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Boom Boom!

The ear-splitting explosions echoed from the deep place in the ma.s.sive pit. It seemed like something giant was about to emerge.

The ma.s.sive pit was larger than ten mu and it seemed to be almost bottomless. The subterranean gravity inside the pit was hundreds or even one thousand times stronger than gravity on the surface. Even Na Xin who was at Ethereal G.o.d Realm didn't dare to jump in rashly.

Each of the sixteen mountains had the Myriad Weighty Stone as its core. The mountains acted like a load of a lever. Once they sank deep underground because of the Myriad Weighty Stone and the heavy gravity, their falling momentum would be terrifying.

In the tremendous thunderclaps, sixteen mountains pounded on the ground like giant iron hammers. Then, sixteen mountains disappeared, sinking deeply into the earth.

Sixteen ma.s.sive holes appeared strangely as if they kept some stunning secrets.

Shi Yan, Jester, Li Xiao, and the Giants approached the ma.s.sive hole in the center, waiting for something with weird faces.

A long time afterward.

A group of grand, imposing palaces slowly emerged from that ma.s.sive pit.

This group of palaces was around ten mu. Each of the palaces was made of Myriad Weighty Stone with carvings of complex and inexplicable patterns and drawings. They seemed to hide some marvelous secrets.

Those palaces were built long, long time ago, and they had been buried underground for an unknown period. Dust and ashes covered everything. The gravity around the palaces was also intimidating.

The group of grand palaces emerged completely from the deep pit. They were now situated above that pit.

Earth and stones around the ma.s.sive pit moved toward the center and compacted together, supporting the palaces. At this moment, the huge pit had disappeared, turning into a strange foundation for that group of palaces.

The city walls of the palaces were as black as ink, and there were four gateways. The palaces looked like ma.s.sive cubes, dozens of meters high. Each of the gateways was wide open, revealing four s.p.a.cious roads leading to the inside of the palaces.

However, these roads were magical. Unlike the other areas, they didn't have the extreme gravity.

The palaces were bizarre indeed. Except for the four roads leading to the inside of the city, the gravitational field elsewhere was present and several hundreds of times heavier than the natural ground. However, standing on any spot on the roads would save people from the terrible gravity.

Na Xin and Shi Yan were perplexed. They dully watched the palaces arising from underground, not knowing what to do.

"I think we can get in there and see." After a while, all anomalies disappeared. After waiting and seeing nothing else, Shi Yan couldn't help but remind the crowd.

Na Xin nodded continually, his eyes astounded. "We should go in there and check."

Then, he led them on a road and entered the city.

Shi Yan didn't lag behind. He chuckled, gathering his energy discreetly and walking with Na Xin to the city.

This group of palaces was situated on a ten-mu area. It looked like a royal abode. Inside the city, they could see hundreds of different sized buildings and neatly arranged streets. Each of the buildings here was made of Myriad Weighty Stone with different patterns and drawings in the wall that perfectly combined with the Myriad Weighty Stone, hiding unknown mysteries.

It was strange that the gravity inside the city was normal, which was several hundred times less than on the surface of the Old Orchid Star.

Shi Yan sensed and found that the gravity in this city was very similar to Raging Flame Star Area and Grace Mainland, the normal life stars. It seemed like it wasn't affected by the Old Orchid Star.

Shi Yan was surprised. He released his Soul Consciousness, scanning the entire palaces. Then he shook his head. "No living beings here."

"Yeah, no living beings, indeed," Na Xin nodded, "but we found so many skeletons..."

They saw many peculiar, big skeletons on the streets and inside the houses. They seemed to belong to the pagans, Monster Clan, or Demon Clan, whose physiques were huge. And they also found some small skeletons as small as a human child.

Thousands or even tens of thousands of skeletons were scattered around the city, on the streets, and inside the houses. Their postures varied.

Some skeletons gathered on the street as if they were speaking to each other when they were still alive. Some stood by the shops as if they were bargaining for some goods.

Shi Yan's group also found some sitting skeletons inside the special training yards. They seemed to have been cultivating before they died all of a sudden.

It seemed like those thousands of skeletons around the corners of the city were doing their business and didn't know what would happen to them in the next minute.

The disaster must have come abruptly. n.o.body could have predicted it. All died at their spot. No one survived.

Jester touched a skeleton. When his finger touched the bone, the whole skeleton turned into dust, falling to the ground and scattering.

His face became gloomy, a little bit pale. "It has decayed for so many years, dozens of thousands of years at least... Even if they were stronger when they were alive, they can't resist time. After the energy has dispersed all, the skeleton couldn't resist anymore..."

Li Xiao and the Giants also tried. They came up with the same results.

Whether it was a huge or lanky skeleton, once they touched it, it turned into bone dust and fall. So weak!

Perhaps some of them used to be formidable. However, since they had died for tens of thousands of years, the energy in their bodies had all vanished. They became feeble, indeed.

"Thousand Fold Lotus!"

Na Xin suddenly shouted, dashing towards an area, his face thrilled.

Thump Thump Thump!

The thudding footsteps of the Giants echoed like drumming. All the Giant soldiers ran after Na Xin, their countenance excited.

Na Xin didn't hesitate much taking Jester and Li Xiao there as well.

In the middle of the city, there was a ma.s.sive pool.

The pool was pitch black as if the water in there was actually ink. It looked thick and viscous. A faint but pure aroma diffused from this pool.

Jutting from the water of the pool was the Thousand Fold Lotuses. The Thousand Fold Lotus looked like water lilies that were much larger. Each of its petals was like brown gla.s.s growing magnificently. Each Thousand Fold had one thousand set of petals. From the seed pod outward, the number of the petals also increased.

The ink-like water in the pool bubbled. Twenty-three Thousand Fold Lotuses grew in every corner of the pool as if someone had arranged them that way with hidden meanings.

After they came, some of them released Soul Consciousness to sense. Immediately, they felt like their brains were shaken hard with buzzing and echoing sounds.

"Be careful! Don't release your Soul Consciousness! If you stir up your Sea of Consciousness, something serious will hit you hard!" Na Xin hissed, preventing people from acting rashly.

His reminder was a little bit too late...

Jester and Li Xiao sat down, their eyes empty as their Sea of Consciousness was surging very hard and they couldn't bear it. They were frightened. Apparently, they had used Soul Consciousness to sense the flowers.

Shi Yan sneered and then walked to Jester and Li Xiao. He stretched both hands above their heads.

The strange energy of his soul urged.

An extremely cold air shot out from his fingers which looked like transparent threads, entering Jester's and Li Xiao's heads.

Their chaotic Sea of Consciousness gradually calmed down under the effect of his strange energy.

After a while, Jester and Li Xiao recovered. They paled and grimaced, not daring to act rashly anymore. When they looked at Thousand Fold Lotuses, they seemed scared.

They understood that if Shi Yan didn't help them in time, when their Sea of Consciousness got completely chaotic, it would explode their souls. There was a high possibility that they would become crazy and never get their mentality healed again.

Na Xin glanced at the two of them, frowning. "The Thousand Fold Lotus is really eccentric. Your realm is low and you... aren't mysterious like Little Yan. Don't rush."

Jester and Li Xiao beamed a forced smile, nodding in agreement. They had made up their minds.

Twenty-three Thousand Fold Lotuses scattered in the pool. When the bubbles in the water exploded, they created a black mist covering the entire pool like a black fabric sheet. Faint energy fluctuated from that mist.

Na Xin and the Giants became excited but they didn't dare act recklessly. They wanted to see if this palace had something magical.

This grand and imposing city suddenly emerged in the Old Orchid Star. Inside the city was a pitch-black pool that seemed to be the resource that nurtured the Thousand Fold Lotuses. That pool should have something good.

The more mysterious it was, the more dangerous it could be. As they knew nothing about this place, they had to restrain their excitement.

"Ah?" Shi Yan suddenly lifted his face and studied the walls around. He was astounded, shouting. "The city wall is taking in heaven and earth energy!"

Na Xin was very surprised, closing his eyes to sense. "True. The strange patterns and drawings on the walls are also complicated formations. They can draw earth and heaven energy."

"This ancient city should have some exquisite Spirit Gathering Formations. It can gather earth and heaven energy. Those formations are even more perfect and marvelous than ones that I can make," Shi Yan complimented.

After several minutes, he found that earth and heaven energy inside the city was much thicker than the energy in Old Orchid Star.

Old Orchid Star was a level 7 life star with dense earth and heaven energy. The Spirit Gathering Formation had guided and thickened earth and heaven energy, pouring it into the ancient city and making it more abundant that it almost broke the limit. Warriors cultivating in this city could harvest a lot to increase their realms.

"Excellent!" Shi Yan grinned continually. "We wanted to build a city and now, it has just come to us. Haha."

Na Xin was bewildered. "You little boy. You are so lucky. Everything you touch becomes a fortune."

"This ancient city is big enough for our fellows," Shi Yan rubbed his chin, looking at the architecture of the city and speaking to Na Xin. "Although houses in this city aren't small, it's still uncomfortable to the Giants. I think it's not suitable for you guys to live here, right?"

Buildings in this ancient city weren't low. Living beings around five meters tall could stay here. However, Giant children were already ten meters tall. It would be a burden for them to live in this city. Apparently, the Giants had never lived in this city before because it didn't have any similar buildings suitable for the Giants.

"Oh, then can we have this ancient city?" Shi Yan smiled, asking.

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