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The Giant teenager, Xiao Man, took Shi Yan's group at the foot of the grand mountain. This mountain was so ma.s.sive that its peak pierced the sky. Even if they lifted their faces, they couldn't see its summit.

Extremely magnificent, big stone buildings were situated on the grand mountain. They were much bigger than the largest structure they had seen. They looked like small mountain ranges, intimidating everyone.

Lifting their heads to observe the grand mountain, they all felt so small. Compared to the Giants, they were just minute mice. They couldn't even reach the giant's calf. They could only admire the hugeness of the giant.

The mountain ranges in the sky were covered by a strange, invisible energy. Even Fei Lan couldn't use her Soul Consciousness at the Ethereal G.o.d Realm to pierce through the protection layer and sense the living beings behind the layer.

Xiao Man stood at the mountain foot, opened his mouth and screamed. "Uncle, I'm back!"

His sound was like a thunderclap.

A forthright voice came from the mountain. "Well-done! You completed the Coming of Age Challenge that quickly. You're just like your Dad when he was young. Haha!"

A louder voice reverberated everywhere. A strong, earth yellow light burst out from the mountain foot. The invisible barrier cracked a slit.

An extremely robust Giant with only a snakeskin-patterned sheet covering his lower body appeared. Muscles bulged under his skin. His veins were as big as a child's arm. However, his body was like jewels, not gold.

Fei Lan's pupils shrank. Her senile body shivered as she said in a low voice. "Ethereal G.o.d Realm!"

Although Shi Yan's group had predicted this, they were still astonished. They couldn't help but be worried and restless.

A level 7 life star had incomparable abundant earth and heaven energy. It could nurture countless miracle creatures and spiritual herbs. If creatures trained hard on their martial path here, their realms wouldn't be low.

This muscular adult Giant had confirmed everyone's a.s.sumptions. Indeed, the creatures here were very powerful. The second member of the Giant Clan they met was at the Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

The brawny Giant that Xiao Man called Uncle craned his neck from the mountain foot. He happily acclaimed, rubbed Xiao Man's head and spoke tenderly, "Our Xiao Man is grown up now. You will be an adult soon."

He was a little bit whiny and excited as if he was happy for the young man but he actually didn't want it. Because when Xiao Man grew up, he had to bear some responsibilities. He couldn't be carefree anymore.

"Uncle, I brought my friends with me," Xiao Man was happy, pointing at his foot. "Little beasts. They are so tiny!"

When the robust Giant heard that, he stooped to observe. His eyes were as big as an adult's fist. They were glorious like sparkling jewels with divine light. His face gradually darkened. He nodded and said nothing else. He just let Xiao Man lead them.

Xiao Man walked to the mountain foot and then turned around to watch Shi Yan's group.

The Giant was hesitant. He pondered for a while before swinging his hand. "Get in."

Shi Yan's group was shocked. They followed the giants gingerly into the grand mountain.

The muscular Giant a.s.sessed them, frowning. After a while, he sighed, speaking to them, "I don't know where you are from, but we Giants won't let guests stay out when they are at our door. As you are here, I hope you wouldn't bring trouble to our tribe."

Shi Yan's group was very surprised.

The Giant didn't explain more. He nodded to Xiao Man, speaking to him lovingly, "Your Dad went out. He will be back after a while. He can't know that you've finished your Coming of Age Challenge right away. You can take your friends to walk around."

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