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Soul Confining Platform

The iron chains flew like flood dragons, killing warriors of the three big forces and the Pirates and extracting their energy, blood, and flesh to pour into the stone steles.

One of those stone steles held a male figure. His attractive face had closed eyes and an icy cold, fiendish grin. He looked as if he was going to open his eyes at any moment and jump out of the stele.

The crisis got worse and despair extended everywhere. Whether it was the pirates or the warriors of the three big forces, they were all anxious as they didn't know what to do in this situation.

When their uneasiness was at its peak, a s.p.a.ce slit opened in front of Shi Yan and a Divine Sword, which came from an unknown area far away, flew out of the slit and fell into his hand.


The blood-red halo was retrieved. The power released by the Blood Vein Ring faded away like a low tide, leaving nothing behind.

The Blood Vein Ring sank into silence for the second time. It had consumed so much of energy that it couldn't restore at that moment.

The strange condition that restrained the soul altar had affected Shi Yan again. His soul altar and powers in his body became sluggish.

However, Shi Yan had grabbed the Sky Destroyer Divine Sword tightly.

A strange, evil energy instantly seeped into Shi Yan's body through the Divine Sword in his hand. It connected negative energy in his acupuncture points instantly.

The garnet eyes opened on the Sky Destroyer Divine Sword. They looked so malignant as if they were the eyes of demons observing all the creatures in this world, choosing their targets.

Crack Crack Crack!

The iron chains were flying around like dragons and snakes. They brutally attacked people.

Holding the Divine Sword in his hand, Shi Yan's face was cold like ice. His eyes became garnet as a ruthless, intimidating aura arose around his body, connecting to the Sky Destroyer Divine Sword magically.

His wrist made a move. A red light bloomed from the blood red eyes on the sword. The divine sword slashed the air like it was the sharpest blade that nothing could resist.


An iron chain broke. Pieces of the iron chain flew everywhere while the one-hundred-meter-tall stone stele connected to that chain shook badly.

Shi Yan's red eyes sparkled as his icy cold eyes gazed at that stone stele.


Light flashed. Holding the divine sword in his hand, he still had strong powers even though he couldn't circulate Essence Qi and Star energy in his body. The Divine Sword aimed and slashed down on that stone tablet.

Rumble Rumble Rumble!

It was as if the sky was being torn apart. The furious energy shot into the air. Two-thirds of the eyes of the Sky Destroyer opened. It looked like a several-hundred-meter-long garnet ribbon or a blood red thunderbolt that exploded grumblingly.

Boom Boom!

The one-hundred-meter stone stele got hit and exploded instantly, sending crushed stones everywhere.

A Dark Prison Demonic Flower was revealed in the middle of the stone tablet. It covered a bony, withered G.o.d Clan man. He seemed to receive just a little bit energy, but his consciousness hadn't been restored yet.


The heaven flames covered it in a blink, burning it madly.

Everybody was fluttered.

Whether it was Feng Ke and his Pirates, or Fan He, Bi Tian, and Li Yue Feng with their warriors of the three big forces, all were baffled.

While people's soul altars were restrained, they couldn't urge their powers. That stone stele was something that the G.o.d Clan had refined. Even if they still had their powers, they couldn't destroy it easily.

However, Shi Yan, who also had his soul altar restrained, managed to burst off a stone stele with only a sword. How strong was he?!?

Everybody suddenly shivered.

However, this stunning operation had just started...

Shi Yan's blood red eyes shot out an evil light. His face was cold and ruthless. With the sword in his hand, he moved like a shuttle between the chains covering the sky. His arm swung continually, hacking and slashing.

Iron chains exploded directly when he pa.s.sed by them.

The one-hundred-meter stone steles looked so weak under the destruction that his Divine Sword brought. They broke and exploded, sending crushed stones everywhere.

Dark Prison Demonic Flowers were revealed after the stone steles broke. The heaven flames covered them in a blink of an eye, leaving no time or s.p.a.ce for the demonic flower to find a new host.

The two Yang cla.s.s heaven flames, the Earth Flame and the Vermillion Bird True Flame, had raised a scorching fire sea to burn down the demonic flowers.

Crack Crack Crack!

Stone steles burst off. Shi Yan gazed at a certain direction, walking slowly towards it.

The handsome face with the icy, malevolent grin in the stone stele had disappeared.

Shi Yan's corner of his mouth was tense as he knew this wasn't a good sign. The attractive face in the stone stele was wiggling, trying to escape.

The Divine Sword moved like a gust of wind, dragging a blood red thunderbolt ribbon several hundred meters. It could slash down everything and cross the sky as if it wanted to halve the entire sky!

Swish Swish Swish!

The blood light diffused like the thick Blood Qi with a fresh blood scent that tingled people's scalps.

Crack Crack Crack!

That stone stele cracked on its initiative. The demonic flower that had sought shelter in the stone stele was revealed for the second time. The G.o.d Clan wounded man hiding in the demonic flower started to move unceasingly. Under the sky with so many iron chains crossing by, the demonic flower rapidly swallowed the warriors' flesh body.

Shi Yan wore a cold and harsh face. He didn't try to chase after it or get distracted. His mind was as firm as iron and stone.

He continued to destroy the stone tablets, forcing the Dark Prison Demonic Flower and the wounded warriors hiding within to get out. After they got out of the stone steles, they couldn't avoid the heaven flames.

Only the first Dark Prison Demonic Flower had used its powers to get out proactively. The G.o.d Clan man with clear facial features had enough energy to move freely under the cover of the heaven flames.

Shi Yan didn't mind that man.

Shi Yan remembered what the Blood Vein Ring had advised him. His mind was placid enough to know that the stone steles were the formation eye of the forbidden land, the roots of this formation. He had to destroy them all.

When all the stone steles were broken, the forbidden land that restrained soul altar would lose its most magical effect.

At that moment, whether they were the warriors of the three big forces or the Pirates, they would restore their powers. They would be able to use the abilities to protect themselves.

This goal was clear enough. Shi Yan didn't let his mind distract him because of other things. At the same time, he didn't care about the Dark Prison Demonic Flower swallowing more pirates and warriors of the three big forces. He soared through the sky between the iron chains to break more stone steles.

It was unknown what level the Sky Destroyer was. However, it could break the stone steles that the heaven flames couldn't burn down. As the eye of the formation, those stone steles had been refined well and were very tough. Shi Yan felt a little strange seeing the stone stele break so easily under the Divine Sword.

No matter how rigid the stone tablets were, once Shi Yan used the Divine Sword to attack them, they broke off immediately.

Shortly after, many one-hundred-meter tall stone steles had exploded into crushed stones.

The experts in the Soul Confining Platform felt their soul altar's restrictions loosen. They were baffled but they understood what happened immediately, their face surprised and happy.

They recognized that what Shi Yan was destroying was the root of this formation. As long as those stone steles all broke, the power that had bound them would disappear completely.

When they could activate their powers Upanishad, they wouldn't let the others trespa.s.s them anymore. They would have the powers to battle.

Those people were the elite force of the Raging Flame Star Area. When their powers weren't restrained anymore, the powers they could use would bring positive results.

Shi Yan had put down his prejudice as he knew that only if everybody could heal and restore themselves, and Feng Ke, Fan He, Ao Gu Duo, and Li Yue Feng could survive this danger, he would be able to protect himself in the Soul Confining Platform, and not become a fresh meal of the G.o.d Clan.

Mad destruction!

More than three hundred stone steles exploded one by one under his full-power attack.

Whenever a stone tablet exploded, a Dark Prison Demonic Flower would be revealed. The heaven flames would flood in, swallowing the demonic flower and burning it.

The only demonic flower that could escape the heaven flame with the wounded warrior of the G.o.d Clan became uneasy. The man looked very anxious.

The demonic flower continued to engulf the warriors. The chewing sounds of the flower became more hurried. It seemed like the wounded G.o.d Clan man had come to the critical moment to restore himself. In the next minute, he would recover his soul altar.

As soon as Shi Yan had come to the last prison to break those last stone steles, the handsome man shrouded by the demonic flower had finally opened his closed eyes.

His eyes shot out fierce light columns. Some pirates were pierced through shortly. They died at their spots.

Many sharp and intimidating power Upanishad rippled at the same time from that G.o.d Clan warrior. Everybody was frightened. They couldn't help but look at that man.

Metal, Gravity, Wind, Thunderbolt, and Light shot out from his body. This wasn't something that the warriors in the Raging Flame Star Area could know. This man didn't cultivate just one power Upanishad. He had cultivated many at the same time. He seemed to be able to use all of them perfectly and smoothly.

Divine Light bloomed from the eyes of the wounded warriors of the G.o.d Clan. It recovered and revealed a pair of heartless, icy cold, dark brown eyes with thick and stubborn intentions.

Crack Crack Crack!

The demonic flower shrouding his G.o.d Body immediately turned into beautiful, dazzling armor. Silver spikes jutted out like sharp sabers with the magical effects of the Metal power Upanishad. They seemed to be able to pierce through everything.

This G.o.d Clan man swept his eyes through the area. When he got to Shi Yan, he halted, letting out a low shout.

Thunderbolt flashed then disappeared. Lightning strikes wound around his body as he glided above people's heads like an electric dragon towards Shi Yan.

"Break those stone steles! Quickly!"

People shouted and screamed ear-piercingly, urging Shi Yan to solve the soul altar restriction effect of the Soul Confining Platform. Feng Ke and Fan He shouted crazily, their eyes gazing at Shi Yan.

They all knew that this G.o.d Clan man was formidable. At the moment, he showed off his five powers Upanishad and turned their understanding of the power Upanishad upside down. This man's powers weren't restrained in this Soul Confining Platform. Could Shi Yan match him as his opponent?

If only the Soul Confining Platform was shattered completely and lost its soul binding power. When they restored their powers, they could join hands to resist that man and find a way to survive.

They could only scream in fear and watch, unable to help Shi Yan. They hoped that Shi Yan could give them the ultimate surprise after the many miracles he had created.

The electric dragon soared rapidly. Many different kinds of powers Upanishad had created G.o.d Domains, which slowly expanded. Shi Yan's soul altar felt an extreme pain as if a spear had just stabbed him. He couldn't move. His G.o.d Body cracked and started to explode. Blood splashed like rain.

Drops of blood sprayed on the Divine Sword. The closed blood red eyes on the Divine Sword suddenly trembled.

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