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More than ten Giants suddenly felt touched. Their giant bodies shivered slightly. Dazzling divine light radiated from their big diamond-like eyes.

The Giant Oldie gazed at Shi Yan with hot eyes, not blinking even once. His lips shivered. At this moment, he couldn't utter a word.

As Fei Lan, Leona, Carthew, and Jester came from the Raging Flame Star Area, they didn't know what was going on. They were doubtful, and they didn't know what to do in this situation.

"Our ancestral land! It's our ancestral land!"

"Tribal Oldie, it's our ancestral land!"

"Oh my G.o.d! We met someone from the ancestral land!"

After a moment of silence, the Giant fighters burst out noisily like thunder which echoed around the grand mountain.

The Giant Oldie looked so touched. Divine light sparkled in his eyes while he eyed Shi Yan. His shriveled G.o.d Body shimmered, rippling a fierce vital energy wave.

Shi Yan couldn't hold himself. He was also shocked, looking at the others disbelievingly. "You guys... Are you from the Grace Mainland just like me?"

"No, not really." The Giant Oldie finally pulled himself together after a long moment. He gave a miserable smile. "We weren't born in the ancestral land. We don't have that luck. We were born in this life star. However, our ancestors came from the Grace Mainland just like you."

Shi Yan was astounded.

"My ancestors are all gone now. Our previous generations couldn't endure it all the way until now. We are the latest generation. However, we know our ancestral land is the Grace Mainland," the Giant Oldie sobbed for a while. "We would have never imagined that we would meet someone from our ancestral land after many thousands of years. It's a miracle."

More than ten Giant fighters were also stirred up. They asked Shi Yan how their ancestral land was.

Shi Yan wore a gloomy visage. He sighed and then explained with a forced smile. "The Grace Mainland has come to the final phase of its energy cycle. It's no longer a suitable place for warriors to cultivate and live. I departed from there with a hope to find a new place for my family and friends."

The Giants were startled as they listened to him. They instinctively looked at the Oldie.

"Even if it's a higher-level life star, it can't resist corrosion with time. A life star with many warriors would have its energy consumed ma.s.sively. Our ancestral land has been through so many years of consumption. It has produced countless experts. It's natural for it to be exhausted one day." The old man expressed that they had no alternative, explaining to Shi Yan. "According to the journal of our ancestors, earth and heaven energy in the ancestral land was extremely abundant. There were so many experts. It was the dream place for every warrior. Of course, our ancestors had been gone for so many years. But still, many people would dream about the ancestral land as the most peaceful harbor for their soul... It's a dreamy hope though..."

Shi Yan nodded, "I understand."

Shi Yan a.s.sumed that the Giant Clan members in this life star didn't have comfortable lives. Creatures with intellect always have the same thought. When they were troubled in life, they would always find an ideal place to entrust their hope.

To this Giant Tribe, the Grace Mainland, their ancestral land, used to be an extremely prosperous place. It was where they entrusted their spirit, and they hoped to get back there one day...

However, what Shi Yan told them had forcefully crushed their longing thoughts into powder. They now knew that their ancestral land wasn't a suitable place for them to live.

It was a brutal fact.

"Does our ancestral land still have a lineage of the Giant Clan?" The old man was silent for a while before he asked. He shivered as if he was anxious to hear bad news.

Warriors of the Giant Tribe also looked at him with longing eyes.

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