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As the absolute darkness covered all of them, they couldn't see anything around as they flew forward.

However, it didn't take a long time before they started to fall into a deep chasm, sinking rapidly.


They landed one after another, feeling the entire world tumbling. After a long while, they finally gathered their consciousness.


The Undying Wood star map on Fei Lan's hand suddenly exploded all of a sudden. Its dust scattered in the air.

The darkness faded away.

A beautiful scenery was slowly revealed in people's sight...

It was a luxuriant forest with dense, ancient trees. Small, ancient trees were dozens of meters tall, while the bigger ones had so many branches that it made them look like a small mountain that was several-hundred-meters high. The tree trunk could occupy a couple mu of land that would require more than one hundred people to circle it.

The gravity here was hundreds of times heavier!

No King G.o.d Realm warriors could fly in such terrifying gravity. The Original G.o.d Realm could float a little higher than the ground. Only existences like Fei Lan could escape the gravity and hover dozens of meters in the air.

Earth and heaven energy here was thick and abundant. It surged like the immense ocean, making people feel relaxed. They felt indescribably cozy, sinking into the sea of energy.

Not far from them was a lake that hadn't been contaminated yet. The water was so clear that they could even see the bottom. Mist hovered above the water surface with dense Water Qi. The humidity in this area was pretty high.

Beautiful floras of all kinds of colors and species grew by the lake. Some had five-colored leaves and branches while others had jewel-like roots. Their vitality was immense as if those plants were intelligent.

Alchemist Jester was shocked. Bright light sparkled in his eyes as he studied the foliage by the lake. He muttered as if he was dreaming. "Three Leaf Crown Orchid, the top gra.s.s to nurture the soul... Jade Water Lily..."

He mumbled to himself as if he had just fallen into bedevilment. The alchemist instinctively walked towards the lake, completely forgetting where he was.

Fei Lan frowned. Her face was dark and heavy as she spoke to Leona, "The star map exploded by itself. I don't know where the hollow channel is. Even if we find it, without the star map, we can't get back."

Leona slightly changed her visage. She was startled and she muttered to herself. "Where are we?"

"Where is Fan He's group?" asked Shi Yan.

Hearing him, people started to react. They looked around, but no one could see Fan He, Feng Ke, the warriors of the three big forces and the pirates led by Feng Ke. It was unknown why their destinations were different.

Only dozens of Ka Tuo's pirates, Feng Rao, Carthew and his people, and Zi Yao were here.

Not many people Shi Yan didn't know.

When they were still in the Soul Confining Platform, alchemist Jester had decided to walk to Shi Yan. That was why he was brought here. The others seemed to scatter as they didn't depart at the same time.

"Why should we care about their lives!" Leona snorted, speaking indifferently. "It's good that they died. We don't need to use our force to kill them."

She neither had a good feeling for the experts of the three big forces nor the pirates. Except for Ka Tuo and Shi Yan, the ones with secret inheritances, Leona didn't mind anybody else, including Zi Yao.

"They headed to the same place with us. However, their stop was different. I need to check it out." Fei Lan squinted calmly as if she started to release her transcendent Soul Consciousness to search.

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