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Shi Yan's soul altar was floating in the unrecognizable area. His soul altar divided into two sections with two souls.

One of them had a sphere shape with the chaotic energy of the ten heaven flames within, which was being adjusted and stabilized.

The soul above the tier of powers Upanishad was exhausted and dispirited. It was quiet as if it was trying to feel something in this mysterious area.

The mysterious rivers in this place twinkled like stars by his soul altar. Those rivers were filled with energy fluctuations of different powers Upanishad.

After an unknown period, a river appeared by his soul altar...

Shi Yan suddenly pulled his consciousness together and his soul altar moved accordingly, flying into that river.

That river contained s.p.a.ce energy fluctuation!

The soul altar flew into the middle of the river. Shi Yan felt like he had fallen into layers of chaotic s.p.a.ces. His soul altar moved like a shuttle, piercing through many doors.

He could get through several s.p.a.ce doors without any trouble. The soul altar just flashed and slid through them smoothly.

It seemed like his understanding of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad had reached a certain level, which facilitated him to no longer be stagnant moving in this place.

However, not long afterward, he found trouble.

In front of him was a s.p.a.ce layer, which was filled with radiant light. It functioned as a barricade to his soul altar. That 'door' had many s.p.a.ce lines and patterns moving disorderly. They seemed to hide some truth of earth and heaven.

His soul altar had to stop. He tried to make his s.p.a.ce energy fluctuate in the same frequency as the s.p.a.ce energy of that 'door.'

It wasn't an easy task...

His G.o.d Soul was dispirited, gazing at the area with glorious, moving light while trying to adjust the energy fluctuation of his tier of power Upanishad. His soul moved like tentacles, touching the patterns made of disorderly s.p.a.ce energy to sense the meaning and new profundities of s.p.a.ce.

Shi Yan didn't know how long had pa.s.sed. He just calmed down and tried to comprehend.

After a while of comprehending the meanings, s.p.a.ce energy fluctuations in his tier of powers Upanishad had matched the patterns on that 'door.' On that s.p.a.ce layer, a 'door' suddenly opened.

His soul altar seized the chance and pierced through.

A new door appeared similar to the previous one with hidden s.p.a.ce mysteries. His soul had touched it once, and he became baffled immediately.


His soul altar was shocked as if the sky had turned upside down. His consciousness became blurry.

While his soul was still perplexed, he woke up to see himself in the earth's inner core. However, the Origin was no longer in front of him.

His soul was tired while his G.o.d Body had an extreme desire for earth and heaven energy all of a sudden, a desire that he couldn't press down no matter how hard he had tried.

He was like a drug-addicted maniac who hadn't received a dose for quite a long time. This crazy yearning was madly burning his will!

His soul altar spun rapidly like a vortex as if it wanted to harvest something!

Vaguely, he realized something, his face shocked.

In the next moment, the entire ancient continent was projected in his Sea of Consciousness. He could check any corner of this continent. No one could hide from his observation.

In this place, he was the sole G.o.d!

His finger touched the void and a s.p.a.ce slit appeared in front of him. He flashed and disappeared.

After a blink, a s.p.a.ce slit appeared above Cold Win Island of the Endless Sea. Shi Yan emerged from there immediately.

Fei Lan, Leona, Zi Yao, Feng Rao, and Ka Tuo were wandering around Cold Wind Island as if they were observing the magical features of this ancient land.

Shi Yan came out of nowhere, landing by Feng Rao and asking her hurriedly. "Do you have divine crystals?"

"Yes, I do," Feng Rao was scared, "Are you alright?"

"Give them to me! Give me all of them! All the divine crystals!" Shi Yan shouted hastily.

Feng Rao didn't hesitate, giving him all the divine crystals she had in the Fantasy Sky Ring. They looked like transparent rocks flying towards him.

A powerful suction force came from his G.o.d Body, covering all the divine crystals.

The divine crystals stuck on his body like fish scales like his armor. The energy in those divine crystals triggered at once, flowing ma.s.sively into his G.o.d Body.

"Not enough!" Shi Yan hastened, saying only that. His body flashed. He disappeared one more time.

"Give me divine crystals! All of them!" He shouted at Ka Tuo, who was confused, giving a low shout.

Ka Tuo was also astounded. However, he didn't say much. He just gave him all the divine crystals in his ring. Those crystals then stuck on Shi Yan's body like fish scales.

"Senior, Ka Fu keeps most of the divine crystals. I only have this many," Ka Tuo explained. He looked a little bit embarra.s.sed.

Shi Yan was baffled for a while, disappearing.

"Give me divine crystals! All!" He appeared by Zi Yao.

"Give me divine crystals!"

"Give me divine crystals!"

"Give me divine crystals!"

He flashed on and off between Zi Yao, Leona, and Carthew, making the same request.

Those who knew him generously gave him all the divine crystals they had. The divine crystals then turned into the fish scales that stuck onto his G.o.d Body. Shortly after, his body looked like one giant chunk of divine crystal.

His G.o.d Body was like a sponge, taking in the energy of the divine crystals ma.s.sively. Each of the vessels in his body bulged, refining the energy of the divine crystals. All the energy then flooded the Essence Qi ancient tree.

The Essence Qi ancient tree throve rapidly. Its jewel-like branches were weaving thickly as the tree jutted higher and higher.

At the same time, Shi Yan took out the Heavenly Mending Pellet he had exchanged from Jester and swallowed it.

Shi Yan stayed in the center of Cold Wind Island, sitting down by Leona, Fei Lan, and Zi Yao.

People had recognized this significant event. Feng Rao, Carthew, and Ka Tuo also gathered from their areas, surrounding Shi Yan with strange faces.

"Is he... about to break through?" Leona looked at Fei Lan as she couldn't confirm this fact.

"Yeah, he's about to break through to the Original G.o.d Realm." Fei Lan nodded, her face strangely frowning. "However, others didn't look like that when they went through their breakthrough."

"Is it maybe because of... the exhausted energy in this continent? So he needs a lot of divine crystals?" asked Ka Tuo.

"Even if there's no beam of energy, using tens of thousands of divine crystals is a little bit exaggerated, right?" Feng Rao had a stern visage. "Did something unexpected happen?"

People then looked at Fei Lan.

Fei Lan's eyes were filled with immense divine light as she continued observing Shi Yan, not losing track of him for even a moment. Suddenly, she said, "He's breaking through, but his tendency doesn't look normal!"

She screamed all of a sudden.

Everybody was frightened as they never imagined her screaming.

The thick layer of divine crystals suddenly brightened like electricity winding around Shi Yan. His pores now had a clear suction force that madly absorbed the energy of the divine crystals.

Gradually, light spots as glorious as stars shot out from Shi Yan's G.o.d Body marvelously.

"It's the light emitting from his acupuncture points!" Fei Lan hissed!

Everybody was frightened.

"Breaking through the Original G.o.d Realm could have this much activity from the acupuncture points?" Ka Tuo voice trembled as he asked.

No one could answer him.

"I think he's using so much energy from the divine crystals not just to break through or condense the Original Spirit. He ate two Heavenly Mending Pellets, which can heal even the greatest loss of his soul energy with only one piece..." After pausing for a while, Fei Lan continued, "He seems to have quenched his body. Using the acupuncture points to absorb the energy from the divine crystals, I have never seen anyone done it before. Also, I have never heard of anyone breaking through the Original G.o.d Realm with this form."

Everybody quieted down.

They knew Shi Yan must have undergone some marvelous changes. However, they didn't know whether those changes were good or bad.

The only thing they could do was to guard this area to prevent any other people from disturbing Shi Yan's advancement.

Cold Wind Island.

Shi Yan floated in the center of the island, closing his eyes with his G.o.d Body emitting strange energy fluctuations.

Tens of thousands of divine crystals shrouded his body, radiating dazzlingly. After the energy had started to pour into his G.o.d Body, one of his acupuncture points glowed.

At the same time, the divine crystals, which contained earth and heaven energy, lost their energy and turned into the ordinary rocks, falling off of his G.o.d Body.

After around six hours, half of the divine crystals were exhausted, turning into gray stones and falling off his G.o.d Body.

"Not enough! It's obvious that those divine crystals aren't enough!" Fei Lan was astounded, hissing, "He needs more divine crystals!"

Ka Tuo, Zi Yao, Feng Rao, and Carthew discolored, taking action almost immediately.

They scattered, releasing their Soul Consciousness to find their friends who also came here.

Fei Lan took a deep breath, using her vast Soul Consciousness to contact the Giants. She wanted to do something for Shi Yan.

Dead Soul Mountain Range.

Na Xin, the Giant Oldie, was still waiting for something in silence. All of a sudden, he jolted and frowned. "He's in Cold Wind Island!"

"Please lend us the divine crystals. Have your tribal members bring them. We promise we will repay all of it. Shi Yan is breaking through... he seems to need a ma.s.sive amount of earth and heaven energy... However, earth and heaven energy in this continent have been exhausted. He doesn't have enough." Fei Lan sent her soul message to Na Xin's Sea of Consciousness."

"Why did he go to Cold Wind Island?" Ouyang Luo Shuang was confused.

Na Xin shook his head, not explaining anything. He squinted, releasing his Soul Consciousness to contact his fellow Giants on this ancient continent. "Whoever is near Cold Wind Island, hurry back to the island and give your divine crystals to... our little friends."

Many Giants received his message. They didn't say anything, pausing their work and going to Cold Wind Island.

Four hours later, the first Giant came. He walked to Fei Lan and asked, "Our Tribal Oldie asked us. Do you need divine crystals?"

Fei Lan nodded.

That Giant smiled honestly, throwing the divine crystals he had to Fei Lan.

He had more than ten thousand pieces.

Fei Lan was so happy. She used her energy to cover the divine crystals and threw them at Shi Yan's G.o.d Body.

Shi Yan's body then sucked them. The divine crystal stuck on the chunk made of divine crystals.

At this moment, the divine crystals stuck on his body have almost all been consumed.

Half of seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in his body were glowing magnificently.

However, it seemed that the quant.i.ty of divine crystal he had was insufficient.

Luckily, after another two hours, another clansman of the Giant Tribe returned. The Giant gave Fei Lan divine crystals as Na Xin had asked them to do and let her throw them to Shi Yan personally.

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