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Shi Yan and Yang Tian Emperor's group of experts were sitting in the meeting hall inside Utmost Eight Purgatories City. He talked about what he had experienced in the past ten years.

He spoke about how he had arrived in the Raging Flame Star Area, how he got confined and became a human body cauldron, how he escaped the confinement, his struggles in Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, his painful experience in Extreme Purgatory Field, the battle in Heaven Punishment City...

Even though Yang Tian Emperor, Yun Hao, and others had cultivated aesthetically throughout the ten years, Shi Yan's wild tales made people dizzy.

Their hearts beat quickly while listening to his story. They became bitter and excited accordingly. Bing Qing Tong and her sisters had watery eyes knowing that Shi Yan was forced to be a human body cauldron.

After Shi Yan had finished, he beamed a smile, speaking, "It was hard at first. I had to be cautious with every step I took. They had bound me for a while. However, I found my way out. My realm started increasing and my condition was getting better..."

Except for details related to Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight, he didn't conceal anything. He carefully explained so that they would know the general situation of the new star area.

When he mentioned Source of Upanishad Inheritance, magical powers Upanishad, divine crystals full of energy, and wonderful, giant battleships, everybody couldn't hide their desire.

"I'm not familiar with the new life star. I'm sure it has a lot of fatal dangers." Shi Yan pondered for a while and then continued, "Anyway, it's easy to live there. Also, it's suitable for you guys to break through. I think... a little pressure wouldn't do much harm."

"Anyway, it's better than waiting here and dying because of energy exhaustion, right?" Li Zheng Rong sighed inaudibly.

Shi Yan arched his brows, suddenly recalling something he had decided earlier. He asked, "Where is Ye Chang Feng? After I returned, I've used my Soul Consciousness to find him, but I couldn't find his energy fluctuation. He isn't in Utmost Eight Purgatories City, is he?"

Li Zhen Rong became gloomy.

Shi Yan was surprised, "What happened? Has that kid been mischievous again?"

"I hoped that he could be mischievous to me," Li Zheng Rong took a deep breath. His face was dark as he said, "Three years ago, he went to the Dead Soul Mountain Range and didn't come back. He is still missing."

"Dead Soul Mountain Range?" Shi Yan's face darkened, "The territory of the Dark Spirit Clan?"

"The Dark Spirit Clan rarely comes out... It seems that they are often in hiding. However, sometimes the dead soul's evil lair would appear and take away lives." Li Zheng Rong explained, "The dead soul's evil lair is strange and somehow marvelous. I doubt that he has fallen into that evil lair. However, I couldn't track down the location of the evil lair so I couldn't find him."

"I've been in the dead soul's evil lair," Shi Yan contemplated after muttering.

He had slit his soul when he was in the Dead Soul Mountain Range. The dead soul's evil lair was a strange s.p.a.ce with a vast, gloomy sea. A tremendously evil creature stayed in the bottom of that sea.

The Dark Spirit Clan had some kind of contract with that evil creature. They could receive power from that evil creature and that creature could also control the dead soul's evil lair.

"What is in there?" asked Li Zheng Rong.

"It's hard to tell. It's a bit complicated. I have to go there to check myself. Perhaps I can find something." Shi Yan stood up, speaking seriously. "You guys don't need to accompany me. What you should do is to prepare and organize your people. When I return, we will travel to Cold Wind Island."

"Okay," Yang Tian Emperor replied resolutely.

Bing Qing Tong and her sisters saw him want to leave. They didn't want that, but they couldn't say anything.

Today, Shi Yan was at Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm, the height that warriors of this era in the Grace Mainland couldn't imagine. Since he knew s.p.a.ce power, it would be less troublesome if he acted alone.

Although they wanted to follow him, Shi Yan had indicated that he didn't need company. Those women had to stay begrudgingly.

"We still have more time to be together. Don't be impatient," Shi Yan chuckled, his eyes showing a gleam of warmth.

Bing Qing Tong's sisters looked better and they nodded and smiled.

"You should quickly prepare." Shi Yan turned into a lightning strike, tearing into the sky. He disappeared in just a blink.

Many warriors who knew him faced the sky, looking at the flash at the horizon with a complicated countenance.

Those people included Yue Ying, Yun Xiu, Cao Zhi Lan, He Qing Man, Qu Yan Qing, and brothers Lao Lun, Lao Li...

A dozen years had pa.s.sed as quickly as a blink of an eye. Shi Yan was an outstanding genius. He had thrived to the heights that they couldn't compare to, which helped him get rid of the chain in Grace Mainland. He was at the Peak of King G.o.d Realm. To them, Shi Yan looked both familiar and strange.

He was still the same but when they saw him today, there was an invisible boundary. This boundary wasn't because of Shi Yan's intimidating power, but his nimble and amazing attainment.

He had made many people feel small compared to him.

Those women, who had pa.s.sionate times in love with Shi Yan suddenly found that they couldn't feel this love anymore... They wanted it, but they just couldn't feel the need for it.

The greatest difference was that they seemed to be from different worlds. This finding made them suffered. They suffered because they found that they didn't dare voice their love anymore.

Shi Yan didn't know what they were thinking. He had flown far away.

Under the magical powers of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, he had built a small s.p.a.ce bridge, moving like a shuttle between layers of s.p.a.ces. It was like a fish swimming between different seas.


An electric strike flashed. Shi Yan appeared above Spirit Potion Valley in Dead Soul Mountain Range. The Spirit Potion Valley was still a ruin of shattered houses and dust. It seemed like n.o.body lived here anymore.

After the Dark Spirit Clan appeared, the Dead Soul Mountain Range had become their territory. The other clans avoided this area. The Human Clan especially wouldn't come there to do anything.

Ye Chang Feng had the guts to travel to Dead Soul Mountain Range as he was sure that his calculations were correct. However, he wasn't lucky so the Dark Spirit Clan had captured him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone missing for years.

Shi Yan always had a good feeling about this man. He hurried to get to this place because of the Purgatory True Flame, but moreover, he wanted to rescue him, with the premise that he was still alive.

His Soul Consciousness covered the entire Dead Soul Mountain Range. Shi Yan narrowed his eyes, his face stern.

At his realm, it wasn't a hard task to reflect the entire Dead Soul Mountain Range in his head. Beams of his Soul Consciousness moved as quickly as the shuttles, extending to every corner of the mountain range...

Shi Yan tried to recall the scenes he had witnessed when he intruded the dead soul's evil lair that year.

That year, he had condensed the hollow soul and entered the foreign land. That place had countless s.p.a.ce cracks hovering above a green soul sea. Dull souls were floating in the sea without a beam of life energy. The soul sea continually swallowed the soul of creatures. It was extremely evil and bizarre.

The entrance above the green soul sea was where the weak men of Dark Spirit Clan stayed and resisted the suction force of the green soul sea.

Members of the Dark Spirit Clan and the evil creature living in the soul sea seemed to have an agreement. The clansmen would capture the souls from outside to give to the creature in the soul sea. Then, that evil creature would give them strong powers to escape the foreign land.

The scenes he had seen that year flashed across his head. Shi Yan frowned, continuing to let his Soul Consciousness wandering.

All of a sudden, a wisp of his Soul Consciousness had touched something, which immediately reflected in his brain.

It was a feeble beam of s.p.a.ce power...

As Shi Yan had a profound knowledge of s.p.a.ce power, he quietly sensed, his eyes brightening. He moved inaudibly.

After fifteen minutes.

Behind a mountain range, Shi Yan used his power to clean wild gra.s.s in a large area. Under a shade, he saw a dark cave. s.p.a.ce wavelets appeared from there. Sometimes it was strong, while other times, it was vague...

Closing his eyes, Shi Yan smiled coldly, spinning his soul altar to expand his G.o.d Domain.

s.p.a.ce confining power expanded from him as if it wanted to stop those unstable s.p.a.ce wavelets.

A radiant green halo emerged and enlarged from the inside of the cave. A green light dot expanded as if it was a beast opening its mouth. From the initial size of a fist, it enlarged to the size of a chopping board... in the middle of the immense green halo, a powerful suction force aimed at souls and was activated.

Shi Yan trembled and his countenance changed.

Although he had reached the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm, his soul altar had an unstable feeling as if something was trying to pull his soul altar out of his body. The G.o.d Soul atop the soul altar swayed vaguely.

A cold and malignant willpower extended from the evil lair, cutting like an icy cold sword as if it wanted to cut off Shi Yan's G.o.d Soul.


Shi Yan's visage was cold and stern. He shouted to urge s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. A thought arose, holding that evil willpower like layers of chains.

Star energy twirled while immense starlight silently congregated. A scorching solar flaming dot moved inside the starlight immediately and covered that icy cold willpower. Under the scorching solar flaming energy, that willpower was burned down.

However, more wisps of the same kind of evil energy shot out from the dead soul's evil lair before Shi Yan even had time to breathe. They flew out like ghosts trying to catch more souls.

Crack crack!

Shi Yan's ten fingers shot out countless beams of starlight. A dazzling starlight cage shrouded him entirely with the most magnificent light.

His soul altar revolved as he hauled the divine sword out. His eyes became bloodshot. Negative energy seeped out from his acupuncture points.

"Crack larger!"

A bunch of light appeared in his head. His Soul Consciousness added s.p.a.ce spears and they were like rainbow ribbons, thrusting violently into the dead soul's evil lair.

The evil lair shook hard, and the mouth cracked open. Shi Yan could see some familiar images through that crack...

Souls without a consciousness were wiggling in the green soul sea. The atmosphere was sorrowful and mournful to the acme. The entrance crack above the soul sea had no member of the Dark Spirit Clan. It seemed that the green soul sea had swallowed them all.

The soul sea in this bizarre area seethed, sending icy cold evil willpower. More powerful energy was coming from the deepest place under the green soul sea. It became stronger and clearer.

A figure as large as a mountain appeared silent, looking at the expanding dead soul's evil lair.

"Incipient Extent! This is the world created by the soul of the Incipient G.o.d Realm warrior after he died!"

This figure was the Giant Oldie.

Shi Yan was perplexed.

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