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When the last batch of the lowest-realm warriors got through the Ethereal Extent and landed on the level 7 life star, the great migration of the Grace Mainland's residents finally ended.

Old Orchid Star was the name of this level 7 life star, where dwelled the Giant Tribe.

Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, and the Giant joined hands to cast complex barriers and formations by the lake near the foot of the mountain, which reduced the gravity by two hundred times to help the newcomers adapt to the environment here.

Old Orchid Star had a tremendous gravity, much more than the Grace Mainland. Even True G.o.d Realm warriors found it hard to get used to his place, panting while walking.

If they didn't set up another destination, which had adjusted gravity, for the warriors lower than Sky Realm, the warriors wouldn't even be able to stand. They could only crouch on the ground and do nothing.

Only warriors at the King G.o.d Realm could move freely in the Old Orchid Star. However, even they couldn't fly.

Warriors from the Grace Mainland came from different races. There were dozens of thousands of them, and most of them had low realms, around Nascent Realm or Disaster Realm.

After they arrived, they were taken to the new rest stop, which saved them from being crushed by the ma.s.sive gravity.

Life stars with such formidable gravity were really rare in the Agate Star Area.

It might be because of this reason that many strong clans couldn't stay in this life star, leaving the Giant Tribe live in peace until now.

Shi Yan had a better knowledge of the Agate thanks to Na Xin.

Na Xin said that the Agate Star Area was immensely vast, with countless life stars at different levels. 

It had around one hundred level 7 life stars, and perhaps thousands or even dozens of thousands of level 6 life stars. Mineral stars, dead stars, solar stars, and lunar stars were like sand or gravel by the sea, scattered along the whole star area.

This place didn't have only the races they knew about. Besides the Demon Clan, Dark Clan, Monster Clan, Dark Spirit Clan, Ghost Mark Clan, Sea Clan, and Human Clan, there were more living in different corners of the star area.

They could find the clans who had existed in the Antiquity Time of the Grace Mainland in the Agate Star Area, including the G.o.d Clan!

However, this clan wasn't welcome in this star area. Many clans were hostile towards this clan. Perhaps, it was the reason why the members of the G.o.d Clan in the Agate Star Area were so little. Once they appeared, they could be hunted down immediately.

Clearly, the Agate Star Area wasn't a paradise for the G.o.d Clan, where the other big clans hated them a lot.

This new star area had around one hundred different races. Some were extremely intimidating, while the others were weak and fragile. Some had even gone extinct.

The Agate Star Area was a real big hodgepodge of races.

There were Fire Clan, Ice Clan, Wood Clan, Crystal Clan, Wind Clan, etc. were all living in this star area. Many of them were so peculiar that they were beyond Shi Yan's perception of this world.

Taking the Fire Clan as an example, this race lived only on the solar stars. All members of the Fire Clan cultivated the scorching power, and a flame was always burning on their body, making them magical and extraordinary.

Most of the solar stars of the Agate Star Area were controlled by the Fire Clan. This clan even had the power to block the flaming energy of the solar star, saving the energy for their clansmen's cultivation.

The Ice Clan was totally opposite to them. They lived in the extremely cold areas. They were born and lived in the glaciers. The clansmen of this race had a unique body structure, and they only cultivated icy power.

And, then there was the Wood Clan. Rumors said that they were born from an ancient holy tree. They had a wooden body, with real wood texture on it. 

Clansmen of the Wood Clan knew how to use Wood power Upanishad from the day they were born, and they could use only the wood power. They were the indulged children of the woods, the Master of the woods. They lived in the forest, with towering ancient trees as their homes.

Another example was the Crystal Clan. Their G.o.d Body was a crystal, as if they were cut and engraved by different colored crystals. They were infinitely magnificent, with brilliant, marvelous light.

This star area had more amazing yet bizarre clans, living in different areas. They all had their own life stars and territories.

Almost one hundred clans were scattered around this immensely vast star area, living on countless life stars, and owning a large number of mineral stars, dead stars, solar stars, and lunar stars. Together with the other mysterious and perilous lands, they created this high-level life star called Agate Star Area.

Na Xin's introduction had scared many warriors, including Fei Lan, Leona, and the warriors from the Raging Flame Star Area. They were surprised a lot because of the profundities of the Agate Star Area.

Before they came here, who could have ever imagined such a strange star area? How could it have almost one hundred extraordinary races like that?

"You guys can live here. This Old Orchid Star is our Giant's territory at the moment. This star doesn't have many natural resources, but I think it's... enough for you." Na Xin walked to the lake, looking at the warriors who came from his ancestral land while talking seriously, "You can collect all the materials in the Old Orchid Star; we won't mind it. The Old Orchid Star has many regions we haven't explored and exploited yet. You guys can work on it later."

"Does the Old Orchid Star have a divine crystal mine?" asked Ka Tuo.

Starting from the King G.o.d Realm, divine crystals became the main items they used to restore their energy. It was also the currency in the Raging Flame Star Area. The divine crystals could be absorbed and turned into different kinds of energy, suitable for warriors of different races. With this characteristic, the divine crystal was popular in any star area, because it was the main a.s.surance for the warrior's cultivation.

"No, it doesn't," Na Xin shook his head, explaining, "At least, we haven't found one."

Pausing for a while, Na Xin added, "The Old Orchid Star's a little bit strange. The gravity will become more dangerous deep underground. Experts of our Giant Tribe can't endure it more than one thousand meters underground. However, our precursor used to say that there should be something special under the ground of the Old Orchid Star. Especially with the fact that there are more spiritual herbs there. If you're interested in it, you can try."

Na Xin smiled, but his eyes didn't.

Ka Tuo was surprised, rubbing his nose and talking awkwardly, "Never mind, never mind. If you guys don't dare to explore, it will be impossible for us."

Na Xin was at the Ethereal G.o.d Realm, and his realm was higher than Fei Lan. Perhaps, he was at the Second of the Ethereal G.o.d Realm. If this existence didn't dare to explore the underground, who could?

Fei Lan? Leona? Or Shi Yan?

Ka Tuo forced a smile.

"Your realms were low, and your knowledge of power Upanishad is... shallow. I think it will not be easy for you to live on the surface of the Old Orchid Star. You shouldn't take any risks." Na Xin kindly reminded them.

Everybody was reluctant as they nodded, knowing that he just told the truth.

"I think you need to build a city first," Na Xin pointed at an area, "There're a lot of good rocks over there. They should be suitable for your city. Yeah, if you need help, I can send two Giants to transport the rock for you. It's to pay tribute to Shi Yan, for his help in finding our ancestral land."

"Thank you, precursor," Shi Yan slightly bent over while smiling, "Then, we will do it."

The gravity in the Old Orchid Star was scary. In this place, even the ordinary Fantasy Sky Rings were affected. They couldn't contain heavy objects anymore.

The Giants were tall, and were used to the gravity in this area. There was nothing more suitable than them to transport the heavy rocks.

"I will arrange it. You just need to a.s.sign someone to go with us and show what kind of rocks you want." Na Xin was generous, frankly calling his clansmen. 

Shortly, two brawny men of the Giant Clan ran towards them from the big mountain.

"You guys stay here and help our friends to transport some rocks. Just follow them." Na Xin advised his fellows then smiled, "Our guests here come from pretty far. They will stay with us in the Old Orchid Star, near our mountain. They will be our friends, our neighbors. We will get along well with them."

"We got it, Tribal Oldie."

The two Giants looked nice and friendly. They were all at the Original G.o.d Realm. They had agreed with their elder without a bit of hesitation.

"You guys will be busy for a while, so I won't disturb you anymore." Na Xin smiled and nodded to Shi Yan, then excused himself, walking back to his big mountain.

"Who will go with us?" A muscular Giant shouted. His voice was like the thunderclaps striking people's eardrums.

Many lower realm warriors tumbled, falling because of his loud voice. They were all perplexed.

The two Giants were at the Original G.o.d Realm. While they were talking, their bodies emitted an intimidating aura. Disaster Realm warriors in Shi Yan's side couldn't endure such pressure.

"Are there any blacksmiths? Who knows about the special stone materials, step forward!" Shi Yan turned around and shouted.

"Although I'm an alchemist, I know stone materials. Count me." Jester smiled until his eyes narrowed. He took part in the responsibility on his own initiative.

"Anybody else?" Shi Yan asked again.

There were blacksmiths among the warriors came from the Grace Mainland. However, since their realms were low, they were inferior to Jester, a high-level existence. They didn't have the guts to show themselves.

"Aren't you a blacksmith?" Zi Yao was surprised.

"Yes, I am. But, I'm not familiar with rock materials." Shi Yan smiled. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the clansmen from the Grace Mainland. "Don't worry about realms. You guys will show which rock materials are suitable to build the city. Whoever works in this field, step out some."

With his encouragement, an old human at the Nirvana Realm gritted his teeth, walking out of the crowd with his face worried. "Sir, I'm a blacksmith. Although my realm isn't high, I've got an ancient book with great information of rock and stone materials."

"Alright, you're in. Anybody else?" Shi Yan nodded. Hesitating for a while, he added. "I will give magical pellets as a reward to you."

Many people looked touched. They seemed excited, but none of them volunteered. It looked like they weren't confident at all.

Shi Yan waited for a while but he got no one else. He sighed begrudgingly, talking to the Giants, "Only three of us. Let's go."

"Come, climb on our shoulders," The two muscular Giants squatted down to let Shi Yan, Jester, and that old man get on their shoulders. Then, they strode and ran, making the earth rumble.

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