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Fan He seemed to turn into a jewel man, his entire body becoming translucent and fulgent. People could even see the veins on the back of his jade-like hands.

Crack Crack!

Crispy sounds echoed from Fan He's body as if the bones had been strained out of their joints. Under the circ.u.mstances that he couldn't use his power Upanishad, he could still show a bursting, intimidating force.


Fan He was the only warrior here could use his G.o.d Body's power to fly across the sky like a shooting star. He was traveling fast, reaching at Shi Yan's position instantly.

However, it's obvious that his target wasn't Shi Yan.

Feng Ke looked like he was confronting the archenemy. He couldn't help but shout. "Besiege him!"

Many Blue Demon Pirates rushed over, turning into fading shadows and trying to stop Fan He.

Fan He was calm and cold, without any emotions in his eyes. He was too sane. While his G.o.d Body was flying, his two jade arms moved like snakes. When his translucent jade hands touched people, they acted like a sharp sword, piercing through the G.o.d Body of anyone coming to stop him!

Swish! Swish!

The Blue Demon Pirates had their bodies pierced through, bleeding badly. They couldn't stop Fan He. Shortly, their bodies exploded, pieces of flesh splashing together with blood. 

Drilling through the thick blood mist, Fan He maintained a dull pair of eyes, but his G.o.d Body was like a sword that could break anything.

Under his arms, flesh bodies burst off. Those pirates died tragically.

Shortly, he left seven shattered bodies behind. None of them were intact.

Fan He was hurried to kill Feng Ke. He didn't pause even a second, moving like a beam of light that cut off all obstacles on his way. The distance between Fan He and Feng Ke was shortened rapidly.

Although the Blue Demon Pirates were so scared, none of them retreated. They knew they would die, but they still hindered and attacked the other just like moths throwing themselves into a fire, which could light them up for a while.

Pirates were the gang of people who treasured their brotherhood a lot. Since those people had followed Feng Ke, they had given him their lives. To them, Feng Ke's words were the truth that nothing could overturn.

Although they knew they would be killed instantly, they still stormed over without fear.

Piercing through this crowd, Fan He was like a jewel monster killing everyone who came near him. A light was moving on his body, while golden colored air shot out of his fingers, knees, and arms with an invincible spirit. 

The pirates were ripped apart like tofu. They could halt him for a short moment, but they couldn't trouble him much.

Feng Ke was now within Fan He's reach.

At this moment, Shi Yan's face turned cold and harsh, as a streak of blood crossed his eyes.


Feng Ke stooped and roared, his G.o.d Body making a thundering sound. His long hair fluttered without any wind, escaping the control. His face looked so malignant.

"Fan He, you and I don't share the same sky!" Feng Ke flashed with lightning and thunder. He wanted to risk his life against the enemy.

"Leave him to me," At this moment, Shi Yan suddenly yelled after keeping silent for a while. He turned around and asked Feng Ke, "You go deal with the others. Try to control the situation. Leave Fan He to me."

Feng Ke was surprised.

"Shi Yan!" Feng Rao couldn't help but scream softly, fear filling her beautiful eyes. "Don't show off!"

Shi Yan turned around, smiling brightly. He looked even more arrogant as he said. "It's okay, I can handle it."

Shortly, a murderous aura shot out while his G.o.d Body became blood red and his eyes wildly brutal. A violent force was bursting in his body that he couldn't control. Shi Yan turned into a thick blood halo, storming towards Fan He. "Old codger, without any power Upanishads, you can't resist for a long time." 

Mental attack going first was his usual strategy. At the moment he stormed over, his wicked words fired. "You have lived for so long. Of course, your power Upanishad is subtle and excellent. Anyway, you're too old, so your G.o.d Body can't compare to young peoples. It's not capable enough."

A b.l.o.o.d.y hand carrying the bloodthirsty, desperate, and crazy auras swarmed like the rising tide, covering Fan He from a far distance.

Death Seal!

The Death Seal was made of negative energy. It didn't need the power Upanishad to cooperate or the G.o.d Soul to control it. The terrifying seal appeared visibly like a mountain of bones and a sea of blood.

The Death Seal pressed down in the void. The air sizzled strangely while the bloodthirsty, desperate, and crazy aura diffused out. A b.l.o.o.d.y, murderous aura covered the whole sky, looking like a b.l.o.o.d.y water spraying in the sky.

Fan He discolored in fear. His eyes were placid, although he was surprised.

He was at the Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, but his soul altar was confined here. How could that kid use his energy with only the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm cultivation base?

He couldn't understand it.

Hesitating for a while, Fan He restored his calmness and grinned faintly. "Kid, you still need your mama's t.i.ts. Have you ever heard about the saying 'with age comes strength'?"

Crack crack!

Sounds of cracking bones echoed unceasingly. Fan He now had a golden halo on his body. This old man cultivated Metal power Upanishad. With the sharp metal Qi of his G.o.d Body, he could be like a metal spear tearing the sky with its sharp head.


The golden spear pierced through the blood Seal. Blood red light emitted while the powers impacted, sending a brilliant light curtain into the air. When the glorious light vanished, Fan He appeared with ragged clothes, revealing a golden fish-scaled armor covering his entire body, shielding it from the blood light. 

Shi Yan was like a ferocious beast, as bloodthirsty and wicked intentions sparkled in his blood eyes. His G.o.d Body was now blood red, with a tremendous murderous aura twirling around like a bizarre dragon, which was gushing something out of its mouth. He lowered his voice and laughed evilly. 

Shi Yan gathered his energy and stormed over again.

Boom Boom Boom!

Everywhere his G.o.d Body pa.s.sed, the stone ground under his feet exploded, sending crushed stones into the air, which then turned into a gray mist that s.n.a.t.c.hed on Fan He.

Fan He frowned, but his face was still tranquil. He turned and looked here and there. At this moment, the battle between the pirates and the three forces was fierily carrying on.

Among the three powerful forces had many hotshots, from which Ao Gu Duo, BI Tian, and Li Yue Feng were at the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. Their G.o.d Body had been quenched powerfully. Even if they couldn't use their power Upanishads, they still had seemingly infinite power.

However, at least one hundred pirates were encircling each Original G.o.d Realm warrior. They risked their lives to attack without getting afraid of being killed.

They had used their big numbers to make up the gap between their powers. As the pirates had so many members here, they weren't really in a disadvantaged situation.

And, if this battle were to last longer, and if Ao Gu Duo's team used too much of power, they would be worn out until they got destroyed.

The situation wasn't so positive.

Fan He took a deep breath, talking faintly. "Can't waste time."

"I think so."

Shi Yan's voice thundered, as a brutal aura swarmed over like a blood cloud. Staying in the middle of the cloud, Shi Yan looked like a demon in h.e.l.l. Pallid tentacles jutted out from each of his acupuncture points, which made him look more like a ferocious demon.

At that moment, Shi Yan stayed in his blood cloud, releasing the flames.

Each of those flames was a heaven flame, which was a special life form. As they were unique beings in the soul forms, the Soul Confining Platform couldn't restrain them, so their power wasn't subdued.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, Corpse Vanishing Flame, Vermilion Bird True Flame, Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, Earth Flame, and the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame flew out. They were heaven flames of different cla.s.ses. They flew like the pure fire spirits, moving like weaving shuttles amidst the crowd.

Warriors of the three big forces had their soul altar restrained, so they couldn't release the powers Upanishad. Once the heaven flames targeted them, they would run helter-skelter. They could be burned to death, or the flame would flood into their Sea of Consciousness and destroy their soul altar. 

As soon as the heaven flames flew out, the initially balanced battle suddenly favored one side.

No need to mention the warriors at the King G.o.d Realm, even the Original G.o.d Realm warriors like Ao Gu Duo had to run instead of clashing with the heaven flames. They couldn't endure so they had to run away.

Fan He originally wanted to finish this battle fast. But, seeing the earth-shaking commotion, he showed his hesitation for the first time. He couldn't help but shout. "Retreat now!"

In the Soul Confining Platform, their soul altar was restrained, so they couldn't urge their energies. At this moment, the three big forces weren't the opponents of the heaven flames. They could only retreat to save their force.

Fan He's shout had wakened up many warriors of the three powerful forces. They didn't hesitate. Even Fan He, who wanted to attack with all of his power, had to stop and retreat to their previous way in fright, so they didn't wait to follow him in the retreat.

Ao Gu Duo's group didn't dare to linger. They didn't care about their wounded or killed subordinates, withdrawing fast to the illusory formation from the Soul Confining Platform.

The fierce battle had been overturned because of the heaven flames. It ended quickly just like that.

The Soul Confining Platform now had the dead bodies of one-third of the three big forces' members. The dead situation of each corpse was different. Some were burned, some had their soul altar exploded, while the others were struck by lightning. Most of them were killed by the heaven flames in that short moment.

Many pirates were dead too. However, this number was much smaller than what the three powerful forces had to bear. Most of them were killed by Fan He, Ao Gu Duo, and the other strong experts.

The battle, which was supposed to be fierce, had ended just like that, leaving people with many surprises.

Heaven flames danced in the Soul Confining Platform, drawing beautiful flaming curves in the air. They were gradually gathered by Shi Yan.

His eyes resumed their regular color. Shi Yan didn't seem happy, but more solemn. He didn't look at Feng Ke and the others but squinted, walking towards a stone stele in front of them. The flower-like drawing on that stele had become more... oddly beautiful.

No beam of Essence Qi from the dead members of the three forces or the pirates came to him. While they were fighting, the dead aura of those people turned into gray thread-like smoke, congregating at one of the stone steles, the one that Shi Yan was looking. 

The eccentric flower on that stone tablet was just a drawing. But at this moment, it looked so vivid and lively, as if it had been revived with beautiful colors.

The iron chain connected to the center of the stone stele shimmered. The rusted spots on it were all gone, as if someone had just cleaned the chain. Shi Yan could feel a faint energy beaming moving inside the chain.

Many dead people who fell near the chain had their flesh and blood taken away, leaving only the skin bag and softened bones. The marrow inside the bones was also sucked away.

The flower drawing on the stone tablet started to glow amidst a beautiful halo. It looked more like a ma.s.sive, open mouth...

"It feels strange," Shi Yan let out a light shout.

People also looked at what he was looking, the beautiful flower on that stone stele. Alchemist Jester had his eyes brightened, as if he was trying to recall something. His face twitched while he felt uneasy suddenly.

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