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This was the unrecognizable area that Na Xin had mentioned.

This place was by the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. Five-colored light meandered beautifully like long rivers crossing the sky. Light dots fell like unceasing meteors.

Each moving light hid a power Upanishad, including the derivatives of Five Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Gravity, True Light, Death and Life, s.p.a.ce, Reincarnation, and more. They were all mysterious and subtle, beyond people's imagination.

This place didn't have earth and heaven energy and the rivers carrying the powers Upanishad didn't have any attacking power.

However, the mysteries of those powers didn't need the energy to urge. They could move naturally under some rules of earth and heaven.

It was like a dream!

Ten flames in different colors and different auras were diverging in different areas just like the sea of light. They were trying to devour each other.

His soul altar floated above the center of the heaven flames' battle, which was at the critical moment.

However, his soul altar didn't look normal...

It had divided into two regions.

The Sea of Consciousness was the lowest tier. Above it was the heaven flames and the powers Upanishad. This was where the soul altar divided.

The G.o.d Soul hovered above the power Upanishad tier, moving continually with the blood mark. The G.o.d Soul was a projection of his G.o.d Soul with the burning flame of life that looked magnificently beautiful.

Floating above the heaven flames tier was the Origin...

The Origin and his G.o.d Soul were in two different areas. The Origin didn't have layers of gray air circling it. Now, it had only the rare and precious cultivating materials.

The Heaven Flame Refining G.o.dly Technique made Thunder Witch Wood, Five Elements Crystal Marrow, Blood Soul Divine Water, and other auxiliary materials cover the Origin like a membrane...

The materials gradually dissolved and the magical energy seeped into the Origin.

His G.o.d Soul still controlled the Heaven Flame Refining G.o.dly Technique, trying to merge the Origin with his G.o.d Soul.

However, he didn't succeed.

Whenever the Origin came close to establishing a connection with the G.o.d Soul, an unknown force that went against rules of earth and heaven would appear and forcefully cut the connection between Shi Yan and the Origin.

He couldn't fuse with it.

It seemed like something went wrong with the Heaven Flame Refining G.o.dly Technique that was instructed by the Ring Spirit. The Origin couldn't merge with his G.o.d Soul.

After many failed attempted, Shi Yan quieted down to a.n.a.lyze.

While his hands were tied, the blood mark in his G.o.d Soul had a strange commotion!

A flow of magical energy fluctuation was generated from the blood mark, flooding the G.o.d Soul.

The pure soul energy shot out, forcefully taking something from Shi Yan's G.o.d Soul.

It was an illusory shadow, a replica of his G.o.d Soul that was identical to his!

Parts of the soul, thoughts, traces, memories, and even the foundation of life were withdrawn from his G.o.d Soul. The powerful energy of the blood mark then dragged it toward the Origin.

Soul Dividing!

A flash of light appeared in his mind and Shi Yan understood right away.

The profundity that the blood mark was using was to divide the soul. It split the soul and duplicated his seals, creating another version of him.

The soul that had just been split had taken a large amount of Shi Yan's life energy and his G.o.d Soul, making him exhausted and feel like he was actually dying. He didn't have any extra bit of energy to observe the situation.

The split soul moved toward the Origin under the blood mark's urge.

That split soul seemed to meet some requirements of earth and heaven's rules. It wasn't attacked and directly entered the Origin.

No gap between them!


The Thunder Witch Wood sparked. The Blood Soul Divine Water, the Five Elements Crystal Marrow, and other auxiliary materials dissolved rapidly. Strange energies started to seep into the Origin from the membrane they had formed.

Shi Yan's split soul had fused into one with that Origin. Their fusion hadn't finished yet though...

During the progress, the main and auxiliary materials melted, pouring into the Origin, which facilitated and perfected the fusion between the split soul and the Origin...

At that moment, glum and mournful emotions and auras of archaic times emerged from a deep place in his soul.

Billions of years ago, a life star floated in a desolate galaxy, continuously taking in energy from outer s.p.a.ce, which gave vitality to it...

After an unknown period, the barren life star started to have seas and foliage. Some kind of outer s.p.a.ce energy fell into that life star like giant meteors. It then stimulated the profundities of earth and heaven, which gave birth to formidable, giant immemorial creatures.

The immemorial creatures were born with the gift of knowing how to utilize powers, absorbing energy to strengthen themselves and advancing their realms...

Then one day, due to the compet.i.tion for earth and heaven energy, wars exploded between immemorial creatures, sweeping the entire life star!

Many immemorial creatures fell. The perception of immemorial creatures which won the war became more profound. As they understood the truth of earth and heaven, they didn't want to limit themselves to only a life star. They then entered outer s.p.a.ce to seek for utmost power.

This continent quieted down the second time.

The Immemorial Era ended.

Huge transformations happened. One hundred thousand years pa.s.sed hurriedly.

One day, a bunch of strange light fell from outer s.p.a.ce, exploding in the sky. New vitality came to the continent.

Although the immemorial creatures had fallen for many years, some bodies still remained. Receiving the mysterious vitality, they started to change silently. Due to their different races, the dead immemorial creatures transformed, spending thousands of years for new developments and giving birth to new lives.

G.o.d Clan, Demon Clan, Monster Clan, Giant Clan, Dark Spirit Clan, Corpse Clan, Human Clan, Sea Clan, Ghost Mark Clan, Dark Clan...

Bizarre races originated from the dead bodies of different immemorial creatures. With different origins, they diverged into different races.

The archaic continent had creatures for the second time.

The Ancient Time started.

As they were from different races, they had different cultivation methods, so they didn't bring grudges or create tension. They had lived in peace for dozens of thousands of years. Then, the second war took place.

The G.o.d Clan became very powerful. The other nine clans united to exile the G.o.d Clan. Many experts had fallen. Then, the nine clans lived together in the ancient continent.

The Ancient Time ended.

Human Clan was the smallest and weakest clan. However, they had many dangerous and adaptive features. They could grow rapidly. They could breed and mix their blood with almost every race. Due to their bad innate endowment, they pursued intelligence instead. Members of the Human Clan were smart and they were good at strategizing and planning.

After blending their blood with different races, Human Clan eventually had outstanding talents, which were as excellent as other clans. With their super reproducing ability, the Human Clan multiplied their population, filling each corner of the ancient continent.

As the Human Clan's population had been increasing too much, their demands on natural resources became too burdening, which concerned the other eight clans. They recognized that a great disaster was about to happen.

Another war started for the entire ancient continent.

The Antiquity Era started.

Human Clan had depended on their advantages of large numbers and the abilities of their hybrids to gain the upper hand. After the hotshots of the eight clans had fallen, their next generations were hopeless. Day after day, the Human Clan pressed on their advantages, winning battle after battle. The populations of the other eight clans continued to decrease.

The Human Clan ultimately won the war. The other clans were sealed or fled away to the smallest s.p.a.ces in outer s.p.a.ce, leaving the archaic continent to Human Clan.

The wind changed. Whenever a new era arrived giving birth to new generations of experts, a war would take place on the continent.

The ancient continent had experienced the Immemorial Era, the Ancient Time, and the Antiquity Era. After three big epochs, the continent was shattered and worn out. The energy it had acc.u.mulated for billions of years was about to exhausted.

The Origin couldn't do anything as the ancient continent had come to the last phase of its energy cycle. During the three eras, the Origin had the chances to diverge its power to fuse with different creatures and create heaven flames.

The heaven flames were the Origin's hosts. It wanted those heaven flames to be stronger. It hoped that even if it vanished, it could still leave some of its vestiges to this world through the haven flames...

The ancient, desolate, and mournful overflowed from the Origin, mixing with Shi Yan's split soul.

At this moment, Shi Yan became the Origin, and this continent his body...

He was like an audience watching the whole life of this ancient continent from birth, thriving and then vanishing...

As his soul and the Origin were fused, those images reflected in his heart, becoming his Life Seal, which stayed forever in the deep place of his soul, memories that he would never forget.

Today, he had fused with the Origin, and he seemed to become the real master of this ancient continent.

This continent had become like his child. He had just watched his child grow up, age, and come to the end of life. Eventually, it dried up and died.

This was a natural cycle.

From deep inside his soul, the ancient continent had finished by projecting the recent events and today's commotion until this very moment. Shi Yan suddenly found that while he didn't notice, his split soul had completely fused with the Origin. Now, it had replaced the Origin to be the new master of the ancient continent.

However, his newborn baby was already aged and senile. It was the sunset behind the mountain. It would pa.s.s away soon...

The Origin was the most mysterious existence in this world, and it wasn't a still object. Its life form was totally different from normal creatures. It had witnessed everything!

The three main materials and many more auxiliary materials had all melted, turning into a fluid that has been absorbed into his core and the Origin.

Now he had another soul on the heaven flames tier of his soul altar. It was a chaotic sphere, moving continuously as if it would never cease.

The G.o.d Soul and that Origin Soul seemed to become his left and right brain respectively. The two souls weren't independent but connected to each other. They had the same connection, thoughts, traces of memory, and the foundation of life.

Shi Yan knew that the chaotic sphere soul was also within him.

The fierce battle between the ten heaven flames was still happening. However, when he looked at them this time, he had a different feeling.

Those ten heaven flames were part of his Origin Soul. They were like ten wisps of his pure Soul Consciousness. When this thought appeared in his mind, the sphere Origin Soul suddenly generated a suction force.

His combined Origin Soul had gripped and pulled the ten heaven flames, which were floating everywhere, forcefully towards his soul.

The seven heaven flames, which were connected with him before, took the initiative and entered his sphere Origin Soul without any hesitation. Then, his power multiplied and the suction force increased several times!

The Immemorial Demonic Flame and the Primal Chaos Scared Flame tried hard to resist his force. However, after he had fused with the seven heaven flames, they couldn't struggle anymore. Eventually, they were pulled into that sphere of Origin Soul.

Ten different wisps of soul memory moved in panic and conflicted with each other inside the Origin Soul. They were all trying to take the upper hand, showing their traces of life.

However, under the power of the Origin Soul, ten soul memories and the soul thoughts had become part of his soul. Eventually, they fused with each other, turning into his incomplete traces of life.

This was true fusion.

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