng Rao paled. "My father... He might be there too!"

"Yeah. He's tied on the other side of the battleship. They are especially watching him. Their jailers are... Ao Gu Duo's team" said Fei Lan.

She was at Ethereal G.o.d Realm so she could observe the blind corner where Shi Yan and the others couldn't see using a unique method. "Almost all of the Pirates who survived G.o.d Perishing Land are confined on the battleship. But Ao Gu Duo and Fan He's teams aren't tied down. They must have followed the other."

Feng Rao's soft body shivered. Tears lingered in her eyes as she looked at Shi Yan.

"Precursor," Shi Yan pondered for a while and then asked Na Xin sincerely, "How powerful is Blood Halberd?"

"It's famous in the Far West region. Our Giants don't want to provoke them. What do you want?" Na Xin frowned.

"You guys sense the battleship to see which is the highest realm the warriors have there?" Shi Yan turned to Fei Lan.

Fei Lan closed her eyes to sense.

Na Xin pondered for a while and then started to sense.

Shortly after, Na Xin spoke up, "One warrior at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm."

"Yeah, that is also what I found," said Fei Lan.

"Please save my father. Shi Yan, please. I'm begging you!" Feng Rao begged him. Tears rolled down on her face.

"Precursor!" Shi Yan bent his body, asking seriously, "Please give us a hand!"

He looked at Fei Lan.

Fei Lan kept silent for a while and then nodded, "I have no problem with that. But if Oldie Na Xin doesn't help us, we can't endure it."

Everybody looked at Na Xin.

Na Xin furrowed his brows tightly. "This battleship has only one First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert, but the Blood Halberd's competence isn't this simple. We don't want to provoke them. Sigh, give me more time to think."

The other side of the battleship.

Feng Ke was tied to a bone pole, his hair disheveled, his face dusty, and his eyes exhausted. Blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth. He seemed to have gotten badly hurt.

Not far from him were more pirates tied to the bone poles. They couldn't even wiggle. The beast tendon squeezed, sinking into their flesh. The more they struggled, the more blood shot out. It was utterly painful.

Ao Gu Duo clasped his fists, standing aside and sneering. "Feng Ke, think about it. If you follow Blood Halberd, at least you won't die. Your realm isn't low. Haha, if you don't want to, you won't avoid this perishing fate."

Monica, one of the Commanders of the Underworld League, smiled seductively, "Feng Ke dage, you should think about it, really. As long as you can survive, why do you care about so many things? This place isn't the Raging Flame Star Area. You don't need to consider your reputation too much."

A gleam of brutal resentment sparkled in Feng Ke's tired eyes. "I will say the same. I will follow you if you free all of my brothers. I don't want them to be mine slaves!"

"We reported to our Master. He doesn't agree." Monica sighed. "Your brothers have low realms. They aren't worth his attention. At the same time, he's short on mine slaves. However, he guarantees that warriors at Second or Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm can be like you. They don't need to work as mine slaves. As long as you give us a nod."

"No!" Feng Ke shook his head persistently. "Unless all of my brothers are safe, I will never agree!"

"You dumb stubborn-headed idiot! I won't care about you anymore. You deserve it!" Monica snorted and then moved away swiftly and gently as if she was dancing. She put on an inviting smile when she came to talk to a lanky Dark Spirit Clan man.

That man was the one in charge of this battleship, the only First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm warriors, Tu Feng.

"Little beauty, what did he say?" Tu Feng smiled until his eyes narrowed. He stretched out his hand, striking Monica's waist, which was as slim as a bee's waist. "You're looking delicious. When we get to the Broken Star Field, I will give you something good."

"Then I have to thank you in advance, dage." Monica smiled charmingly. However, she spoke to him begrudgingly, "He is the same. He wants us to let all of his brothers live well. That is how he will agree to follow us."

"This man fails to appreciate my kindness?!" Tu Feng sneered, "Our Master needs more mine slaves. What's good keeping his trash brothers? Of course, they will become mine slaves! If I didn't consider his competence, I would have killed him already. Okay, when we arrived at the Broken Star Field, if he's still stubborn, he will become a mine slave too. I'll let him die in the most dangerous area."

"Dage, you have to love me. You have to say good things about me to our Master. I don't want to do laborious work." Monica said charmingly as she proactively stepped forward like a slithering water snake. Her milky b.r.e.a.s.t.s caressed Tu Feng's arm.

Tu Feng enjoyed it, his smile becoming lecherous. "Don't worry. How can I let you work hard? I don't even dare to use more force to protect you when you're in my arms."

Monica felt content. Her smile bloomed invitingly, her bearings seducing.

"If I help you, I will bear the flame of energy from the Master of Blood Halberd. It will bring disaster on the heads of our clansmen," Na Xin pondered for a while and then forced a smile, shaking his head continually.

"Who will know about this?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"Of course, they will know. After we rescued them, someone will leave and report to their superior," said a Giant uneasily.

"Haven't you suffered enough?" Shi Yan put on a cold and harsh visage, his eyes chilled. "Did I say I would let them leave alive? You Giants are nice and kind, but I'm not. If I want to attack, I won't spare anyone. I won't let the news spread."

Na Xin and the Giants changed their countenance.

"There are almost one hundred of them. Do you want to kill them all? You... how could you?" the Giant spoke again.

"Precursor, I only need your help with one thing," Shi Yan took a deep breath, "You help us hold that First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm warrior back. You confine him for a while. Just leave the rest to us."

Since Fei Lan was at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, when the strongest expert of the opponent was held down, even if they had one hundred members, they wouldn't be able to resist Shi Yan's slaughter. Leona at Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm also provided powerful support. She could damage them severely in just a blink.

As he knew each other's competence, Shi Yan was confident.

"If you just need me to... restrain that one for a while, oh okay. I can help you." Na Xin frowned, "But we won't help you ma.s.sacre people. It's hard for us to kill weak people unless it's to defend ourselves."

"Okay then," Shi Yan's face became colder. Turning to Fei Lan, he said, "I hope you guys can clear them all."

"How about Ao Gu Duo and the others?" Carthew said softly, "He used to be a member of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation."

"Kill! I'll do it myself!" Shi Yan said without any hesitation. He grinned, "It's time to accomplish my pledge from that year."

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