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Grand mountain range.

A beefy Giant lay on the ground in the mountain. He looked pale and exhausted.

Standing next to him were five Giant soldiers. They also had wounds all over their body. They stooped not saying anything, their face dismal.

Xiao Man kneeled on the ground; his eyes were watery as he sobbed and called, "Dad."

The Giant Tribe lived in the Old Orchid Star. Their population was just several hundred. Na Xin was the only Tribal Oldie and the one who had the highest realm at the Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

Na Xin was the only Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm warrior of the Giant Tribe.

Under his command was Xiao Man's father, Zhen Gu, the current Chief of the Giant Tribe. He had the First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm cultivation base. In the Far West of the Agate Star Area, he had quite the reputation.

At this moment, Zhen Gu was hurt severely, which was mainly from the damage in his soul altar. His eyes were dim and reflected no light.

When Shi Yan, Jester, and Li Xiao arrived, Na Xin was frowning, asking the five wounded soldiers to explain the situation.

Listening to the soldiers, Na Xin grimaced as rage filled his eyes.

After Shi Yan had arrived, he just listened, not partic.i.p.ating in their conservation.

Shortly after, he knew what had happened.

The Old Orchid Star was in the Far West of the Agate Star Area, one of the most remote areas in this star area. There were around ten life stars near the Old Orchid Star where the members of the Demon Clan and the Monster Clan dwelled.

Besides this Far West area, there was another strange place: Broken Star Field.

Broken Star Field was in the center of the ten life stars in the Far West. Rumor said that it was formed by countless pieces of dead stars. The Broken Star Field was rich with special cultivating materials. Some people used to find Original Incipient Grade materials there.

Because of this reason, many lived around this area and warriors from other regions of the Agate Star Area would also often come to the Broken Star Field to collect materials.

The Giant Tribe often went to the Broken Star Field to find some special materials to exchange for divine crystals or something suitable for their cultivation.

Anyway, the Broken Star Field wasn't a peaceful place. It was very chaotic.

A group of lazy bandits in the Broken Star Field who didn't want to work often robbed the weak forces when they had found something special. This bandit group were dominant forces, so they were confident enough.

Zhen Gu had brought ten Giant soldiers on that trip. They had found a valuable Heaven Fiery Crystal. However, a force came to rob the fruit of their labor before they could harvest the crystals.

Of course, Zhen Gu and the Giants wouldn't let them do that. They burst out fighting. The Giants won.

However, the Giants were always kind and friendly. They didn't destroy the others and instead let them leave. Shortly afterward, the bandits came back with more support.

They had prepared for a new battle. Zhen Gu and his Giant fellows were beaten up.

Not only did the attackers occupy the Heaven Fiery Crystal mine but they also damaged the Giants badly. They had captured seven Giants and asked Zhen Gu to give one hundred thousand top-quality divine crystals to exchange for one Giant.

If they didn't submit enough divine crystals, they wouldn't let the hostages go. Those Giants would become their mine slaves forever.

That force had two leaders. Both of them were at the Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Zhen Gu and his Giants weren't their equal opponents. They retreated, defeated.

Zhen Gu had his soul altar damaged badly. His condition was awful and it would take a lot of time to recover. Although they had Na Xin, they had only one Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. If they had to fight, they would be defeated again.

"Seven Giants mean seven hundred thousand top-quality divine crystals. We can't give so many divine crystals like that," one of the wounded soldiers gritted his teeth. "Tribal Oldie, we should risk our lives and fight them! I know where their base is!"

Na Xin was worried. He didn't smile as he used to do. Light sparkled in his eyes continually as if he was considering something.

After a while, Na Xin sighed weakly. "They have two Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts. Our tribe has only me at this level. Zhen Gu was able to fight once. But he's hurt now. If we have to fight them, nothing good will happen."

As the tribal oldie of the Giant Tribe, he knew what to consider, which was to protect the Giants. He didn't let anger confuse him.

"But we can never get seven hundred thousand divine crystals!" One of the others hissed. His eyes were bloodshot like a caged wild beast struggling painfully.

"... Tribal Oldie," Zhen Gu exhaled, his face ashen, "we can't be impulsive... We aren't... their equal matches."

Na Xin forced a smile, "I won't lose my mind. For the future of our tribe, I won't act recklessly."

He sighed. Then, he stepped forward and patted Zhen Gu by his shoulder. Glancing at Xiao Man sobbing, he smiled reluctantly. "Don't worry. I'll handle this. I won't let our fellows be humiliated by becoming the other's slaves."

". . . But seven hundred thousand divine crystals?" Zhen Gu wanted to get up, "Even if we gather all of what we have, we would still lack a lot!"

"We might have no solution if this happened sometime before. However, while you were away, some distinguished guests came," Na Xin glanced at Shi Yan, comforting them. "Don't worry. If I say I can handle it, I won't let our fellow Giants be imprisoned. I promise you!"

Listening to his solemn words, Zhen Gu could ease his mind a little bit. However, he was still confused.

"Take a good rest," Na Xin said weakly and then turned to the other five Giants, "You all too. Go rest and recover well... The children need you to live well."

"Wahhhh! Dad! I swear I will take revenge for you!" Xiao Man cried hoa.r.s.ely, clenching his fists. His eyes were watery as he said, "I will definitely become stronger. I will kill all of my Dad's enemies!"

"Good boy, good boy... I know... you will be stronger than your old man..." Zhen Gu's tired face was loving. "But you have to promise me that before you are capable, you will never act impulsively!"

"I understand! Dad, I understand! Xiao Man is a good boy!" The teenager nodded resolutely, his young and tender face filled with reverence.

Na Xin sighed inwardly, asking Zhen Gu and the other five Giants to rest. He took around ten Giants, leaving in anger.

"Oldie, no matter what you want to do, we will support you!" the ten Giants were longing for a fight. It was obvious on their kind and honest faces.

The Giant Tribe was never cowardly. Quite the contrary, they were valiant and powerful. The same level warriors weren't equal matches to the Giants.

However, there were two reasons explained why this race wasn't strong enough. First, their population was small. And their reproduction wasn't quick enough.

The other reason was their simple minds. People always took advantage of them. In many battles to compete for materials or other goods, they always fell into the disadvantageous position.

Gradually, they lost cultivating materials while enemies plotted against their members who died on the battlefield. Even if they were strong, with this kind of decrease for tens of thousands of years, they would decline.

Their tribe was gradually declining.

"Absolutely, we won't fight!" Na Xin darkened his visage. "We aren't strong enough. If we lose our members, our number will decrease even more. We've been in the disadvantageous for tens of thousands of years. If we don't change our mindset to be more patient instead of fighting recklessly, our tribe will be extinct."

Listening to him, ten muscular Giants quieted down.

"Little Yan, what do you think?" Na Xin pondered for a while. He couldn't help but turn to Shi Yan.

"If we aren't strong, we can only be patient. When we acc.u.mulate enough, it will not be too late to take revenge."

Shi Yan considered for a while and then continued to give his ideas. "We got a big harvest this time. When we can pick up twenty-three Thousand Fold Lotuses, we will bring a tremendous advancement to your Tribe. I think you guys will get stronger shortly. You still have the Evil Dragon's skull and the lumber from the Life Ancient Tree of the Wood Clan. They all can bring you immeasurable benefits. If you have time, you can take revenge after."

"Your Human Clan does have a good vision. Yeah, you... you are the clan that knows how to rest and acc.u.mulate power," Na Xin nodded, "I will decide to apply your ideas. I want to sell that lumber from the Life Ancient Tree of the Wood Clan. I think we will have enough divine crystals to pay the ransom for our fellows."

"It's true," Shi Yan smiled.

"I want to go to the Broken Star Field. Are you... interested?" asked Na Xin.

Shi Yan was bewildered.

"The Broken Star Field is the center of the Far West. It has cities and explorers from different races of the Agate Star Area. It's a kind of hustle and bustle type city. I think... After a trip to that place, you will have a better understanding of the Agate Star Area. With only my words, it's hard to understand the area," said Na Xin sincerely.

"It sounds nice. We don't have many things to do here." Shi Yan thought and then nodded with a smile. "Alright, I will go with you. Yeah, I need to arrange my people. I will bring some of them."

"Come here three days later. We will depart."


Shi Yan arrived at their temporary gathering point.

Shi Yan only told Fei Lan, Leona, Yang Tian Emperor, and Long Zhu about the discovery of the Thousand Fold Lotus and the mysterious ancient city. He asked them not to tell anyone else.

Whether it was the mysterious city or the Thousand Fold Lotus, they were critical matters that could drive people crazy with greed.

Many races from Grace Mainland weren't loyal to them. Some were their enemies previously.

If they knew about these things, it was unknown whether they would have different thoughts. They could sell Shi Yan's team out to gain more benefits.

For example, if they told the experts in the other areas of the Agate Star Area, people living in the Old Orchid Star would receive a disaster pouring on their heads.

Then, he told them he wanted to go to the Broken Star Field.

Fei Lan, Leona, Ka Tuo, Yang Tian Emperor, Zi Yao, and Feng Rao also wanted to go to open their eyes to the general situation of the Agate Star Area.

Three days later, Shi Yan brought around ten warriors to the grand mountain of the Giant Tribe. They sat neatly on the Giants' shoulder and departed from the Old Orchid Star to go to the Broken Star Field.

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