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An eccentric flower drawn in the center of the one-hundred-meter tall tablet caught everyone's eyes even though it occupied just a small part of the tablet.

That bizarre flower was fresh and vivid, living on that stone tablet. All of a sudden, it seemed like it wanted to leave the stone stele as it released a strange and evil energy fluctuation wave.

Boom Boom Boom!

The iron chain connected to that flower suddenly burst off. Pieces of chain floated up, flying towards the demonic flower.

Jester discolored in fear. He suddenly recalled something, shouting hoa.r.s.ely. "Dark Prison Demonic Flower! It's the Dark Prison Demonic Flower!"

Everybody was startled, looking at him instinctively.

Shi Yan slammed his brows together. "Jester! Elaborate please!"

"Do you know the origin of the Soul Sucking Demonic Flower? The ones that were on the three victims that you asked me to cure?" Jester took a deep breath, his face in a grimace.

Shi Yan shook his head. "How would I know that?"

"The Soul Sucking Demonic Flower originates from the Dark Prison Demonic Flower. However, it doesn't have the strange and malignant features of the Dark Prison Demonic Flower. Its evil and peculiar features have been reduced many times. They said that when the Soul Sucking Demonic Flower ascends to the acme, it will become the Dark Prison Demonic Flower. However, I don't know how magical it would be. I only know that Dark Prison Demonic Flower doesn't belong to the Raging Flame Star Area. I used to see it in an ancient book I've read. The flower on that stone tablet is a Dark Prison Demonic Flower!" said Jester uneasily.

"You don't know its features. What are you afraid of?" Feng Ke couldn't understand.

"Is the Soul Sucking Demonic Flower dangerous? Don't you know how weak the victims of the Soul Sucking Demonic Flower become?" Jester forced a smile. "Dark Prison Demonic Flower is the ancestor of the Soul Sucking Demonic Flower. The Soul Sucking Demonic Flower has only one part of the Dark Prison Demonic Flower's features and it is still extremely dangerous. Do we need to discuss how terrifying the Dark Prison Demonic Flower could be?"

Feng Ke was frightened.

While they were talking, the stone stele cracked.

The beautiful, fresh flower in the center swayed continually. All of a sudden, the stone stele exploded under their gazes. The three-meter-tall demonic flower emerged from the stone tablet.

The demonic flower shrouded a strange creature. It looked human. However, they could only see from the shoulder up. The skinny face made him looked more like a skull with some viscous substances. A trickle of some blood-like liquid rolled down from his closed eyes. He seemed to be in deep sleep, unconscious of what was happening.

The peculiar fresh flower covered him entirely. He looked like a person rolled in a thick blanket, leaving only the head out.

This demonic flower hadn't bloomed yet. Although the petals looked beautiful, they hadn't completely expanded. A strange, evil aura diffused from the demonic flower and the man.

That man hadn't opened his eyes yet, but the aura of his had scared everybody else as if that man would jump up and kill them all in a second.

Swish Swish!

The demonic flower suddenly jumped out of the stone stele, aiming at Black Horn, the Peak of King G.o.d Realm warrior and Barrette's subordinate.

Black Horn cultivated icy cold power. Even when his soul altar was restrained, his body was still cold and diffused cold air.

The demonic flower flashed then disappeared. The flower opened like a giant mouth of a beast. It didn't leave Black Horn time to react, swallowing him immediately.

Crack! Crack!

Those cracking sounds rose the hair on people's napes. Each petal acted like teeth, nibbling on Black Horn's bones.

Thick blood oozed out from the pistil of that demonic flower. Black Horn's screeching resounded once before vanishing. It seemed like his body and soul altar had been completely chewed off.

The Blood Qi diffused immediately. The demonic flower took in his Blood Qi and became more fresh and beautiful. The man in the flower's shroud seemed to have more blood and flesh on his face.

"Black Horn!"

Barrette screamed wildly like an enraged beast. "Destroy this demonic flower for me!"

His warriors had the same grudge. They risked their lives and swarmed over, striking their sharp weapons on the demonic flower. Various lights flashed.

A clear, bright halo appeared on the magnificent petals of the flower. The petals just swayed and they were able to send all the sharp weapons backward. None of the petals were damaged. They were flexible and agile as if they were human limbs. They were so peculiarly dangerous!

After swallowing Black Horn, the demonic flower didn't pause for even a second. A sound like a fan whirling came from the flower's stamen and pistil. The flower floated, moving in the air.

Another pirate who was standing nearest to that demonic flower became its next target. The pirate didn't have the power to resist as the flower engulfed him. The sounds of bones being chewed had numbed people's scalps. That King G.o.d Realm pirate couldn't even scream. Blood splashed as he died instantly.

The bony face of the man who was covered by the demonic flower now had more flesh. Some spikes started to grow on his exposed shoulder.

However, he still had his eyes closed as if the energy from the victims weren't enough to wake him up yet.

He used the Dark Prison Demonic Flower to swallow blood and flesh from the warriors instinctively since his body and this demonic flower had been fused together completely and perfectly. The demonic flower had become his mouth, continually taking in blood and flesh to make up for the loss or damage to his body in order to ultimately wake him up.

However, the powers of Black Horn and that King G.o.d Realm warrior were just a grain of salt that was poured into the sea. It was not enough to wake him up.

The flower was still floating and swaying in the air. Its petals became more vivid. The flower moved like a big mouth chewing on bones, looking for a new victim.

People looked at that flower dazedly, their countenance panic-stricken. A deep fear arose in their heart.

Barrette was about to go crazy. He shouted and roared as his dark red G.o.d Body moved toward the demonic flower.


Feng Ke, Russell, and Jie Nong shouted in unison. They flew out, grabbing Barrette and holding him back.

"d.a.m.n it! Get off of me!" Barrette struggled, his face reddening. He shouted as he completely lost his mind. "I want to rip it off!"

However, the demonic flower didn't listen to his screams. It was still flying quickly in the sky, aiming for another King G.o.d Realm pirate.

It was Russell's subordinate.

In this place, they all got their soul altar confined so they couldn't use their energy to escape into the void. Their agility was affected badly.

Quite the contrary, that demonic flower seemed to not be affected by the conditions in this area. It moved swiftly in the void like lightning.

Barrette's subordinate saw the flower coming after him. He was so desperate, running like a shuttle between the stone steles. However, no matter how much he tried, it was no use. In the end, the demonic flower caught up with him and engulfed him.

More sounds of hair-raising chewing occurred. The flower bud spurted out pieces of bones and flood. The thick scent of blood nauseated people.

All of the pirates were startled. They couldn't help but retreat as far away from the flower as possible. They were afraid that they would become the next target.

Feng Ke and the others shouted to order their men stay away and to not let the demonic flower target them.

They were constantly backing off but the demonic flower seemed to know what to do. It was able to spot out lives on this Soul Confining Platform.

A charming figure became the new target of that demonic flower. It headed towards her, moving fast.

"Little Rao!" Feng Ke couldn't help but scream pitifully. He didn't care about Barrette anymore, dashing towards Feng Rao.

Feng Rao was the new target of the demonic flower.

Finally, the indifferent Shi Yan couldn't stay idle anymore. His eyes were as cold as the tip of a sword. His body moved like a sharp sword that was about to be used to stab someone.

Five-colored flames moved with him radiantly. The flames had clear, different energy cla.s.ses.

The Vermilion Bird True Flame and the Earth Flame suddenly burst out. The immense fire sea burning in the air started to swarm over Feng Rao.

When the demonic flower was about to reach Feng Rao, it felt something strange. The flower halted in the void before abruptly changing its direction, heading to a pirate under Jie Nong's command. It gave up on Feng Rao.

Feng Ke exhaled in relief. He paused and shouted again, "Get away!"

Shi Yan's cold face was hot with the rage of flame. He shouted, "Ka Tuo! Tell your people to stay close to me. Do not leave further than one hundred meters!"

Ka Tuo immediately shouted and yelled at his subordinates.

Warriors under his command were sunk in fear. Hearing his shouts, they were thrilled. All moved toward Shi Yan quickly without an extra word.

Shi Yan walked towards Feng Rao, looking at her as he had made up his mind. "Stay close to me!"

Feng Rao nodded continually, her face pale. "Don't worry. Even if someone beats me for it, I won't leave you."

"Go to Shi Yan!" Feng Ke was baffled for a while before he reacted. He shouted ear-splittingly.

Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette understood the matter. Just like Feng Ke, they gave the same order to their people.

Leaders of the other forces did the same. They didn't need others to urge them. All moved towards Shi Yan as quickly as they could as if they were afraid that they couldn't get near him.

That pirate under Jie Nong's command became the next victim. While people ran to Shi Yan, the demonic flower swallowed him. He became the nutrient for that freak inside the flower. The spikes on his shoulder had jutted out two more inches. His face looked less skinny.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The burning fire sea circled the pirates. The hot power of the flames flooded the area, covering all the pirates.

After the demonic flower had finished consuming the warrior, it hovered by the steles outside the sea of fire as if it was sensing or watching something.

After a while, the demonic flower found its new target. It flew towards the illusory formation outside the Soul Confining Platform. It didn't pay attention to Shi Yan's group anymore.

"Fan He will be in trouble this time," Shi Yan was surprised for a while before he laughed at their misfortune. "That demonic flower has detected them. I think... those guys will run into some big trouble."

"Their powers aren't restrained in that illusory formation. The demonic flower can't swallow them all. Anyway, Fan He has the Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm cultivation base." Feng Ke frowned, "Fan He isn't easy to deal with, indeed."

Listening to him, Shi Yan understood. They couldn't use their soul altar in the Soul Confining Platform. However, other places didn't have this terrifying restriction.

People started to ask Jester about the intimidating origin of that demonic flower despite their fear.

However, they found the warriors of the three big forces returning before Jester could give them an explanation. They returned from the illusory formation with deep fear in their eyes.

Everybody was baffled.

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