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Ka Tuo's breakthrough happened slower than they thought.

He had stayed in the center of the chaotic energy for half a month before he could condense the Original Spirit. He still needed time to strengthen his realm.

However, the pirates who were hurried to leave were losing their patience...

"We can't linger here. The three big forces are after us. They will come here shortly. Once we encounter them, it'll be hard to resist. We must leave now!" Barrette shouted indignantly.

Most of the pirates agreed with him.

For the time being, people became clamorous. They wanted to ditch Ka Tuo here and head to the deeper areas of the forbidden land.

Feng Ke couldn't calm them down.

"It's true. We can't waste our time for only Ka Tuo," Jie Nong nodded, "Old brother Feng Ke, people came here with you because of the star map, not because of Ka Tuo's breakthrough. What do you say?"

Feng Ke felt it difficult to solve this situation.

"Not a big deal. You guys can go first," Shi Yan contemplated and then smiled. "I'll stay to wait for him. Soon, we will catch up with you guys."

"Without you, we won't be so sure," Feng Ke frowned.

During this expedition, Shi Yan had shown them his magical abilities, and solved many difficulties easily. For the time being, Feng Ke had considered him his right hand, thinking that he could save people from trouble by keeping Shi Yan with them.

If Shi Yan stayed here and they moved further into the forbidden land, when they met trouble, many would die without Shi Yan's help.

"Why are you staying? Ka Fu and his men will take care of him. What do you need to worry about?" Jie Nong didn't agree. He knew how important Shi Yan was. If Shi Yan wanted to stay, their journey would be more troublesome.

"Yeah, just let Ka Fu's men take care of him. You should go with us. Nothing bad will happen anyway."

"Little brother, you're a big support. If you stay here, you can't utilize your talent well."

"Come with us. Nothing would happen to Ka Tuo."


The pirates begged of him.

Seeing Shi Yan bringing out a marvelous performance, none of them dared to underestimate him anymore. Vaguely, they thought that Shi Yan was even more important than Feng Ke, the one who had the star map. He had used his competence to prove this.

"It's okay. We'll stay to watch over him." Ka Fu also found it difficult, but he didn't want to enrage the people. "You can go with them. We will take a good care of him."

"Why should I care about their death or life!" Shi Yan talked with his dark and harsh face, not even minding his manners. "Wait until Ka Tuo breaks through, you guys still need to get deep into the forbidden land. Without me at that time, I'm not sure whether you guys can meet us or not! And, what if the three forces come when Ka Tuo's still breaking through? If I stay, I can tear the s.p.a.ce and put you into the s.p.a.ce basin. When I break through to the Original G.o.d Realm, we can find the way back. If I'm not here, facing the three big forces will only have deadly consequences!"

Hearing him, Ka Fu nodded as he got wakened up. He was so grateful.

"If you want to go, just go. I don't mind. I'll stay anyway." Shi Yan turned around to look at the other leaders, talking indifferently. "It has nothing to do with me no matter how many of you die!"

Those people then got embarra.s.sed. They shut their mouths, as they didn't know what to say.

Indeed, if Shi Yan went with them, they would be benefitted, but Ka Tuo's team would fall into big danger. How was Shi Yan related to them? Why should he help them?

"It's not that we don't have a solution," Jester, the only alchemist in this group, dropped his book and intervened. "You can give Ka Tuo one of the three Heavenly Mending Pellets I gave you. It will solve the problem shortly. It will help him condense the Original Spirit faster and improve his realm. However, it's... a little wasteful."

Everybody was shaken.

Shi Yan's eyes brightened. "So, that Heavenly Mending Pellet does have such efficacy?"

"The Heavenly Mending Pellet gives a tonic to Original Soul. Even if the Original Spirit gets damaged, it can be healed fast. You can use this pellet to help him condense the Original Spirit and stabilize his realm. It's easy, but it's a waste of a panacea. Anyway, we are in a rush, so it's not impossible to use one now... as long as you don't regret it," Jester smiled nonchalantly. "Don't say that I didn't remind you. A Heavenly Mending Pellet can save your life when you've reached the Original G.o.d Realm. Giving if to Ka Tuo means you have reduced one of your lives."

"Pellets should be used when they're needed the most," Shi Yan chuckled. He said nothing else, taking out a Heavenly Mending Pellet with exquisite fragrance. His thought flickered, and the pellet flew towards Ka Tuo's G.o.d Domain.

"Swallow it!" Shi Yan shouted.

Ka Tuo, who was closing his eyes to condense the Original Spirit inside the G.o.d Domain, suddenly opened them. His blood-red eyes showed his grat.i.tude.

A flow of his energy extended, turning into a rope to tie the pellet and pulling it into his mouth. After he had swallowed it, a strange, immense soul energy immediately flooded his Sea of Consciousness.

Ka Tuo's blood-red eyes became dazzling white. His G.o.d Body shivered while his soul altar was spinning madly to consume the enormous efficacy of the Heavenly Mending Pellet.

"To refine the Heavenly Mending Pellets, I used up all the precious materials I had collected for several hundred years. It's another life, you know? It's such a waste using it to condense the Original Spirit. You are wasting the G.o.d's goods!" Jester felt hurt a lot.

 "You're really generous," Feng Ke shook his head, talking with emotion.

"Thank you!" Ka Fu bowed to him, his face showing his hearty grat.i.tude.

At this moment, he finally knew how wise his big brother was to establish the relationship with a person like Shi Yan. It was the fortune of their whole lifetime.

What did they have to say on seeing Shi Yan giving up a pellet that Original G.o.d Realm warriors could use to save their lives?

Even if he asked their brothers to climb a mountain of sabers or swim in a sea of fire, they would not refuse!

"Really generous! Ka Tuo brothers are so lucky to befriend such a character!"

 "Right, if he gives me a pellet like the Heavenly Mending Pellet, I will sell my life to him!"

"He's worth befriending!"

"Of course!"


Leaders of the Pirates discussed clamorously as they looked at Shi Yan with hot gazes. 

After Ka Tuo had taken in the Heavenly Mending Pellet, his speed of condensing the Original Spirit became faster. While his soul altar was digesting the energy of the pellets, his realm steadied. A chaotic intent domain was released, increasing the coverage of his G.o.d Domain.

With a Heavenly Mending Pellet, Ka Tuo had condensed his Original Spirit successfully after two days. Also, his realm had stabilized.

The chaotic intent domain was retrieved as crushed stones and dried tree branches fell. Ka Tuo opened his eyes, still sitting in the center of the chaotic mess. His aura had become ancient and reserved like the deep sea. Divine Light sparkled in his eyes while his G.o.d Body had become like a smooth jade stone, shimmering brightly. His powers had advanced magnificently. 

"Thank you, senior," Ka Tuo calmly walked over, bowing to show his grat.i.tude deep from the bottom of his heart.

"It's just a pellet. Don't take it hard. Even if you didn't have the Heavenly Mending Pellet, you would still break through. It would just need more time," Shi Yan smiled naturally.

Ka Tuo nodded, the gratefulness on his face never fading. He would memorize Shi Yan's face till the last day of his life.

"Can we go now?" Jie Nong's voice was gloomy as he was jealous. He snorted, "We've wasted a lot of time here." 

"Shi Yan, everything's okay?" asked Feng Ke.

"Let's go!" Shi Yan smiled casually.

Where the wonderful light was shining gloriously…

Zi Yao opened her bright moon-like beautiful eyes.

The divine light emitting from her body was retrieved as she resumed her normal state. Her bearings had been changed. She was now refined, elegant, and beautiful. She didn't have the feminine charms of the past; her eyes were clear and pure without a flaw.

"Congratulations, Your Highness!" Carthew slightly bent his body.

"Where are the others?" Zi Yao gave a faint smile. "They all hastened to go, right?"

"Haha, of course, they won't wait for us. It's good that they didn't interfere," smiled Carthew.

Only Carthew's entourage stayed in this place until now. Ao Gu Duo, Li Yue Feng, and Bi Tian had left with their warriors a long time ago, heading to the deeper place inside the forbidden land.

"Such a magical place, it has the outer s.p.a.ce Divine Light. It was a right decision to come here this time," Zi Yao nodded, her face seeming to have a bright nimbus. "I've broken through thanks to a beam of Divine Light in outer s.p.a.ce. At that moment, I got to know why I couldn't upgrade my realm in the recent years."

"Why?" Yalan asked instinctively. 

"Because I always kept my mind on the others' help. I wanted to have a strong background and support. I wanted to use the others' powers to get what I wanted. Gradually, I lost myself." Zi Yao sighed. "I forgot that a true warrior would never depend on the others. Only the power of that person himself is his foundation for his development." 

Yalan was shaken. She pondered for a while and then said, "Thanks. I'm enlightened."

"Oneself as the foundation..." Tie Mu muttered while frowning, sinking into his thoughts.

Lately, Zi Yao had been obsessed with powers. She always wanted to recruit and use the other's powers to compete for the throne for her brother. Gradually, she got lost, as she forgot the key thing here was to strengthen herself first.

Also, that was why she was bound in the King G.o.d Realm for years, unable to find a chance to level up herself.

Staying in the forbidden land with many experts, she recalled Shi Yan, who had become famous from an anonymous character. All the hotshots favored him, as he had become a character they couldn't consider minor.

She suddenly understood the reason for that. Shi Yan got all of that because he was hard-working, and always wanted to be stronger.

Breaking the chain in her heart and having a good encounter, Zi Yao had finally broken through, entering the Original G.o.d Realm.

"We've been lingering for too long. We should depart now. Your Highness, are you okay?" asked Carthew.

"Let's go. We shouldn't waste more time, indeed," Zi Yao nodded.

Half a month later…

A lanky old man appeared right where they had stopped. He was Fan He, who had come all the way from the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

He frowned at the wonderful light sparkling nearby, sensing for a while. He mumbled to himself, "That little girl's talented. She has reached the Original G.o.d Realm. Du Tian Ji has an excellent daughter. Yeah, only if she's that excellent could she be able to match with my son."

Fan He mumbled to himself for a while, then took out a Sound Stone to send his message.

After a while, he navigated and then turned into fading shadows, disappearing instantly.

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