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The two brawny Giants strode fast as if they were flying. Small trees rattled along their way, sending leaves everywhere. Shi Yan's group sat on the shoulder of the Giants. Looking at the trees collapse like gra.s.s under their feet, they somehow felt magical.

The old man was called Li Xiao; he was only at the Nirvana Realm. Under the extreme gravity and the b.u.mpy journey, he paled, his eyes so worried.

After a while, when the Giants stopped, the old man couldn't hold it anymore and began vomiting.


Shi Yan lifted Li Xiao and landed in the middle of a crushed stone area. Li Xiao bent his body and threw up, his face ashen.

Although he was at the Nirvana Realm, he hadn't adapted to the gravity of the Old Orchid Star yet. He staggered, his legs shaking as if he were carrying a whole mountain on his back.

This was a mine around several hundred mu of land, with many collapsed mountains and chips of rock. One of the muscular Giant spoke, his voice sounding like a thunderclap. "This is our quarry we use to build houses. You guys can choose whatever you want."

Li Xiao was shaken as he spurted out blood under such pressure. He looked so unwell. Shi Yan forced a smile, shaking his head. He raised his hand, releasing a brilliant starlight that covered Li Xiao entirely.

Li Xiao was shrouded in the starlight, which separated him from the extreme gravity and the thundering voice. He finally got some color back on his face.

Jester frowned, throwing him a pellet. "Swallow it."

Li Xiao was baffled, looking at Shi Yan.

"Eat it. He won't harm you," Shi Yan nodded and smiled.

Only then did Li Xiao take the pellet. Immediately, a flow of medicinal efficacy, which he considered immense, diffused in his body. The damage done to his body was healed rapidly, as his face started glowing with health. Shortly after, he became full of spirit.

Li Xiao checked his condition for a while. He was thrilled, kneeling and bowing to Jester, continually thanking him. To Jester, the lowest level pellet he refined was at least a level 6 or 7 Sacred Grade. As Li Xiao was only at the Nirvana Realm, that pellet was a priceless treasure to his cultivation.

He could feel his energy leap up several times with only a pellet Jester had just given him. The contaminants and dregs on his body were also filtered.

With the power of this pellet, it was possible to break through one level!

Of course, he was thrilled.

Shi Yan didn't mind the old man, smiling at a Giant. "What kind of stone material do you use? How to know it's suitable for your houses?"

"Simple." A muscular giant grinned, talking, "We hit it. The one that can resist to the last minute under the powerful pressure is the toughest one, and the most suitable material."

"Oh, really simple," Shi Yan smiled frankly.

However, inwardly, he didn't dare to agree with the Giant.

Shi Yan could consider himself an average blacksmith. He had a good knowledge of blacksmithing anyway. The Giant's method to choose the material, to people who didn't know how to refine items, was effective indeed. However, different kinds of materials could be fused or blended with each other.

In many cases, weak stone materials could become tougher and better quality material after being refined, even dozens of times more rigid.

As they knew the refining methods, the crude method of the Giants was... simple indeed.

Alchemist Jester frowned, seeming to be a little bit disdainful. "If it were that simple, there would be no alchemist or blacksmith in this world. If it were so, would the weapon made of the toughest material be the most dangerous one? It's not that simple."

The Giant wasn't enraged. He just laughed foolishly. "Our Tribe doesn't know these things. Also, we don't pay much attention to it. We've done things that way for years. Yeah, we knew that the blacksmiths could refine and forge materials into powerful weapons. But, my tribe doesn't have a blacksmith."

Listening to him, Jester and Shi Yan couldn't comment anything else.

"You guys watch around. When you see the stone you like, call us." One of the two Giants told them then sat down leisurely by a pile of stone. He dozed off, his face satisfied.

Shi Yan smiled and said nothing more. He turned to Jester and Li Xiao. "We should scatter and find the materials. The stone material is the foundation we will build our city with. It'll guarantee our future home and homeland. I hope you guys would choose wisely."

"I will do my best," Li Xiao took a deep breath, his face stern. He walked towards the area filled with crushed stones. Jester also looked serious while his eyes sparkled continually. He took out a yellowed old book, carefully checking for something.

It seemed that he didn't actually know about types and structures of stone materials. Since he had a good source to refer, he got his confidence.

Although Li Xiao had a low realm, and he wasn't worth mentioning in Shi Yan and Jester's eyes, he had special knowledge of stone materials. Unlike Jester, who was using a book, he was knocking and sometimes pounding on the stone, releasing a wisp of energy to sense. 

Sometimes he frowned, and at times he smiled.

The style of a master.

Shi Yan observed Li Xiao for a while and gradually eased his mind, thinking that this man could perhaps give him happy surprises.

Shi Yan didn't know much about materials to build a city. He was good at choosing materials for forging treasures or weapons. The Blacksmith's Secrets of Success mainly mentioned those materials.

That was why he brought Li Xiao and Jester here to help him choose.

Although the Agate Star Area was vast, and the Old Orchid Star was the exclusive land of the Giant Tribe, it wasn't safe. Otherwise, the Giant Tribe wouldn't need to set up layers of barriers outside the mountain.

This meant that Old Orchid Star used to be invaded. Someone had targeted the Giant Tribe.

This immense star area had almost one hundred clans, with countless intimidating existences scattering everywhere. Shi Yan's fellows were just some low-realm outsiders, their competence limited. If they could have a tough city, it would be a good advantage to their future development.

With this thought, he was earnest about choosing the materials for the city.

He neither watched Jester and Li Xiao nor talked to the two Giants, just frowned while walking in the quarry and releasing his Soul Consciousness to sense something.

Since his Soul Consciousness had s.p.a.ce power, although his realm wasn't high, the coverage of his Soul Consciousness was larger and deeper than the other warriors with higher realms.

s.p.a.ce power Upanishad had such ability.

Flows of his Soul Consciousness shot out like shuttles. Shi Yan had now more 'eyes', observing the entire area around him.


After a long time, he sighed, his eyebrows twitching. He silently flew to the center of the quarry.

With his power at the Original G.o.d Realm, he couldn't travel one thousand miles in just a blink under the tremendous gravity of the Old Orchid Star. He was slowed down a lot.

He got to his target after fifteen minutes.

Standing in the center of the three collapsed mines was a ma.s.sive chasm, so deep that people couldn't see its bottom. It seemed to run to the deepest place underground.

A beam of his Soul Consciousness moved to that pitch black hole. However, when his Soul Consciousness reached to an extremely deep place, he felt a wisp of an extraordinary energy...

It seemed to be some kind of a crystal. It was like crystal rock or some special iron. It felt so... wonderful.

The Old Orchid Star was odd with its tremendous gravity, indeed. But, the gravity at the star surface wasn't the heaviest on this star. The deeper one went underground, the heavier the gravity got. Even the experts of the Giant Tribe didn't dare to linger, or else, they would get their G.o.d Body crushed. 

However, there would be something magical in the earth of the Old Orchid Star as it could produce more excellent spiritual herbs. If the warriors could resist the terrifying gravity, they could have a chance to search...

Shi Yan suddenly recalled what Na Xin had told him, and his eyes brightened silently.

Taking a deep breath, he released more beams of Soul Consciousness. He then condensed the wisps of his Soul Consciousness into one big beam, which was purer and sharper. Of course, it could pierce the layers of soil faster.

A flow of combined Soul Consciousness slowly intruded the gloomy, ma.s.sive pit like an arrow. Shortly, the magical feeling became more intense.


His Sea of Consciousness was shaken, as beams of Soul Consciousness in his Sea of Consciousness also trembled. This wonderful feeling multiplied by a hundred times. It was like there were tens of thousands pieces of the same material, as many as the stars in the sky, inlaid in the bottom of the pit. 

It was some special matter that could resonate with the Sea of Consciousness, making his Soul Consciousness dart fast like an electric arrow.

A flow of Soul Consciousness was constantly surging in response, which seethed his Sea of Consciousness and shook the soul altar. Shi Yan was frightened. He hastened to retrieve his Soul Consciousness, his face turning strange.

Pondering for a while, Shi Yan found that his beam of Soul Consciousness had pierced more than one thousand meters into the ground. Even Na Xin couldn't reach this depth for sure.

Since Na Xin didn't have the s.p.a.ce power, and although his Soul Consciousness could cover a large area, his elongated Soul Consciousness was limited. It couldn't get deep into the earth like Shi Yan's.

Contemplating for a while, he decided to find someone to ask. He wanted to tell about the magical changes of his Soul Consciousness, so that the others could guess about the situation.

He came to where the two Giants were resting. Hesitating for a while, he asked frankly, "I've just found a dark hole leading to a deep place underground. A beam of my Soul Consciousness felt something wonderful down there..."

He explained to them how his Sea of Consciousness reacted to that energy fluctuation of some matter underground. The two Giants listened to him. When he told them how his Sea of Consciousness surged, they jolted up. Light shot out marvelously from their eyes up into the sky.

Shi Yan was shaken as he lowered his voice, asking, "Is there something strange?"

The other two seemed to not being able to hear him. They were so excited that their body shaking.

Two muscular Giants exchanged looks. They didn't hesitate, running towards the grand mountain of their Tribe while thundering, "Tribal Oldie! Tribal Oldie! Our Old Orchid Star does have that thing! The rumor's real!"

Shi Yan was perplexed.

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