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Roar! Grrrrr!

Thundering roars came from the illusory formation outside the Soul Confining Platform. It seemed some creatures had escaped from their cages, starting to hunt in the illusory formation.

Fan He stayed together with the hotshots of the three big forces, as they left previously, then returned shortly, all rushing helter-skelter. When those people returned to the Soul Confining Platform, many of them were wounded. Some had lost their limbs, and they all looked frightened.

Shi Yan's group stayed in the circle made of heaven flame, looking at those people with odd faces. They could also hear the terrible roaring outside, but they weren't amused.

As the demonic flower was hunting in the Soul Confining Platform, they thought that the illusory formation out there would be safer. Unexpectedly, it was full of dangers as well. At this moment, everybody was hopelessly reluctant, their minds bitter.

Fan He's group entered the Soul Confining Platform while fearfully astounded as they looked in Shi Yan's direction. They didn't know why the others had to put up so many layers of guards.

But they got to know the reason soon.

That demonic flower was alone in the illusory formation, so it returned to the Soul Confining Platform.

A Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior under Ao Gu Duo's commander, who had lost an arm, was trying to bandage up with a pale face. He suddenly felt uneasy. Lifting up his head, he saw a peculiar flower covering a freak while flying toward him. 

He instinctively wanted to cry. However, the demonic flower engulfed him instantly.

Crack Crack!

The noise of bones being chewed tingled people's scalp. Blood splashed when the demonic flower spat out pieces of bone. That warrior died on the spot.

The flower became fresher and more vivid, and the face of the odd man had gained more flesh. However, his eyes were still closed.

Fan He's team seemed to be very scared as they recognized something dangerous.

"Move! Move!"

Bi Tian shrilled.

A warrior under his gaze reacted timely, backing off immediately.

However, his speed couldn't be compared to the demonic flower's pursuit in the Soul Confining Platform. n.o.body could do anything but watch him being swallowed. The demonic bone chewed his bones, killing him shortly.

The demonic flower seemed not tired at all. Taking several seconds to digest, it moved again.

For the time being, warriors of the three big forces screamed and cried, running disorderly in the Soul Confining Platform.

Those people didn't know about the eccentric Soul Confining Platform. Some of them had accidentally stepped on the iron chains on the ground. Their blood and flesh were all drawn, leaving a withered, mushy skin bag on the icy cold ground.

 A man was lucky that the Ice Cold Flame had taken all the cold Qi on the ice crystal platform. Otherwise, he would have been frozen and fragmented already.

Warriors of the three powerful force screamed and cried terribly. They ran aimlessly, trying their best to avoid the demonic flower.

However, it seemed like the demonic flower had eyes. After it had engulfed one victim, it would immediately target a new one. Although the Soul Confining Platform was large, the demonic flower was moving at breakneck speed. No matter how hard the warriors of the three powerful forces tried to scatter, one of them would always become the next victim.

Seeing people constantly being swallowed, Fan He, Ao Gu Duo, and the others had no solution. As they couldn't use powers Upanishad here, they could only run for their lives.

Nevertheless, none of them dared to leave the Soul Confining Platform to the illusory formation out there. It seemed the dangers out there were much more lethal than the demonic flower in the Soul Confining Platform!

The pirates didn't ridicule or laugh on the others' misfortune. They had experienced such painful things themselves after all. 

The disaster the three powerful forces were struck by this time seemed to be their future. After swallowing the warriors of the three big forces, the demonic flower became prettier, and the freak it covered looked plumper. People started to feel hopeless.

"Precursor Bi Tian, tell your people to come here. I will protect you guys. Considers that I'm paying back your favor of not killing Ka Tuo."

The fire sea slit open a pa.s.sage, which was enough for one person to get inside the circle.

Bi Tian was surprised, looking at him from a far distance as a strange light flashed in his eyes.

Bi Rou became excited. She didn't wait for her father's opinions, lunging directly towards the others.

The distance between her and the demonic flower was pretty close. She was scared that she would become the next target. The girl didn't think much and just moved directly through the slit the fire sea had just made.

The fire sea seethed violently. Its scorching energy covered the place, as if it could burn everything into ashes. However, when Bi Rou entered, that fire sea didn't have an anomaly. The pa.s.sage was still open. 

Among the warriors of the three big forces, Bi Rou was the first person to enter the place of the pirates safely.

"Shi Yan! What the heck are you doing?" Barrette thundered indignantly.

Russell, Jie Nong, and many pirate leaders were enraged, looking at him with cold and harsh faces. Shi Yan frowned, speaking seriously. "I owe Bi Tian a favor. I'm repaying him now. Do you have any problem with that?"

Pausing for a while, he gave a low shout. "If you have a problem with that, get the f*ck out of here! Your grandpa here won't serve you!"

As soon as he finished, all the pirates shut their mouths. No one dared to utter a word. If they weren't in the Soul Confining Platform and there was no demonic flower, the pirates would throw their rage at him for sure! However, in this place, he solely had all the pirates' lives in their hands!

If he didn't feel pleased, he would expel the rebelling pirates out of his fire protection. Those pirates would then simply become delicious meals for that demonic flower. They all knew what would happen.

Thus, although they were filled with rage, none of them dared to talk more.

A warrior under Li Yue Feng's command was fluttered as he was running madly to avoid the demonic flower. His frightened eyes brightened as if he had finally seen hope. He swayed to the fire slit.

However, when his figure wormed through the fire slit, it immediately closed.

His G.o.d Body was covered with flame abruptly. People could smell the smoke of his G.o.d Body being burned.

"Did I allow you to get in?" Shi Yan said faintly with his cold face. "Except for Bi Tian's people, whoever dares to step in will die!"

Carthew and Zi Yao weren't in this crowd. They were delayed unknowingly. Thus, in this group, only Bi Tian had some relation with Shi Yan.

Besides Bi Tian, no matter it was Ao Gu Duo, Tuo Hai, or Monica, Li Yue Feng or Fan He of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, they were his enemies. Of course, he wouldn't show mercy.

His shout had awakened the people of the three big forces. They had to jerk back, even though they wanted to jump into his protection a lot.

Only Bi Tian's members got stirred up, their faces happy.

"Move," Bi Tian called. He hesitated for a little bit, but then he didn't mind whether he could enrage Fan He or not. "Move to Shi Yan's position."

Allard and the others felt like they had gotten an amnesty on hearing him. They were so happy they almost cracked up, crazily moving towards the fire slit Shi Yan had spared for them. They gathered with the pirates.

However, they had maintained a distance with the pirates. They were cautious, afraid that the pirates would ambush them.

Bi Tian didn't have many experts here, while the pirates were so many. As their soul altar was restrained, it wouldn't be a big problem if the pirates wanted to kill them. That was why they had to be very careful.

"Whoever dares to attack them without my permission, get out." Shi Yan raked his cold eyes through the pirates. "If you want to survive, stay put. Otherwise, don't blame me."

No one dared to reply. Even Feng Ke had to quiet down. He understood that if they had a dispute with Shi Yan here, they had only death awaiting them.

Shortly, Bi Tian's warriors had entered the fire sea built by Shi Yan. General Commander Bi Tian walked the last. Hesitating for a while, he clasped his fist towards Fan He. "I'm sorry. I want to save my people... You guys manage yourself."

Then, Bi Tian was the last one to enter the fire sea, standing with his warriors.

Fan He, Li Yue Feng, Tuo Hai, Monica, and Ao Gu Duo had a grimace, but they didn't say anything. Although Bi Tian wasn't loyal to his comrades, he wasn't to be blamed. If Shi Yan agreed to give them a way to survive, they would also ignore the others to save their fellows.

Although they felt irritated, they understood Bi Tian's trouble. They knew that what Bi Tian did was the wisest move for his people.

"Precursor Bi Tian, what happened in the illusory formation out there?" asked Shi Yan all of a sudden.

Bi Tian's face was bitter, but he relaxed a little bit. "There're many strong beasts we have never known about before. They are too intimidating. They were so bloodthirsty, hunting us in the formation out there... Many of us were killed instantly."

"But, when we were there, there weren't any beasts! How could you meet them?" Shi Yan was surprised.

Shaking his head, Bi Tian said, "When we got there the first time, we didn't meet them either. But, when we got back to the illusory formation, not long after that, we found so many beasts there. Many of them are at the level 11... Perhaps, there exist beasts at level 12..."

"Level 12? As strong as the Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts?" Shi Yan was frightened.

"I didn't see them, but I heard a lot of intimidating roars, so it's possible. Anyway, I saw level 11 beasts with my own eyes! Those beasts aren't from the Monster Clan. They look hybrid. They have never existed in our Raging Flame Star Area. They are so frightening!" Bi Tian was still scared. "That demonic flower... What happened? It wasn't there when we left?"

"Just appeared. It got out of a broken stone stele. According to Jester, it's the Dark Prison Demonic Flower. Do you know about it?"

"I'm not an alchemist, so I don't know it clearly."

"How about you, Allard?"

"My level in refining pellets is limited, so I don't know much about it."

"I know the Dark Prison Demonic Flower!"

Standing outside the fire sea, Fan He, the president of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, screamed in fear, his eyes dark. "If it's the Dark Prison Demonic Flower, I think... you should let us in. Otherwise, you guys shouldn't dream of having a chance to survive!"

Fan He said resolutely.

Shi Yan frowned, "And why should that be the case?"

As Fan He was the President of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, one of the highest existences in the Raging Flame Star Area, of course, he knew something about the Dark Prison Demonic Flower. It wasn't beyond Shi Yan's estimation.

While Shi Yan and Bi Tian were talking, they tried to make it loud so that the others could listen to them, which would help him understand the Dark Prison Demonic Flower better. He didn't think that it would work.

"The Dark Prison Demonic Flower is a thing of the G.o.d Clan!" Fan He stressed each word of his.

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