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The Giant Tribe had a lot of astonishments today.

First, it was the Thousand Fold Lotus, then the Myriad Weighty Stone, and now, they found the mysterious ancient formation. Was it true that the Old Orchid Star used to have some great marvelous things?

The Giant Tribe had lived in the Old Orchid Star for tens of thousands of years. After that almost-perpetual time, due to their limitation, they had explored the surface of the star several times, but still had never spotted anything magical before.

Since Shi Yan cultivated s.p.a.ce power and due its powerful piercing ability, plus his determination to reside in the Old Orchid Star, he didn't save his energy, trying to search further. And with that, he Indeed found many magical areas.

This cheered up the Giant Tribe.

To any person, knowing that his hometown had a treasure was a joyful thing. Of course, the Giants weren't an exception.

It was especially true because of the fact that the Giant Tribe was poor. They didn't have many precious materials. They always lived a humble, lean life. All of a sudden, discovering that they were actually sitting on a fortune had them totally thrilled.

 "You can fix it? Really?" People could even see how happy Na Xin was. It was all over his face as he excitedly walked forward, using one finger to pat Shi Yan on his shoulder. "Good job! I know Little Yan will be the lucky charm of our Tribe. You didn't fail me. Xiao Man has brought you to our tribe. He's a good kid too. Haha!"

Many giants were so happy they couldn't hold it, their countenance bright and cheerful.

"I can use G.o.d power to connect the broken formation. Let me give it a try," Shi Yan sensed carefully, then said, "I need more time."

"Haha, you can do it again and again. We have plenty of time. Time is the one thing we have in abundance," Na Xin was blooming with smiles.

Jester and Li Xiao were also excited discreetly.

They could confirm one thing; the Old Orchid Star must have something marvelous. Otherwise, it wouldn't have had a mysterious, damaged formation inside this mountain. 

The formation meant that some living beings used to live or stay in the Old Orchid Star a long time ago. The more ancient they were, the more profound would their realms, cultivation base, powers, and knowledge of this world be.

If they could find something marvelous the ancient living beings left, it would be good news for the residents of the Old Orchid Star.

If the members of the different clans from the Raging Flame Star Area and the Grace Mainland could have the support from the top treasure, they could stand firmly faster in the Agate Star Area. Their lives would be much better.

It was indeed an amazing opportunity.

Closing his eyes and placing one hand on the ground while aiming at the pitch black Myriad Weighty Stone, Shi Yan continually condensed his Soul Consciousness, seeping underground towards the ma.s.sive chunk inside the mountain...

He had cultivated s.p.a.ce power, so his Soul Consciousness also had s.p.a.ce power, which made it the most amazing type of Soul Consciousness.

That was why he could sense the areas the Giants couldn't.

Realms didn't matter here. It was all due to the different power Upanishad. Warriors cultivating s.p.a.ce power were mysterious and rare in any star area after all.

Condensing Soul Consciousness and sending it towards the chunk inside the mountain, the spider web formation was suddenly projected in his Sea of Consciousness. It looked complex and inexplicable, just like a star map.

It was a one-thousand-meters-high mountain, so the chunk of the stone inside was extremely ma.s.sive. The spiritual formation had tens of thousands of lines, spreading out everywhere and connecting with each other.

Dozens of the lines were cut off by some power. However, the distances between them weren't too big...

Shi Yan couldn't understand the profundity of the formation or simulate it. But, fixing it couldn't trouble him anyway.

Shi Yan could be considered an extraordinary blacksmith. He had studied all kinds of formations in the Blacksmith's Secrets of Success, and had a special knowledge of fixing formations. 

With his Soul Consciousness as the connector, he coiled it around the two ends of the broken line. His s.p.a.ce power seeping into the Myriad Weighty Stone was suddenly activated its energy!

A pure G.o.d power flowed like a spirit snake. Following the connection the Soul Consciousness had formed, it moved to the broken area. Seconds later, the G.o.d power started to slowly pull and glue the two ends...

It wasn't really hard, anyway.

Shortly, a 'swish' sound reflected in his soul and the broken line was mended by his Soul Consciousness and G.o.d power.

Shi Yan was cheered up, smiling.

He didn't take a break, just focusing and continuing his mending work. He continually used his Soul Consciousness to find the broken point, then released the G.o.d power to connect them.

Time flew fast.

Shortly, ten days had pa.s.sed. The Giants, Jester, and Li Xiao were still staying with him to guard and observe. 

Regarding this discovery, the Giants were very cautious. Before they could confirm the situation, they all stayed. No one had left yet.

Na Xin was the one who got the most nervous. He was tense, watching Shi Yan's operation as hope filled his heart. He hoped that Shi Yan could bring a positive change to his Giant Tribe, so they could live better in the Agate Star Area.

On this particular day, Shi Yan suddenly shivered. Sweat beaded on his forehead while his soul flickered unsteadily. Na Xin's group became nervous as if their hearts were hung on a thread, waiting for something.

They knew the critical moment was coming.


A series of strong gravity movements burst out from inside the mountain, and Shi Yan's G.o.d Body was blown backward.

The Giants standing nearby the mountain discolored. They felt their body became so heavy that they had to stagger at each step. Instinctively, they stepped backward.

Jester and Li Xiao were standing afar from this mountain. Still, they could feel the tremendous gravity, and had to retreat further. 

A beam of light blue light suddenly stretched to somewhere far away from the peak of the mountain. That light had the clear energy fluctuation of extremely terrifying gravity.

Shi Yan was blown backward more than one thousand meters by the shockwave. He hissed, "I'm done fixing it!"

Na Xin and the other Giants were so happy they almost cracked. All of them looked at the light blue beam elongating to somewhere with astonishment. Some then started to fly in that direction. 

Shi Yan was surprised for a while, talking to Jester. "Bring Li Xiao. We're going there to see."

Jester nodded then grabbed the void to pick Li Xiao up. They also walked to the destination the light blue light was showing.

Na Xin left shortly, looking so happy.

After a long time, they gathered again by a new mountain, which was also a bleak and barren one. From all aspects, it was similar to the previous mountain Shi Yan had just fixed.

However, the stone atop the mountain was broken, revealing a faint blue light. It was dim and flickering like a candle.

The broken peak exposed the ink black stone underneath. It was the Myriad Weighty Stone again!

Shi Yan was astonished. He used the giant sword to cut the mountain, digging a cave to enter the mountain. He was the first one jumping into the mountain.

"It's the same! This mountain also has Myriad Weighty Stone!" Shi Yan stood at the entrance of the cave, turning his head to talk to Na Xin. "I can see a shattered formation inside the mountain, too! It's pretty similar to the previous one!"

"Oh, it hasn't completed?" Na Xin was shocked. All of a sudden, he talked complacently, "It should have something wonderful. Shi Yan, put a little bit more effort, please! Fix that formation. I think after you've completed all the formations, the real power of the formations could be activated."

All the members of the Giant Tribe put on a longing face, smiling until their eyes narrowed while looking at Shi Yan.

"Ouch, I need to recover first," Shi Yan beamed a forced smile. "I've used a lot of energy. If you ask me to fix it now, I think I won't be able to do it."

Jester pondered for a while, then talked to him generously, "Here! These pellets should be enough for you to recover fully and quickly!"

These five-colored pellets had a sweet aroma, glowing brilliantly like jewels. Each of these pellets contained an extraordinary energy. They were all high-quality pellets Jester had refined. They were dozens of times better than the one he gave to Li Xiao.

Shi Yan wasn't trying to be too polite. He grinned, then took all of the pellets, swallowing them straight up. Then, he sat down cross-legged by the entrance to adjust his energy. He hoped to recover his full energy at the fastest speed. 

Three days later, Shi Yan opened his eyes. He looked bright and refreshed, with high spirit. Then, he continued to do his great repairing work. 

The mountain was the same. The Myriad Weighty Stone inside was also the same, and the similar formation also had the same damage level as the previous formation.

To Shi Yan, it was easier because he just needed to repeat what he had done. Gathering his spirit, he started to mend the broken formation, using his Soul Consciousness and the G.o.d power as the source of the connector to connect the broken lines.

Seven days later, explosions reverberated inside the mountain. Another bunch of light blue light shot out to an area afar.

As expected, they were just surprised for a while before dashing to where the bunch of light pointed.

It was another mountain with the same broken formation carved inside the Myriad Weighty Stone. Shi Yan needed to fix it, too.

This time, he didn't need people to ask him to fix the formation. Shi Yan took Jester's pellets, then rested to recover his energy. Afterward, he continued fixing the shattered formation.

After he had repaired this formation, the blue light pointed to another mountain...

And it kept going like that...

Shi Yan had to continually fix the broken formations inside the new mountains.

Three months had pa.s.sed hurriedly.

There were sixteen mountains in total. They arrayed in a circle, as if they were surrounding something.

They measured the area, finding that those sixteen mountains circled the ma.s.sive pit where the Thousand Fold Lotuses were deep underground!

This discovery cheered up all the Giants.

"This is the sixteenth mountain, the last one. After Shi Yan's done with it, we will see the change!" Na Xin's voice trembled. "Perhaps, it's related to the Thousand Fold Lotus!"

He licked his lips, talking seriously, "Little Yan, you must help us."

Standing by the last mountain, Shi Yan retracted his hands, smiling at the Giant. "Precursor, if we find something or get the Thousand Fold Lotus, can we get a share of it?"

"Equal share!" Na Xin laughed straightforwardly. "I know Human Clan is cunning, but I like you. No matter what we can get, we will share equally. How does it sound?" 

"I know you guys won't lie," Shi Yan grinned, talking frankly. "Alright! I'm going to fix this last damaged formation!"

He closed his eyes, concentrating on the last repair.

Several days later, a deafening explosion came with a great shaking simultaneously from sixteen mountains made of Myriad Weighty Stone. Light bloomed from the center, reaching thousands of meters away. Vaguely, a blue light circle was formed, connecting the mountains.

Abruptly, all sixteen mountains collapsed while explosions reverberated in that ma.s.sive pit. Vaguely, something slowly emerged.

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