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Hearing that the Dark Prison Demonic Flower came from the G.o.d Clan, Shi Yan, Feng Ke, and the others discolored in fright.

As the President of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, Fan He was the greatest person alive in the Raging Flame Star Area. It was normal for his knowledge to surpa.s.s Jester. Right now, he didn't need to lie or conceal this. It should be the truth.

If the Dark Prison Demonic Flower came from the G.o.d Clan, had they built the thirty-two prisons here?

A race that called themselves G.o.d consisted of the missionaries who had taught powers Upanishad in the Raging Flame Star Area. They used to live in glory in the Grace Mainland. Among thirty-two prisoners here, there were two Incipient G.o.d Realm warriors, ten Ethereal G.o.d Realm warriors, and twenty Original G.o.d Realm warriors!

If they could imprison these formidable existences, how strong were they?

As the Dark Prison Demonic Flower was a possession of theirs, they were powerful, indeed.

"Please enlighten us," Jester pondered for a while and spoke up. He also spoke to Shi Yan and Feng Ke, "I think we should listen to President Fan."

Shi Yan frowned. He pondered for a while then nodded.

Feng Ke didn't object although his face was dark and gloomy.

However, Russell was still looking at Fan He with malicious intent. He seemed like he didn't want Fan He to talk more. In fact, he looked like he wanted that man to die.

Russell's family used to be a branch of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. The Fan family had uprooted them. Russell was the only one who managed to escape. He lived to take revenge. As long as he could see the Fan family get annihilated, he could give up everything, even the star map.

What a pity that Russell couldn't voice his opinion in this group of pirates today. Although he was discontent, he calmed down.

"The Dark Prison Demonic Flower is an object that belongs to the G.o.d Clan. It's a peculiar thing that restores people who are wounded severely. The person that this demonic flower shrouds should be a G.o.d Clan's member who is hurt and needs to use the Dark Prison Demonic Flower to recover." Fan He gathered his thoughts while the demonic flower was still attacking and swallowing people. He explained uneasily. "The demonic flower can absorb the Blood Qi and energy to give a tonic to the wounded warrior. You can see that whenever the demonic flower swallows a warrior, the G.o.d Clan man is restored a little bit."

People nodded as if they had confirmed his explanation.

"This area is a ma.s.sive prison. It is also an important ward which the G.o.d Clan used to heal their wounded members. Everybody knew that the G.o.d Clan was strong, but they didn't have a large population, and it's not easy for them to give birth. They couldn't afford to lose even one warrior. They did anything to protect and lengthen the bloodline of the G.o.d Clan." Fan He paused for a while then continued, "This place is a magical place they used to preserve their members. They captured the warriors of other races to absorb their energy and heal their wounded members."

"The stronger the prisoners were, the more Blood Qi and energy they had. They would be a significant support for the restoration of the G.o.d Clan. The warrior shrouded by that demonic flower is one of them. He uses the flower to absorb flesh and blood to recover himself. However, those he had taken in were just at the King G.o.d Realm. Their limited power isn't enough to wake him up and help him revolve his soul altar. Once he has absorbed enough energy to open his eyes, he will be very intimidating!"

"It's hard to guess which realm that one has. If he is at the Ethereal G.o.d Realm, I'm sure we are all doomed. We can't dodge this!"

"Thus, if you ignore us, the demonic flower will eventually swallow us all and the warrior wakes up, your death will come. I'm sure this forbidden land doesn't have only that Recoverer. Once he has recovered, he will use us to bring back his clansmen. You can see that we will all be meals of that Dark Prison Demonic Flower."

Fan He's voice was hurried as he saw that the demonic flower still eating people, his face harsh and cold.

Shi Yan and Feng Ke listened to him. They all grimaced.

The G.o.d Clan, the race that called themselves G.o.d, had tried everything for the well-being of their clan. To preserve their bloodline, they didn't hesitate to capture warriors and make them their meals to recover their wounded clansmen. How cruel were they to do such things?

Each of the prisoners here was affected by the Cold Qi of the ice crystal platform. Their soul altars were restrained and the chains had continually taken their blood, flesh, and energy. The G.o.d Clan had used the others' intensive pain to recover their clansmen.

This race wasn't nice. It was an extremely selfish race.

The pirates all kept silent, their faces petrified. At this moment, they didn't know what to say.

To the disaster the three big forces were enduring, they didn't ridicule or feel pleasure over their misfortune. They seemed to have the same goal now.

The Dark Prison Demonic Flower was still engulfing warriors of the three big forces. At this rate, the warriors of the three big forces would shortly become the raw meals for the demonic flower to restore that G.o.d Clan man.

Because of the heaven flame fire protection, the demonic flower hadn't attacked them yet.

However, when the G.o.d Clan expert opens his eyes and restores his soul altar, only G.o.d knows if the heaven flame fire sea will be strong enough to protect them.

"The Dark Prison Demonic Flower is cruel and eccentric. It's immune to almost all kinds of powers Upanishad. It's only afraid of the fiery flame. Your heaven flame is what it fears the most!" Seeing Shi Yan have no reaction, Fan He darkened his face and continued talking. "Although the flower is afraid of the heaven flames, it doesn't mean that the warrior that it protects is the same. When he is fully restored, I don't think you can hide in there. At that moment, all the pirates will become food for that d.a.m.n demonic flower. Consider yourself whether you want to do something or not."

The pirates shivered inwardly. They were so uneasy.

It was clear to them that Fan He didn't fabricate anything. In this given circ.u.mstance, he had no reason to lie.

"What do you think?" Feng Ke contemplated for a while before turning to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was the owner of the heaven flame. He only used his power to protect everybody in this Soul Confining Platform. Before they could leave this place, Shi Yan was the soul of the Pirates: he had real power that could determine people's fate. He now surpa.s.sed Feng Ke's influence.

The other pirates were looking at Shi Yan, waiting for his decision.

"Shi Yan, consider the whole picture. Or else, no one will be able to escape this place." Bi Tian advised him, "It only benefits that G.o.d Clan warrior if the demonic flower continues to swallow these warriors. After that, it will attack you guys too. Don't be stubborn."

"If the demonic flower is afraid of the fiery flame, I will destroy it." Shi Yan looked calm in the bright eyes of the people. He gave a faint smile.

As soon as he finished, a scorching flame shot out from the fire sea. It transformed in the air, turning into a giant flaming red-orange bird. Dazzling red wings opened. People could even hear the bird singing. It flew toward the demonic flower, which was still hunting for prey.

Vermillion Bird True Flame.

This flame was generated by a wisp of the original soul of the Vermillion Bird, one of the Four Holy Beasts. It had a clear intelligence. The flaming bird spread its wings in the air, attacking the demonic flower instantly.

The radiant red-orange flaming curve moved like a sickle, creating a thick mesh net, s.n.a.t.c.hing and covering the demonic flower, which was attacking people everywhere.

Swish Swish Swish!

The vermillion flame moved like a ribbon, which attracted people's eyes. The Vermillion Bird True Flame turned into the true form of the Holy Bird, accompanied by the archaic aura of the bird itself. The will of the bird was released silently, merging with the flame and sending fire everywhere.

People's halted soul altars still echoed the Holy Beast Vermillion Bird, which had run directly into their souls, giving them its vibes.

As the Dark Prison Demonic Flower was covered by the flame, the crystal clear petals resounded the cracking sound. It was forced to stop moving.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

The flames shot out rapidly, sending many flames toward the target. The demonic flower sounded like the burning of fried wood.

Many warriors of the three big forces were running helter-skelter to dodge the flower. Seeing the flower being restrained for a moment, they exhaled in relief. The fear in their eyes was reduced.

The blooming petals of the demonic flower slowly closed in the middle of the fire sea.

The flower resized as its petals closed towards the center of the flower. Shortly after, the one who was shrouded by the demonic flower was covered entirely, exposing nothing.

The Dark Prison Demonic Flower shrunk. It maintained a defensive position as if it had intelligence. In the explosion of the furious flame, the demonic became crystal clear and dazzling. Glorious light radiated from its petals, adorning the flower to the acme. At this moment, it was much more beautiful than the most beautiful flower in the world.

Crack Crack Crack!

Something was exploding inside the flower. The Dark Prison Demonic Flower shrank. As it recognized the danger, it soared up from the fire sea, fleeing. It disappeared into the nearest stone stele in just a blink.

The Dark Prison Demonic Flower turned into a drawing of a fresh flower. It seemed to be printed on the stone stele, which now acted as a barrier that shielded the demonic flower from the flame. Staying inside that stele, it was just a drawing without a real ent.i.ty. The Vermillion Bird True Flame couldn't do anything.

"Does the demonic flower have the intellect or is that man controlling the flower?" Shi Yan was surprised. He couldn't help but turn to Fan He and raised his voice to ask.

"That man and the demonic flower are fused. His Soul Consciousness is connected to the flower. The flower's movement can be attributed to its own mind or the man's instinct. I'm not sure." Fan He shook his head, "my knowledge of this clan is limited. I don't know everything about them."

"If he has restored his consciousness, I think... our problem hasn't been solved yet." Shi Yan's face was serious as he felt uneasy.

Shortly after his words, a strange commotion happened at the stone stele the demonic flower was hiding.

The chain attached to the stone stele, which used to lie still on the ground, suddenly straightened. A halo was flashing on the chain as it started to move like a free arm. It tied three warriors of the three big forces, who were standing nearest to the stele. Within three breaths, it had withdrawn all the blood, flesh and Qi of those three victims, leaving only the gray skin bags on the ground.

People could only see what happened and their scalps felt very numb.

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