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Shi Yan smiled brightly, walking forward to hug him back. He laughed, "Dge, don't mind it too much. When we arrive in the new place, with your talent and realm, you will advance quickly. I know many pellets and magical inheritance. I'm sure you won't be disappointed."

"You didn't change. Haha, you didn't change even a bit. That's good," Yang Mu was happy. "I was worried that you wouldn't want to accept such a useless dge like me."

"Why?" Shi Yan spoke to him honestly, "When I was in trouble in the Endless Sea, you had crossed thousands of miles to rescue me. I will never forget your great kindness to me."

"Good brother!" Yang Mu patted his shoulder. Then he cried in pain. "Hey, is your body made of iron?"

Currently, Shi Yan was at the Original G.o.d Realm. The tenacious of his body wasn't something Yang Mu could imagine.

He patted Shi Yan's shoulder but Shi Yan didn't feel anything. On the contrary, Yang Mu felt like he had hit iron or steel. His hand felt numb, his mind blown away.

Shaking his arm, Yang Mu forced a smile, sighing unceasingly.

He knew that the gap between him and Shi Yan was like the sky and the abyss.

Yang Mu was at Sky Realm. In Shi Yan's eyes, the eyes of an Original G.o.d Realm expert, he wasn't different from a worm or an ant on the ground. Shi Yan just needed to raise his hand and he could kill many.

"You're so awesome!" Yang Meng was terrified.

Shi Yan chuckled, "One day, you guys will have the same things. Moreover, I believe you don't need a long time to reach a profound realm. The Grace Mainland isn't suitable for you guys. When we come to another better world, you will see many unbelievable things, but you can touch them all."

The level 7 life star where Na Xin lived had a lot of spiritual herbs on the ground. With alchemist Jester's support, they could refine many kinds of magical pellets.

Staying in the exhausted Grace Mainland, they could reach such levels. That would be enough to prove their innate ability and competence.

Once they had a richer arena, their breakthrough would occur faster and smoother.

"Long time no see," Shi Yan looked at the two girls in the ground, smiling brightly. "Have you prepared to leave yet?"

They were He Qing Man and Qu Yan Qing.

After many years, they still had the same beautiful makeup. Their bodies were charming and stunning and their faces were like the blooming flowers.

"Almost done," Qu Yan Qing smiled. "It's good to see you again."

"Have you ever met Xin Yan jie-jie?" He Qing Man studied him, contemplating for a while and then asking weakly.

Shi Yan frowned. A gleam of sadness crossed his eyes. "No, I haven't heard from her for so many years."

Shi Yan's heart was very soft for Xia Xin Yan. When he left Grace Mainland that year, they had lost the connection. He knew that she was still alive, but he didn't know where she was.

As He Qing Man said so, he suddenly realized that he should go to that hidden domain to check. Perhaps he could find something.

In that year, his realm wasn't enough and his knowledge of s.p.a.ce power wasn't as profound as it is now. Also, he had many important things to shoulder. He didn't dare to risk his life searching her.

However, he thought his chance had finally come today.

"Xin Yan went through many hardships for you, though. When she came to the Endless Sea with you, she had done as much as she could for you," He Qing Man lowered her head, sighing.

"I know. After I'm done with matters here, I'm going to find her. Don't worry," Shi Yan nodded, his face touched.

It's true. When he had nothing with him, he had Xia Xin Yan. They had befriended and went to the Endless Sea together. Through many adventures, this girl had borne a lot of things because of him...

Yang Tian Emperor, Long Zhu, and Yun Hao came after they had seen the pa.s.sage. They were all excited, satisfied, and full of wishes for the new life.

"I've opened the pa.s.sage. When you're done, you can get in at any time. I've arranged the other side too. Nothing unexpected" explained Shi Yan with a smile.

"Alright, we're almost done," Long Zhu nodded, his face cheerful.

"I want to help more people," Shi Yan explained reluctantly, "I'll see you guys at the entrance."

Then, he left. Shortly after, his aura disappeared as if he had directly merged himself to earth and heaven.

Shi Yan went to the gathering place of the Demon Clan. It was a misty gray area. He shouted, "I bring you hope."

Shi Yan appeared out of nowhere in the Ancient Corpse Tomb, speaking to Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea, the masters of the Corpse Clan now. "Follow me. We're going to leave this continent. It's no longer suitable for you guys."

He found the remaining members of the Ghost Mark Clan in the Shady Firmament Old Mound. He said the same thing. "This place is no longer suitable for your cultivation. I've found you guys a new place."

Deep under the Endless Sea, Shi Yan directly talked to the Chiefs of the tribes of the Sea Clan. He said the same thing. "I bring you new hope!"

Among the ten clans from the ancient times, Shi Yan had visited the Demon Clan, the Monster Clan, the Ghost Mark Clan, the Dark Clan, the Corpse Clan, and the Sea Clan, all the Clans except for the G.o.d Clan that had disappeared and the Dark Spirit Clan which got eradicated. He created a pa.s.sage connecting to the Cold Wind Island of the Endless Sea. He brought them new hope.

Energy in the Grace Mainland was about to empty out. If the warriors stayed here, their energy would be drained out gradually, leading to their deaths.

After receiving the Origin, his point of view changed completely.

The clans he used to think that should be swept over were now parts of the continent in his eyes. The Origin had given birth to them. As he had fused with the Origin, it was his responsibility to find them a way to survive.

Kante was dead. The Dark Spirit Clan was uprooted. Now, Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea ruled Corpse Clan. Shi Yan had lost his interest in taking revenge to the Ghost Mark Clan since Zenith was also dead. The Monster Clan, the Dark Clan, and the Demon Clan didn't have any hotshots worth his intention. After he showed off his power, he had encountered no resistance.

All clans understood the situation of the continent well. When he told them that he wanted to take them out of this place, no one opposed it. All thanked him for his favor.

The seven remaining clans included the Demon Clan, Monster Clan, Dark Clan, Ghost Mark Clan, Corpse Clan, Sea Clan, and Human Clan. All of their members had received Shi Yan's favor of having a chance to leave this continent.

Pa.s.sages appeared above the Cold Wind Island, connecting many places of the Grace Mainland.

Clansmen of different races followed their leaders, crossing through the pa.s.sage to gather in this island.

With existences at high levels like Fei Lan and Leona, all the clansmen were as nice as the sheep. They cooperated well and followed their management.

Of course, members of the clans were scattered around the continent. It took a lot of time to gather them.

After Shi Yan had created the pa.s.sages for the clans, he left by himself to go to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain.

He stood in front of that chaotic s.p.a.ce, frowning and looking at bunches of light shooting disorderly. He urged the Soul Consciousness to check.

His Soul Consciousness moved like a bunch of light piercing through the place, trying to use the mysterious ability of the Immortal Demon Blood to find Xia Xin Yan.

After a while, a beam of his Soul Consciousness was stopped by a thick s.p.a.ce barrier. No matter how hard he had tried, he couldn't get through it.

Frowning, he tried to release more energy to attack that barrier. However, he found that it was really tough. With his cultivation base of the Original G.o.d Realm, his current powers, and his perception of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, he still couldn't get through the barrier.

It was obvious that this barrier was formed recently. It seemed like someone had sealed the place.

This barrier looked like the closed border between the Raging Flame Star Area and Na Xin's star area. It seemed like only the hollow channel could connect them.

With his cultivation base of the Original G.o.d Realm and his current powers, he couldn't create the hollow channel under the given circ.u.mstances since he knew nothing about the other star area.

He didn't have that ability yet.

However, he knew one thing. He knew that the area behind that barrier should be another star area, another world. It might be close to Grace Mainland or pretty far away.

If his Immortal Demon Area couldn't seep through that barrier, it was possible that it was a star area far, far away.

Vaguely, he felt Xia Xin Yan was still alive. But he couldn't trace her location, her thoughts, and soul energy fluctuation.

After several attempts, he reluctantly gave up and returned to the Cold Wind Island dispirited.

Na Xin and the clansmen of the Giant Tribe had come back. They looked excited as if they got a big harvest.

"What happened?" Seeing Shi Yan have a bad mood, Na Xin asked deliberately. "Is there anything you couldn't do in Grace Mainland with your competence now?"

"I wanted to find a person. Unfortunately, I got nothing," Shi Yan sighed. "My Soul Consciousness can't pierce through the barrier because it could lead to another star area. Sigh. I don't know when I will get a chance to see her again..."

"Where is it? Can you take me there to check?" Na Xin was curious.

Shi Yan was surprised. He nodded as he spoke to him. "Follow me."

Shortly afterward, Shi Yan and Na Xin appeared in the Ice and Fire Secret Domain. He led the Giant to that chaotic s.p.a.ce, pointing at the pa.s.sage with many beams of shooting light. "There."

Na Xin observed for a while, releasing his Soul Consciousness to sense for something.

After a long time, Na Xin's eyes brightened. He looked very shocked, speaking to Shi Yan. "That s.p.a.ce barrier has the aura of the 'Shadow Ghostly Prison,' which is dark and gloomy. It gives the soul shadows of ghosts as if we're in h.e.l.l. I'm sure it's the 'Shadow Ghostly Prison!"

Shi Yan's eyes were sharp as he hissed, "... Shadow Ghostly Prison? Where is it?"

"A mysterious area in our Agate Star Area. I heard that it has a shattered hollow channel and a hollow flood current that is sealed. It used to be the s.p.a.ce Gate Hub of the Agate Star Area."

Na Xin took a deep breath, speaking seriously. "If the one you are looking for has crossed the chaotic s.p.a.ce current in this area, that one should be in our Agate Star Area if nothing unexpected happened. Perhaps you know that not only our Giants had pursued the G.o.d Clan that year. Many other clans of Grace Mainland have come and lived in the Agate Star Area like us. Perhaps they have found the line connecting to the ancient continent in the Shadow Ghostly Prison of the Agate Star Area."

"Ah!" Shi Yan was stunned, "Are you saying that the one I'm looking for is in the Agate Star Area? The star area that we are about to go to?"

"If nothing's wrong with my sensing abilities, it should be like that," Na Xin nodded to confirm his presumption.

Shi Yan was completely shocked.

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