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Na Xin shook his head firmly and then forced a smile. "If this ancient city can draw earth and heaven energy continually, cultivating here can help warriors a lot... However, it's like a country of the dwarves to our Tribe. I want to consider this matter more. Let's see if we can build more houses, the ones that our fellow Giants can live in."

Apparently, he didn't want to give it up.

This ancient city was magical, indeed. However, at this moment, they didn't know much about this place. They didn't know what it was most suitable for. However, they knew that this place was very good for warriors to cultivate.

Since the Giants were also warriors, how could they give up a place that could boost their cultivation?

"How can we take the Thousand Fold Lotuses?" Shi Yan pondered, looking at Na Xin.

"They need a special container. Otherwise, their magical energy will disperse. And how to refine that container... I... I don't know." Na Xin beamed a forced smile. "I will find someone to fabricate the container. After that, we will try to take the lotuses."

"I'm a blacksmith," Shi Yan said seriously, "Tell me the materials. I can forge it for you."

"Materials?" Na Xin scratched his head, speaking begrudgingly, "I still need to ask someone."

"Alright, so we will leave the Thousand Fold Lotus for now. We're going to check this ancient city for once. Let's see if it has anything else strange."


Shi Yan, Jester, and Li Xiao formed a team, walking around the city to see if they could find anything good.

The Giants also scattered to different places of the city, raking through every corner to see if they could find anything special.

This ancient city wasn't really big. It wasn't bigger than Utmost Eight Purgatories City Shi Yan had built before.

Shi Yan's team walked East. They searched each house carefully.

Many corpses lay inside the houses. However, their skin and flesh were all gone, leaving only the decayed skeletons which scattered away at the first touch.

After tens of thousands of years buried deep under the ground of the Old Orchid Star, all things in this city had gradually lost their magical effects under the terrifying gravity.

Many skeletons still had accessories like rings and jewels. However, they were all broken. And the items they stored inside were all damaged once they were exposed. No beam of energy could be found.

Checking each house, they couldn't find anything useful. The team was disappointed.

The three of them walked to the tallest building in the East part of the city. This building was like a nine-level tower, which looked similar to a soul altar.

This tower had a large foundation and it got smaller all the way to the top.

The main gate of that building was closed, and so were the doors of the other levels. This building didn't have a single window. It was also made of the black Myriad Weighty Stone. However, there was no trace on the wall that proved that it was formed naturally.

The three of them stood by the main door, trying to push it open. However, no matter how hard they had tried, they couldn't open it.

Their Soul Consciousness couldn't seep through the stone either.

Shi Yan even took the divine sword and slashed it several times. He could only leave some shallow marked on the stone door.

"We can't break it," Jester shook his head. "This building doesn't look like other houses. It doesn't have any drawings or patterns. And it's not made of only the Myriad Weighty Stone. It should have some other strange material."

"The Myriad Weighty Stone is a top quality stone material. I don't know which material can combine with the Myriad Weighty Stone. However, I can confirm that refined Myriad Weighty Stone is the toughest material in the world." Li Xiao also expressed his agreement. "If we can't find the secret, we will never get into the place."

"Secret?" Shi Yan smiled, "All the items in this ancient city are decayed and rusted. Nothing remains. Where will we find the secret then?"

"I don't know either," Li Xiao opened his arms, indicating that he had no idea.

The three of them wandered around the tower building, trying everything they knew. However, they didn't succeed.

Begrudgingly, they could only return to the pool where grew the Thousand Fold Lotuses. At this moment, the Giants had already returned. They were discussing something loudly.

"What did you find?" Na Xin smiled, asking Shi Yan.

"A strange building that looks like a tower. It has nine levels. But we couldn't open it."

"Did you find anything special?"


"We found something."

Shi Yan's eyes brightened. "What is it?"

Na Xin unfolded his hand, smiling. "These three things. They didn't decay after tens of thousands of years. Still intact."

On his ma.s.sive palm were a huge scarlet dragon skull with a red light moving on its surface, a wood lock around the size of a brick with natural textures as complicated as lines in human palms, and a small, thin book that was yellowed like a dried leaf. The thick words in that book looked like tadpoles. Shi Yan didn't know what language it was and which race it came from.

"I know two of them," Na Xin smiled contentedly.

"Please do tell," Shi Yan was eager to learn.

"This is the skull of the most valiant and dangerous Evil Dragon, a strong branch of the Dragon Clan. This Evil Dragon could be at level 13, as strong as an Incipient G.o.d Realm warrior. Its skull hasn't decayed yet even though it has been more than tens of thousands of years. It's the toughest and most magical bone then." Pausing for a while, Na Xin smiled and continued, "To our Giants, it's a good thing. After fusing it with our G.o.d Body, we can reach a whole new level."

While he was talking, the other warriors of the Giant Tribe all looked at that Evil Dragon's skull with a great desire in their eyes.

Apparently, each soldier of the Giant Tribe knew the benefits that this skull could bring them.

Evil Dragon was one of the strongest branches of the Dragon Clan. They were famous for their tough body and bones. A level 13 Evil Dragon was extremely rare. It could be compared to an Incipient G.o.d Realm expert. The skull was the unbreakable part of the Evil Dragon. To the Giants who were good at physical training, it was the best treasure.

"What else?" asked Shi Yan.

"This lumber has a special, natural texture. If I'm not wrong, it's a piece of Life Ancient Tree of the Wood Clan." Na Xin paused for a while and then explained seriously, "Legends say that the Wood Clan was born by a mysterious ancient tree. They call it the Life Ancient Tree. The power Upanishad the Wood Clan has been cultivating comes from the wood texture of that ancient tree."

"Where is that Life Ancient Tree?" asked Shi Yan.

"I don't know. People say that it disappeared in the ancient time. The wood texture of the Life Ancient Tree is formed naturally. It's not something people could carve. The wood texture is the basic power Upanishad the Wood Clan cultivates. This lumber should be an Original Incipient Grade material. If the Wood Clan fellows could have it and comprehend the mysteries of the wood texture, they would gain supernatural powers."

Na Xin frowned and continued, "I heard that the Wood Clan can use a special method to fuse the lumber of the Life Ancient Tree into their body, which then brings them greater advantages. I think this lumber is the most precious treasure in this world to any member of the Wood Clan."

"How precious?" asked Shi Yan.

Na Xin smiled, not trying to conceal anything, "I think the value of this lumber is enough to exchange for several life stars if we deal with the experts of the Wood Clan."

"Several life stars?" Shi Yan was dumbstruck.

Nodded, Na Xin confirmed, "It's useless to other clans, but it's a unique treasure to the Wood Clan! Intimidating existences of the Wood Clan could go crazy because of it. They could give up everything just to have this lumber!"

Shi Yan was moved, asking again. "How about that book?"

"I'm not sure about it," Na Xin shook his head. "The language in this book is strange. I have never seen or heard about it before. However, since it could survive tens of thousands of years, it should be miraculous. Unfortunately, we can't understand the words."

"Oh," Shi Yan smiled, "Precursor, you said that we would share all things equally right?"

Na Xin's smiled withered. After a long moment, he nodded reluctantly, "Tell me, how to do you want to share them?"

"The Evil Dragon's skull, the piece of the Life Ancient Tree of the Wood clan ~" Shi Yan stretched his voice.

Na Xin and the Giants put on a bad countenance. They stooped as if it was their parent's funeral. All were dispirited.

"I want neither of them," Shi Yan added and then pointed at the ancient book, "I want that freaking book."

Na Xin's eyes brightened.

The Giants also cheered loudly. They didn't pretend or hide emotions, showing their real joy and excitement. "You're a good guy!"

"It's for you!" Na Xin flicked his finger to throw the unknown ancient book to Shi Yan as fast as he could as if he was afraid that Shi Yan would change his mind. Then, he hastened to stash away the Evil Dragon's skull and the lumber of the Life Ancient Tree, laughing happily. "Done! You can't change your mind! The Evil Dragon's skull and the lumber belong to me."

The Giant Tribe was well known for their kind nature. They weren't narrow-minded or sinister. They would show their hatred and friendliness on their faces.

It was easy to live with this race.

"We can't take advantage of you," Na Xin was a little embarra.s.sed. Hesitating for a while, he said, "After we could harvest those twenty-three, you guys should take thirteen of them. It's... the compensation for your loss. Please don't reject it."

"Okay," Shi Yan agreed frankly and forthrightly.

"Tribal Oldie! Tribal Oldie!"

While they had just sealed their deal, an earth-shaking voice arose from the grand mountain of the Giant Tribe. A muscular Giant ran toward them, his body damp with sweat.

After he arrived, he was startled to see the ancient city. Then, he shouted, "Tribal Oldie! Zhen Gu is back! He's wounded severely!"

Na Xin changed his visage, walking out of the city and headed to the grand mountain. He didn't even have time to notify Shi Yan.

All the Giants followed him, cursing and shouting indignantly.

Shi Yan was surprised. Hesitating for a while, he turned to Jester and Li Xiao. "We should go and check it out too."

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