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A luxuriant mountain range stood firm in the sky, with many peaks where the Five Element energies - Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, were moving and sending strange beams of light everywhere.

Under the mountain range was an immense sea, with a cold and dark aura emitting from it. It looked so cold and tranquil that it irritated people. The warriors would then feel their soul altar slowing down, unable to urge their power fast enough.

Feng Ke and the pirates were standing in front of the mountain range, releasing their G.o.d Domains with their faces turned solemn. Many warriors had jumped into the first ravine. They were coiled and twisted by an invisible force, forcefully dragged to the dark sea underneath.

When their G.o.d Body touched the water, they immediately sank and disappeared into the sea, leaving no ripple.

All of a sudden, their painful screeching arose from inside the sea, which rose the hair on the nape of the others. It felt like a sharp sword piercing their Sea of Consciousness, making their souls twinge.

After a while, around a dozen pirates had disappeared into the sea. The others couldn't see the fallen pirates, but they could still hear their pitiful screeches.

It seemed like the Shura h.e.l.l was in the seabed of that sea, and the invisible demons had extended their horrendous hands to strangle them. They were torturing the warriors who had been dragged into the sea.

Although they could hear them crying, their Soul Consciousness couldn't pierce through that vast sea to locate the victims.

A fearful, desperate, and powerless intent domain expanded from the sea, which could affect people's minds and generate fear and despair instinctively. They felt that they couldn't dodge the undersea confinement, and would follow the others in sinking and dying on the seabed shortly.

The pitiful cries expanded, storming into people's minds and their Sea of Consciousness. The pirates paled uneasily.

Feng Ke, Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette forbade their crew members from walking further. They stopped around several hundred meters away from the mountain range. Emotions froze on their face as they continually gathered and released their Soul Consciousness, sending them to the sea to investigate.

Lightning, cold gust of winds, and sand dragons flew out of the G.o.d Domains of the Pirates, stabbing into the sea like sharp swords. However, no matter what energy it was, when the attack fell into the sea, it was like a handful of salt dissolving in water, leaving no trace. 

The Soul Consciousness added to that energy attack would be cut off directly right at that moment. It barely had enough time to sense the commotion down in the sea.

After a while, people ultimately stopped their hopeless investigation. Their faces were heavy, looking at the place ahead of them with fright. No one dared to act rashly.

Right at this moment, Shi Yan and Feng Rao arrived. Feng Rao was still blushing with lovely affection. It was obvious what she had just done. Her watery eyes were like flowers after receiving water. 

"Father, what happened?"

"Some brothers have fallen into the sea. The ravine has some invisible force that has dragged them down. You came in time." Feng Ke turned around, looking at Shi Yan with a stern visage. "Do you have any solution to save them? We've tried, but when the energy fell into the sea, it would vanish. Perhaps, you could have some method to save them."

"Hmph!" Barrette snorted, his eyes savage.

Feng Rao looked so amorous. It was obvious that she had just had her intimate moments with Shi Yan, which enraged Barrette, her long-term admirer. He felt so annoyed that he almost wanted to spurt blood from his mouth. He hated that he couldn't kill both of them right now. 

Unfortunately, although he had had a good encounter with the Fire Intent Domain Field, he didn't have the confidence to beat Shi Yan, as he hadn't broken through to the next realm yet. He was still at the First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm.

Even though his understanding of Fire power Upanishad was upgraded, his energy hadn't increased significantly.

"What solution could I come up with?" Shi Yan rubbed his nose, talking naturally. "Even you couldn't do anything with your Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm cultivation base. I really don't have any solution."

"You have cultivated special powers!" Russell gave a low shout.

Half of the warrior dragged into the sea were Russell's brothers. Although Russell was ruthless and bloodthirsty in dealing with his enemies, he always took care of his crew members, who had been with him for years through ups and downs. This was also the reason why he wanted to find the Fan family of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce to take revenge. He could even recruit a strong team to do that.

The crying and screeching coming from the sea had shaken people. They could imagine how terrible the torture their comrades were undergoing would be.

Hearing those heart-breaking sounds, Russell felt his blood boiling with fury. He had almost jumped in there several times. However, his other subordinates had consoled him and held him back.

Feng Ke had no solution, neither did Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette. But, Shi Yan... As he had performed something extraordinary and useful lately, perhaps only he could help their brothers in their eyes.

"My special powers Upanishad are of no use in this situation, because my realm is too low. If you strong warriors don't have a solution, how can I do anything?" Shi Yan shrugged. He didn't want to give a hand. He looked at Ka Tuo's side and yelled. "How are you guys over there?"

Ka Tuo was calm, shaking his head lightly, indicating that his members were fine.

Shi Yan calmed down, stretching his body relaxingly. "We should change to another direction. The barriers ahead look natural. Although someone has touched them, we can't just break them as we want."

Before he had arrived here, he had sent his Soul Consciousness to sense the surroundings.

Five Element energies in the gorges were natural and complete. Since they were moving magically, people a.s.sumed that Nature had created them wondrously. However, the stiff rock between the mountains had some streaks of sharp weapons. They should be the marks the strong formation masters had added later.

Normally, the area which could general a natural formation was always mysterious and wicked. It was really tough to solve.

The Sky-breaking Shuttle couldn't break a Divine Grade natural formation, which carried the mysteries of Nature. The formation created by the hands from the high sky was a miracle that mortals couldn't break.

Shi Yan knew his limits.

"If you help us, I, Russell, will treasure your favor!"

In front of everybody, Russell shouted, his face reddened. Then, he kneeled down, giving Shi Yan peak respectful conduct. Tears lingered in his eyes as he said, "They are my brothers, who have followed me for a long time. They don't feel well there. They can die, but they shouldn't be tortured like that! If you can't save them, please let them die comfortably. All members of the b.l.o.o.d.y Chief Skull Pirates will treasure your favor today!"

Several hundred pirates of the b.l.o.o.d.y Chief Skull were stirred up and touched seeing their leader kneeling down and begging Shi Yan for his favor.

All b.l.o.o.d.y Chief Skull Pirates kept silent, kneeling, and lining in front of Shi Yan. They slightly lifted up their heads, looking at Shi Yan with longing eyes as they silently expressed their request.

Shi Yan was touched.

Russell had bent down in front of him to reduce the torture for his subordinates. Although this man was harsh and malignant, as he was willing to receive humiliation for his subordinates, he was worth a compliment.

"Shi Yan..."


Feng Rao and Ka Tuo called him at the same time. They were also touched, so they wanted to ask for his favor on Russell's behalf.

Ka Tuo and Russell weren't so different. They were heartless to their enemies, but they were always honest and loyal to their brothers. Hearing the screeching of Russell's subordinates, Shi Yan was touched. He asked his heart and confirmed that he would do the same when his brothers fell into danger.

"Please let them die comfortably!"

"I'm begging you!"

"My brothers and I will treasure your favor!"

Three other leaders of the smaller pirate organizations, whose brothers were also dragged into the sea, also kneeled down to beg Shi Yan for his favor.

Under people's hot gazes, Shi Yan nodded, talking calmly. "I can't save them. But it... shouldn't be a big problem to ease their pains..."

As soon as he had finished, his spinning soul altar shot out some blazing white beams which flowed out of his eyes, turning into s.p.a.ce blades that crossed the sky. Under his control, they slashed down as fast as a saber.

The sea was torn instantly. Just like the patches on a fabric sheet, it was divided into several blocks.

The saber light moved like a shuttle as the sea was cut into several pieces, and the unceasing pitiful scream halted.

Those who were under the torture had their life cut off by the saber light. They didn't need to endure the torture that wasn't designed for humans, as their soul scattered.

Their Essence Qi and soul vanished, as if the sea had finally engulfed them. The despairing and fearful aura didn't ooze out anymore.

The saber light came back and disappeared in front of Shi Yan. The sea, which had been divided into blocks, started to raise a tsunami. The seawater boiled, as bubbles that were as big as a pan floated on the water surface. They started to merge with each other, turning into a terrible vortex.

The seething water seemed to find a drainage port, flooding into the vortex and disappearing shortly.

The rough, b.u.mpy dark green ground was exposed after the water was all gone, and a group of ruins of palaces was revealed at the bottom of the sea.

Those collapsed buildings and palaces situated in an area of hundred mu. Although those rooms were broken down, they were still pretty tall, reaching around dozens of meters high. The palaces were built from green jade, sparkling with a cold green light as an icy cold aura meandered in every corner of the palaces. Sometimes, steam rose from somewhere, reflecting the light and making a halo cover the shabby, tattered palaces.

The vortex was still revolving in the center of this group of palaces. Bubbles popped, releasing the immense mist with a mellow fragrance.

The green ground around the palaces was filled with seemingly bottomless holes. Cold air emitted from there, chilling people up.

Watching from a high elevation, the group of grand palaces, the green ground, and the chasms looked like a map drawn by a ma.s.sive pen. However, it looked more like a dangerous formation.

Several mountains were floating, moving around the collapsed palaces as if they were making some magical changes. People could see some energy curves above the mountains. The Five Elements energies slowly pressed down, turning into the clouds of Five Elements drifting above the palaces.

If those palaces weren't wrecked, and if the mountains were luxuriant with foliage, animals, and birds, this place would be a fairyland. They could imagine how grand and luxurious it must have been.

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