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Dead Soul Mountain Range.

Na Xin and Ouyang Luo Shuang stood next to each other as they were watching the sky with serious visages.

A shiny green light dot hovered above Ouyang Luo Shuang. A green halo shimmered, repeatedly enlarging and shrinking.

It was the dead soul's evil lair.

Because the Immemorial Demonic Flame had left the evil lair, Ouyang Luo Shuang could take control of it now. It also meant that she could eventually occupy the Incipient Extent.

Ouyang Luo Shuang narrowed her eyes slightly, her face cold but bright. She was spinning her soul altar, combining her soul energy and the Incipient Extent, creating a wonderful resonance.

The marvelous energy fluctuations emitted from her body. The evil lair bounced faster and faster...

Na Xin frowned, glancing at her. "It's no use. You can't find that unrecognizable place. Only the warrior who has fused with heaven flames can get in there after his heaven flame has swallowed all the other flames. And you don't have any heaven flames. Even if you cultivated s.p.a.ce power, you wouldn't find it."

Ouyang Luo Shuang's bright eyes dimmed and she sighed bitterly. "Indeed, I can't find a trace."

"Did you also receive the method to get the Origin from the inheritance you receive from the Incipient Extent?" Na Xin suddenly asked, gazing at her. "As far as I've known, only a few of the best warriors knew how to take the Origin. I could see that you were impatient to get it. Do you know the method to seize it?"

"Can we not just combine it with our G.o.d Soul?" Ouyang Luo Shuang was confused, "Is there something else to be done?"

Na Xin was surprised, laughing oddly. "Oh, it turns out that you don't know. You little girl, you're lucky that you didn't enter earth's inner core. Haha. If you act rashly, your soul will perish, leaving nothing behind."

Ouyang Luo Shuang discolored, "Please enlighten me?"

"I don't know either," Na Xin forced a smile, shaking his head. "The archaic continents which have an Origin are so rare. They're so few that we can count them with our fingers even in a vast star area. In my knowledge, there were so many intimidating existences that wanted to take the Origin. More often, they were out of their place and acted rashly. None of them had a decent end."

"He doesn't know how either," Ouyang Luo Shuang was shocked. She jolted up, rushing, "He's a fool who entered that place recklessly. If he impulsively takes it, will he end up perishing his soul like you said?"

Na Xin frowned, "Would he be that impulsive?"

"You should have told him clearer!" Ouyang Luo Shuang snorted, "I'm afraid that he would take it immediately. You could have harmed him." Her words were heavy.

"He isn't the one who likes to take risks. He will be alright," Na Xin contemplated for a while. "The Origin of this land has existed for billions of years. This continent has given birth to countless outstanding warriors. It's still there, which means none of them had succeeded in taking it. Of course, it has something marvelous. He should know that, right?"

"If he didn't know it and took it deliberately, what would happen then?" shouted Ouyang Luo Shuang.

"I'm afraid. I'm afraid it won't be a good ending," Na Xin darkened his face. "I think he wouldn't be in trouble. His heaven flames got the Origin energy. He should have something unique to connect to the heaven flames. I think he will be alright."

"You better hope you're right," Ouyang Luo Shuang's face was cold. It seemed like she didn't want to see something bad happen to Shi Yan.

Na Xin hesitated for a while. He seemed to recognize how serious the situation could be. He pondered, closing his eyes. A soul fluctuation covering the entire Grace Mainland was released from him, running directly into the earth.

Ten seconds later, Na Xin opened his eyes, giving a low shout. "I found him."

His Soul Consciousness had pierced through tens of thousands of miles underground to connect to Shi Yan.

"Don't take the Origin impulsively. If you don't know how, just watch how it changes!" Na Xin's Soul Consciousness thundered in Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness.

Shi Yan's consciousness was blurry. He woke up, his body shaking.

He had consumed too much life energy...

The fierce battle between the heaven flames was much more dangerous than what he had thought. It wasn't like the previous one!

The Primal Chaos Sacred Flame and the Immemorial Demonic Flame were the two high-ranked heaven flames. Their intellect was clear and their life forms had ascended to perfection. They were the most marvelous creatures in this world.

The Immemorial Demonic Flame was at level 8. Which level was the flame that could scare it, the flame that ranked first among the heaven flames?

Level 9!

The top level of the heaven flames!

A chill current poured into his G.o.d Soul from atop his head, covering the Sea of Consciousness and giving him an extreme fear.

At this moment, he recognized that he was too impetuous. He was just at the King G.o.d Realm and he thought that he could do anything as he pleased in Grace Mainland, including gathering all the heaven flames.

The appearance of the Immemorial Demonic Flame and the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame were powerful slaps to his face. He now knew how perilous this kind of creature was when they reached the high level.

Na Xin's Soul Consciousness came quickly and left even more quickly. It disappeared shortly after.

Shi Yan wore an unusually grim face while electric-like lights were crossing his mind. He was trying his best to find a way to support the heaven flames.

"I warned him," Na Xin took a deep breath, smiling reluctantly in the world outside. "It's not too late. He hasn't done anything. With my reminder, he won't act rashly."

Ouyang Luo Shuang exhaled in relief.

She considered Shi Yan a th.o.r.n.y section of her martial path. She had used Shi Yan as the target for her cultivation. If Shi Yan died, she would have no one to compete against.

At least, I have to defeat him myself. Then, he can die! thought Ouyang Luo Shuang.

The fierce battle of the heaven flames became more ferocious. Staying deep underground, Shi Yan could still feel the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame shivering anxiously...

Before the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame appeared, the battle between the seven heaven flames and the Immemorial Demonic Flame could be considered an equal battle. He didn't need to supplement his soul energy.

However, when the heaven flame which ranked first appeared, not only the seven heaven flames but also the brutal Immemorial Demonic Flame had to change its opponent.

However, even when the heaven flames joining hands together with Shi Yan's life energy, they seemed unable to win.

The Primal Chaos Sacred Flame had been in earth's inner core, seizing the Origin energy for so many years. It was unimaginably powerful, indeed!

A wisp of Na Xin's Soul Consciousness had awakened Shi Yan. However, after several minutes, due to his continually consumed soul energy, he felt dizzy again and his consciousness started to drift away.

At this moment, Shi Yan figured out another meaning in Na Xin's words...


It's true! It should be the Origin! And it must be the Origin!

His eyes brightened, gazing at the Origin in front of him, gazing at the most marvelous thing in this world! His desire was hard to calm down!

He has no choice.

The heaven flames had to take all of his life energy. Or his soul altar had to be broken and be vanishing.

Or he could let things go and let the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame take what it wanted and swallow all the heaven flames.

Or he will forcefully take the Origin energy and see if he can change everything…

All the heaven flames born in Grace Mainland were closely related to the Origin. The life form of each heaven flame depended on the Origin. If he seized the Origin, will he be able to change all these things?

This thought arose once more, and it was like a haunting ghost that wouldn't be driven away.

As his soul energy drifted, his consciousness became hazy. He chose to forget Na Xin's reminder while the thought of seizing the Origin was surging vehemently.

Eventually, when he couldn't gather his consciousness anymore, he had completely forgotten Na Xin's reminder. His shivering finger touched his forehead.

The soul altar looked like a precious tower with many tiers flying out from his head. The vast Sea of Consciousness, the magical powers Upanishad tier, the G.o.d Soul, the flame of life... they piled up marvelously and beautifully.

His G.o.d Soul floated on the tier of power Upanishad, flickering like a running candle in the light, which would extinguish in any minute...

Although he was in such a bad condition, his soul altar seemed unaware of the danger, flying towards the Origin.


Shi Yan's soul altar collided with a layer of hazy gray air. The traces of Soul Consciousness in the Sea of Consciousness were burned down instantly!

Shortly, one-tenth of his vast Sea of Consciousness was consumed.

He felt a pain that he couldn't endure from deep inside his soul. It was like a sharp weapon stabbing his brain. This kind of pain couldn't be described.

Even if he was good at enduring pain and suffering, he couldn't stand it anymore. His G.o.d Soul swayed and it was about to vanish.

His dull, blurry consciousness woke up under such pain.

Also at that moment, the blood mark on the forehead of his G.o.d Soul suddenly sparkled!

An electric-like light bloomed dazzlingly from the mark. A dusty memory fell like rain, running directly to a deep place of his soul.

Heaven Flame Refining G.o.dly Technique!


The Fantasy Sky ring on his finger exploded. All kinds of cultivating materials that he had to spend a lot of effort to collect floated from the broken ring.

Thunder Witch Wood, b.l.o.o.d.y Soul Divine Water, Five Elements Crystal Marrow...

The three main ingredients and many auxiliary materials flooded his Sea of Consciousness, congregating there.

The gray air intruding the Sea of Consciousness seemed to stimulate something. The blood mark on the G.o.d Soul sent out a rainbow light, covering all main and auxiliary materials.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

The frightening electric light and the divine light gathered. All the materials scattered, turning into a thick, chaotic mist that covered the entire Sea of Consciousness and the soul altar under the effects of Heaven Flame Refining G.o.dly Technique.

The pain that could be carved into his bones disappeared abruptly. The layers of gray air couldn't threaten him anymore.

Shi Yan was happy but he didn't dare to linger. He controlled the soul altar that directly crossed many gray air layers. He proceeded to seize the Origin.

As the Heaven Flame Refining G.o.dly Technique was processing, the most magical energy in earth and heaven expanded from the soul altar, seizing the Origin.

At that moment, Shi Yan's soul altar and the Origin formed a connection. Then, a light radiated as his soul altar and the Origin both appeared at the place where heaven flames were fighting fiercely.

The battle of the heaven flames was now taking place right in front of him. At the most critical moment, Shi Yan stormed in.

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