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The Immemorial Era had all kinds of intimidating living beings. They all had intelligence and long lives. With giant physiques and earth-shattering power, they were the highest existences in the food chain.

That era was the dawn of the Grace Mainland when earth and heaven energy was still extremely abundant, much more than the so-called level 7 life star. Creatures in Immemorial Era were almost invincible. Legends say that they were even stronger than the ten clans of the next era.

The Immemorial Era had lasted for more than ten thousand years and the immemorial creatures had consumed a lot of earth and heaven energy in Grace Mainland. Eventually, many immemorial creatures had to go to outer s.p.a.ce, far away to find more energy.

An ancient creature died with a fetus in its womb. After it died, the unborn creature within had lost its nutrient supply to become a newborn creature of that kind. However, its preserved soul had taken in the demonic Qi of that ancient creature and became a new life form in the shape of a flame.

Although it hadn't received enough nutrients to become a member of its kind, it had the Original Essence power that it received before its development stopped. Then, it became a heaven flame but it wasn't an immemorial creature. Since it used to desire the nutrient of life to ascend, it had a special ability which was to be able to absorb life energy of demonic beasts. It could take in lives of strong demonic beasts to strengthen itself.

It was the Immemorial Demonic Flame, the number four heaven flame.

Legends related to this heaven flame crossed Shi Yan's brain. He gathered his spirit shortly, giving a smile. "You've been staying with it in this Incipient Extent. Do you know which level it is? How did it get the acceptance of the Incipient Extent? Between you two, who has received the inheritance?"

"I received the inheritance, but this Incipient Extent seems to have a magical connection with that flame. It's hard to destroy it. I also don't know why it can control the Incipient Extent and kick me out." Ouyang Luo Shuang's face was pretty but icy cold, her voice indifferent.

It was obvious that she needed Shi Yan to help her deal with the Immemorial Demonic Flame, but her voice and her manners implied that she didn't have any intentions of asking or begging him. She was still unconcerned as if it was his obligation to help her.

Of course, Shi Yan wouldn't mind it.

He came here not because of Ouyang Luo Shuang but because of the heaven flames.

He needed the heaven flames.

Among the known heaven flames, he still needed three, including Immemorial Demonic Flame, Purgatory True Flame, and the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame. When he could combine the last three heaven flames, he could finally lay his eyes on Original G.o.d Realm. When that happened, he would do what the Ring Spirit had told him to do and transform his soul.

He believed that the Ring Spirit would never harm him. The heaven flame fusion would give him formidable advantages. He believed in this. That was why he didn't hurry to break through. He needed to gather the heaven flames first.

"It's coming." Na Xin's soul altar suddenly spun. The vivid five-colored halo with active beautiful light expanded from his soul altar like a rainbow. It layered up and shrouded the area.

The power Upanishad tier of Na Xin's soul altar had five sections where powers Upanishad of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth co-existed. He didn't cultivate only one power Upanishad like most of the warriors of the Raging Flame Star Area did. Just like the G.o.d Clan man they had met in the G.o.d Perishing Land, he had cultivated five powers Upanishad at the same time.

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. The Five Elements strengthened each other. Na Xin's thoughts flickered, and his Sea of Consciousness, the soul altar tier of power Upanishad, and the Ethereal Soul were retrieved into his Ethereal Extent. His Ethereal Extent existed in this foreign land like a five-colored auspicious cloud, which was full of light.

Layers of light extended from the five-colored auspicious clouds, covering the spooky green soul sea.

The green flame lengthened in the soul sea. The green seawater seethed uneasily. A ma.s.sive illusion emerged above the water like a dragon soaring out of the deep lake.

A ferocious bull-like beast as big as a mountain with horns floated on the green water. It opened its mouth, facing the sky and roaring indignantly. The gross, sticky substance in its mouth stank. They could even see the green smoke emitted from it.

There were layers of scales on its dark green body, which looked like small, aligned shields. This savage beast had a tail, which was like a giant python, dozens of meters long. Its tail constantly whipped on the green soul sea. They could vaguely see many faces of the ghosts attached to that giant tail.

As soon as that creature appeared, a frightening brutal aura shot into the sky, gathering at each of the slits in the sky.

Cold, stiff corpses of the Dark Spirit Clan were struck, falling from the sky into its open mouth. Then, the beast swallowed them ma.s.sively like a whale taking in water.

"Condense the real body!" Na Xin suddenly shouted while he was staying inside the Five Elements Ethereal Extent. "Don't let it finish the condensation to form a real ent.i.ty!"

Shi Yan was dumbstruck.

He had figured out right at the beginning that although this beast looked savage and real, it was just a hollow form without flesh and blood.

However, when it faced the sky and roared while engulfing the Dark Spirit Clan's cold corpses, the hollow body enlarged as the beast started to generate a real, fiercely brutal, bloodthirsty aura. Shi Yan's soul felt very uneasy.

From an embryo, it condensed a real body. It wasn't easy to create a real body. The giant horns like the buffalo's horns on its head sparkled in spooky green light while the scales on its body rattled. It faced the sky, roaring painfully. A real sound wave shot up to the sky, making the green soul sea of this foreign land surge vehemently.

While the beast condensed the flesh body, the immense green soul sea seemed to lower down as if it was running shallow.

The sticky green liquid seemed to be withdrawing rapidly, congregating in the body it was condensing. It seemed that as the beast finishes building its body, it was using the energy of this green soul sea.

"It's a stillbirth of an immemorial creature. At this moment, it wants to break the Nature's rule to rebirth!" Na Xin discolored in fright, shouting. "We entered here and you've torn s.p.a.ce. We seem to give it hope for success. Be careful!"

As Shi Yan hadn't answered yet, Ouyang Luo Shuang started to attack first.

Crack Crack Crack!

A crisp cracking sound echoed from the thousand-meter-tall icicle. That snow-white shadow emitted dreamy, fantasy light ribbons. Each ribbon had a marvelous connection with the icicle.

Light ribbons filled the icicle. At first glance, it was like a magical, complex spider web had just been woven at the peak of the icicle. Each of the ribbons was connected to the top of the icicle. Gradually, wisps of ice power that looked like transparent horned dragons flew towards the center of the icicle.

Crack Crack Crack!

Each horned dragon looked real and chilly to the bone. They gathered and shot the beasts.

The ice shattered from the beast's body. Ice rocks containing tremendous icy power fell. When it fell into the green sea, it immediate froze an area of more than ten mu.

Ouyang Luo Shuang stood inside the icicle. Her eyes were clear but icy cold. She was concentrating while cold light was constantly emitting from her eyes.

An extremely cold aura with the flawless moonlight brought the ancient, magical power to draw the cold energy and send it quietly into the core of that beast.

She seemed to have a good grasp of some power Upanishad. Her attack was natural but marvelous. While she rose her hands, she could use the best of her powers to develop her attack.

The life form of this beast was an eerie green flame with a gold halo, which was the form of the Purgatory True Flame. The heaven flame was the nature of that beast's life form, with the basic, evil instinct of hunting beasts.

The Immemorial Demonic Flame had a strange ability to absorb vitality of strong beasts. This flame seemed to have a special obsession. Since it was a stillbirth, it couldn't finish the transformation of the immemorial creature. This regret always stayed in the nature of this flame.

It took in beasts' vitality to complete its final transformation, which gave it the initial, real form of the immemorial beast.

Immemorial creatures were intimidating creatures that lived in the Immemorial Area. They weren't categorized into any race. Usually, they had giant bodies as large as a mountain. Their intelligence developed naturally from the rules of Nature. From the day they were born, they had supernatural powers.

If the Immemorial Demonic Flame finished its transformation and got a real body, no one knew what would happen.

In the current era, no warrior understood the mysteries and magical features of immemorial creatures.

Na Xin didn't want to see this creature finish its transformation and neither did Ouyang Luo Shuang and Shi Yan.


He extended his left hand. The index finger and the middle finger gathered, cutting the void.

A transparent s.p.a.ce slit appeared as his fingers slid into the void. Lights were racing like meteors.

A flame shot out, bringing scorching flames that covered the entire sky.

"Level 8!" said the Vermilion Bird True Flame. "It swallowed the Purgatory True Flame. It also has a connection with this extent. It's hard to deal with it since this place is its territory!"

Shi Yan's pupils shrank. "Level 8?"

"Level 8! So strong!" the Vermilion Bird True Flame affirmed. "Seems like it has undergone some marvelous transformation. Its life form is being changed quickly. It's unbelievable! This transformation isn't the acme ascension of heaven flames... It's... condensing the spirit body!"

"Condensing the spirit body?" Shi Yan couldn't make head or tail.

"I'm a wisp of the Vermilion Bird's soul. The Vermilion Bird is one of the four Holy Beasts, and the four Holy Beasts were the development of flesh immemorial creatures. When an immemorial creature was born, the first thing it has to do is to condense the spirit body!" The Vermilion Bird True Flame quickly sent the message.


Another heaven flame appeared.

It was the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame.

"Don't let it finish!" Na Xin shouted in the voice. "Kid, use your flames to attack it."

Ouyang Luo Shuang's eyes were icy cold. Icy aura permeated the place. She rose together with the icicle. After reaching an elevation of ten thousand meters, they grumblingly pressed down. The ice horned dragons at the top of the icicle attacked as if they were real. They spurt out crystal white spears, darting towards the Immemorial Demonic Flame.

Na Xin had turned into five-colored auspicious clouds. His Ethereal Extent changed a little bit. It now looked like a five-colored sea, raising and s.n.a.t.c.hing on the Immemorial Demonic Flame.

Slosh Slosh Slosh!

The seawater of the green sea rose in the air, moving like water dragons to attack the others.

The body that the Immemorial Demonic Flame was condensing spun. A strange electric-like flame flashed and then disappeared. Instantly, it entangled the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, dragging it towards the beast.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame struggled hard. However, no matter how hard it tried, it couldn't free itself from the bind. The flame was so worried that it sent so many desperate calls to Shi Yan for help.

As they were all heaven flames and the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was ranked higher than that flame, its level still didn't rival that of the Immemorial Demonic Flame. It was now tied tightly.

Shi Yan wore a cold face. He didn't think much. His eyes became garnet instantly.

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