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Shi Yan flew as quickly as a blinding meteor towards the center of the vast illusory formation.

All pirates, including the four leaders, released their energies and called for their friends to hurry after Shi Yan.

Wonderful starlight released dazzlingly on the star map carved on the Undying Wood. A star route appeared clearly in Shi Yan's head.

As he had cultivated Star power Upanishad, he channeled his glorious starlight into the star map as though he wanted to burn it and see what Feng Ke couldn't.

Seeing the direction shown on the star map, Shi Yan departed madly and rapidly. However, when he realized that the others couldn't catch up to him, he slowed down.

The flame of hope ignited in the pirates' hearts. They stopped their tasteless quarrel to get out of the illusory formation which had held them back for six months. They tried their best to catch up to Shi Yan.

This time, it took them three months of flying to catch up to him.

After three months of flying at the speed of the King G.o.d Realm warriors, they didn't know how far they had crossed.

One day, Shi Yan became the first person to get out of the thick ivory mist. He then landed on bright land.

His eyes brightened. All of a sudden, he was stunned, unable to say a word. He just waited in silence.

After half a day, Feng Ke and a group of pirates arrived. They landed on the stone ground and became perplexed.

"What's going on?!?" Russell screamed in fright, his face worried. "My soul altar is bound. I can't move. I can't urge my powers!"

"Not good! The same is happening to me! My soul altar stopped!"

"d.a.m.n! Where the heck are we? This place is restraining our souls. None of our energies can be urged!"

"Are we in h.e.l.l now?"

Pirates landed on the stone ground, shouting at first sight of the place. They felt a cold air flood their hearts as their powers were restrained.

No matter which realm they were, even Feng Ke at his Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm couldn't use his powers anymore. They fell from the sky and simply stood on the stone ground.

Normally, warriors with the G.o.d Soul rarely encountered a situation where their G.o.d Soul and soul altar were restrained.

As Feng Ke was at the Second Sky of the King G.o.d Realm, a really intimidating realm, unless the attacker was one realm higher than his, no one should be able to restrain his soul altar.

However, as soon as he had landed, his soul altar stopped spinning. He couldn't release his energy anymore.

The same happened to Shi Yan.

His soul altar felt like it was pressed by a giant, invisible hand. He couldn't even wiggle. All the spiritual connections to his powers Upanishad including s.p.a.ce, Life and Death, and Star were stagnant. He couldn't mobilize them anymore.

In people's eyes, it was a sh.o.r.eless stone ground, which was unusually smooth. The stones under their feet were icy cold as if they were cut by sharp weapons.

In an extremely far area, they could see vague stone steles hundred meters tall. They stood on the ground like the flags.

"This area can tie soul altars. The unknown force covers the entire area. For the people who land, their powers are unable to be used. We can only use our physical strength," Shi Yan pondered for a while then turned around. With the star map in his hand, he spoke to Feng Ke. "The star map marks this place. It seems to be the center of the forbidden land!"

Feng Ke was astounded.

Russell, Jie Nong, Barrette, and Jester were also stunned, scanning the area.

"Are we in the center of the forbidden land?" asked Feng Ke after a while.

Shi Yan nodded. "It's true. We crossed the illusory formation after three months. We finally reach the center of the forbidden land. I think the magical features of the forbidden land should generate from here."

"Let's check the situation." Feng Ke took a deep breath then continued, "Everybody stays close. Do not wander. If you find something abnormal, ask Shi Yan before you do anything."

Everybody nodded in agreement.

They had crossed the illusory formation, something their four big leaders couldn't do without Shi Yan's guidance. Those pirates had a clear answer in their mind that Feng Ke's powers weren't enough to protect them in this place.

Shi Yan, the boy of unknown origin, could save them from death at critical moments.

They now looked at Shi Yan with a different perspective and att.i.tude.

"Ka Tuo, come with me," Shi Yan waved away the others as if there was no else around.

Ka Tuo grinned and arrogantly brought his crew towards Shi Yan. Ka Tuo's pirates were stirred up, knowing that their boss had found themselves a solid shelter.

"Feng Rao..." Shi Yan contemplated for a while before calling softly.

"Go. Going with that kid is safer than going with us," Feng Ke smiled, speaking to his daughter. "We've come here safely because of Shi Yan. If we can find the place the star map shows, Shi Yan will receive all the merits."

No one opposed him.

Shi Yan had used his competences to prove this.

Feng Rao smiled tenderly, walking towards Shi Yan and Ka Tuo. "You're mysterious indeed. You can break the illusory formation that my father couldn't. You suit the leader's roles pretty well then."

"It's because of the star map. I don't have your father's reputation. I don't have a background among the pirates. Of course, I'm not interested in being a leader of the pirates. As long as I can find a life star, I'll be happy with that," said Shi Yan calmly.

"We should go. The soul restraint in this area is just temporary. After we cross this place, everything will be fine. Don't panic, people!" Feng Ke roared before heading towards the stone steles in front of them.

After one hour.

As they had arrived around the stone steles, they all changed their faces as they were very frightened.

Stood there were thirteen stone steles around one hundred meters tall. Each stele had a complex formation with detailed and exquisite lines carved on it naturally. Those who looked at it would receive desperate feeling as if they were being dragged to h.e.l.l.

Alchemist Jester stared at the stone stele for a while. H paled badly. Sweat beaded his forehead as his consciousness became hazy.

Although Shi Yan had a solid knowledge of formations, he felt a deep chill invading him after staring at a stone stele for a while. The desire to slaughter rose from the bottom of his heart.

The Ice Cold Flame had to call him many times to wake him up. Shi Yan gathered himself and shouted, "Don't look at the stone stele!"

His shout ran directly into Jester's head.

Jester was shaken hard. He woke up as blood trickled down the corner of his mouth. "Listen to him! Don't look at the steles!"

Each stele was connected to an arm-sized iron chain, which had many, rusty carved symbols on its surface.

This place had thirteen steles that were hundred-meter-tall stone. Each stele had strange and complex patterns, which bloomed like bizarre flowers. Thirteen chains extended from the pistil of the flowers, congregating at an ice crystal stone platform.

The platform was crystal clear and smooth as if it was made of jade. One end of the thirteen rusted chains had hooks with dried bloodstains. They all fell on the ice crystal stone platform.

The thirteen stone steles surrounded the round ice crystal stone platform, connected to the platform by thirteen chains. One end of the rusted chains had odd, wicked hooks and bloodstains.

Standing under the stone steles and the ice crystal stone platform, everyone felt tiny. The one-hundred-meter-tall steles were like small mountains with lots of pressure, sending a chill down everyone's spines.

From their point of view, the thirteen stone steles and the ice crystal stone platform were connected by the iron chains, which looked like a ma.s.sive spider web that hid something intimidating.

"What kind of stone platform is this? It looks magical." A pirate mumbled then walked forward, touching the ice crystal stone platform.


Someone shouted immediately.

Everybody exchanged looks in fright.

They then saw the other's G.o.d Body become frozen at a speed that naked eyes couldn't observe. With just one breath, he had turned into an ice sculptor. He exploded right after, pieces of ice scattering on the ground. His soul and body perished instantly.

All pirates reacted as if they were confronting ghosts. They backed off immediately.

One of them had accidentally stepped on a rusted chain. As soon as his foot touched the chain, his G.o.d Body withered like a dead flower. Shortly after, his vitality had all but gone. His soft skin bag fell on the ground while his flesh and bones had seeped through the chain, pouring into the stone stele on the other end of the chain.

The pattern carved on the stone that looked like a demonic flower became brighter with a flash of light.

The rusted spots on the chain disappeared evilly when the warrior's blood and fleshed was sent through. It became oddly shiny.

"Don't touch anything!" Jester couldn't help but shout. His voice was filled with fright and anxiety. "This place is like a cell in Purgatory. The ice crystal stone platform once confined someone before! Thirteen chains tied his body, preventing him from struggling. They also drew his Blood Qi and energy from his G.o.d Body. The extremely cold energy of the ice crystal stone platform tortured him and drained his power. He didn't have any energy to resist the powers of this prison! If you don't want to die, don't touch anything!"

Jester's shout stopped people, making them uneasy as they weren't so sure how to arrange their limbs. They stayed still as if they were under the effect of Body Fixing Technique.

The four leaders were perplexed, grimacing under the dire circ.u.mstance.

Thirteen steles that were hundred-meter-tall stone and the thirteen chains had drawn the blood and flesh of a King G.o.d Realm warrior. The ice crystal stone platform had frozen and broken another warrior in just a blink of an eye. This s.p.a.ce of several thousand square meters was used to confine just one person.

How strong was this person?

"Look! There are more stone steles. More prisons!" Jie Nong discolored in fright, pointing somewhere further away.

Everybody looked at where he pointed, their face grimacing.

The s.p.a.ce ahead of them had more stone steles. Each was connected with a chain leading to a stone platform. There were at least ten more similar prisons to confine warriors.

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