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Shi Yan sat cross-legged at the entrance of the fine s.p.a.ce slit and he closed his eyes. His visage was as calm as still water.

The Giants and the warriors from the Raging Flame Star Area waited in silence by the stone riff. They couldn't control their hearts as they were very anxious.

The wish that they had been carrying for tens of thousands of years was about to be fulfilled!

Breaking the s.p.a.ce barrier to connect the two distant star areas: how valiant was that?

The Giant soldiers had been waiting for this day for tens of thousands of years. They balled their fists, shivering anxiously with watery eyes.

They were afraid that Shi Yan would fail.

"It's okay. This kid has a profound understanding of s.p.a.ce power. He is capable of doing this." The Giant Oldie couldn't help but comfort his fellow giants.

Shi Yan couldn't listen to their conversation. He was concentrating wholeheartedly, more than he had ever done. His soul altar was revolving madly.

Waves of s.p.a.ce energy rippled throughout his G.o.d Body, slowly pouring into the Empty Fantasy Crystal. The ma.s.sive crystal emitted dazzling light, extending to every corner under his s.p.a.ce power influence.

The beautiful light moved like ribbons, pouring into each s.p.a.ce slit. The fine s.p.a.ce slits cracked open, getting bigger and longer. They moved as he wished, slowly flying towards the entrance to the Ethereal Extent.

He was constantly acc.u.mulating energy.

The Empty Fantasy Crystal radiated beautiful beams of light like swords or sabers. While he was transforming his power Upanishad, his energy transformed into the form of sharp, long spears that went inside each of the fine s.p.a.ce slits. The s.p.a.ce slits were torn rapidly.

After a few seconds, when Shi Yan opened his eyes, s.p.a.ce swords appeared in his pupils like the exquisite s.p.a.ce slits.

The Empty Fantasy Crystal exploded abruptly!

Countless sharp s.p.a.ce lines were plunged into the s.p.a.ce slits. Dozens of fine s.p.a.ce slits were generated and then condensed into sharp spears that were a meter long. Together with Shi Yan's G.o.d Body, the sharp spears violently stabbed into the Ethereal Extent.

The Immortal Demon Blood in his G.o.d Body evaporated and condensed.

Drops of jewel-like Immortal Demon Blood seemed to have a magical searching power. They used a wisp of memory in his brain to make a subtle connection with the Giant corpse in the far-away Grace Mainland.

The direction was now carved into his brain!

A ten-thousand-meter s.p.a.ce spear swept through the place, running directly into the deep, unknown place. It sparkled and then disappeared.

Instantaneously, the Ethereal Extent shook intensely as if the sky was about to fall with a furious earthquake. Terrifying thunder reverberated as s.p.a.ce became unstable.

An aura that could tear s.p.a.ce was generated inside the Ethereal Extent. It seemed powerful enough to destroy all kinds of flesh!

Fei Lan, Leona, and the others were frightened. They shuddered inwardly.

Lucky. They were so lucky that they weren't stubborn enough to stay close.

s.p.a.ce power was the most magical and sharp energy in this world. Although Shi Yan's realm was low, when he triggered the change of s.p.a.ce, the other warriors couldn't bear it.

If they were accidentally dragged into the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin, even Fei Lan with her four-tiered soul altar couldn't wiggle out of it. The warriors would get worn out and die from energy exhaustion.

s.p.a.ce power triggered by the Empty Fantasy Crystal fused with Shi Yan's consciousness as he used the combination of more than exquisite s.p.a.ce slits to create a sharp strike that could pierce through everything in this world!

Including the s.p.a.ce barrier!

Crack Crack Crack!

Shadows of broken rigid objects emerged in the void. They continually collided and twisted as if they wanted to rip off the Ethereal Extent completely.

A Giant shouted instinctively, his face changing slightly. "Tribal Oldie!"

"No need to worry," Oldie frowned. He looked as calm as usual. "He knows what to do... The Ethereal Extent is tough and it won't get damaged so easily. This Ethereal Extent has existed in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin for so many years. Its endurance to s.p.a.ce power is beyond your imagination."

As he spoke, the Giants calmed down, waiting with great expectations on their faces. They were all observing what was happening.

They couldn't see Shi Yan, but they could feel the constant changes of the Ethereal Extent. It seemed like the Ethereal Extent was elongated to some place that they didn't know, somewhere perpetual.

Time flew quietly and constantly like water that flowed.

"It has been seven days," Carthew frowned, looking at the Ethereal Extent with chaotic s.p.a.ce energy waves, his countenance solemn. "What is going on in there?"

"He stopped. His aura is becoming... peaceful and relaxed now..." Fei Lan hesitated for a while. She looked at the Giant Oldie, asking, "Did I sense this correctly?"

The Giant Oldie nodded, smiling. "That boy is... brilliant. While he used s.p.a.ce power to break the barrier, he seems to better understand the subtle mysteries of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. I think he is comprehending something."

Afterward, the warriors of the Raging Flame Star Area were all shocked. Strange light sparkled in their eyes.

Especially Feng Rao and Zi Yao. Their beautiful eyes twinkled like diamonds. Pride and happiness were seen on their indescribably charming face.

Shi Yan's power was what made them proud.

This was a feeling due to an unknown reason though...

"Shi Yan used to say that he would take Ao Gu Duo's head in one hundred years. I thought he was just being arrogant. But now I believe him. It could be true." Carthew smacked his lips, appraising, "He's a genius. He can easily comprehend his powers Upanishad at any convenient time. Seems like his increasing realm doesn't have a limit. I think he doesn't need one hundred years. After he's reached the Original G.o.d Realm, he can have the competence to behead Ao Gu Duo."

"Ao Gu Duo?" Leona's face was icy cold. "Who the heck does he think he is? If it weren't for Du Tian Ji, I would have killed him already!"

Carthew shivered, giving a forced smile. "Of course, you have the right to say so."

"Madame Leona, do you still keep the divine nation in your mind?" All of a sudden, Zi Yao took one step forward and looked at her, waiting for her answer.

"Divine nation?" Leona pursed her lips, speaking disdainfully. "In my eyes, there's no divine nation, only my Dark Sky family. Your father has given me opportunities. I remember this favor. However, I've almost fully repaid him after so many years..."

Zi Yao's face shivered, speaking gloomily. "So you won't work for the divine nation anymore?"

"If nothing unexpected happens, I will never return to the divine nation... You guys... perhaps you shouldn't go back either." Leona glanced at her, speaking indifferently. "People usually aim for higher places. Many warriors of the Raging Flame Star Area are searching tirelessly and with pain. They want to move to a better star area. Your destiny is perfect. Your wish is fulfilled today. Why do you want to get back there? You've seen the vast sky. Why do you want to get back to your shallow well? Is your brain not working?"

Zi Yao was shocked. A flash of recognition crossed her eyes. She quieted down.

Carthew thought then nodded with a smile. "I have no burden. I don't want to go back."

Alchemist Jester frowned as if he had something to say. However, he decided to say nothing.

Boom Boom Boom!

The earth-shaking cracking sounds echoed inside the Ethereal Extent. After an unknown time, the explosion ceased.

All the different energies in there gradually vanished. The Ethereal Extent inside the exquisite s.p.a.ce slit looked like a new floating s.p.a.ce. The misty air was still thick, but it seemed to lead to somewhere.

The Giant Oldie was astonished. He couldn't hold his excitement and he shouted. "We got through!"

Then, he was the first one to jump into the s.p.a.ce slit. The other Giant soldiers followed him closely.

Fei Lan and Leona were surprised. They got up and entered the Ethereal Extent, wearing baffled visages.

The Ethereal Extent was still vast and misty. Shi Yan was floating in his sitting posture. His face was calm while the energy fluctuations around him gradually steadied.

Everybody looked at him.

After a while, Shi Yan opened his eyes, which looked deeply profound and distant. It looked like his eyes had become the two Ethereal Extent. He beamed and got up, walking towards an immense area and speaking calmly, "Follow me."

n.o.body opposed this. They all followed him, entering deeper into this vast area.

After a while, the empty Ethereal Extent started to show skeletons of beasts. Those bones were giant and crystal clear. They were scattered around the place disorderly.

The Giants cheered like thunders when they saw those things. "We've gotten through, indeed! This is an Ethereal Extent!"

The Oldie of the Giant Tribe couldn't hold his excitement, shouting. "I've got the location of our ancestor's remnant." His figure flashed in the Ethereal Extent, heading towards a specific area.

It was a flat area on a mountain, which had been leveled. The skeleton of a Giant looked like it laid there for so many years. This skeleton hadn't been weathered.

And Shi Yan stopped there, bending his body slightly towards that skeleton to worship him, his face full of emotions.

The Giants surrounded the skeleton. They were so moved to tears. All were kneeling down, using their special ritual to worship their ancestor. They pounded their heads on their grounds while tears rolled down their faces.

Shi Yan looked at them silently. He didn't say anything. After a long while, the elder of the Giant got up. He asked, "Can we leave now?"

The Giant Oldie nodded, speaking sincerely, "Thank you."

"I also want to thank you," Shi Yan calmly looked at him. "Without your direction, I wouldn't have been able to go back to my homeland that quickly. Without your permission, my family and friends wouldn't have had a place to dwell."

"You deserve all of these," Oldie smiled honestly. He paused for a while then continued, "I have no objection if you guys want to stay in our place. However, you should know that our place isn't a peaceful place. We've had wars for tens of thousands of years. Have you really made up your mind?"

"It's still better than staying in the homeland and waiting for death. When the warriors can't continue their cultivation, their energy will be consumed daily. It's more painful than death itself." Shi Yan forced a smile.

"Yes, I can understand that," the Giant Oldie nodded, "We're good to go now."


Fifteen minutes later.

Some figures moved through the s.p.a.ce slit, appearing above the Cold Wind Island of the Grace Mainland.

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