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Swish Swish Swish!

As Shi Yan's blood splashed, the closed eyes on the Divine Sword opened one after another!

Extremely malignant powers shot out aimlessly from the Divine Sword. Negative energy in Shi Yan's acupuncture points overflowed into the sword uncontrollably.

The Divine Sword absorbed a ma.s.sive amount of blood and then released a tremendous energy fluctuation.


The sword was like a one-hundred-meter blood-red ribbon shooting out in a blink. The sharp Blood Qi was so terrifying that it could cut off any kind of creature!

The G.o.d Clan man turned into an electric dragon. However, his G.o.d Domain created by five powers Upanishad including Metal, Gravity, Wind, Thunderbolt, and Light, couldn't control Shi Yan's G.o.d Body anymore!

The Soul Confining Platform hadn't all exploded yet, but the power that restrained Shi Yan's soul altar had been torn by the power of the Divine Sword.

Boom Boom Boom!

The remaining one-hundred-meter stone steles exploded when his wrist moved, sweeping the thousand-meter-long blood light that was generated by the Divine Sword through the steles.

Blocks of stone and crushed debris scattered everywhere. Earth-shaking shockwaves expanded from the Soul Confining Platform. All iron chains connected to the stone steles broke. Some kind of confining layer in this area had been cut off.

All the pirates and warriors of the three big forces found that their soul altars were no longer controlled anymore. All of their powers had been restored.


Beasts roaring and howling echoed like collapsing mountains as they barged into the Soul Confining Platform crazily with grudges.

As Fan He was free from the restraint, he pulled himself together, and the confidence of a tyrannical overlord had come back to him immediately.

The corner of his mouth was stiff and cold. Fan He's eyes rolled, shouting, "Kill the pagan first!"

His eyes glued to that G.o.d Clan man. Brutal light radiated gloriously as he urged his power Upanishad. He was now like a gold spear. Gold light emitted from his G.o.d Body, moving like an outer s.p.a.ce meteor and aiming at that G.o.d Clan man.

Simultaneously, Ao Gu Duo, Li Yue Feng, Bi Tian, Tuo Hai, Monica, and Feng Ke had put aside their resentment, urging their powers Upanishad. With their magical soul control, their powers were all earth-shaking.

Instantly, a strange phenomenon occurred in the sky above the Soul Confining Platform.

The thunderbolt moved like giant dragons. Tornadoes rose up to the sky. An ice cage pressed down while icicles and ice sabers shot out. Gravity increased unceasingly. A sea of fire expanded. Earth power rose and rolled the crushed stone and sand, covering the entire sky. All went towards the man of the G.o.d Clan.

Shi Yan could relax now since the pressure he had was now shared with other experts.

Boom Boom! Rumble Rumble!

The tremor was strong. It was as if it could destroy the whole place, rumbling the Soul Confining Platform. Different powers Upanishad with tremendous energy fluctuations pounded on the G.o.d Clan man.

Experts of the Raging Flame Star Area stormed into the Soul Confining Platform. They temporarily put aside their prejudice, considering that the G.o.d Clan warrior was their archenemy. They all used their best powers Upanishad to attack him.

Boom Boom Boom!

The Soul Confining Platform exploded, shattering from the center. A light circle that could destroy an entire life star burst out from where the G.o.d Clan warrior was standing.

Magical intent domains came from the immense, torrentially light waves. Sh.e.l.ling energies dissolved, turning into light raindrops that were sent everywhere. Deafening explosions reverberated while the Soul Confining Platform exploded into many big fragments.

Shi Yan's face became colder. Under the tremendous power of many Original G.o.d Realm experts, he had to dodge the sharp attacks. His mind flickered and swayed as he ran away from the battle site.

After several moves, he reached Ka Tuo and Feng Ke. He looked fearful. "Original G.o.d Realm is really awesome! That old codger Fan He does have earth-shaking powers when he recovered. The gap between realms is really obvious."

Although Ka Tuo was also at the Original G.o.d Realm, he didn't join the battle, his face ashamed. "Those who are joining the battle are all at the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. Fan He is at the Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. We have many experts joining hands. That man should die, right?"

He wasn't so sure about this.

This place built by the G.o.d Clan hid some riddles that they couldn't solve. The remaining member of the G.o.d Clan was someone who stayed in an area that could confine even an Incipient G.o.d Realm expert. Could he be so easy to deal with?

"I think he hasn't recovered fully, but he's still formidable. I don't know his real realm..." Feng Rao's eyes were gloomy as she was worried. "I hope that they can destroy him. Otherwise, we can't escape from here alive."


A magical light circle expanded from the shattered Soul Confining Platform at its center.

The light rippled like several billion snakes swimming, hiding the complicated intent domains, and covering half of the Soul Confining Platform area.

The attacks by the Original G.o.d Realm experts including Fan He, Ao Gu Duo, Bi Tian, and Tuo Hai, fell into the light circle as if they were bombarding a rubber ball. Their attacks couldn't get through and they bounced backward instead.

Furious energies were sent backward. Once they hit the warriors, whether they were pirates or members of the three big forces, they dissolved into dust and scattered immediately that left nothing behind if they hadn't reached the Original G.o.d Realm.

A flow of pressure came from the place where the G.o.d Clan man was standing. Many low-realm warriors had to sit down and they gasped for their breath. They could only steady their G.o.d Souls. They couldn't even make themselves think about joining that battle.

This was the greatest difference between their realms!

Apparently, the wounded expert of the G.o.d Clan hadn't restored half of his power. But with the advantage of his high realm, he could suffocate people.

His soul altar seemed to have a powerful subduing force that restrained people's souls. They had the uncontrollable thought of worshiping him and standing on the same side as him.

The gap between their realms was vast. Although his power hadn't been restored fully, it was enough to suppress the low-realm warriors, making them not able to resist.

Ka Tuo and Shi Yan also felt their soul altars dampen and their powers get restrained.

"Ethereal G.o.d Realm! He is in this realm, at least!" Ka Tuo was frightened and uneasily restless. "My my. A live Ethereal G.o.d Realm warrior! If he is in his peak state, we won't be different from a worm in his eyes, right? He just needs to flicker his fingers and he can kill many of us!"

Feng Rao was baffled. "If we give him time to recover further, we won't have a chance to survive!"

Shi Yan shivered, feeling powerless. Without the power of the Divine Sword, would he be able to break those stone steles?

Stooping to see the Divine Sword with the bizarre blood red eyes, Shi Yan took a deep breath as he knew that his responsibility had become greater and the road ahead of him had become more unpredictable.

Which level was the Master of the Blood Vein Ring that he dared to resist the G.o.d Clan?

"Being the heir, can I dodge the G.o.d Clan's slaughter like the previous Master of the ring or not?" Shi Yan thought.

Each member of the Cortege of Eight was the most outstanding warrior of his or her generation. If the man who cultivated Chaotic power Upanishad had the Incipient G.o.d Realm, the others should have at least the same realm.

Eight Incipient G.o.d Realm experts and the owner of the Blood Vein Ring had fallen or fleed. Could he change this destiny?

"A flock of animals we've kept in a cage now dares to rebel and betray its masters. You don't know how high the sky is."

A tender voice echoed from the center of the Soul Confining Platform. The G.o.d Clan man said this indifferently with his cold face.

Swish Swish Swish!

Strikes of Thunderbolt Divine Light bombarded like lightning striking from nine tiers of the sky, sweeping through everywhere.

Fan He, Tuo Hai, Ao Gu Duo, Feng Ke, Monica, Bi Tian, and Li Yue Feng were the targets. They retreated in fright as they were fearful of the power that could destroy the soul altar.

Sizzle Sizzle!

Although Tuo Hai and Li Yue Feng had created a light cage that covered them, a beam of Thunderbolt Divine Light had hit them right in the middle.

These two Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm experts paled. Under other people's gazes, their bodies were suddenly scattered into cubes of flesh as if they had been minced by a sharp knife.

An unknown suction force came from the abdomen of that G.o.d Clan man. The Dark Prison Demonic Flower reappeared, opening its scary mouth, which then chewed and swallowed the flesh blocks of Tuo Hai and Li Yue Feng.

Two Original G.o.d Realm experts couldn't even fight back under the Thunderbolt Divine Light attacks. They died instantly at their spots.

The G.o.d Clan man wore a cold and harsh face. A grin cracked on his stiff mouth. He was excited to listen to the sounds of the mouth chewing bones. His eyes seemed to become more frantic.

His ashen face glowed with health, full of vitality. The energy fluctuations of his body started to surge fiercely.

Fan He, Ao Gu Duo, Feng Ke, Monica, Bi Tian were still alive as they had dodged the attack of the Thunderbolt Divine Light. Seeing the demonic flower swallow Tuo Hai and Li Yue Feng and make them its power supplement, they were so afraid, and they didn't dare to do anything.

The G.o.d Clan man wore a mocking face. He sneered then condensed a thunderbolt bridge in the void, walking on it towards Shi Yan. His eyes gazed on the Sky Destroyer sword in his hand. "Kid, you have the Bloodthirsty's bloodline, but you don't have enough luck. You dare to barge in my clan's G.o.d Perishing Land with only King G.o.d Realm cultivation base. It's G.o.d's will that you will die here."

While talking, the man approached Shi Yan using his thunderbolt bridge. At this moment, he seemed to think that he had controlled everything in his hands so he didn't need to rush.

Under his gaze, Shi Yan's soul altar felt like it had sunk into a bog, unable to wiggle. The energy in his body faded like a low tide. He didn't have any strength in his body now. Under the pressure of their different realms, he had almost kneeled down on the ground, slowly losing the control of his mind.


The tremendous roaring suddenly came closer. Giant shadows emerged from the thick ivory mist.

The G.o.d Clan warrior frowned and snorted. "Those d.a.m.n reptiles. They still have hope. Do they think that they could turn this sky upside down, tch tch..."

He seemed to be afraid of the oncoming savage beasts. He didn't want to waste his saliva more although he had come here to talk to Shi Yan. Two flows of Thunderbolt Divine Light shot out from his eyes. It looked like his Thunderbolt Divine Light had consciousness, turning into two thunderbolt flood dragons with a tremendous intent domain. They opened their big mouths, lunging towards Shi Yan to bite him.

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